Greedy Bastards – MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Nails American Leadership Corruption


Dylan Ratigan Video Saves Some Honor For Mass Media


by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


Dylan Ratigan Steps Up to the Plate - Will His Peers Do the Same?

We usually don’t promote main stream media here as it has generally been a co-conspirator to all the bad things happening to us.

But MSNBC’s show host Dylan Ratigan delivers a rare punch on the nose to the real threat to us all, the corrupt to the bone political system that has orchestrated a two decade looting of America.

Usually these boardroom hoodlums have enough advertising clout to ‘discourage’ such remarks.

But in this case it seems the ratings that Ratigan is pulling with his tirade below outweighs the attention he is focusing on America’s biggest enemy, our own ruling classes.

Right at the beginning you will hear him nail the Repubs and the Dems (but with apologies) for greasing the skids by cooperating on this Attack on America from the inside.

That is exactly what it has been, an inside job.

Are you listening Newt ‘Greedy’ Gingrich? Newt, by the way folks, is one of the multiple bets that the Greedy Bastards have down for their next president. He’s like a sure thing for them…perfection. All of them but Ron Paul have kissed the golden ring.

Glenn Beck got away with his own version of rattling the cage for a couple of years. He had a new twist of weaving in a lot of Founding Fathers heritage, something which had been considered an audience sleeping pill up to then. But his worked.

Beck also shored up his flanks by being a blank check Israeli Lobby supporter, whose influence on American media is legendary. But when even he touched the third rail, he was out the door, despite the ratings.

Ratigan comes from Wall Street, a rare place to find a harsh critic. But I think he feels that loyalty to the Street is disloyalty to the future of America, and VT could not agree more.

We have approached it more from an Intelligence angle as we fortunately have more than a few loyal security people who are well aware of all the hidden nasties that our ruling classes have inflicted upon us. And it is worse than you can image, but are finding out now.

Like Ratigan, we can tell you unequivocally that the financial raping we have endured was courtesy of both Republicans and Democrats, albeit not always for the same reasons.

The fun part about the video rant below, even if it was timed to promote his book, is that it puts the rest of the anchor pundits in the hot seat…as in “Where the hell have the rest of you been?”

Such a thing can reduce your Christmas cards and party invitations significantly. Let’s let you watch it now and pick up our chat.

 [youtube gIcqb9hHQ3E] -Dylan Ratigan – 360p

When Will We Have A Native American Federal Reserve Chairman?

That Wall Street investment bankers have had a lock on running our government’s critical financial departments is a long running national scandal. It is the agreed upon payoff for their campaign donation support.

You can say the same for only Jewish Lobby folks being allowed to be Federal Reserve Chairman. It’s all part of the carving up the pie folks.

Such things are carved in stone right out in the open, and nary a word is said about it so why should they stop doing it. We accept it.

I deliver the bad news just in case there are any of you out there who still believe in government ‘of the people, for the people’.

And please, whatever you do, please do not teach your children this Santa Claus myth. Don’t make plantation workers out of your own kids. You should be teaching them how to escape this planned for outcome.

I just found this follow up video with Ratigan, being interviewed by his own show stand in host while he finishes up his book. His on air performance, the nerve that it struck, seems even to have surprised him.

[youtube 9bBQ6MAffyE] – Ratigan Follow Up Interview

Many of our readers get after us a bit in the comment sections over not presenting solutions to the problems we try to point out.

We though that was obvious. It all starts with knowing, really knowing what has gone on, and how they did it so you can pass on the education. As Thomas Jefferson warned, “Only an informed public can preserve the Republic.”

Dylan Ratigan's New Wheaties Box

If we can’t put some serious numbers together there never will be any political solution. Many fatalistic folks are already locked into this mode.

But the Arab Spring surprised all. Occupy Wall Street and it’s worldwide ripple did the same.  The defeatists among us have gotten a dose of smelling salts and are asking as they begin waking up,“What the hell happened?”

Ratigan backs us up with this approach, but there is no magic reset button. The bad guys have all the dough and they are betting they can buy anything they need with it, including political power of course.

We can’t outbid them, but we can beat them with numbers. They feel that they can prevent that with their tried and true ‘divide and conquer’ games they play on us, the costs of which are now chump change.

Corporate campaign donations, even foreign ones, are now a flood…a political corruption Gatling Gun with unlimited ammo.

Welcome to the New World Order right here in America, compliments of our own Supreme Court, something that has our Founding Fathers rolling in their graves.

If we the public do not accept the reality of political work being critical to our survival, then we will reap what we deserve…that of being a conquered people.

The Banksters and their minions have already placed their bets on the system they have rigged. The cards are marked and they are ready to play late into the night. What we have to do it Change the Game. More on this later.

But for now, think in terms of bringing in a new deck of cards. This will require getting rid of the deck with have now, all of it, and begin anew.

There will be some pain, but I hope you all are beginning to figure out that pain is in the pipeline anyway. There is no escape from that. We only have a choice of which kind we prefer, that of living under the boot, or clawing are way back up.


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