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Marine in Hospice Helps Other Veterans

There are no causality records of the dead and injured at Camp Lejeune. The Navy and Marine Corps strongly disagree that there’s any scientific evidence to support that the organic solvents and benzene in Lejeune’s wells caused injuries and deaths.

Hawaii Loses a Great Patriot

Harold B. Estes and many of his peers are part of a generation that is known as “The Greatest Generation.” Estes, a World War II veteran credited with helping bring the USS Missouri and Bowfin museums to Hawaii, and who gained Internet fame with a letter written to President Barack Obama telling him to “shape up and start acting like an American,” died Tuesday May 17, 2011.

Veterans Descend on Honolulu to Compete in National Veterans Golden Age...

For 25 years, military Veterans age 55 and older have come to the National Veterans Golden Age Games to compete and demonstrate the warrior spirit never fades.

VT Exclusive: What To Do About the Radioactive Poison

All dairy products are no good. They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, has been made illegal to report.


AMERICA,  THE LAND OF THE "NUTTERS?" By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor 45% of Americans believe President Obama was born in Kenya and is holding office...

Navy Pitch for Exotic Weapons Launches at Pearl Harbor

The weaponized Uranium Oxide Poison Dust was to soften up the vast heathen populations for the new all powerful Christian Crusades, … don’t you see? Kinda kinky, isn’t it?

An American “Terrorist” in London

Welcome to Orwell’s ‘1984’ ladies and gentlemen, where black is white, white is black, and the truth is nothing but a word. My 1984 reality...

Regional Veterans News 3/29/10

Regional stories on veterans' health, education and other benefits and issues today from South Bend, Indiana, Jacksonville, North Carolina, Lynn, Massachusetts, Billings, Montana, Norwich, Connecticut, Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Murphysboro, Illinois, Rapid City, South Dakota, Buffalo, New York, and Hilo, Hawaii.

Regional Veterans News 3/26/10

Regional stories on veterans' health, education and other benefits and issues today from Bullhead City, Arizona, St. Cloud, Minnesota, Ft. Hood, Texas, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sandusky, Ohio, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cleveland, Ohio, and Hilo, Hawaii.