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Alien Agenda Inside The Beltway

This transformation of most of our elected officials once they are seated inside the beltway (DC) is perhaps the greatest mystery of our modern political system.

Obama Assassination Said to be Legal Under Israeli Law

Obama is a non-Jew and any non-Jew can be killed at any time according to Israeli law.

America on Israel’s Altar

The label has been attached to Paul primarily because he differs from the other Republican presidential candidates on foreign policy. Said The Globe after the presidential debate In Des Moines, Iowa on December 10th:

A Dangerous Woman – Swallowed Whole by Patriot Act

Base Commanding Officer Refuses Attorney Visits Despite Letter From Judge Michael Mukasey Ordering Him to do So

What Veterans Can Do For Constitutional Regime Change

Time for Veterans to Acknowledge We Are in a Two Front War

Emperor George and the Lost War in Iraq

Once upon a time there was a President named George who wanted to be Emperor. (Not a bad idea. He was a lousy President. He really needed a different job.)

Patriot Act Crime, 9/11 and Whistleblower’s Truth

Susan Lindauer’s piece of the 9/11 puzzle adds more evidence to support the charge of criminal negligence at the command level and exposes the utter depravity of the Patriot Act.

Guantanamo North

“An estimated 5,000 people have been subjected to detention since 9/11. Of those, only five, three non-citizens and two citizens were charged with terrorism-related crimes, and one was convicted.

Weiner and the Washington Cesspool

Washington exists to prove that religion, family values and even patriotism corrupt as well. Add a dash of "conservatism" and no toddler is safe without a titanium chastity belt. Sex scandals in Washington are old news and Weinergate seems to be way below par.

Warning: This Message Contains Democracy

Last week Congress set the record straight. Breaking campaign promises to defeat the Patriot Act, Congress blocked hearings and debate on amendments that would fix problems in surveillance rules, and rammed a four year extension on the American People. Only 31 Republicans and 122 Democrats voted against the Patriot Act in the House.

The Patriot Act: When Truth Becomes Treason

Ever wonder why the truth about 9/11 never got exposed? Why Americans don't have a clue about leadership fraud surrounding the War on Terror? Why Americans don't know if the 9/11 investigation was really successful? Why the Iraqi Peace Option draws a blank? Somebody has known the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden--- or his grave—for the past 10 years. But nobody's talking to the people.

President Harding Sends the Marines to Attack Gettysburg – 1922

Once upon a time where was no political correctness about the Civil War. There were differences of opinion yes, but they were not exploited for political reasons like they are today.

SUSAN LINDAUER: The Tea Party Crashes

THE MOST UNPATRIOTIC ACT By Susan Lindauer, STAFF WRITER and 9/11 Whistleblower indicted on the Patriot Act I confess that since November I've been holding my...

GOP Senators Back Permanent Extension of Patriot Act

Three Republican Senate leaders introduced a measure late Thursday that would permanently extend three key provisions of the Patriot Act, rather than let them...

ALLEN L ROLAND: Extreme Prejudice / Clear Evidence Of 9/11 Cover...

  Falsely imprisoned by the Bush administration, without a hearing or trial, Ex-CIA asset and 9/11 whistleblower Susan Lindauer finally confirms the great lie to...


"...But that’s America.  The people simply cannot put two and two together.  Thinking is not an activity of the American public. Indeed, Americans are incapable of...

Who Really Shot Freedom in the USA?

Drug Dealers, a Former First Lady in Red, Money Launderers, Tony Montana, Draconians, Misanthrops, Pychotic Predators...Join Johnny Punish as he takes a historical look back at FREEDOM. Find out who killed her!

Work for Peace, Violate the Patriot Act and Face 15 Years...

Christian Zionists fund Israeli terrorism through tax-exempt contributions, but our First and Fifth Amendment rights can disappear under the Patriot Act if we work for peace against Israeli terrorism, the Supreme Court ruled six-to-three in last month's Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project case upholding the USA Patriot Act's defintion of “material support” for “foreign terrorist organizations.”

Conyers Seeks Firing of FBI Traders, Used ‘National Security Letters’ to...

The Brad Blog has the story: By Brad Friedman Conyers Seeks Firing of FBI Officials Who Used 'National Security Letters' for Phone Records House Judiciary Chair Rep....

Sen. Russ Feingold Is Fine for Re-election, GOP Dreams Not Credible

Madison, Wisconsin—The lone voice in the U.S. Senate voting against the infamous 2001 Patriot Act is Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin) whose vote for liberty then, and in...

Editor’s Picks: News and Opinion Around the Web 2/28/10

Juan Cole at Informed Comment offers some excellent advice for climate scientists under attack from corrupt corporate and media sources. Al Gore writes that ignoring climate change won't make it go away nor will continuing to dump 90 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere daily at the New York Times. A 110-year-old Chicago woman reflects on Jim Crow and the civil rights movemnt in the Chicago Sun Times. Those stories and more in today's picks.

Obama’s Base Pact With Colombia Accelerates “Dangerous Trend”

The Obama administration’s pact to use seven Colombian military bases accelerates “a dangerous trend in U.S. hemispheric policy,” an article in The Nation magazine warns. Although much of Latin America is in the vanguard of the “anti-corporate and anti-militarist global democracy movement,” Grandin writes, the Obama administration is “disappointing potential regional allies by continuing to promote a volatile mix of militarism and free-trade orthodoxy in a corridor running from Mexico to Colombia.” Grandin’s article in The Nation’s February 8th issue is titled, “Muscling Latin America.”