Why Wall Street Hates Obama


Bankster Election Cash Flows to Perry and Cain


By  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor 


For millions of Americans and others around the world, President Obama has been an enigma.  One person was elected and another took office, or so it seems.  How do you know?  The news tells you, news we all know is controlled by Wall Street Corporations or worse, the Murdoch empire. 

Worse still are the “think tanks” and phony groups funded by the Koch Brothers, the oil billionaires to bought the Tea Party and are now running “Mr. Bunkum,” Herman Cain for president, a man who makes Michelle Bachmann seem stable. 

Cain is a maniac and simpleton, typical of all the candidates Wall Street has sent against Obama. 

Who do you think financed the “birth certificate” attack on Obama?  Every cent behind it was Wall Street, while they had their controlled press telling people he was just like Bush.  The best explanation is from film:

[youtube VYteFBJ44MA]

What am I saying?  Most people are evaluating what President Obama has done based on information from sources we know to be pathologically inaccurate, owned and controlled by the organizations the world has risen against.   Was Clinton impeached for sex with a Mossad “plant,” an impeachment that took millions in Wall Street cash, because he was the “same as Bush?”  Nobody, no human, is the same as Bush, no human that isnt’ a “neocon.”

It’s not just the OCW (Occupy) movements but the Arab Spring and the news suppressed uprising in Israel, its Jewish population demanding the removal of Netanyahu’s military dictatorship?

Occupy Israel Censored in U.S. Mass Media

You  mean you never heard Israel called a military dictatorship before, the “only democracy” in the Middle East? 

Then ask yourself, how can 500,000 Israeli Jews demonstrate without any reporting at all reaching North America or Europe? 

I did the TV reporting “voice over” in English, I’ll bet that’s news to you.

The issue today is economic, bad reporting and how we can slap down Obama when he is bad and reward him when he is good, when everything we hear is either a lie or worse, ignorance. 

Our problem is that the powerful reforms put on the economy by the Obama team were never reported, reforms that crippled the ability of the 1% to steal. Why the news blackout?  Who has that power?

Another issue is the alternative press.  We now call it “the controlled alternative press.”  They are more owned and hand fed lies than the New York Times or Guardian, at least in many cases. 

Remember this.  The press doesn’t always lie.  Sometimes the weather, even the sports scores are accurate. 

They get other things right also, only when they aren’t getting orders from “above.”  The “alternative press” is much the same way, with the right wing version crazy scare mongers and the progressive version, the majority we have learned, willing to lie to readers based on “donations” or “access.”   Some give their lives, sacrifice everything for the truth while those, more often those “better known,” the “gatekeepers,” run their circus acts, traveling the world, lecturing, selling books and spending money that shouldn’t exist.  The king of this group is Julian Assange.

VT Broke the Assange Story

Where we caught the alternative press was with the “Wikileaks/Assange” issue and on Libya. 

On both cases, our investigative staff found patterns of deceptive journalism, where “anti-war” publications promoted wars, invasions, torture, mass killings, the corporate line of those they pretend to oppose. 

No surprises, everyone has a price, the only question is “how much.” 

I believe VT has the toughest editorial staff in the world and we aren’t remotely capable of protecting our readers from lies and propaganda on our own publication.   Once we start censoring, we become like Wikileaks.

Julian Assange told us that “9/11 truth is a distraction.”  He could just as easily have said “truth is a distraction.”  This is what he meant.

I think we work the hardest but there is a real enemy out there, one that can’t be underestimated, an enemy with endless resources and access to talent, albeit “sick talent.

Thus we have taken on a rather jaundiced view of those we saw at one time as associates.   This reminds me of something once said by President Harry S. Truman:  “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”  With the press, it’s worse.

We found the money trails, we traced Julian Assange to Israeli intelligence and phony “leaks,” and we tracked the pro-Gaddafi gang to money laundered through Israel and American neocons.  Readers know we published all of it, dates of meetings, who paid who, and history, the judge of us all, has been kind. 

Obama is a tough one.  A week ago, he came out in support of the “Occupy” demonstrations, the only leader to have done so. 

What young people are told is that Obama is the same as Bush in his policies. They don’t know where to find real news, and, in reality nobody does, even the best news organizations depend on “experts” who know nothing of banking or economics.

Nothing in the world is less true but this is said continually. When we hear it from the alternative press, we have two assumptions:

  1. We are reading stories from people who know nothing of Wall Street and economics but actually are reading the mainstream press and feel an obligation to parrot what they hear, knowing that readers always love it when leaders are “bashed,” even when the writer is totally ignorant, which is 95% of the time.
  2. The same folks who dictate phony stories to Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the Atlantic and a thousand other media outlets, actually “thousands,” dictate to savvy members of the “alternative press” who manage to enjoy a bit more financial security than do others.  This is done through their “organizations,” some “not for profit” or their “subscriptions” or “newsletters” which get an influx of Wall Street cash or worse, bucks from foreign intelligence services.


Let’s get some basic facts set out:

  • When Obama took office, a mechanism was in place to rig any national election and all “red state” elections.
  • A “capability” was created during the Bush administration to use “deadly force” against political leaders who threatened international drug cartels, the oil business, Wall Street or other “key industries,” financed by tax money, termed as “privatization,” murder squads run by the party of Koch/Scaife/Bush and Cheney, made of former rogue CIA agents and religious extremists from the military have been allowed to operate outside the law, outside official American policy, as a “secret police” that has intimidated President Obama and other leaders.
  • We know exactly who is running this, how it was set up, how it was financed and what it does.  These are not brilliant folks.  Their new business partners are the drug cartels in Mexico.  They run the world’s heroin business and they are actually capable of influencing legislation and even foreign policy.  Doubt it?  Look for their trail, you see it in the news every day.
Rupert Murdoch with Mayor Bloomberg Behind Him - Are They Working Covertly Together? - And Against Whom?

Look at what we have seen in Britain.  We were told a newspaper “bugged” some phones.  Then the head of Scotland yard resigned.  We find it wasn’t just movie stars but the prime minister and royal family and it wasn’t just bugging but bribery as well.

A simple newspapers scandal exposed an organization, supposedly “media” that made policy and has controlled, more literally “appointed”  the last 3 prime ministers.

Now the Minister of Defense has resigned, supposedly over “other” reasons.  What we have learned is that the government of Britain was totally controlled by media company that spied, bribed and worse.

This same company control’s much of the media in the US and is, with the Koch Brothers, the driving force behind the Republican Party.  Orders are given to the press, what to print, how to lie.  Congress receives the same orders as do the courts and, as we learn in New York, the police as well.  When it comes to issues of financial fraud, those orders mostly go to Republicans, a party that seems to exist only to work for the 1%.

Without control of the “liberal press,” the GOP wouldn’t exist, not in its present corrupt form.

Editors Note: In all of these media scandals the press has never mentioned the well known fact in the Intelligence community that media platforms are prime bases of operation. No politician has ever told the public about this, no Supreme Court judge, retired FBI or CIA director. Why not? They take the oath to defend us.  What are they afraid of? …Jim W. Dean

The biggest thing harped on is Obama’s “bailout.”  Let’s talk a bit about that:

  • First of all, the auto industry failed, not because of issues it caused, as with banking but was killed by Bush gas speculation that doubled the price of fuel in a few weeks, killing the sale of larger, more profitable vehicles.  The companies that took “bailout” money quickly paid it back, became more profitable and pay taxes here, employ Americans and have been a tremendous success.  Why is a success attacked as a failure?  Who has the power to rewrite reality like that?
  • As for the banks, when we hear bailout, what we don’t hear is credit.  Lets understand why Obama was forced to bail out the banks that went bust under Bush deregulation.

First of all, it had nothing to do with Acorns and mortgages, little at least.  This is from people reading too much corporate news.  The “bust” was caused by “toxic assets.”

Bank Bailouts Had to be Done to Prevent a Worldwide Credit Collapse - It's That Simple - But the Banks Shafted Obama by Keeping Credit Tight After the Bailouts

Some folks have heard of the Federal Reserve. 

The US borrows money at interest, yes, we borrow our own money, yes, our own government borrows its own money, pays for it, from a group of banks that took control of our economy in 1913.

These banks, known as the Federal Reserve System are a combination of American and European banks that are, in actuality, little more than a criminal gang.

To pay “the Fed” for our own money, we sell treasury bills, which make up our national debt.  Foreign governments buy most of them, giving them control of America.

Technically, China holds the mortgage on the United States and can dictate our policies.

The bailout issue is about credit.  With banks in collapse, credit collapses and with it, there is one result, full scale and total depression, the catastrophic collapse of all business and industry, the remaining industry, in America.

The choice then is welfare state or starvation or a form of fascism.  When Germany went  fascist in 1933, Hitler’s government created jobs, set up a welfare state with universal health care, social security and pour money into education.  Let’s stick to this early period.

The American fascist state wants to have Hitler’s wars and certainly has come close as possible but doesn’t like feeding kids, paying decent wages or as Hitler did, taxing corporations for the benefits of government policies that made them millions. For more on parallels between the Bush family and Hitler, read Webster Tarpley’s book, The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush

But the real issue in the bailouts, as we point out, the only news organization to do so, is credit.  Commercial credit is how American business runs and how it finances operations, from the corner store to the largest corporations.  All partner with banks, a partnership that ended when the banks went “Bush/Bust.”


Bankster Counterfeit Money - A Retro ATM

The banks get cheap money from the Fed, really “counterfeit,” as it is backed by nothing and technically “illegal,” the Fed or “central bank” is strictly prohibited by our constitution.

Central banks is “Federalism,” another term for foreign control of America, as we have now.  Central banks lead to cascading debt and interest, which eventually puts all money into the hands of the few.

This is why we have “Occupy.”

Look it up.  Running the Federal Reserve is a crime but those who control the criminal organization also control the majority of the Supreme Court and the Supreme Court controls America, capable of making any law, no matter how just or how legal “illegal.”

They even appointed a psychopath as president as we all know only too well, using an authority they never had but exercised anyway.

The constitution is clear in this, only congress has the right to coin money, “central banks” are illegal, the “Fed” is illegal.

Moreover, the function of our government, a congress controlled by an illegal foreign lobby, elections financed by corporate money, much of it laundered from drug trafficking and a total abandonment of the Bill of Rights under “counter-terrorism” legislation has left nothing of America other than the name and the flag.

If the Fed can’t print money, surely the banks can’t either but this is exactly what Bush let them do and, in the process, 1% of Americans got control of 80% of America’s money.  99% of that 1% were supporters of George “W” Bush.

Banks make huge profits getting nearly free counterfeit money and lending out with high interest and unregulated fees, 36% credit card rates, ATM fees, car loans, bizarre mortgage “points” that nobody understands.  This is all now and has always been financial fraud.

That wasn’t good enough for banks.  They saw the Fed printing counterfeit money, with some regulation and oversight by congress and wanted to get into the game. 

Derivatives - Assets Created Out of Thin Air as Collateral for Real Money Loans - The Greatest 'Bank Robbery' in the History of the World

Bush let them through “deregulation.”  Every bank was allowed to, through complex “slight of hand,” create their own money out of nothing, creating “derivatives,” assets they loaned out, not from money printed by the Fed but from “assets” the banks simply invented.

A bank would get $50 bucks.  They would take this, an abandoned vacant lot and underwrite an “instrument” used as “collateral” to claim it was all worth a billion dollars.

What they didn’t tell us is that “deregulation” was based on the  neocon principle of the “flying pig.”

When the pigs didn’t fly and the vacant lot in a rundown area didn’t become a huge high-rise, the banks assets began to smell.  The banks “assets” were more garbage than real money.

Problem is, they had loaned out this money they never had, and used the exorbitant profits they made to reward stockholders and pay out billions in bonuses to the “flying pig brigade.”  These are people who all belong in prison, tens of thousands of them who stole trillions of dollars.

Instead, they are using more stolen money to finance American politics, working day and night to bring on another disaster than nobody will ever be able to save us from.  They don’t care.  They live in a world where the poverty, the starvation and wars they cause never touch them.

America’s “1%” aren’t even human beings, not when you meet or talk with one.  They think like insects, bad insects.

Bush hoped the explosion would happen after he left office, that America would go bankrupt the day after he left office.  Instead, it exploded quicker than he hoped.  Obama ended up having to bring life back into a body that had already been dead a year.

The key is the credit markets.  When the banks went “belly up,” they could no longer lend money to businesses to buy inventory.  Thus, factories would close and close forever.  Car loans were impossible, mortgages were and still are impossible but the biggest victim of Bush economics was American business.  He was willing to allow 30% of American companies that use bank credit lines to simply disappear.

This would have added 30% to our already high unemployment rate, taking it to 40%, would have cut our tax revenues by 30%, raising our deficit by another trillion a year above the already massive figure and, in the process, crash the value of the dollar.

Were These Men Dupes? - Or in on the Scam?

Obama’s choices were to dismantle the Federal Reserve system, which he couldn’t do because of the 5/4 majority Republicans held in the Supreme Court or to push money into the credit markets through existing banks but pass regulations that made derivatives illegal.

He did that and derivatives are illegal.  However, the Republican party just introduced legislation that would allow banks to do what they did under Bush, do what crashed our economy.  Herman Cain loves the idea as do all Republican candidates.  Wall Street loves it too although it will destroy the United States.

What we can blame Obama for is that much of the money meant to keep commercial credit going was stolen by the banks.  Some of that stolen money financed a political group.  We call it “the Tea party.”

Obama should have been strong like Bush, had his enemies silenced, locked in mental hospitals or charged with phony crimes.  Their phones would have been tapped, their children threatened, they may have been kidnapped, send to Bulgaria or simply “disappeared.”  This was the fate of untold thousands.

Anyone who tried to stop the financial thievery or those who exposed American involvement in the planning of 9/11, many well before it happened, suffered terribly as did those who told the truth about Afghanistan and Iraq, that there were no weapons, no terrorists, nothing to attack at all.

We are seeing the same thing now with the Saudi/Israeli plot to force America to attack Iran, one Obama seems to embarrassed about to admit his has been “had.”

Was He Chosen Because He Would Be in Over His Head?

Obama was weak, still is.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue to Republicans.  They figure they can cut military pensions, kill social security and medicare and “poof,” out of nowhere, the trillions that the banks are planning to steal again will be taken care of.

Truthfully, the world economy will collapse and all power will be pushed into the hands of a globalist oligarchy which will turn every government they touch into a full police state.

We saw this under Bush, the Patriot Acts, FISA, the illegal wars, the kidnappings and torture, the rigged elections, the loss of freedom of speech.  This was only the beginning.

Here’s a question.  Remember the issue of “torture and rendition?”  This was a big issue a few years ago, the war crimes of Bush and Cheney.

We know President Obama is still using drones to shoot up weddings and funerals in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.  I believe it’s a continuation of an insane Bush policy but the Pentagon insists that it is necessary to keep Americans safe.  I think its a war crime.

But, what do you know about torture or “rendition?”  Is it still going on?  Have you noticed that nothing has been in the newspapers or  on TV or even the “alternative media” for years.  If things that Bush and Cheney did were still going on, wouldn’t we be told?

Why is there a news blackout?  Is it because Obama stopped Bush policies here they way he outlawed the Ponzi schemes on Wall Street?

Are we saying Obama may not be “Bush 2” after all but that those who report this may have another agenda, one meant to confuse the American public and provide cover for years of Republican wrongdoing? Is this why Obama supports “Occupy?”

Republican Spoof Ad on Gitmo and Obama

Let’s look at what we know.

Obama didn’t close “Gitmo” but are they getting new prisoners?  The news has a forced blackout on that.  Why?

When Obama and Geithner “smacked down” Wall Street, why wasn’t it reported?  It happened.

I don’t think they went far enough but Wall Street hardly supports Obama as “the controlled alternative press” continually states.

They are totally behind the GOP and spending millions on the nutty new Republican candidates.

Why is the press not reporting this?  Who does it help?  Who controls the press?

Where is this going?  We all know the press is controlled by the 1%.  We all know the press lies but, when examined closely, all assumptions, even by those who call themselves “alternative media” comes from “news” that traces back to the “1%.”

Let’s go further, into a reality check.  America is totally out of Iraq in a couple of months, has been out of combat there for years.  We are only there to waste taxpayer money, not many Obama supporters line up at that trough.   Those “pigs” are all GOP.

What about Afghanistan?  Nobody knows why we are there.  9/11, to all but the dimmest bulbs, is accepted as a Bush/Cheney plot.

Their idea, kill a few thousand here, a few more thousand Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq, spend trillions and make your friends rich.

Witnesses Lied - Withheld Information - And It Was All Legal

9/11 was pure theater, written and staged as a neocon production from day one with a mixed cast of Americans and Israeli’s just as the real Osama bin Laden always said.

No, he never claimed responsibility for 9/11.  That was an actor hired by the Mossad posing in front of a camera long after the real Osama bin Laden died of kidney disease in December 2001.

If you still believe otherwise, this is how vulnerable you are to wild conspiracy theory peddled as fact by a press controlled by folks who gave you the world you now hate living in.

This is the simple truth, which you will either already know or figure out quickly.

If you choose, like some, to believe what you know to be lies for some reason, you deserve what you get and you can expect to get more and more of it.

In fact, you will not only bring it on yourself, but you spend your life doing it to others.  Ignorance isn’t excusable nor is it harmless.  How can you tell your brain is getting enough oxygen?  This is what you will realize:

  • All wars are over money, every single one of them, especially “the good wars”
  • “Patriots” are all either mental midgets or con men

What about Obama?  This is where Afghanistan comes in.  The only thing America has done there is build a vast drug empire, now producing 92% of the world’s heroin, flown around in CIA hired planes with the billions in profit moved by the same banks Bush and company partnered with for so long.

What are we describing?

A Big Heroin Roast - But Just a Dent

This is organized crime, gangsters with paid killers by the hundred, perhaps thousand in they payroll, backed by news networks, backed by 5 Supreme Court justices, backed by Wall Street.

And as we are noting, not only the Federal government but police departments and governments all over the country, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and Florida to name a few in are getting in on it.

Drug money runs it all. What am I suggesting.

I am saying we have no real government but rather a struggle between those who wish good for America and those who would rather run drugs, tons of them, and rob our banks.

I am suggesting that armed thugs, blackmailers, spies and killers, the kind that cause plane crashes, mysterious diseases, envelopes of anthrax or “lone gunman” shootings have put the word out that they stand ready to protect their clients.

Speaking for the latter is Fox News, the GOP, Herman Cain, the Koch Brothers and so many we dare not count.

The end result? I see eventual civil war in America, a shooting war or slavery for most Americans.  As for slavery, we are half way there now.  As for the war, we have seen the opening salvos already.

The sides? The people v. “them”

If enough Americans stay stupid, “they” will win and the rest of us will see the world turn into a virtual post apocalyptic nightmare.

Tell me I am making this up.


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