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Zionist censors enable war crimes

Why are the Zionists so desperate to suppress free thought and free debate about the Middle East? The answer is obvious: The Zionist position is indefensible.

Burying Sharon – and “We Jews control America”

As Gilad Atzmon says: "Jewish power is the ability to get us to stop talking about Jewish power."

Criticize Israel – Go to Jail!

Recently Prof. James Fetzer invited me to contribute to The Real Deal radio platform on a regular basis. The Real Deal has been one of the most distinguished venues for discussions about all the censored subjects that have been of import in recent years. Canada's Prime Minister Harper is surrounded by members of the Canadian Federation of Chabad Lubavitch in Ottawa

No Reference to J*W allowed

I would suggest to remove the word Jew from the English language in order to avoid future conflict with the powerful ADL.

Population Cleansing Wars

It is a mistake to look on what has become endless wars, first centering in the Middle East, as struggles over religion, political theories, sectarian struggles or post-colonial realignments. Each hypothesis fails.

PressTV: U.S. Bans Media That Exposes Lies To American Citizens

Several international satellite providers, including Eutelsat and Intelsat, have stopped the broadcast of a number of Iranian channels.

West, Zionists Mortally Threatened by Truth

Press TV is being censored by the US government. What are they afraid of?

New internet thought police: George Zimmerman's lawyers

George Zimmerman's lawyers are going to report me to the "proper authorities" for writing this article.

New internet thought police: George Zimmerman’s lawyers

George Zimmerman's lawyers are going to report me to the "proper authorities" for writing this article.

Iran Foils New Sedition Ploy Hatched by BBC

A massive network of domestic and foreign-based journalists, reporters and unofficial newsmakers working mainly for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has recently been discovered and annihilated by the Iranian Intelligence Ministry.

After Babel

Translations between unrelated languages are difficult; sometimes they are simply impossible without accompanying explanations.

US, Israel wage war against Press TV

The American military has been praying for a DOD Secretary like Hagel for many years, almost too many to count.

Mind-controllers chant “anti-Semite!”

"Are you really a…a holocaust denier?" he asked, his voice trembling...

Weekly Intel Drop

Watching Pat Buchanan and Judge Napolitano silenced so quickly, among the best minds of our time, is scary as hell.

VT In SOPA Protest Blackout Mode Until 8pm EST

VeteransToday.com goes into blackout mode to protest SOPA and Internet Censorship

Threats of Lawsuits and Remembering Nakba

On the second day of 2012, I received my second threat of a legal action in an email with a letter attachment “regarding a libelous publication on wearewideawake.org” from a law firm in Tel Aviv.

The Serial Hypocrisy of The Media vis-a-vis Ron Paul and Mordechai...

Inspired by Presidential contender Ron Paul who demonstrated on CNN that he will not tolerate fools, this candidate for US House of Representatives seizes this opportunity to address the “serial hypocrisy” of corporate media in regards to their 25 years of failure to report on Israel’s nuclear whistle blower Mordechai Vanunu, who wrote today:

Et tu, Neil Conan? NPR censors 9/11 truth – here’s how...

National Public Radio censors 9/11 truth. Here's how to beat the censorship.

The Stranglehold of Media and Intellectual Terrorism

Intellectual terrorism applies, in the broad sense of the word, to any act of executing the spirit of truth or silencing the voice of justice.

Internet Censorship and The "Activist Post"

Comment on ‘Statement From Activist Post Regarding Site Takedown’

Censorship Of War Casualties In The US

All of America's children should share the risk of being placed in harm's way. The reason is that so few families have a stake in the war which is being fought by other people's children," Rangel said in March 2011.

Why Are Americans Blocked From Watching Al Jazeera?

Canadian television viewers looking for the most thorough and in-depth coverage of the uprising in Egypt have the option of tuning into Al Jazeera English, whose on-the-ground coverage of the turmoil is unmatched by any other outlet. American viewers, meanwhile, have little choice but to wait until one of the U.S. cable-company-approved networks broadcasts footage from AJE, which the company makes publicly available. What they can't do is watch the network directly.


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GORDON DUFF: VT Hacked After Breaking CIA / Blackwater Ties...

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