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Press TV – ISIL militants equipped with US anti-tank missiles

Jim W. Dean..."The photo above came as no surprise as these TOW missiles could have been sourced from a variety of players."

VT Education Series: Satellite Missile Detection Notes

Conspiracies are tough to kill and in this case some mysterious aspects really make me and others wonder. One of these has to do with the Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites and a fantastic Freudian slip on the part of a government spokesman.

Iran not bowing to American bully exceptionalism

- "Anyone who can defend against a U.S. pre-emptive attack, and actually retaliate, is deemed a serious threat, and all options are on the table."

Washington Plays Russian Roulette with Missile Defense

In his recent annual meeting with the media, Russian President Vladimir Putin replied to a question about the rumored placement of Russian Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad next to Poland.

Armageddon Visible from Rear View Mirror

Congress is about to vote on a resolution to strike Syria, already the Senate panel voted (4 Sep 2013) authorizing war. The Lobby is...

How vulnerable are U.S. Navy vessels to advanced anti-ship cruise missiles?

- The Sunburn anti-ship missile can fly at three times the speed of sound, giving targets only seconds to react

Israeli Anti-Missiles Fail in Eilat Attack

Censorship of a military operation is a thing of the past. Hiding movements of troops in an environment where most people have cellular phones and cameras is impossible, at least in the long term.

Press TV: Israel, Loser of Any Anti-Iran Scenario

For the past three years, Israel has not only demanded sanctions but has threatened to carry out a unilateral attack on Iran and has clearly used every form of psychological warfare, false flag terrorism and deceit to push the United States, France and NATO into an attack on Iran as Israel’s proxies.

The Newest War- Disinformation, Lies and Censorship as “Activism”

Press TV Banned in Germany and Britain, But Why?

Libya: Brimestone Missiles Visit Gaddafi Tanks (four videos)

British Brimestone anti-armor missiles well suited for task of destroying Gaddafi armor with minimal civilian risk. This is a...

The Cardboard Lotharios

ANALYZING STAGED WORLD CONFLICT   By Gordon Duff    "If those papers have to be produced over the nukes that later got lost in Oman, and on the...