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General Shinseki Ordered to Surrender

General Eric K. Shinseki (Ret. USA), Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), has continuously failed our Military Veterans, including failing to file and execute disability claims in a timely manner and to provide quality healthcare and housing for disabled homeless Veterans, particularly in Los Angeles where there’s already a National Veterans Home established 125 years ago, but the buildings are vacant and rat-infested while the land is misappropriated for non-Veteran use.

Abandonment of Gulf War Veterans 90-91 Must Stop

One of the documents that was released at the VA RAC GWIR meeting in Boston this past Monday and Tuesday has more appendices and proof but the basic report provides all the details that are needed.

Memorial Day Message From The Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Memorial Day, one of America’s most venerated national holidays, is set aside so that we might reflect on the honor and sacrifice of those who courageously gave their lives to safeguard us and our way of life.

Update: Dayton VA Medical Center Scandal

Since that update, instead of the scandal simply going away, we have witnessed (1) the scheduling of a U.S. Senate hearing next week on Tuesday 26 April, and (2) reports in Dayton Daily News and local TV station news that both patient and VA employee satisfaction with the Dayton VA Medical Center falls below that of other Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

Ohio Politicians Refuse to let the VA scandal go away!

Thinking that maybe politicians in Ohio would eventually back off on the Dayton VAMC Dental Clinic scandal under pressure from mainstream Veterans Service Organizations...

Ohio Congressman calls for a Congressional Investigation into the VA System.

Congressman Mike Turner (R.OH) plans on pushing for a Congressional Investigation into the Dayton VAMC calling the VA investigation and actions by VA leadership...

Damage Control at the Dayton VAMC Continues

As Congressional Representatives in Congress continue to raise questions about how the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) has mishandled the Dental Scandal at the Dayton VAMC in Ohio, one Veterans Service Organization has downplayed the incident in defense of the VA.

Vietnam Veteran Group Keeps on Shinseki in Agent Orange and Glioblastoma...

From the VietnamVetWives Dear Secretary Shinseki,I met with the Institute of Medicine at their open session Dec.16th 2010. I presented evidence showing a connection between...

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News 1. Urgent Reminder: Deadline at Midnight January 27 to Enroll in VA Health Care In January 2008 Congress increased...

Top 10 Veterans Stories in Today’s News

From the VA: 1.      Shinseki Commemorates Veterans Day. In continuing coverage, the CNN (11/12) website says, "Americans around the world," including US Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric...

Updated -Give ’em Hell, General Shinseki!

- Update: See VA defends Agent Orange, heart disease links against Sen Webb.  WATCH LIVE as we hope VA Secretary Shinseki tells the bureaucrats Senators Webb...

Vets Group Says Move Forward Fast on Agent Orange Presumptives

- Veterans for Common Sense thanks VA Secretary Shinseki for moving forward with presumptives for Vietnam War veterans - Via Veterans for Common Sense  Veterans for Common...

VA Senate Comm Hearing Thursday Draws Attention as Cuts in Veterans’...

- Hearing Thursday (September 23) United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs Oversight Hearing:  VA Disability Compensation:  Presumptive Disability Decision-Making. VA Secretary Shinseki should publicly blast...

Updated July 23- VA Sec Shinseki and Agent Orange Advocates Get...

Victory for VA Secretary Shinseki and Agent Orange Victim Advocates - The top administrative law court overseeing the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) has ordered VA Secretary Shinseki to publish the new Agent Orange Presumptives rule which expands the range of ailments attributed

National Gannett Piece knocks VA backlog, errors: ‘A Mess’

Here is whopper of a knockdown of Allen Breed's AP piece last month arguing the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) is so incredibly veteran-friendly that the...

VA Sec Shinseki Fighting off Dem Senators on Expanded Agent Orange-related...

Why Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA) and Sen. Daniel Akaka (D-Hawaii) are trying to screw veterans on Agent Orange is in a word: Mystifying. By Tom...

Shinseki: Generation of Vietnam Veterans Have ‘Tough Row’

Specifically singling out Vietnam War veterans, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki said today that the VA is broken, the backlog of claims and the lack of...