Gordon Duff: Fox News Rant: Iran Nukes Ready, Israel To Be Attacked By “Jack In The Box” Teen Terror Army



By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

“Fox News uses Pentagon “Psy-ops” specialist to push for nuclear war in Middle East.  General Paul Vallely’s wild reports on impending Iranian nuclear missiles attack on Israel part of “end of days” Armageddon ploy.  Vallely claims armies of “teen terrorists” hiding in tunnels all over Israel, the “Jack-in-the-Box” army of doom.”

In a clearly “over the top” performance for PJTV, Fox News senior military analyst General Paul Vallely states that massive tunnel complexes filled with an army of Islamic teenage suicide bombers stands ready to pop out anywhere, any time, at a moments notice as part of a massive plan to rain destruction on Israel.  Known for his continual demands for invasion of Syria and Iran and his attempts to recruit militia type groups to keep watch on Islamic American citizens, Vallely has never strayed so far from reality.  Vallely describes these threats:

  • Armies of teenagers have been training for months while secret “Soviet” tunnel technology has been used to honeycomb Israel allowing “Jack in the Box” terror bombers access to every school, nursery, synagogue and coffee shop in Israel – one day this mass of raging hormones and bad skin will arise from the dirt, like something out of a Sam Raimi film.
  • Nuclear weapons Vallely says he knows to be long in existence in Iran are currently being mounted on missiles to attack Israel in the next few days.  Vallely is discounting his own statements that Israel already has dozens of nuclear warheads aimed at Iran, ready to be fired at a moment’s notice.
  • Scud missiles, up to 60,000, are now in Lebanon, targeting every landing strip in Israel with crater weapons to disabled the IDF air capabilities by surprise attack.  However, as Israel as ICBM’s (12,000 km range) with MERV (multiple nuclear warhead) capabilities and doesn’t depend on conventional aircraft for retaliation, damaging a runway has no strategic rationale were the imaginary offending Scuds to actually exist, which they do not.
  • More imaginary Scud missiles, armed with mustard gas brought to Lebanon by a “Soviet” submarine are waiting to be launched, targeting schools, peaceful neighborhoods filled with innocent settlers escaping potential holocaust and innocent “guest workers” living under Israeli protection and being paid the world’s highest wages for safe and constructive labor
  • Israel has secretly distributed chemical warfare protective gear to its entire population, including nearly 1 million guest workers and 5 million Palestinian “residents” who are now, as Vallely tells us, awaiting imminent attack.

Fox News Military Analyst, General Paul Vallely, claims Iran already has nuclear weapons and is planning an attack on Israel in days.  Valley claims “definitive intelligence” that Iran is busy attaching nuclear weapons to their missiles for an immediate attack on Israel.  He further claims that a “Soviet” submarine from the “Baltic Fleet,” now under “Iranian control” is delivering poison gas at the docks in Beirut.  Vallely claims all information has been verified as totally reliable using his skills as a lifelong expert in military “psychological warfare operations.”


Vallely, in a New York Times article, had been named as one of the former Pentagon officers who had accepted payments for spreading false stories on the Iraq War.  Valley participated in a program made up of public relations agencies, defense contractors and analysts that distributed false news stories to the news. (Sourcewatch)  Vallely received free trips to both Iraq and Guantanamo as part of this illicit program outlined in 8000 pages of documents released to the public by the Department of Defense.

Vallely, who identifies himself as a specialist at manipulating media is described by the New York Times:

This was a major theme, for example, with Paul E. Vallely, a Fox News analyst from 2001 to 2007. A retired Army general who had specialized in psychological warfare, Mr. Vallely co-authored a paper in 1980 that accused American news organizations of failing to defend the nation from “enemy” propaganda during Vietnam.

“We lost the war — not because we were outfought, but because we were out Psyoped,” he wrote. He urged a radically new approach to psychological operations in future wars — taking aim at not just foreign adversaries but domestic audiences, too. He called his approach “MindWar” — using network TV and radio to “strengthen our national will to victory.”


No Iranian or “Soviet” submarine has been seen heading through the Suez Canal in recent years.  Vallely describes one of the greatest feats of seamanship since Magellan, with a “Soviet” Iranian sub traversing 12 thousand miles of ocean, laden with chemical weapons, and passing unnoticed into the Mediterranean, a shallow body of water with a massive American naval presence and the world’s most formidable anti-submarine surveillance network.

Humiliating and outwitting the US Navy is a demonstration of advanced capabilities only seen in Tom Clancy novels.  If true, as Vallely describes, this is one of the greatest military accomplishments in history, demonstrating Iran’s ability to defeat any American technology and proving, if Vallely is correct, that Iranians can sail up the Hudson River or Mississippi and attack America at any time.  “Veteran groups” tied to Vallely have been organized and put on watch for just such an attack.


Valley indicates that he has proof that Iran is now, not only nuclear capable, with numerous weapons of all types including “dirty bombs,” but is currently deploying them for an immediate attack on Israel.  How many years can one talk of an “immediate” attack without having personal doubts about ones own sanity?

Vallely has, during his career, demanded that “politically correct weaklings in the Pentagon” that “just don’t get it” join with Israel in a “holy war” against Iran and Syria, as he told Alan Colmes on Fox.  It is Vallely’s stated belief, though a “Pentagon pundit” who has received numerous favors from the Pentagon for passing off Pentagon “bull” as investigative journalism, that our military is run by weaklings under the control of Islamic extremists.  I wonder how one can be both a “pundit” and “critic” without feeling, somehow conflicted?

Vallely, speaking on PJTV, a GOP/Israeli internet TV outlet, rambled on about secret armies hiding in tunnels, roads lined with SCUD missiles, imaginary nuclear weapons, while films of Israelis in a panicked frenzy pass out gas masks to women and children is playing in the background.   The films he is showing may be decades old, they may not even be from Israel as we learned from the “dancing Palestinian” videos Israel sent to America as a gift on 9/11.

Valley claims to have proven intelligence that Iran is planning to destroy all Israeli air defenses, destroying Israel’s Air Force on the ground with a massive preemptive attack, similar to the Israeli attacks of 1956 and 1967, as Vallely explains.  The plan, as Vallely indicates, is to use super-accurate SCUD missiles to disable runways across Israel and leave the nation vulnerable for an Iranian air armada.

An examination of Iranian capabilities, however, indicates that Iran has no such capabilities.  With a round trip of over 9000 miles necessary to attack Israel from Iran without passing over air space under US control, such an attack is a fantasy.  Israeli claims that Iran has received advanced air refueling capabilities from Russia, a DEBKA report, has been withdrawn.  However, Iran does have plans to buy Israeli fighters, yet undelivered, as indicated in this report from Russia:

Iran has signed a contract with China for the delivery of two squadrons of J-10 fighter planes. The design was developed by Israel for its Air Force and then sold to Beijing. The maximum range of the J-10 with detachable fuel tanks is 2,940 km. In this way, Iran will be able not only to fly over the Persian Gulf, but also theoretically venture as far as Israel and come back to base. (only over US controlled airspace)
Until now, Iran’s longest-reach fighters have been Russian-made MiG-29s (Fulcrum), whose maximum range is 2,100 km.
Besides, the very presence of J-10 jets could act as a deterrent, said Makiyenko: the fighters can theoretically scuttle any Israeli strike at facilities which Israel may believe are manufacturing weapons of mass destruction.

Why Israel would join China in a weapons deal to supply Iran with advanced fighter aircraft is mind boggling, unless one were to look for a more sinister motive in Israel’s actions.  However, as stated, Iran’s current “air armada” has a maximum  range of less than 1500 miles. 


Based on current air inventory, the only available routes and refueling capabilities that would allow the upcoming attack Vallely describes would require the United States to supply refueling and AWAC services to the Iranian Air Force.  Secretary of State Clinton has not yet made announcements indicating a new American policy in the Middle East that would require the US to join Iran in such an attack.  We are currently awaiting a probable upcoming Fox News “break” on such a policy change.

No possible attack by either Israel or Iran on each other could occur without entering US controlled airspace, making either country unreachable the the air forces of the other without an accomodation by the United States, something illegal under agreements US forces are under in Turkey, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman. 



Further claims from Vallely are that a massive system of tunnels has been dug under Israel for a secret invasion planned in coordination with Iranian nuclear attacks and the “Soviet” poison gas attack.  Armies of “14 year olds to 17 year olds” are planning to overrun Israel’s defenses causing panic in the streets.  Vallely speaks of “tunnel technology” capable of bringing Israel to its knees at any moment.  Valley fails to reveal sources for his information on secret and advanced tunnel technology “breakthroughs” that will make this invasion capable but highly placed sources in the intelligence community tell us that shovels and flashlights may be used.

Some small children in Lebanon have been seen with both spoons and some even with sticks, both potential weapons of mass destruction when combined with highly advanced “Soviet” tunnel technology.


A video posted by the leader of “Stand Up America,” a right wing Israeli advocacy group pushing for an attack on Iran, former Major General Paul Valley, tells us that the roads of Syria and Lebanon are lined with SCUD missiles, all tipped with chemical and biological weapons for a major attack on Israel.

Of course, not one word of this is true.

Back in 2004, this is what Vallely had to say about the Middle East, starting with Iran:

“They are a key strand in the Web of Terror, and their nuclear ambitions are dangerously close to fulfillment.

In September 2003, however, inspectors of the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency reported that they had discovered highly enriched (weapons-grade) uranium on equipment at an Iranian nuclear site. (FALSE)

This discovery — and other reports concerning the Iranian nuclear program, including some that we heard directly from Israeli and Indian diplomats— brings into question the CIA’s oft-cited analysis that Iran would have nuclear weapons in two to three years.

We remember all too well the shock that occurred when, after the 1991 Persian Gulf War, international inspectors discovered that Saddam Hussein’s nuclear program was much farther along than prewar intelligence estimates had claimed. (FALSE)

If Iran develops nuclear weapons, so might other countries in the region. Saudi Arabia, for instance, already has as many as fifty Chinese-made intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Saudi Arabian officials have met with Pakistan’s President Musharraf, and, as we recently discovered, Pakistan has a history of selling nuclear technology and nuclear know-how, including apparently to Iran, North Korea, and Libya. (WILD CONSPIRACY THEORY, LAUGHABLE)

We have no way of knowing what the Pakistani nuclear establishment might have sold to Riyadh in the way of equipment, advice, and documents related to nuclear weapons or the Pakistani army might have exchanged as a quid pro quo for Saudi financial support of the Taliban and Pakistan-sponsored Islamist rebels in Kashmir. ” (IMAGINATION GONE WILD)

6years later, the idea of nuclear missiles launched from Saudi Arabia against America sounds insane.  It sounded insane in 2004.  6 years later, it is clear that any evidence of an Iraqi nuclear program had been created by Israel and that no program existed in Iraq at all. 


Vallely’s self appointed anti-Islamic organization whose claimed intent is to recruit veterans to defend American women against assault by Muslims is little but a fear mongering sham.  Vallely advocates that veterans organize and prepare to stop an Islamic assault, which he describes as a worldwide conspiracy to undermine American values, womanhood and the Christian religion.  Muslims are having so much sex that they will soon eliminate decent white Christian people from their position of prominence in, not only the United States but Western Europe as well.  Wasn’t this plot really Bilderbergers or Illuminati or Freemasons or part of Hitler’s “International Jewish Conspiracy?” 

According to Vallely, every American institution, the FBI, our military, the CIA and every police force has been taken over by Islamic extremists who are lying in wait for America to falter, then, kaboom, we all wake up with Korans in our pockets, burkas on our women and Jews being roasted alive by the millions.

This is how Vallely plans to protect America from America:



Prepare your family in emergency procedures. These will serve you well whether an emergency is caused by Islamic terrorism, natural disaster, or anything else.


Be aware of suspicious activity in your neighborhood or community. Learn about what to look for. Law enforcement officials note that citizen awareness is frequently crucial to their uncovering and/or foiling terrorist plots.


Provide others with information about everything from the multiple threats of radical Islam to how to implement and execute emergency procedures.


Report suspicious activity you become aware of to appropriate law enforcement authorities and provide that information to Veteran Defenders of America through the “Sound Off” page on this website.

What if a Police Academy movie was made by escapees from a mental facility for the criminally insane?  With many states passing new laws requiring massive manhunts for illegal aliens, the T-Bag obsession with the dangers of African Americans and continual threats of invasion from Canada, how will America find the manpower to follow 7 million Islamic citizens, the majority professionals in medicine and engineering or in our military, around each day? 


As more and more Americans become aware of the role of Fox News in conjunction with Israeli efforts to draw America into war against Iran much as with their tremendous successes in pushing the US into Iraq and Afghanistan and hiding Isreali complicity in destabilization operations against the US.  Thus far, these efforts have included massive spying operations and orchestrating the “sub-prime” mortgage crisis (you didn’t check to see who controlled Goldman Sachs and the other perpetrators?).  Recent efforts including desperate attempts to use PSYOPS Warfare specialists like General Vallely to condition America into a feeling of helplessness and panic have indicated a bit of poor judgement.

Americans no longer trust either political party or any aspect of their own government.  This has been the primary goal of this psychological warfare attack on the United States and it has been enormously successful.  As long as Americans run around hating each other they won’t notice they live in a feudal debt driven society in what has become a combination of prison camp, drug lab and amusement park.

With Fox leading and other media, all under ownership and control by the same groups with the same goals, deciding what news is withheld and what is reported, reported or “spun” and even fabricated, no American can make an informed decision.


Israel has burned alot of bridges.  Though they own 363 members of congress, most Americans know congress, know it well.  Congress is an infamous sewer of small minded hacks and failures despised by over 75% of Americans.  Are the vast majority of members of congress that support Israel among those hated most by the American people?  Yes is a better than average guess to that question.

The US will be cutting troops strength in Iraq by 50% thus summer.  August 31, 2010 is the date set.  Without the massive US force threatening Syria and Iran, Israeli’s ability to bully its neighbors through the use of their version of “big stick” diplomacy, American troops, American money and American deaths paying for Israeli arrogance and aggression will be curtailed.  The powerful Israeli lobby in the US, controlling 95% of Americas news, 363 members of  Congress and drowning military leaders in free vacations with “all the trimmings,” better yet, spending American taxpayer money to do it, will have no free invasion force like they did under Bush when Israel destroyed Iraq, killing over 1 million, without raising a finger or losing a single life, 5000 Americans dead and up to 400,000 disabled and wounded, but not one Israeli life.


Nazi Germany got its people to hate the Jews, blaming them for everything perceived as wrong.  Hitler got his start by convincing the German people that they were under attack by “leftists” and “elitists” at home and needed a strong government to protect them from terrorism.

Then Hitler burned the Reichstag and passed a series of laws limiting freedom, setting up bureaucracies for protection of the Reich (translated as:  “Homeland”) and encouraged citizens to begin watching each other, informing and to live in a state of continual fearfulness.

You could put the Nazi program in these terms, Prepare, Aware, Inform, Report.

The Nazi takeover was started by a 9/11 type attack, the Reichstag fire in 1934.  World War 2 was started by a 9/11 type attack, a dead prisoner dressed in Polish Army uniforms left inside Germany at the scene of a “Time Square” type attack on a Germany radio station.  From The Holocaust Library:

On the night of August 31, 1939, Nazis took an unknown prisoner from one of their concentration camps, dressed him in a Polish uniform, took him to the town of Gleiwitz (on the border of Poland and Germany), and then shot him. The staged scene with the dead prisoner dressed in a Polish uniform was supposed to appear as a Polish attack against a German radio station.Hitler used the staged attack as the excuse to invade Poland.

Since 1939, we have seen the same thing a hundred times.  Israel’s failure to kill the entire crew of the USS Liberty in 1967 prevented them from duping the US into war against Syria and Egypt.  Too many live witnesses were left and an American crew kept their ship afloat after hours of brutal attacks, torpedoes, napalm and strafing lifeboats.

After 9/11 or the London and Madrid bombings, false flag attacks have diminished to the “Time Square Fizzler” or the Detroit “Crotch Bomber.”   Where could this much hate come from?  Is Vallely style “psychological warfare” going to be enough to bring about nuclear war in the Middle East, a war with only one nuclear power.  Vallely said, as of 2004, Israel had only 82 nuclear weapons, well under estimates of others.  That Vallely isn’t estimating that Iran could build a weapon but that Iran has numerous weapons and is currently deploying them for immediate attack on Israel can only mean one thing.

Taken that Vallely works for Israeli owned and controlled Fox News, it can only be assumed that these false reports, nearly identical to those Vallely supported about Iraq, are meant to justify one thing, a nuclear attack on Iran by Israel.  It is Vallely’s job to prepare the American people to let Israel get away with this, as Israel has gotten away with so much in the past.

What is the definition of sedition?


                                     Crazy Uncle Michael’s come to our place to stay
                                    To help us with the chores, but he’s mainly in the way.
                                    He’s ‘sposed to keep the fences fixed and furrin’ things outside,
                                    But he complained how hard it was before he even tried.
                                    Still there’s somethin’ that he’s good at that us young ‘uns found:
                                    When it reaches time for bed, we all gather ’round
                                    A-list’nin’ to the spooky things that Michael tells about,
                                    An’ Osama’s gonna git you
                                    Ef you

                                    He tol’ us when he come that one of his specialties
                                    Was makin’ preparations for the biggest emergencies,
                                    But then we had a fearsome storm, and forgettin’ what he said,
                                    Even after it had passed, he cowered ‘neath a bed.
                                    Talkin’, after all, was the one thing he did well,
                                    And he always finds an audience after night has fell.
                                    We can’t resist the scary stories that he parcels out,
                                    An’ Osama’s gonna git you
                                    Ef you
                                    Michael loves to scarify and seldom to enlighten us,
                                    And just to show his face is all he ever needs to frighten us.
                                    With eyes that’s sunk real deep into a little narrow head,
                                    Ef he didn’t move his mouth you’d think that he was dead.
                                    But he sure does talk at night. He almost casts a spell
                                    With a voice and with a look like somethin’ out of hell.
                                    He makes it sound so awful real that we have little doubt
                                    That Osama’s gonna git us
                                    Ef we
                                    There’s somethin’ truly strange that I heard the other day:
                                    Michael really ain’t our uncle, but what they wouldn’t say.
                                    He’s got Daddy thinkin’ that he’s deeply in his debt
                                    For somethin’ really monsterous that Michael can’t forget.
                                    It’s ’bout a thing he says that happened long ago,
                                    And no matter what we pay, he says we’ll always owe.
                                    And that is what this warning’s always been about:
                                    That Osama’s going to get us
                                    If we

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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.