The Conspiracy of New Journalism, a Rambing Diatribe

Aaron Burr Sends Alexander Hamilton to Bankster Heaven
Aaron Burr Sends Alexander Hamilton to Bankster Heaven

“Badges…We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges….”


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


VT is the last place on earth where a reader can communicate directly with a writer, in our case, retired spies, broadcasters fired for telling the truth, academics who have sacrificed their careers for their beliefs, people who work for nothing because they love good and hate evil.

With the mainstream media on a fairytale binge and most of the alternative media run by dimwits, VT is expected to be a reliable new source of information and entertainment.

We’re supposed to be a small “insider” operation, not a respectable version of Alex Jones or a cheap discount CNN.  We never learned to charge for things, we simply take pleasure in being right and that there are enough of us around with enough serious dirt on enough people that we tend to get left alone.

Free journalism, or as close as we can come to it, doesn’t exist without limitation and, in fact, the same sort of antics Rupert Murdoch and his amateur sleuths get up to.  Maybe we just aren’t as brazen or stupid but, then again, we also don’t make presidents and prime ministers kiss our behinds, not from the really big countries anyway.

Two words come to mind:

  • Rogue
  • Privatize

I love both of them.  From time to time, organizations like the ADL (the lobby that supplies Jewish people with imaginary enemies) and their offshoots don’t really come after us, they try to figure out what we are doing.  We do take Israel to task, among other targets.  There is a very pure aspect of banditry about Israel as a country, an oligarchy of sorts that seems bent on endless plots within plots, above any laws, moral, legal or anything else.

Then again, you can look at a dozen, three dozen other countries that are, or seem bad as Israel.  This is Abe Foxman’s message, “Israel is filled with monsters and thieves but so is everywhere else and we deserve the right to defend ourselves.”

Personally, I don’t get Foxman or any of the others, and all the others are just more and more of the same.  Nothing is built, nothing is created, there is no beauty, no honor, only sleaze and betrayal.  If any of “them” are religious, and the “them” includes all the governments of the west, some exclusions, Iceland, Norway, Ireland somewhat, some of our Scottish friends maybe, certainly not America or Canada or Germany, not France, not Britain, not Italy, if they are “religious,” that religion has to be satanic.  There is no question of this.

These are bad people, not really stupid, not that stupid anyway, talentless yes, oxygen wasters, for sure, no questions about any of that.

Something from the Founding Fathers keeps ringing in my ears.  “Consent of the governed.”

I don’t call any of this government.  It is pure coercion, nothing else, tyranny and oppression.  I don’t give a lick about taxes or what government spends or who it pays.  Government steals.  What they do with what they steal is not my concern, I am only concerned because we have redefined civility and civilization, we have redefined freedom and liberty as slavery.

Its like the idea is to wear us all down, get us all to the point where we are willing to die in pain, eaten away with cancer in some rotting dump of a nursing home, our family assets dwindling away.  Eventually, dying alone and in total poverty will be the norm in America.  With “entitlements” cut to nothing and services slashed, old age, poverty and sickness will be a death sentence.

Funny thing happened to me this week.  I have a minor injury, somewhat disabling, something I will survive and recover from, tied to a recent holiday of physical excess.  I was convinced I required immediate medical care, a raging infection threatened gangrene, limbs hacked off, things like that.  As a totally disabled combat veteran, top of the list of those the Department of Veterans Affairs is tasked with caring for, I called to arrange treatment.  I was told I couldn’t be seen, no matter how life threatening but I could drive to the next state and go to a government hospital there.

Their solution was obnoxious, obscene and criminal.  I went anyway.  Pain trumps pride.

The facility was attractive, the staff courteous, I suspect it says somewhere in my file that I am the editor of the largest veterans publication and a bit of a political “player.”  I live in that netherworld where people don’t know whether to kick me or be afraid of me.  At least it isn’t boring.

I hate medical care.  I worked for the UN, part of the responsibility involved health care delivery. I tend to look on doctors as bottom feeders.  If you stick with this, you won’t be right all the time.  You will be right almost all the time.

I also had my wife with me, who during her Master’s in Nursing education program learned about things like doing exams and diagnosing things, well, like problems I was seeking treatment for.  During the process, she was there for all of it, she tried to communicate, gave up and periodically gave out expressions of disbelief.  One thing was clear, no “medicine” was going to be practiced at the VA that day, any idiot could see that.

The potential diagnoses suggested were identical to those we had made two days earlier.  We weren’t dealing with problems out of a House episode.

The self treatment I had begun on my own was exactly as recommended.  The problem is that I required, not only advanced diagnoses to verify my own “guess” but that, even if we were in agreement, two or more prescriptions would have been recommended.  I don’t write prescriptions, I only write nasty articles about incompetent people who don’t write prescriptions.

Instead, two doctors spent 45 minute explaining pharmacology to me that I know much better than they do and decided I should continue taking over the counter pills, ones I pay for myself, and see if I get any worse.

If that is the case, I can then drive to that other state and seek the same third or fourth rate treatment I had just gotten.

This is two days later.  I am worse, as expected.  The medications required which any civilian doctor would have prescribed in seconds would have alleviated all symptoms by now.  The whole sale cost of the medications would have been less than the cost of 10% of the fuel alone for the first useless appointment.  They expect to see me again, perhaps testing to see how glib and amusing I can be.

Their real task, of course, is to show how utterly hopeless seeking medical care is and to demonstrate the uselessness of seeking care at all.  At this, I saw they had real promise.

Then again, I remember a trip to the same $200 million dollar hospital years before.  It took me 13 months waiting for an appointment with a specialist for treatment for advanced joint deterioration.  After waiting over a year, no wait, there’s more.  It took me 5 years to learn they even had treatment options available.  We can call it a 6 year wait.

After waiting 6 years and driving to the next state for an appointment, I sat in a waiting room for 2 hours.  When my name was called, I was brought into an office, a tiny office with a medical student or intern who was writing on a clipboard.  He spoke:

“When can you come in for an appointment, we have a waiting list of at least 6 months.”

Somewhere in the background, a whirring noise began.  It was Kafka spinning in his grave.

Why do I mention this?  That answer is simple, I am showing you your future.  You are going to be folded, mutilated, spindled and stapled to death at the hands of a tyranny that has only one purpose.  It will bleed every drop of blood from you it can and then flush you away.  The Israelis have a better idea, they harvest organs and sell off the rest.  Thank goodness it’s Israel and not the damned Nazis doing it or we might be finding Aunt Sally’s barbed wire tattoo on a lampshade somewhere.

They’d never do that.

There’s that point again, what’s the big deal about cluster bombing Palestinians when the Department of Veterans Affairs, back in the good old USA, has killed more veterans than any war has killed soldiers.

Sometimes I drift around the internet, visiting those crazy conspiracy sites.  They talk about New World Order plots, population reduction, planned wars and pandemics, famine, eugenics, the depopulation of earth as a program of political and social realignment.  They tell us that vaccines and chem trails are doing it.  I have to admit I am behind there.  You can’t be married to a nurse and say bad things about vaccines.

As a Vietnam veteran I can tell you this much, we were “depopulated” quite effectively, pumped full of dioxin, misdiagnosed when we started dropping dead, ten thousand at a time, from cancer.  An entire army was wiped out, poisoned, purposefully I am guessing now.

They exact same thing was done after the Gulf War.  4 days of combat, 180 dead from the war and tens of thousands die mysteriously from poisons, just like Vietnam.

New war, few years later, now its suicides, first 14,000 then they stopped counting and began lying.

We will learn more tomorrow or the next day, what our government has done to fix the debt crisis.  Since Reagan took office, working Americans have made less money, jobs by the millions, the good jobs, all overseas, government began running up debt.  Here is how presidential debt really looks:

Where did the money go?  America had to rule the world, paying for it with borrowed money.  Covering the spread, waiting for the collapse we now have, the everything that could be sold or stolen was and is.  America became what we know it to be now, a hopeless place for decent people to live in freedom, live in health, live with truth, live with honor and raise children with a bright future.

To keep things going, we have TV, phony news, new prisons everywhere, overfilled, many barbaric and despicable and a vast new bureaucracy with no other purpose than to keep a boot on our necks.

There will be two classes, the “haves” and the “have nots” just as it was intended long ago.  Not all the Founding Fathers wanted an America of freedom and plenty.  In fact, were one to check, most of the “framers,” particularly the “Federalists” wanted a King, wanted a central bank with the help of their Rothschild allies, wanted slavery to go on forever, wanted only the rich and powerful to have the vote or the right to hold office, this was the plan.

It worked, it took them 200 years and everything seems to have come together.  The American people are either mercenary soldiers or indentured servants, there are no other options.



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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.