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Obama: Iran to be very successful regional power, Press TV

Jim W. Dean..."Watch for the reaction from the Jewish Lobby here, and especially when they jerk the chains on some of their Congressional puppies to go after Obama."

On Israel’s Genocidal Nature

The Jewish state that was supposed to solve the Jewish problem managed only to move the problem to a new place. Israel and its Lobby are the gravest danger to world peace,

Iraq, America and The Lobby

If America and Britain want to remain major powers, each must identify corrosive factors within its own politics, media and finance. They must scrutinize the motives of the Jewish lobby and recognize its dangers. It is time to develop the necessary antidote to deal with this acute political poison.

The Jewish Plan For The Middle East and Beyond

- America, Britain and France may think twice before they spends trillions of their tax payers’ money in following the Yinon Plan to fight ruinous, foreign wars imposed upon them by The Lobby

Dieudonne – Live on VT

- Here is the man with no middlemen, interpreters or spin. Everyone can decide for themselves if he is the great Satan...or his detractors are.

Algeriepatriotique Interviews Gilad Atzmon

The vast popular support of Dieudonne is a clear message to AIPAC, CRIF and CFI – beware, the party comes to an end. Enough is enough.

Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, and Immigration

Along the second half of the 20th century many Jewish intellectuals, activists and artists positioned themselves at the forefront of Western advocacy of immigration and multiculturalism.

Are American Jews incubating another Hitler?

- M I Bhat - The recent headline ‘White House urges Jewish leaders not to lobby for new Iran sanctions’ - beats every word said and written so far.

ON AIPAC And Patriotism

How many of these AIPAC pro-war campaigners have sent their own sons and daughters to serve in the American military?

AIPAC Is A Grave Threat To World Peace

Watching the scale of the Jewish pro war campaign should lead us to consider the possibility that Jewish politics (not just Israeli politics) is a grave threat to world peace.

$100 Billion Gift to Israel — $83 Billion Cut To American...

U.S. Congressman Steny Hoyer (D-MD) second highest ranking member in the House of Representatives, Minority Whip, while visiting Israel along with 26 other Democratic Representatives as part of AIPAC’s “educational” tour to Israel program went out of his way to comfort the Jewish State that despite America’s current economic crisis, aid to Israel will continue as usual.

Applying Philosophy to Hagel’s Comments on Israel

Obama's nominee to be the new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, is causing a lot of politicians and Israel firsters to be upset.

Jewish Lobby Bullying Exposed in Australia

- Australia’s Jewish groups have demanded a meeting with the premier to express their anger over her decision - Israeli embassy in Canberra was also angry

Sabbath Goy MP Denis MacShane Resigned

We want our politicians and political life to be liberated of Zionist power. We want our parties to be free of their MacShanes.

Telling the Truth About Israel in France

The time is ripe to move forward and to identify every element within the matrix of global Zionism and Jewish political power.

The Zionization of American politics and how it Could Be Terminated

The first headline I thought of for this article was The Zionization of American democracy and how it could be terminated, but then I said to myself: “Don’t be silly, Alan, there’s no democracy in the ‘Land of the Free.’”

Mid East Drums for War are Beating

Israel and Greece invoke mutual defense pact signed secretly 12 days ago