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NICHOLS: Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014 Part Two

When the radiation starts to liquify your internal organs that's the end of the line. At what point, short of that, is action called for is the question.

Comment on Radiation 2010 – 2014

- Getting Zapped like that leads to “shortened life spans” in the quaint expression of the American Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Japan Stops Treating Radioactive Water

Around the world about two billion people (2,000,000,000 people) live on fish and other now radioactive products from the sea.

South Central US Poisoned by New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump

The poison will probably kill them all. Dog studies done with living animals show us how they will die.

NEO – Israeli Nukes Straddle Earthquake Zone

- There have been classified studies that even a 'light nuclear exchange' could trigger a fault line with huge destruction spread throughout the region.

ProNukers Spread Death and Pestilence – Always

But if Fukushima keeps going on for years and years, it’s going to finish everyone. ... At some point it becomes an ELE.

Fukushima Equals 6,000 Hiroshima Bombs Today, More Tomorrow

"You are going to have to make your own choices. You will live a little longer, or, die sooner by these choices, as will I. No one is exempt..."

US Gov: Walk Slow

This "allowed" the patient to go ahead and croak before the life extending heroic measures arrived. It was that way because it was always that way.

Atomic Vet Benefit Long Time Coming

Kathy Inscho, of Spring Branch, Texas, never knew exactly what her father did when he was in the Army—until she acted on a hunch.

Technology Trapped, Enslaved, and Now Killed Off!

Ubiquitous “wireless technology” giveth and taketh away—some words to the wise.

Evacuate Tokyo and All US Forces From Japan

Tokyo station is as contaminated as the mandatory evacuation zone in Fukushima. It's a Death Sentence for US Troops if they stay.

Fukushima – 350 Times Maximum Annual Radiation Dose Permissible?

Is an Unsuspecting Public Being Sacrificed?

Notice – Byron, Illinois Nuke In Trouble

It is a very interesting question, then from a military standpoint, of how both electrical feeds at the Byron Station were discontinued at the same time.

Iran Signs Own Death Warrant

"I predict the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor will suffer a devastating Earth Quake as soon as the Iranians and Russians order the billion watt reactor switched “On” and build up about 200 Tons of high level radioactive poison ..."

You Will Die From The Nuclear Lie

The Fantasy of Nuclear Lies…the Who, What and Even the Whys.

Occupy Fukushima

"It is a homicide, isn't it?..." - Ashai Shinbum, a major Japanese newspaper.

Iraq: Panetta’s Immunity Request Not Protection from ICC

Hundreds of Americans Troops/Contractors Face War Crimes Accusations.

Fukushima: Japan Goes to WAR

Destroy the RadGas Generators, Mr President. The building sized tents, concealed and armored chimneys and high velocity air pumps constitute armed and firing nuclear weapons aimed at the United States.

Swiss Court Did its Duty in Microwave Case

No sooner had Dr. Hertel and Dr. Blanc announced their results than the hammer of authority slammed down on them.

The Blood of The Eaters

Today's established (fascist monopoly) science and technology argues forcefully that microwave cooked foods do not have any significantly higher "radiolytic compounds" than do broiled, baked or other conventionally cooked foods.