Veterans Today Exclusive: What To Do About the Radioactive Poison

Protect Yourself and Loved Ones – Not a Drill.

(San Francisco) – What we know:

  1. The daily outflow of deadly radiation from Japan’s Four Chernobyl’d Reactors increased Ten Times on March 31.
  2. The Japanese Government in conjunction with GE and the American CIA cut off information the next day.
  3. Information has resumed and is “controlled”.
  4. The March 31st Radioactive Plume is expected in the States, the EU and Asia on April 11th and 12th. The Southern Hemisphere will get all this spread out over the next year.
  5. The Plume contains Radioactive Iodine, Strontium, Plutonium, Cesium and other highly lethal radioactive substances.
  6. Take all the precautions you can:


    The radioactive smoke rises from destroyed Fukushima reactors TEEOCO-AP-295

A. Stay indoors as much as you can, and especially when it rains. B.Get into the habit of checking your shoes and those of guests at the front door. Store umbrellas away from clothes C. Drink spring water from deep underground old sources. Try to make it local. D. Do not bathe or wash clothes/dishes in radioactively contaminated water. That is a bit of a problem. You can stock up on baby wipes. That should help some. In the Northeast US Poland Springs is good if a bit acid, so counteract with bicarb once a day – a tsp. in a glass of water. E. Food: This is a puzzle. Buy New Zealand beef from US Wellness Meats. In about a year’s time that will no longer be a good source, as the radiation will eventually cross the equator. Broad leafy greens are known to absorb radiation from rainwater. There was an idea that thicker skinned veggies would be the best but as it turns out, foods rich in minerals will pick up all the nasties as easily for they are heavy metals. Beware of coconuts, and avocados, both rich in potassium, and therefore good at picking up metals . All dairy products are no good. They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, was made illegal to report the last time this happened. Take it on faith because the probe that will pick it up is attached to a isotope radiation detector that costs $10,000, and up, and there is a waiting list! However you might want to get one of the $600 dollar detectors and you can use it to measure Gamma rays on your food in the market while you are shopping. Gammas are easier to detect. That way you can buy more intelligently. There are waiting lists for those, too. Proceed as if everything changed on March 11, 2011.  It did.

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Bob Nichols Bio and articles, Veterans Today, March 12, 2011.

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109 Responses to "Veterans Today Exclusive: What To Do About the Radioactive Poison"

  1. AMERICANSforTOMORROW  April 25, 2011 at 6:53 pm
    Europeans warned to avoid drinking milk or eating vegetables due to high radiation levels, DUH!!!!

  2. insanitywetrust  April 21, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    can someone here use this

  3. Carolyn  April 20, 2011 at 9:31 am

    Will boiling water for any extended period of time help. I, also, need to know how can any of us take a shower or bath since the water is not safe for use. All helpful comments are welcomed.

  4. Garibaldi  April 18, 2011 at 11:58 am

    -another take on those shredded newspapers, Al-

  5. John Goelen  April 18, 2011 at 1:12 am

    Its time to dismantle General Electric-Westinghouse and put them out of business, jail the people that are and were responsible for this flawed design. Be sure to seize their Pensions. They deserve no bonus on dismissal. Make them totally responsible. Shareholders deserve nothing, make sure their shares are worthless and do not allow them to write-off the losses at tax time.

  6. Walrus Tusk  April 18, 2011 at 12:33 am

    It’s called Democide, though it hasn’t been codified by the U.N. yet its’ esearched here:

    It encompasses classes of actions by governments, organizations, industries, and individuals which contribute towards or cause effects upon populations of people that are JUST as horrible an experience for those people as Genocide would be – but missing a direct genocidal INTENT their actions, or failures to act don’t fit into the preambles and definitions of Genocide Laws.

    Democide is not so much an ‘act’ as it is an ‘event’ and it is illegal to be complicit to a Democidal “event” per se.

    You didn’t know there would be an accident granted, but you are Guilty of knowing what would would happen if THERE WAS an accident. This is complicity in Democide.

    The Nuclear Industry, the pundit politicians they control, the complicit beaurocrats, media who keep hush are guilty of “Complicity” in these ‘democidal events’ in every direction of every compass – because they are aware beyond shadows of doubt of the dangers to populations and life itself on earth from what they create, or fail to warn people about. That is Complicity! They are Guilty!

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