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Veterans Call to Remove Provisions of Tax Reform Bills That Will...

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the leading Post-9/11 veterans organization representing more than 400,000 members...

Canjo approves veterans tax benefit

The Canajoharie Central School Board of Education approved a new tax exemption on Nov. 9 that would lower taxes for eligible veterans effective with the September school tax bill.

Trump has a corporate tax plan. Economists have some questions.

President Trump's much-awaited speech about his plans for tax reform has fired up the debate about who really wins when taxes are slashed.

Tax reform for investment and jobs

Fixing a quirk in the U.S. tax code would let businesses add new jobs and increase economic growth immediately.

Michigan approves tax breaks for companies that add jobs

Qualified companies that create hundreds or thousands of Michigan jobs will receive tax incentives under bills approved by lawmakers Wednesday, six years after Gov. Rick Snyder and fellow Republicans replaced such breaks with a scaled-back economic development program.

The key to American manufacturing jobs is comprehensive tax reform

As the head of a major U.S. manufacturing company, St. Louis-based Emerson, and the chairman of the National Association of Manufacturers, I’m often asked what America needs to do to grow manufacturing jobs right here at home in the age of globalization and automation.

US tax dollars massacred Pakistani children

It wasn't America's enemies that killed those children. It was US.

Dutch Wanted Tax Evaders Settle On Belgian Borders

In recent years, several high profile tax evaders of the Netherlands were beginning to settle just across the border in Belgium.

IRS Drops Nuke on Medical Marijuana Business Forces Black Market Clash

In one swift rocket strike of the pen, the Feds dropped a business nuke on the burgeoning medical marijuana industry. The IRS has ruled that dispensaries cannot deduct standard business expenses such as payroll, security or rent.

Obama Offers Major Initiatives To Hire Vets

After receiving another disastrous report in June for post-9/11 Veterans, President Obama discussed his plans to ensure that all Veterans have the support they need and deserve when leaving the military.

Vietnam Veteran Vernon Hunter Murdered in Texas IRS Crash

Ken Hunter, an IRS employee and 2 toured Vietnam Veteran loses life in Texas IRS Crash