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Zahir Ebrahim’s


If Activist Post is “by average people”:

“Activist Post was started modestly on Blogger in June 2010 by average people who could no longer stand by quietly while the world descended further into the clutches of tyranny.” September 25, 2011, Activist Post,

Project is even less, merely plebeian. But the same thing happened to my websites on blogger, all of them wiped out. I posted an inquiry on their forum:

And within a few hours, they were all restored, but no explanation was provided.

‘Here is the exact quote from their engineer: “I’m an engineer on blogger. I’d like to apologise on behalf of the team for the removal of The removal was caused by an automated process, and we restored the blog as soon as the issue was brought to our attention.”’ — Activist Post

“Automated” does not mean what we might imagine it means. Something triggers these removal and that is entirely manual, human intervention. What is that trigger? Once identified to be removed, sure, some tools can be used to automate the removal, just as their restoration is merely flipping a bit in some file. That is what is likely meant by their “automated process”. It is like someone takes your car to the automatic carwash… and claims that the car was washed by an “automated process” – but who drove your car to the carwash, who ordered it be driven there?

In my case, even the email login was disabled, and they made me type some entirely un-readable gobbledygook letters and it took many attempts to even get that right!

Just FYI: I found I could protect my work against such sudden death in public by having multiple mirrors (I have one on wordpress), and by periodically encapsulating my writings as PDFs and archiving those on many different public servers. These are only some obvious risk mitigation strategies of course and not bully-proof.

If one is targeted for shut-down by the state, or by one’s enemies other than the state, and they really mean it as opposed to only being mildly bullysome and easily succumbing to either public pressure as was evidently the case for Activist Post, or something else, perhaps logic, as was in my case, there is really no practical recourse. Neither legal, nor social, nor political.

If they gratuitously label someone they don’t like “terrorist”, or charge them for “hate crime”, or invoke DSM-IV’s revised definitions, such as suffering from “emotional or mental illness”, an “oppositional defiant disorder” exhibiting a pattern of “negativistic, defiant, disobedient and hostile behavior toward authority figures” and therefore a threat to themselves and to society, they can easily put that someone into one of many state hospitality centers at tax-payers’ expense. Just the disclosure in the New York Times of F.B.I.’s ‘Star Chamber’ Terrorist Watch List, “a secret determination, that you have no input into, that you are a terrorist. Once that determination is made, it can ripple through your entire life and you have no way to challenge it.”, headlined “Even Those Cleared of Crimes Can Stay on F.B.I.’s Watch List”, released under FOI on September 13, 2011, ensures that all persona non grata of the state are kept under the legalized jackboots of the State’s security apparatuses: “The database now has about 420,000 names, including about 8,000 Americans, according to the statistics released in connection with the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. About 16,000 people, including about 500 Americans, are barred from flying.”

If “terrorists” can’t fly, to think they can have websites or exercise their First Amendment Rights is plain silly. “Terrorists”, once so designated, have no rights. Patriot Act II has ensured that they can also be stripped of their American citizenship at the State’s discretion.

And that’s just the moral risk of staging an effective fight against tyranny which lies behind the sentiment:

“Despite the tremendous challenges facing humanity, this situation proved to us that the human spirit, powered by truth and principle, is invincible. We know now, more than ever, that peace, love, and liberty will indeed prevail over the darkness that currently shadows our world. They cannot stop us when we work together, for we are many and they are few.” — Activist Post

However, it is only a sentiment. In practice, the statements are all false. “The human spirit, powered by truth and principle, is [NOT] invincible”. They can stop anything. Tyranny can flourish for a very very long time, and history attests to it. Tyranny’s end is rarely if ever the result of people doing anything about it. Most silently endure it, get used to it. Many sheep can easily be controlled by a single sheep dog, and “They cannot stop us when we work together, for we are many and they are few” is merely a platitude of the same vintage as “Thou shall not kill”. For three thousand years the latter has been on the moral books – yet to this day remains un-implemented.

And who is “We” in the “We know now…” ? The vast majority of dissent is dis-united, infiltrated, subverted with “beneficial cognitive diversity”, Trojan horses, false leaders, replete with mis-information and dis-information, and mostly of the type that is best captured as “internet jihad from an armchair”. It is hard to know friend from foe to begin with. Narrow self-interests of self-protection practicably trump sticking one’s neck out for anyone else when it can cost them their own neck. It is even harder to just stand-up for one’s own rights and dignity, all the lofty moralizing aside. Just look at the indignities being suffered at the Airports! Most open up their private parts for physical molestation even when they know what’s coming, and just endure the tears, theirs and their loved ones. Rare is the person who preempts it. You want to know reality? See its latest state here: “America: TSA vagina probe and you”. And that isn’t a whole lot different from what it was when the banksters’ stole American monies in broad daylight, with the vaunted dissent along with the rest of the American public left scratching its navel: “Why Not Be An Ostrich?”

That subversion of dissent, of the public, is all orchestrated a priori, as part and parcel of “imperial mobilization” through sustained behavior control. The cost of any real dissent is so high that it stays relegated to mere talk, and publishing of websites. The internet which some feel is making a great difference, is more wishful thinking than reality. Even Hillary Clinton played into that disinformation curve speciously lamenting that the empire is Losing the Information War to Alternative Media – the purpose being to keep the detractors bloated with false euphoria in front of their computers while imperial faits accomplis in baby-step seal their prison state into one-world government.

The reality is not something people wish to know. And they consequently mis-emphasize their activism, filling it with false hopes and thinking it will make a difference, rather than with rational social engineering which can indeed make a real difference. That social engineering remains the purview of the oligarchs, not the public. The public can’t do something as simple as say NO to indignities at the airports to protect their own loved ones. Collectively, it could potentially checkmate the social engineers of empire in the most decentralized form of public resistance borne entirely of narrow self-interests to protect oneself from indignities. Such active resistance to tyranny cannot be subverted by false leaders as there is no need for any leaders! People need only act their moral right to protect themselves. That would be some social engineering of dissent! I have yet to hear of any brand name dissent-chief, any macho war veteran, any hoity-toity legislature, have the simple guts to say NO to TSA feeling them up.

Talk is still cheap, and is in fact part of the State’s own Hegelian Dialectic of Dissent ( ). It is an integral part of social engineering and its assault on human mind-body using sophisticated psychological techniques of conditioning:

‘You can do everything with bayonets except sit on them! If you are going to control any population for any length of time you must have some measure of consent. It’s exceedingly difficult to see how pure terrorism can function indefinitely. It can function for a fairly long time, but I think sooner or later you have to bring in an element of persuasion. An element of getting people to consent to what is happening to them. Well, it seems to me that the nature of the Ultimate Revolution with which we are now faced is precisely this: that we are in process of developing a whole series of techniques which will enable the controlling oligarchy who have always existed and presumably always will exist, to get people actually to love their servitude! This is the, it seems to me the ultimate in malevolent revolution shall we say.’ — Aldous Huxley, 1962 speech at UC Berkeley, minute 04:06

This is why one can platitudinously quote Voltaire or Etienne de La Boétie up the wazoo. But empiricism trumps immanence. My reading of the tea leaves of hegemony and its full spectrum control over the public mind-body is documented in my many essays on my website. That is the unvarnished Realityspeak. Here is just one title: “Of Ostriches and Rebels on The Hard Road to World Order”. I continually pray that I have got it wrong and that Pollyanish wishes and abundant internet ink really make things happen by magic.

Activist Post is a terrific website. A good compilation of topics and essays. I am glad it’s back. But let’s separate the hyperbole here: it is merely more “armchair jihad” like everything else on the internet. If those who stood up for Activist Post, if those who congregate on this all powerful internet, if even one percent of these can say NO to TSA before their loved one’s private parts are so villainously massaged at the airports, I’ll know there is a real change afoot in the West.

Until then, we, all who are genuinely opposed to tyrants and their legalized tyrannies, remain like the little bird with a little truth in its beak that can be singed at any time by Nimrod’s fire (Ibid.) Despite that possibility, we persist. And that’s our only strength. It was that strength which was captured in George Orwell’s movie “1984”, last scene. And if you wish to call that: “The human spirit, powered by truth and principle, is invincible”, then okay. Just don’t call the crappy disinformation laden dissentspace of “internet jihad” that! If anything, people spend more time reading and talking than doing…. The proof of the impeccable veracity of this statement is evidenced daily in the hands of the TSA every time the same people who play dissent on the internet travel!

Thank you.

Zahir Ebrahim

Strong sense of faith guides Wheaton Supermom

The Sun – Naperville (IL) August 4, 2010 | Hilary Decent Jonathan Miano/Staff Amy Garza (second from left), of Wheaton, is the third-place winner in The Sun?ˆ™s ?ˆ?Real Women of DuPage and Will Counties?ˆ? contest. She was nominated by her daughter Christina. She poses here with her children Nicholas (far left), 9, Kaila (center), 13, Matthew (right), 2, and Christina (far right), 13. web site homemade granola bars

Amy Garza is always busy. Not only does the 42-year-old Wheaton native have four of her own children, between the ages of 2 and 15, but she baby-sits for others and she is so famous for her culinary skills that her children sell her homemade granola bars in school!

While tending to 2-year-old Matthew who had just been hit with a ball, and searching for freezer pops, we managed to pin her down to answer a few questions. Congratulations on being a finalist in our competition. Have you ever won anything before?”No, it’s a standing joke in our house that I have never won anything. I didn’t know anything about it until my daughter Christina told me she had entered me. Of course the best gift of all is having four kids.” You have four children. Which TV family is your family most like?

“‘Modern Family.’ I wouldn’t say we have all the characters in our family, but we fly by the seat of our pants. I am a bit loopy!” Cooking is a hobby of yours. Do you have a favorite family recipe to share?

“I’d have to say my homemade chicken pot pie. I got the recipe from an old friend and tweaked it. It has three cups of cheddar cheese in it so it’s not super healthy, but it’s a total comfort food. I only use fresh chicken and with the pie crust it comes out at about two inches high.” Do you find time for romance with such a busy household? What’s the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you? web site homemade granola bars

“Tony and I try to have date night at least once a month, but he’s great at surprising me. When we got married we wanted to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon but couldn’t afford it. For our fifth wedding anniversary he arranged a surprise vacation there for us. He saved up because he knew it was my dream.

It was a real surprise because he didn’t tell me until the day before. Unfortunately I had to go to the emergency room because I became dehydrated while doing yard work and he said ‘you’d better get better quick – we’re going to Hawaii tomorrow!'” Which church do you belong to? How do you carry God with you everywhere?

“I’m a founding member of Jericho Road Church in Wheaton. We started it ourselves and now there are 160 of us who meet at Lowell Grade School.

I didn’t really find God until I was in my early 40s – my spirit has softened now. Although I have four children, I have been pregnant eight times. I had four miscarriages. At the beginning I was angry, but now I see my children are a gift to me from God.” If we made a movie about your life, who would play you?

(Laughing) “That’s a tough one. Meryl Streep. I love to laugh and as I get older I like to let my hair down. She seems to love life and be in tune with herself.” What’s your favorite scent and why?

“Bath and Body’s (Japanese) Cherry Blossom because its fresh, girly and not overpowering, just like me!” Share an activity to keep children happy on a rainy day.

“Painting on paper with a brush dipped in water without paint.” Farmer’s market, Whole Foods or Jewel?

“Farmer’s market because I’m a people person and there are more people to meet there.” Favorite fantasy vacation?

“Tahiti. I’m a beach girl.” – Hilary Decent, For The Sun Hilary Decent


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