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South Korea Offers Gift to Korean War Veterans

To commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, the Wisconsin Departments of Military Affairs and Veterans Affairs are partnering to distribute a special book to those veterans who served in that conflict.

Veterans Mark 60th Anniversary of End of Korean War

Connecticut veterans salute as an honor guard from the Antique Veterans World Post #1 of Meriden posts the colors at the start of the Korean War Remembrance and Recognition ceremony Friday at Camp Niantic in East Lyme.

Dempsey Honors U.S. Veterans at Seoul Memorial

Veterans of the Korean War would have recognized the weather if nothing else about the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News – October 22, 2012

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has a released a new and updated fact sheet on VA pension programs that includes important information for veterans, survivors and their families.

Veterans Go for The Gold

Last week, the 25th National Veterans Golden Age Games kicked off in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had the privilege to spend the next six days photographing over 900 Veterans from across the United States.

Memorial Day with my Dead Marines

"When I lost all my platoon leaders, each man knew what was expected from him...move to the enemy guns."

Korean War and Private First Class Charlie Johnson

Private First Class Charlie Johnson, a Browning automatic rifleman with the 15th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Infantry Division, was killed in action June 12, 1953, after an eight-day battle at Outpost Harry

The story of PFC Charles Johnson…part one

On Friday I wrote about an eight-day battle along the 38th Parallel in Korea in June 1953, and about Sgt. Ola Mize who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions in this, one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the US military.

News of Korean War Suffering Was Distorted And Suppressed

The Korean War, a.k.a. the “Unknown War,” was, in fact, headline news at the time it was being fought(1950-53). Given the Cold War hatreds of the combatants, though, a great deal of the reportage was propaganda, and much of what should have been told was never told. News of the worst atrocities perpetrated against civilians was routinely suppressed and the full story of the horrific suffering of the Korean people---who lost 3-million souls of a total population of 23-million--- has yet to be told in full.

Marine Marvin J. Ruffert Passes

- A good and decent man dies proud of his family and country - From the Ruffert family: Ruffert, Marvin J. Our dad and best friend...

Korean War Hero to be Recognized Six Decades Later

A Northglenn, CO man will soon be presented all the awards he deserves for actions that took place September 21, 1951. Sergeant Leo Slade, 80, a father, twice widowed, and now recognized US Army war hero feels he has lived a good life and now has reason to celebrate with his current crowd of buddies, this time with honor.

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY, A Common Consequence of Exposure to Explosions, Blasts,...

TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI): JUST THE FACTS  By Carol Ware Duff MSN, BA, RN Injuries to the brain may be more common than you know. With exposure...