Mid East Drums for War are Beating


Threats Fly, Flanks are Probed, and Trip Wires Galore. One False Move and Boom !!!              …by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


Will Israel Launch Another Pre-emptive War - Or Is It Their Turn to Play Catch?

UPDATE: Israel and Greece have invoked the mutual defense pact they signed secretly only 12 days ago, before Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan made his recent comments on countering Israeli piracy on the Mediterranean. (More details at end of article)

In my Shifting Sands of the Mid East article I featured Eric Walberg’s analysis of Russia’s shifting gears on its post Gaddafi Libya policy. I waited a few extra days to get some of Turkey Prime Minister Erdogan’s reports from his Arab Spring tour before finishing this Drums for War.

Is it Game On Time for Erdogan?

Then the diplomatic tsunami hit. Netanyahu, citing ‘national ideals’, refused to apologize for the Flotilla killings, and the UN published its committee investigation report that although the Israelis had used excessive force the Gaza blockade was itself not illegal.

And to use an old and common phrase…the doo doo hit the fan.

Turkey, a long time close ally of Israel, began to say ‘bye bye’…sending the Israeli ambassador home, ending military ties and imposing sanctions. The diplomatic bullets began to fly.

Erdogan released a fuller English translation of an earlier interview describing the Gaza Flotilla raid as a ’cause for war’…a diplomatic bomb shell.

Quick to follow were his statements that the next Gaza humanitarian supply convoy would be protected by the Turkish Navy, and that Israel’s oil drilling ventures off the coast of Cyprus were infringing on Turkey’s front yard.

“Israel cannot do whatever it wants in the eastern Mediterranean. They will see what our decisions will be on this subject. Our navy attack ships can be there at any moment.”

This video clip, virtually no one in American has seen as our free press will not show anything like this. Americans have to be kept dumb and stupid so they are less expensive to manipulate. The subtitles are rough, but as you listen remember that this is an old friend of Netanyahu’s saying these things…that enough is enough… and Israel must pay a price for what it has done. I second that emotion.

Why can’t the American political establishment stand up to Israeli this way? The same methods of subversion were practiced on Turkey as are used here. Why is Turkey breaking free? More pride maybe…more decency?

[youtube 6LTUTaPYqjg] – Erdogan Historic Speech

This was an incredible speech. As I was listening/reading, I had to pinch myself that it was not a dream, and what a shame it is that we Americans have never heard this from a top U.S. administration person, or anything close to it. So I have copied out the speech for you to copy and save. If you pass this story link around, maby some people will get some crazy ideas…like why not our government saying this?

A government that makes lying a government policy, and they don’t shame from the crimes they commit, cannot be trusted to perform an investigation.

The international community has to investigate this incident with all the details, and have to give the legal response.

Nobody has to attempt to compare themselves or to test the patience of Turkey. How precious Turkey’s friendship is, also the hostility of Turkey is very intense. There is no way to hide, cover, ignore the illegal acts of the Israeli government anymore.

Also the UN have not content with the condemnation. It is a sure thing that the Israeli government’s aggressive attitude comes from the power from somewhere.

We can’t let Israel with that what they did alone. We cannot say to the Israeli government whatever you do, you will get away it. Everything as a price. This government has to pay this price.

Today is a new day, a turning point. Nothing will be the same like old times.

An aggressive state that commits murder, a massacre in public…without showing regret, without paying the price, cannot introduce themselves, cannot look into the face of the international community.

Attacking innocent people with weapons, shedding blood, massacre is clearly State terrorism. Israeli administrators, we say to their faces that they know how to kill people very well…. show the world how good they know how to kill, how good they know to massacre once again. Israelis, no excuse, no reason can clean the blood on their hands.

From now on whoever tolerates Israel’s bloody attacks has to know that they are an accomplice. How opposite you are to civilians, innocent peoples in Gaza and Palestine are. We are so by the side of civilians, innocent peoples in Gaza and Palestine.

Even if everybody keep silent, even if everybody close their eyes, even if everybody turns their backs, we as Turkey will not turn our backs, will not close our eyes, Will not give up to shout for…to Palestine, to Palestinian people, to Gazza.

We cannot say to the Israeli government whatever you do, you will get away it it.

Did Netanyahu Make a Bad Situation Worse?

These initial salvos were taking place with the backdrop of Turkey purging the Israeli wing of their armed forces with the arrest of a large number of retired generals and admirals over the past eighteen months. (See Video Below)

The head of their armed forces intelligence was arrested eariler this month bringing the total up to around fifty so far. The Israelis have lost their ‘coup card’ on the Erdogan government. Now Erdogan was ready to play his.

Do I think that Erdogan took down a Israeli/Turkish military coup prior to going on his Arab Spring Tour? I sure do. If you read between the lines he held off on a strong response on the Flotilla because he was not sure that his back was covered. The history of coups taking place while a head of state is overseas is legendary.

Israel had already been making flanking moves with visits to Greece and several Balkan countries, stirring up old Ottoman Empire memories. The cases of some of the top brass involve supporting this effort.

Backdrop number two is the UN Palestinian statehood vote, with the Turkey and the Saudis on board big time. They are also on board the dump Assad train, working with much of the West including the United States.

Have the Iran War Drums Boomeranged on the Israelis?

Turkey also just agreed to put in a NATO radar system  supposedly for the Iran missile threat. But the Soviets are trying to sell Turkey their advanced missile defense system to protect against who?…Israel?

The Obama/Clinton State Department seems intent on continuing the American hari kari  multi decade failed policy strategy of always backing Israel even when it is totally not in our interest to do so.

The legacy of Israeli issue political corruption spanning both parties is a sad saga of elite American treachery going back to Harry Truman’s last minute victory.

The Jewish Lobby here has played various Congresses and the White houses like a twelve string guitar. Watching the Netanyahu speech to Congress is the most embarrassed I have ever been as an American other than learning about the USS Liberty attack by the Israelis and the rigged naval inquiry.

A U. S. veto of Palestinian statehood could send our Muslim world relations to lows not reached before. This is being done so effectively I have to wonder if it is actually their goal. The Saudis certainly think so.

They dropped their diplomatic bomb in Sunday’s New York Times, compliments of Prince Turki Al-Faisal, titled ‘Veto a State, Lose an Ally’. What followed was a total break from the usual diplomatic double speak with smoke and mirrors. If Obama uses it’s veto the Prince said:

“Saudi Arabia would no longer be able to cooperate with America…the ‘special relationship….seen as toxic… would pursue policies at odds with those of the U. S….no embassy in Iraq…or support for Maliki government…Afghanistan and Yemen…70% of Palestinians think there could be a new intifada if deadlock continues.”

Why the Public Warning from Prince Turki?

Prince Turki then closes with the shocking statement that if Washington can come up with no new proposals other than the already worn out old ones, it should get out of the way and let the Saudis, Europeans and moderate Arabs to take the lead.

Turki was in effect telling bully Israel’s big brother to go jump in the lake. He was telling Obama that his administration is not a partner to peace.

Reaction was quick, some old date rape charges were rekindled on the Prince…who has something like a $100 billion dollars and collects supermodels like we did baseball cards when we were kids.

The Israelis, either due to their tin ear, or thrilled at the chance for a nice diversion war to stem domestic protests are gearing up for provoking the West Bank insurgents into launching reprisal attacks.

Settler attacks seem to be the weapon of choice for that. Mosques have already being attacked and threats are being made to Israeli peace movement leaders that it might be dangerous on the streets leading protest marches.

The last intifada was broken with IDF officer and sniper, two man teams who identified protest leaders during marches and just shot them dead in the streets, a war crime. This time they are taunting the Palestinians by leaking a report that radical gunmen are going to hide in protest crowds, using them as human shields to fire on the IDF.

Everybody in the Mid East knows what that means. The Zionists don’t recognize human shields, as they are just deemed to be terrorist supporters. They will be shooting them down in the streets again, and Obama’s name will be on every bullet.

Wounded IDF Soldiers From Negev Attack

Backdrop number three, back in Egypt an attack was made on an IDF transport bus in the Negev desert. American media left out the part that attack had obviously been on a military target.

The Israelis then pulled a mini USS Liberty incident by killing five (or three) Egyptian policemen ‘by mistake’ while pursuing the attacker gunmen.

That stupidity pushed an already simmering Egyptian situation into red line status…with the retaliatory people’s attack on the Israeli Embassy and running the staff out of town.

The Egyptian military twisted the knife on the Israelis by not taking their calls for hours during the riot, knowing they would have to call Obama, which they did. The six embassy security guards caught the plane home, compliments of Obama, who the Israelis have been crapping all over, and an Egyptian commando squad.

So the game score ended up three or five dead border Egyptian policeman and three rioters…and zero Israelis. It was a demonstration of who considered foreign lives cheap, and who did not. The Israelis lose again, even if they don’t know it.

Turks Voted Overwhelming to Put Troops Into Northern Iraq to Combat Israeli Supported Kurdish PKK Insurgents

Erdogan continues his Arab Spring victory lap with a Libya stop next, arriving after the British and French visits. The money and trade spigot will be turned on, and I suspect some military cooperation and training agreements being discussed. How about a mutual defense treaty where an attack on any of them by Israel, would be considered an attack on Turkey. Remember that one?

The Turkish Navy might like to visit now and then after their stop in Egypt. What can NATO say to a key ally about that? Did anybody expect to even think that card might be played by Turkey?

And as the situation heats up to where one false move, or a black flag incident triggers a war, whose intransigence do you think will suffer most? Will our Isareli policy continue to be a foreign policy disaster on the scale of what the Banksters did to us? China is already offering Pakistan military and nuclear cooperation to counter the Israelis working with India.

Israel Has More Nukes Than Everybody

The Saudis are talking about joint nuclear defense with Pakistan. Why? What rogue nation has been the main nuclear threat in the Mid East, the bully that has caused all of this, and who has been their protector while they inflicted this damage?

Iran? Oh no. They must be watching all this and not believing what they are seeing. They are laying low…and smartly so.

While the Iranians have withstood sanctions for many years now, the West is enduring their own home made brand of self imposed sanctions, thanks to letting their mega crooks run wild.

There was no secret detention center and water boarding for them, and they were a much bigger threat. Big mistake.

Does Turkey have nukes? We hear they do. Had them a while. We also hear the Indians are working with the Israelis to supply them intercontinental missiles that can carry ten warheads.

Where is a broke Israel getting the money to by nuclear subs from Germany and long range missiles from India? Are they bartering something, like what they are stealing from us?

Is American aid part of the funding for this. Is our three billion in aid freeing up money for the Israelis to have a first strike capability?

Are their secret agreements with our government, or our shadow government to support this effort? Remember that British cabinet members were shocked to find out that secret agreements had been made to commit Britain to a Continental war AFTER the war started.

Israel's WMD Will Force Others to Have a Deterrent

Will the Saudis nuke up? Sure they will. And they will probably buy their missiles from…ahhh China? Why not? They can pay cash or barter directly for oil, and China loves barter deals.

Gordon Duff’s piece the other day, Israel and the Upcoming Nuclear War gave a good briefing. Those of you who have even sat in on one of these past paced, jam packed briefings will recognize the style. VT readers were not the first to get this, but you did.

And by the way, if Israel gets into any kind of a shooting war against real opposition, guess whose taxpayers will be paying for it?

That is what we are here for…and our Congressman will bend over on command to shell out the borrowed money that we don’t have, to a country that is a major national security threat, not externally, but internally.

Americans and the Palestinians have more in common that we realize.

UPDATE: Israel and Greece have agreed to post Israeli Navy and Air forces at Greek Mediterranean bases and their intelligence agencies are sharing information. The purpose of course is to operate in the rear of Turkish forces in case of a conflict. Bankrupt Greece has made itself a trip wire for something the Israel has offered in return. What could that possibly be…a percentage of the oil?

As usual rather than negotiate oil rights Israeli is doing a sea version of it settlement policy in the West Bank. You establish ‘fact on the ground (ocean) and then negotiate with a gun to the otherside’s head. Can you feel the love? The Palestinians can’t either.

Monday, Sept. 12, Ankara dictated conditions for Israel to obey in order to keep its navy afloat free of Turkish aggression:

1. Israel vessels are prohibited from taking action against Turkish ships heading for the Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has declared “null and void” the UN report confirming the legality of Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

2. Israeli warships crossing the 12-mile line bounding its territorial waters will be challenged by Turkish warships, which are instructed to approach them to within 100 meters and “disable their weapons.”

There is nothing unusual about these actions. If the United States wanted to deliver food to Gaza and the Israel navy attacked them, the event would not go down like the USS Liberty did. And keeping little Israel’s Navy outside your territorial waters after it has killed your citizen’s on the high seas could hardly be considered an act of aggression.

But in the world of Jewish Supremacism, all refusals to submit to Zionist domimation is considered and act of aggressive and gets you put on the pre-emptive strike list. These people are just lovely neighbors, don’t you think?? We should organize a lottery or something so everybody gets a shot a having a few in their neigborhoods where they would bring theat special community spirit the are so proud of.

[youtube t-KrLhl5KMw] -Turkish Generals Arrested Feb, 2010






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