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The Jew, The Left And Whatever is Left

Jews find it very difficult to deal with club members who resign. I am not the first one. Jesus was nailed to the wood. Spinoza was excommunicated.

If You Think You Had Enough of Jewish Left Just Follow...

Natali Cohen Vaxberg, provides a devastating picture of Jewish cosmopolitanism as well as a glimpse into the clear chasm between Jewish Left ‘art’ and any notion of beauty.

Is It Haskalah Or Culture Of Deceit?

- Haskalah planted a deeply deceitful mode at the heart of Jewish existence. Although motivated by a yearning for integration and assimilation, it insisted on retaining the notion of ‘tribe.’ Haskalah Jews tried to boost their popularity while remaining part of the tribe and celebrating their culture in a clandestine manner.

Gilad Atzmon On Muhammad and Friends ( Nation of Islam TV)

ISIS, Jewish power, Israeli brutality, Jewishness, the Zionisfication of America, Expansionist Wars, Palestine vs. Solidarity, George Soros and the Left being a controlled opposition apparatus.

The Workless Class Woke Up

The undeniable surge in the support for Euro Sceptics and right wing parties in yesterday’s European Parliament election, suggests that the European working class, isn’t as apathetic as the Zionised Left wants it to be.

Johnny Racist and A White Jew With A Fat Arse

Instead of supporting tolerance and brotherhood, PC has matured into a totalitarian force despised by all people rich and poor, white and black, witty and shallow.

On The Manner In Which Jewish intelligentsia destroyed the Working Class...

The new Left, The Frankfurt School, ID politics, the collapse of Working Class politics, the end of production and the meltdown of dissent. An expose of the manner in which Jewish intelligentsia destroyed the Working Class (by mistake)...

The un-controlled Opposition

True dissidence - the league of people that forms the un-controlled opposition: those people and institutions that do not subscribe to Zionist hegemony funded by Soros and his ilk

The Meaning Of Dieudonné

Since the 1968 Student Revolution, the European and American Left, together with a herd of Jewish progressive intellectuals, have invested enormous effort in attempting to break society down into multiple segments of identities.

Algeriepatriotique Interviews Gilad Atzmon

The vast popular support of Dieudonne is a clear message to AIPAC, CRIF and CFI – beware, the party comes to an end. Enough is enough.

We Better Move On…

Left ended its political and ideological role. It belongs to the past. Our capacity to think universally and ethically is now completely liberated from dialectical materialism or class division.

Me, Gilad Atzmon and the ‘Truth’

This article is about sadness – it reveals the measures of brutality and intolerance that are unfortunately intrinsic to the Jewish Left.

Me, Gilad Atzmon and the 'Truth'

This article is about sadness – it reveals the measures of brutality and intolerance that are unfortunately intrinsic to the Jewish Left.

Left, Arabs and ‘Israeli Democracy’

The question is whether Israeli ‘Left’ and Arabs have enough in common...

In Bed With Bibi

This week we see the united progressive front made by Tariq Ali, Ilan Pappe, Fredric Jameson, Norman Finkelstein and other very good people. This time they want us to ‘liberate the Syrians’.

Sax Offender Vs. Progressive Rapists

Truth is, I’m just amused at the extent of the witch-hunts around me.

Jewish Projection For Christmas

Jewish 'progressiveness' should be grasped as a 'kosher secular supremacy'. It stands in total opposition to the idea of equality, human brotherhood and universalism.

Mind Control and the “Left – Right” Paradigm

Kaizer Soze said it best in the film, "The Usual Suspects." "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince people he didn't exist."

Cynicism and Black Propaganda: The Left’s Reaction to The Libyan and...

Nureddin Sabir argues that the reactions of a large section of the so-called “left” and “anti-imperialist” camp to the uprisings in Libya and Syria are motivated not by some high-minded principle or anything to do with progressive ideology but by cynicism, petty personal agendas and ignorance.

“Operation Liar,” How the NWO Orchestrates the “Anti-Zionist” Phony Left

Like the old Stalinists of old, willing to change instruments in the middle of a note, the "activist" or "blogger" press, particularly those who cry crocodile tears for the Palestinian people or mouth continual attacks on "money grubbing Jews" are, clear as day, almost all phony. During the Cold War, Israel was a Soviet ally, filling the US with spies, buying their way into congress, taking over Wall Street, filling the airwaves with holocaust tales, stories of how nuclear Israel was going to be overrun by Jordan or an Egypt they had been running under Mubarak for 30 years.