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Gilad Atzmon With Zeinab Assaffar On Al Mayadeen TV

This is probably the clearest interview I have given about my thoughts, The Wandering Who, Israel. Judaism, Zionism, Jewishness, Palestine, AZZ, identity vs. identification, the 'left', One State Solution and more.

PCN — “Disavowal” of Gilad Atzmon ? The Truth be damned!

Disavowal: “…a mental act that consists in rejecting the reality of a perception.” Atzmon distinguishes among those who follow the Judaic religion; those who regard themselves as a human being who happens to be of Jewish origin; and those who put their Jewishness over and above all other traits.

The Zionist Caricature

Well, Dershowitz must know quite a bit about shame - He sure brings a lot of it on himself and on every Jew and Zionist foolish enough to associate with him and his message.

Palestinian Doubletalk: The PSC and Atzmon

This week, the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has revealed itself to be ethically compromised at the highest level.

Zionist Bad Press Is All You Need

It looks like my detractors are doing very well indeed in exposing every possible negative aspect of Jewish Identity Politics. At each and every step, they demonstrate aggression, hysteria and Pre-Traumatic Stress symptoms and yet, there is one thing they will never manage to do. They will never stop me. Because Zionist Bad Press Is All I Need.

Dershowitz Lies and Glitches

As I said before, Mr Dershowitz, any place, any time.

By Way Of Deception

If Dershowitz, Foxman and any other hasbara campaigners want to do themselves a big favour, they should engage in an open debate. They should dig deep into my writing in the hope that they might manage to produce a valid counter argument.

Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Identity Politics’ Panel Discussion

Gilad Atzmon speaks about self love, self hate, thinkers who inspire him and of course, The Wandering Who.

Supremacists on ‘The Wandering Who’.

Although both are supremacist and ethnocentric thinkers, Gardner and MacDonald, seem to be in a kind of dispute....

Are They Really ‘The People Of The Book’?

VT’s senior Editor Gordon Duff commented yesterday that just a ‘few books have been opposed as this one has’. He may as well be right.

Mearsheimer Responds to Goldberg’s Latest Smear

Professor John J Mearsheimer incredible answer to Jeffrey Goldberg's latest smear

Gilad Atzmon @ Freiburg Conference (video+text)

The talk elaborates on the meaning of time and temporality within the context of Jewish identity politics, Israeli brutality and even crypto Zionists' (aka Jewish 'anti' Zionists) spin

William T. Hathaway: The Last Jewish Prophet

The Wandering Who? is a threat not only to Zionism, but to all religious, ethnic, national, and even gender identities to which people cling.

Shahram Vahdany: King of the Jews

Abe Foxman is the God of anti-defamation, Alan Greenspan the God of ‘good economy’, Milton Friedman is the God of ‘free markets’, Lord Goldsmith the God of the ‘green light’, Lord Levy the God of fundraising, Paul Wolfowitz the God of US ‘moral interventionism’.

Israel Better Think Twice

Israel and its supporting lobbies had better learn how to contain their inherent violent tendencies. Israel cannot win this battle. The sooner the Israelis encompass this obvious fact, the better it is for Israel and for world peace.