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VetLikeMe Weekly 12/16/2014

By the time all protests are resolved, there might not be anyone left to take the reins of the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (“CVE”).

VetLikeMe Weekly May 29, 2014

VA Secretary Shinseki resigned just after noon on Friday, May 30. VetLikeMe is providing below the Executive Summary of the IG Report (Review of Wait Times, Scheduling Practices, and Alleged Patient Deaths at the Phoenix Health Care System) to keep readers abreast of recent developments.

VetLikeMe Weekly 4/11/14

The VA failed to verify the accuracy of a contractor’s representation that it was a veteran-owned small business, according to a new report issued by the VA’s Office of Inspector General.

Are We Really Taking Care of Our Veterans?

When it comes to being on the wrong side of issues, those in Congress — regardless of political affiliation — have proven that they are fully capable of at least a modicum of success.

VetLikeMe, 4.4, June 2013

Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for your time. This is our second interview with you, Congressman, since you’ve been the Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business. Our initial interview was held in September 2011.

The Saga of the VA Supply Fund

Vindication feels so right sometimes. But without the vengeance, it feels hollow.

Distinguished Warfare Medal

VetLikeMe is dedicated solely to service disabled veteran owned business. I am also passionate about disabled veterans, their challenges and rewards. Since the Distinguished Warfare Medal is under scrutiny by most every VSO and Purple Heart recipient, it seems natural that I put my two cents in. My opinion does not necessarily reflect those of our sponsors.

Sanders Addresses VA Benefits Backlog

Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) today warned of a future crisis in the processing of VA benefits.

Battle Tested

It’s often said veterans are owed a debt because they freely took a dangerous pledge – that by joining the service – maybe, just maybe, they would be asked to put their lives on the line.

Senate Small Business Committee for 113th Congress

Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, welcomed colleagues today urging a bipartisan approach to issues pertinent to small business.

GAO Overview

Because the Veterans Administration (VA) refused to abide by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) recommendations for a full year, it makes sense to review the GAO’s track record as a watchdog agency for the U.S. Government.

Small Business Legislation

President Obama signed legislation on January 1 that encourages the federal government to hire more small business in its massive procurement program.

VetLikeMe edition 3.5

“The VA's January 4 [2012] letter took the position that where FSS procedures are used and an SOVOSB is not an FSS contract holder, the SDVOSB is not entitled to any preference under the 2006 VA Act.” GAO’s 2012 Report to Congress

VetLikeMe, ed. 3.1

The sole purpose and responsibility of the VA is to assist our nation’s veterans. I believe the law is clear that the VA is required to give priority consideration to qualified Veteran Owned and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses for contacting opportunities in the VA.

VetLikeMe, Your National SDVOSB News Source, Edition 2.4

The Small Business Administration (SBA) released today the FY 2009-2010 annual scorecard of federal agency performance on small business contracting.