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Tarek Mehanna – War Of Terror Casualty

The Tarek Mehanna case confirms that Muslims remain the chief targets of the U.S. government’s ongoing, farcical “war on terror” but even more, the verdict in the Mehanna case threatens web surfers, writers, teachers, students, journalists and even academic researchers.

Norway Bombing – Islamophobia Strikes Again

Media lynch mob unleashed on the usual suspects, first Muslims, then...

Obama is a Fraud as is his Birth Certificate and Bin...

There is real anger in the streets toward Obama and it’s not just the Tea Party ( the new name for the hard Christian right ) but also extends through all genders and age groups who generally feel both abandoned and betrayed by Obama’s broken promises

Hijab: The Politics And History Behind The Veil

Muslim scholars and clerics with dogmatic thinking managed to terrify the Muslim woman into accepting that her hair is –awrah- something like her intimate organs needs to be hidden and covered up. Muslim women do not need this differentiation any more. There are socio-political factors at play here behind the extremism and Hijab phenomenon.

Before we kill each other over Religion, Take this Quiz

People began to categorize each other by their religion, hate each other because of their religion and may be even kill each other by the name of their religion. Armageddon is definitely underway. Let’s not hate and kill each other over religion. Nobody’s GOD will like that. Nobody’s GOD could have decreed that.


This Muslim silence should not be misinterpreted as lack of access to media. Cause it’s not. It is a very serious and early sign of detachment and isolation. The American Muslims are beginning to feel alienated from the American society and this is for anybody familiar with Islam is a very alarming sign.

Military Religious Freedom Head Blasts NY Mosque Opponents

"This is an incredible outrage. Our allied commander in World War II was a German. His last name was Eisenhower, I looked it up. But no one ever came up to him and said, ‘you can’t lead because you’re German'. The anti-Mosque mentality is horrible but it’s nothing new.”

Mosques, Muslims and America in Darkness

- Things have come to a pretty pass when I'm the guy saying it would be really helpful if George W. Bush were still...

GOP Will Be Hurt by Naked Hatred

- The phantasm—something seen but lacking reality—that is the 'Mosque' issue will likely blow back on the GOP, says a Party operative - Clearly, the GOP and...

Old-Time Bigotry Alive in America

Editor’s Note: Even as American soldiers and diplomats in the Middle East seek to win hearts and minds by persuading the people that the...

Harry Reid Is Just Another Fool on the Mosque ‘Issue’

- Harry Reid has just officially ended the entire controversy surrounding the supposed "ground zero mosque," forever, by announcing that he is against it....

That’s why Muslims want to build a mosque at Ground Zero

If Catholics around the world do not deserve to be linked to Nazism simply because Hitler happened to be a born Catholic, then Muslims around the world don’t deserve to be linked to terrorism simply because Osama Bin Laden, the leader of some fake terrorist organization happened to adhere to the extreme side of Islam.