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Fodder for Extremist

Four joint hosts of an MSNBC programme called Cycle decided to open a Pandora's Box and discuss some of America's problems in the Middle East.

Pat Buchanan Avoids 9/11 Truth, Gets Fired Anyway

Actually, there IS one good thing about Pat Buchanan getting fired from MSNBC: Anybody who's managed to engineer an ebola virus that only kills MSNBC executives and pundits will no longer have to feel guilty about using it.

Laughing Example of Media Wallowing in Willful (Evil) Ignorance

Watch this video of the MSNBC election night “experts” for a solid example of controlled media evil at work.

Right on! Dylan Ratigan, Get The Money Out Of Politics

Jimmy Williams says "Money is the root of all political evil, and until we get it out of the game..." and he is right.

Lessons on “Who-less” Ranting, Duff on Ratigan

However, as is always the case, what is "not said" is always most important. Sometimes "not saying" is the loudest rant of all. For those who have not heard "the rant," here it is:

MSNBC Olbermann Wars: Army Vet Tells All

Off air since Jan. 20, Olbermann mysteriously disappeared off MNSBC for reasons never explained returned last night and hit hard with revelations that former GOP Congressman called the shots.

ALLEN L ROLAND: The World Is A Business Mr. Olbermann, You’re...

Make no mistake about it ~ Keith Olbermann’s truth telling was rattling the cages of the corpocracy and he either quit or was asked...

Is Sarah Palin More Dangerous than a Guy in the Hood?

I'd also like to take a moment to debunk the myth being widely spread by the corporate media that merely mentioning the Nazis in response to what's currently going on in America is irresponsible and beyond the pale. That's total nonsense and is in direct contradiction to another adage that states that a crazy person is one who does the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Thus, the corporate media is literally asking us to embrace insanity.

You know nothing, You remember nothing

By Ernest A. Canning at the BradBlog  On Sunday, Brad Friedman posted a "Toon of the moment" in which a hypnotist sits dangling a...

Glenn Greenwald Clobbers Eliot Spitzer in Debate on the Gaza Flotilla

Yesterday, two Netanyahu propagandists appeared on MSNBC prior to Glenn Greenwald, painting a picture of the flotilla raid that was so grossly distorted it was unrecognizable as the incident that is being rightfully condemned around the world. Host Eliot Spitzer vigorously agreed with them, and then brought them back once again to counter Glenn after his appearance.