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U.S. Government: Rap Music Means Covert War in Cuba (and around...

"The sad truth is that so many female ‘artists’ — almost all of them rabid feminists and sexual exhibitionists — have nothing to sell but vaginas"

An Interview With David Rovics

We are both artists- he is an American singer/songwriter, I am a Jazz artist, we are outspoken, we both oppose imperialist wars and we also believe that ethics and aesthetics are somehow related and can bring a change.

Meet U.S. Veteran Folk Singer and Author Lem Genovese

Integrity, authenticity and longevity are "OLD SCHOOL" values. Yankee Medic Records motto is "Old School rules with high-tech tools." No one personifies this better than veteran tunesmith LEM GENOVESE.

Songs Of The Metropolis (a doc film)

This is where I want to start, to start merging those things that don't agree with each other, to let them not agree

A Love Song For My Spooky VT Friends

Maybe spooks are just like ordinary people, only more so.

To The UNH Class of 2012

I did not graduate with honors ~ far from it, for I barely accumulated enough units to be standing on the stage where you will soon be receiving your diploma. But I did graduate with the acute awareness that I was prepared to live my dreams, whatever they were, and fear and self doubt would not stop me.

Mother Earth Day 2012

To fully understand Earth, we must see her as fully human and capable of feelings; She’s alive, she’s breathing, and she’s beautiful, finite and hurting ~ and many have died for her.


Well the Time has finally come, for the Story to be told, that should have been Listened to -- A Long Time Ago

Gilad Atzmon @ Munir Muhammad TV Show (Chicago)

We spoke about Israel, Palestine, music, collective brutality, the 1st Lebanon war and other very interesting topics.

OBL IS DEAD and the Terror ConMen Rejoice in Chorus of...

My professional con-man sociopathetic dad always said, "Son, the bigger the lie the more people will believe it" as if he were preparing me for life as a witness to a George W. Obama Bush CIA Crime.

Gilad Atzmon Talks about music, Palestine, Zionism and Islam

We are touring all over Europe at the moment I met Underyourskin in my hotel room in Vienna just before our concert. We spoke about everything... politics,...

Before we kill each other over Religion, Take this Quiz

People began to categorize each other by their religion, hate each other because of their religion and may be even kill each other by the name of their religion. Armageddon is definitely underway. Let’s not hate and kill each other over religion. Nobody’s GOD will like that. Nobody’s GOD could have decreed that.