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by Ernst Zundel: An Eerily Accurate Prediction


A Georgetown University law professor, Dr. Van Dinh, who helped craft the scandalous Patriot Act, recently extended for another four years, was asked by a reporter:

“An estimated 5,000 people have been subjected to detention since 9/11. Of those, only five, three non-citizens and two citizens were charged with terrorism-related crimes, and one was convicted.

How do we justify such broad-sweeping legislation that has resulted in very few terrorist-related convictions?”

( Viet Dinh, as reported in Wired Magazine, 2-2004) :

“It may well be that a number of citizens were not charged with terrorism-related crimes, but they need not be. (…)

Where the Department has suspected people of terrorism, it will prosecute those persons for other violations of the law rather than wait for a terrorist conspiracy to fully develop and risk the potential that that conspiracy will be missed.”

So that’s how it was done!

In sanitized Washington, D.C. lingo, such an arrest is called an “extrajudicial rendition.”

My husband, Ernst Zundel, was one of those 5,000 – arrested on a bright Tennessee spring day in 2003, without an arrest warrant – just like that! On American soil. By agents of my government. At the behest of the Holocaust Lobby. Allegedly Ernst missed an immigration interview and, thus, gave up his chance for a Green Card thanks to his marriage to me.

Now picture the setting – the Toronto West Detention Centre, October 3, 2004. A bitterly cold Canadian winter is looming. Ernst is accused of “…being a security threat to the State of Canada,” but he is not allowed to face his accuser(s), know what they said, or argue against what they said.

He is the only White thus accused; with him in the same isolation ward sit 6 young Arabs, one in the cell right next to him, a young man by the name of Almrei, a Jordanian in his early thirties – a man who several times already tried to go on hunger strikes and once attempted suicide.

For it is bad, and getting worse.

Starvation rations, verbal abuse and physical humiliation are the order of the day. Strip searches – hundreds of them, for no discernible reason! Several emails informed me that guards are spitting in his food. We are still lucky, though – we can talk on the telephone, ______ Once, Ernst told me, he was returned to his cell after a consultation with his attorney, and a huge black guard stood inside, sadistically grinning, stripping on a plastic glove. According to the malicious Canadian media, Ernst is supposed to be this fire-breathing White Supremacist – and never mind that he has given employment to various minorities for decades!

A principled activist on behalf of his maligned German people accused of having practiced industrial-type genocide – a man already in his early sixties, with not a speck of criminal conduct ever to his name- Ernst is brutally kept caged much like a murderer or child abuser in an isolation cell. He is forbidden to speak a single word to other prisoners. The light in his cell is never turned off. Privacy is non-existent; every 20 minutes somebody peers into his cell through a peep hole and and notes his observations on a paper pad. His toothbrush is kept on the dirty floor outside his cell, along with a comb, a plastic spoon and fork next to a roll of toilet paper. He has to ask for such items as needed, and his requests may or may not be granted, depending on the mood and temper of the guards.

He has lost a crown from one of his teeth, and it will take more than a year until he is taken to a dentist.

Ernst is only lightly dressed. Shoes are not allowed – he stands barefoot on the ice-cold cement. The other day, a kind guard gave him an extra T-shirt; a second one snatched it away.

The cell holds neither desk nor chair. He is not allowed a ball point pen or even a regular pencil, only two-inch sawed-off pencil stumps. Ernst sits on a stack of court transcrips, wrapped in his bedsheet against the bitter cold, and here is what he writes to a friend of his in France, a fellow activist:

At 2.25 a.m., I woke up last night, bright awake, my mind going at
full tilt! It was something Ingrid had said in response to what’s
going on in the Middle East involving the death of a high-ranking
“Pope-like” religious leader. I said that it was caused by our
Traditional Enemies. She, in her usual without-guile innocence
said: “Why would they want to do that? Kill a Pope? A religious
leader? What’s that going to gain them?” So let me explain why I
said what I said:

The problem in Iraq stems from the duality of the “heads” grafted
onto the American body politic – the “Lobby” power and the “Money”
power. Thus we see two diametrically opposed policy goals at
loggerheads with one another. It is horrible for a state to be in
this position.

There is its own national self-interest of the oil and resource
sector of the American-military-industrial complex, as personified by
Bush, Cheney, Halliburton, Bechtel Corp. and the Council on Foreign
Relations crowd. These largely Gentile-dominated outfits wanted to
steal the oil and precious metals not only of Iraq, but of that whole
region, including Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrein – all these
oil-producing areas, as well as Afghanistan, the gate-way to the
ocean of oil, in the Caspian sea basin! That was the loot Bush and
Gentile U.S. capitalist circles as well as the military arms
manufacturers have had their eyes on for two decades, since Reagan’s
presidency. Why? Because China, India, Pakistan and South East Asia
are motorizing so fast that in another short 10 years, those three
countries will gobble up all the oil in the world now produced – in
one entire year! Thus America, England and all of industrial Europe
would be grinding to a standstill with an economic impact unequalled
in human history.

The Americans know about this state of affairs in the upper echelons
of the ruling circles – like the Bush family and their friends. The
Israelis and Jewish circles know it too! The Americans want the oil
of the region. In order to pump it, they need to conquer, pacify,
and reconstruct the area.

That’s their policy goal: No stability – no oil!

The Israelis, on the other hand, need a chaotic, destabilized,
at-war-with-one-another fractured Middle East. Divide and conquer!
Play one faction against another!

This has been their policy since the state was founded and has been
the Jewish modus operandi since Biblical times! That’s how
“minorities” rule. Let majorities fight each other!

Enter the Israeli Fifth Column, the neo-cons, who had wormed their
way into positions of power. They decided and ruled at the most
important levels of government, the media and, especially, the think
tanks and the intelligence apparatus.

That’s why 9/11 was created offshore and allowed to take place by the
“oil and resource lobby” – and the ruling oligarchy. Both needed a
new Pearl Harbor!

The theft of the treasures of the Middle East had to be camouflaged
under some fanciful name or slogan. The “‘weapons of mass
destruction” was the fig leaf supplied – mainly by
Israeli and Jewish agents and infiltrators, i.e. sources via the
Likud-Sharon-Wolfowitz-Perle-Rumsfeld crowd!

The Israelis needed to destroy Saddam Hussein, the only guy in their
neighborhood who was ruthless enough and had the cunning or survival
instinct to beat down his fractious population of various tribes,
such as the warlike Kurds, as well as his religious fanatics. He
ruled with a brutal iron fist, because nothing else can guarantee a
stable state in that place since time immemorial.

The Jews know that America is financially bankrupt, a powder keg of
racial problems simmering below the surface, ready to blow like a
volcano if ever there is going to be a depression or massive
unemployment, which could be anytime. They had to act fast!

Thus Wolfowitz, Perle, Kristol and their cohorts exploited the
opportunity and ugly anti-Muslim mood created by 9/11, as it was
designed to produce, by those who planned and executed it. They knew
that they had only a small window of opportunity where the
Bush/Cheney Cartel’s policy would overlap with theirs. They had to
do it in Bush’s first term, because Bush the Younger was going to do
Saddam Hussein in, which the father did not get around to doing
because he tripped up, got the Jews mad at him and was thereafter
unelectable! The Jewish-dominated media and Alan Greenspan’s Federal
Reserve policies saw to that after 1991.

That’s why we saw the frantic maneuvering and clamoring for war by
the Neo-Cons, Israel’s Fifth Column in America. They wanted that war
so bad you could taste it, because they knew Bush’s 9/11 popularity
windfall was wearing off – and increasing numbers of Americans were
getting wise to the neo-cons everywhere.

The Pentagon top brass wanted to wait, prepare better, get more
troops etc. You remember the debate – they wanted at least
200,000-250,000 troops and U.N. participation via Powell. The
Israelis saw these millions upon millions hit the streets around the
world in anti-war demos and decided to hurry things along with fake
intelligence assessments. They basically lied the U.S. and Britain
into that war – with both light-weight leaders Bush and Blair going
along for cheap glory and the subsequent spoils! They knew the 21
million Iraqis were, by then, a “Fourth World” country, decimated by
the 1991 Gulf war and 13 years of deadly sanctions!

Iraq was one more time pounded into the dust. There was no contest
ever – the results were a forgone solution! The Israelis got what
they wanted – Israel wanted to smash Saddam Hussein via the U.S.
military machine, because he had been a thorn in their side for 25 years
already. But they also wanted to cow and intimidate all the other
states around them by the example of the utter devastation of Iraq –
much like my treatment is meant to serve as a scarecrow to frighten
the patriotic groups.

Make no mistake about this “by-product”! This is almost as good as
having a war, because the Israelis can point to Iraq and say: “Do
you see the influence we have in Washington? We can get our “Golem”,
our American pitbull, to tear you apart any time we want! So watch
your step!”

The first one to see the light was Muamar Khaddafi, who previously
refused to buckle under, even after Reagan bombed Libya and after the
Lockerbie disaster in 1989, where 270 people were killed! For 14
years, Khaddafi had always refused responsibility for the Lockerbie
explosion. After the smashing and invasion of Iraq, Libya paid $2.7
billion in compensation – a huge amount for those 270 victims –
adding meekly that it “accepts responsibility for the actions of its
officials”! (Newsweek, Page 4, Sept. 1, 2003). You can bet your life
that the American behavior against Saddam Hussein and Iraq shook that
money and apology loose! Terror speaks its own persuasive language.
Especially Middle Easterners know that.

Those who planned and executed 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq knew it, and still know it. They are masters at employing terror!

The Israelis and Jewish lobby have achieved their primary policy
goals already. Saddam is gone, his military finished. Iraq is a
basket case. And Israel will now do what they did in Lebanon in 1982
and after – destabilize the region, keep everybody fighting
everybody. If a strong religious or political leader, or group around
him, arise – simply have him killed! They have had this policy for
4,000 years, as is evidenced by a book published by a New York State
University Press a few years ago, “The Role of Assassinations in
Jewish History” or something like that.

In living memory we have had the famous Lavon Affair, where the Israelis
were going to burn and blow up American consulates, information
agency libraries etc. in Egypt and then blame Nasser’s “Moslem hot-
heads” for it! Mossad did that in 1953. The terrorists were
caught, prosecuted, hanged – the very rare time where the Israelis
goofed up!

Menahim Begin blew up the British headquarters in Palestine, the King
David Hotel, with lots of casualties, civilian and military. Shamir
and his assassin gang killed Lord Moyne, a U.N. official, without
qualms or repercussion to them! Moshe Dayan killed people at Deir
Yassin in terror-inspiring massacres, as did Sharon in Sabra and
Chatila and in Jenin – again with total impunity, no sanctions, no
war crimes trials, nothing!

These people’s chief stock-in-trade is terror – on an individual and
on a state level. They have always been and still are born
terrorists. “Targeted killings” of Palestinian religious or
political figures and security men have been and still are Israeli
policy, as was and is the deliberate maiming and wounding of children
and demonstrators, deliberately shattering their bones, “hooding” of
prisoners – which the Americans have adopted in Afghanistan and in
Iraq, as well as concentration camps, such as the Americans have in
Guantanamo Bay now, denying of due process to prisoners or
enemies, no habeas corpus, no freedom of speech, freedom of assembly,
freedom of association. All these are instruments of Israeli
occupation since 1948 in Palestine – and now in America!

That Americans and Canadians don’t want to see it – or if they see
it, don’t understand what it is really designed to do – is simply
because the media and educational system has dumbed them down to a
level hitherto unknown in the civilized world. They are modern-day
zombie populations, led around by the nose – mentally so manipulated
that they cannot think straight, much less act in their own
self-interest either as individuals or as societies and states. They
have become the tax-paying cash cows and playthings of an alien
oligarchy both in spirit and in reality.

What will that mean for Iraq and the U.S. role there?

Newsweek, with its 4 million readers, asked the front page question
in its issue of 1 Sept. 03: “So what’s Plan B?”

Why should there be a plan B? This war was a proxy war, fought by
Israel’s American pitbull, temporarily unleashed to destroy Israel’s
most dangerous local/regional enemy. That was the war aim of the
neo-cons. That task was accomplished. Israel is today safer than it
was for years, and will be so for years to come!

The Israelis don’t care that “meshuggene goyim” – that is, Gentile
boys and girls – are dying in terrorist attacks. They are not
Israelis. They are someone else’s problem. The Israelis did not like
that young Bush did not appoint a single Jew to his cabinet. They are
still upset that Sharon was not received in the White House with open
arms before 9/11 – and Powell’s fair peace plan did not help! Why
should they care that Bush’s ratings are going down, that his
presidency is in trouble? They are still carrying a grudge against
Bush the Elder and his friend James Baker, that uppity Goyim, who did
not sign the $10 billion carte blanche “loan guarantee” during the
elder Bush’s presidency! They never forget a slight!

Was it not therefore fortunate, very fortunate, that the attacks on
New York and Washington got the younger Bush’s attention,
straightened out his thinking and made him change his tune and
policies in favor of Israel? Overnight!

So what will happen in Iraq?

Israel has been vehemently opposed to an observer role for U.N. Human
Rights monitors, much less U.N. Blue Helmet peace keepers, anywhere
they had anything to say. As far as Jewry, Israelis, the neo-cons,
the whole crowd has anything to say, the U.N. is dominated by an
overwhelming number of unfriendly Third World nations – who regularly
vote against Israeli and American/Jewish interests. What they cannot
control, make use of or manipulate, they usually destroy – even their
bankrupt, moribund Soviet system. They are single-minded in that
policy of ego-ethnocentricity: “Destroy what does not serve Israel
and Jewry!”

Since they do not have anything to gain from a stable, prosperous
Iraq, they will sabotage anyone, any policy or initiative, overtly or
covertly, which will lead to a normalization of life in Iraq. Chaos,
civil war, riots, religious strive, poverty, unemployment, poor
sanitation and even starvation serve their interests. It is their
secret policy to ensure it stays that way – like in Gaza, the West
Bank, etc.

Enter the U.N.’s top diplomat and expert in “Nation building”, Sergio
Vieira de Mello, fresh from Geneva’s U.N. Human Rights body, hated by
the Israelis and the U.S. top brass alike! The U.N. wanted control
over rebuilding Iraq – the U.S. and the Israelis loathed that idea.
The Americans wanted mainly American businesses friendly to the Bush
crowd to get the most lucrative “re-building” contracts, freezing
most other nations out of these multi-billion dollar,
no-competitive-bids manna-from-heaven deals!

De Mello was appalled by what he saw in his nearly three months in
Iraq and, according to Newsweek, Sept. 1, 2003, was fed up and angry
enough to summon his chief U.N. spokesman, Salim Loue, and told him
to “draft a public statement condemning U.S. military recklessness”!
He planned to release it that evening!

That statement, which put the U.N. on a collision course with the
U.S. in Iraq, was never issued!

Was it not an odd coincidence that a huge flat bed truck could
blithely roll through all of Baghdad teeming with American roadblocks
and military patrols, carrying enough military ordnance covered
apparently by a tarpaulin, with 500 pound bombs, artillery shells,
mortar rounds – over 1,000 pounds of Iraqi ordnance, says Newsweek!
Uninspected and unsuspected, that flat bed truck could drive to
U.N. headquarters, park right beside De Mello’s office – and kill him
and another 24 people, injuring 86 more seriously, in a massive
explosion! Vieira was blown apart, his body parts crushed under slabs
of concrete, at 4.37 in the afternoon, while in a conference – no
doubt fuming about his troubled relationship with America’s chief
U.S. Administrator for all of Iraq, L. Paul Bremer. Bremer is for
Iraq what General MacArthur was for occupied Japan after Japan’s
surrender in 1945.

What are the chances of someone loading a 500 pound bomb, which would
take a crane or forklift truck to heave up from one of Saddam’s
ammunition bunkers, unto a truck unobserved? Ammo dumps in enemy
territory are always guarded by high wire fences and troops, 24 hours
a day, especially in war zones! Who on that day – before that
critical U.N. statement, which could have changed the course of
history in Iraq, went out to the world’s media – had most to gain by
this man and his closest aides being dead? On that day? At that
hour? Think about it!

What will the “Iraq” policy be now? Some newspapers explained it long
before the war started: the same policy the Allies adopted towards
the German state in 1945. It will be a brutal, all-stifling
occupation, in fact a military dictatorship – a policy of
dismemberment to weaken the conquered state into political and
military impotence, slicing off and setting up a semi-autonomous
Kurdish state – exactly as happened in Germany with the Eastern
provinces East Prussia, West Prussia, Silesia, Sudetenland etc lost
to Germany. In Iraq there will be Sunni, Shiite and other tribal
areas, like the British had in India, which allowed them to control
that whole populous subcontinent – 230 million people at the time –
with only 30,000 British troops, because the Indians were forever at
each other’s throats. Even ancient Rome did the same.

Israel has survived 55 years by the same technique against its
neighbors. Destabilize. Terrorize. Incarcerate. Subjugate. Keep
people unemployed, impoverished and, above all, spread hopelessness
and despair! Exile troublemakers. Imprison or assassinate natural
leaders by calling them “terrorists” – that way, absolutely no one
cares in the current hysteria.

It’s a license to murder!

Will the Israeli policy work for the Americans in Iraq? Maybe. For
the moment, Syria and Iran seem safe. Americans, unlike their
Israeli tutors, do not have the fanatical racist superiority complex
vis-a-vis their conquered population, because many of the GIs are
themselves minorities – Latinos, Blacks from the ghettos of Harlem
and Detroit. So far, only 77 Americans have been killed, only 500
wounded. The German Army lost almost 1 million soldiers killed at
the hands of Allied guerillas – if the same “wounded ratio” is
applied, another 6-7 million wounded by these “freedom fighters”
armed by the Allies! The Soviets lost 50,000 killed in Afghanistan
by the U.S.-equipped Bin Laden Mujahedin, before they pulled out and
then imploded and collapsed, never to rise again.

When will America say in Iraq, “Enough is enough!”? Time will tell!

Hard to say – what with all that oil there still to loot!

Ingrid Rimland has worn many hats in her life. Her latest hobby is re-mastering historic Zundel tapes so as to bring them to new audiences. For a preview of her latest, “Off Your Knees, Germany!” please go to

For an order blank of additional revisionist DVDs – in English and German ! – please send your snail mail address.

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Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist and documentary producer. Currently she works on a wide-screen feature movie (Category: Contemporary Political Drama) called THE EXPATS. Born to Russian-German Mennonites in the Ukraine, she experienced World War II as a small child. Multilingual and gifted linguistically, she brings a unique perspective to the Patriot struggle, having lived under four dictators in her young years - Stalin, Hitler, Peron of Argentina, and Stroessner of Paraguay. Ingrid is proudly married to one of the world's most politically incorrect human rights activist, Ernst Zundel, kidnapped by America's Zionist-beholden government goons on American soil in 2003 for having spoken Truth to Power about the so-called "Holocaust". She has earned a doctorate in Education from the University of the Pacific and been a U.S. citizen since 1973.