The Great Chinese-Iranian Stealth Reconnaissance Drone Theft Caper


Why Serving In The American Armed Forces Just Became Much More Dangerous, Thanks to Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.


                    … by  Mike Harris                                       Editing … Jim W. Dean


A Gift - Literally From the Heavens

The national insecurity stakes just went up once again.

Being in the armed forces of any country, at any time, has always been a hazardous occupation.

But thanks to the gross incompetence, malfeasance and short sightedness of our current and former elected officials it just became much, much, deadlier to be a US Serviceman.

This week it was revealed that a 5th generation state of the art (it does not officially exist yet) US reconnaissance drone was stolen, I mean captured, by the Iranians.

How did this happen and what is the big deal?? An unmanned drone flying at 50,000 feet invisible to radar and undetectable, so how was it stolen??

I spent my entire adult career in the technology sector, specifically the semiconductor sector, which was due to the actions that occurred during the Clinton administration while Mr. Gingrich was Speaker of the House, the semiconductor industry was off shored to China.

This industrial sector no longer manufacturers in the USA. In fact I served as a technology advisor to a certain member of the House Committee on Science and Technology.

It was during that period of time 1994-2000, that certain free trade agreements were being passed and ratified, specifically NAFTA, GATT, and membership for China within the WTO.

Al Gore Undermined National Security With His Military Electronic Component Outsourcing

In conjunction with that disastrous misguided US economic policy, the military under the direction of then Vice President Al Gore was “streamlining” US Military procurement protocols.

Mr. Gore implemented a set of policies which relaxed the stringent manufacturing and testing procedures required to pass the tight Mil-Spec 883-C2 standards for all military electronic hardware and systems.

The net result was the Pentagon could continue to buy all the weapons systems they desired but with cheaper off the shelf components.

After all, they were in many instances the same part, just made to civilian standards, not manufactured to Mil-Spec, which we were assured were just as good and please consider the cost savings.

The net result was the company that I was associated with had an excuse to shut down their dedicated military use product divisions.

They could now sell off the shelf components to the military customers for use in sophisticated advanced systems, profitability goes up, and people get laid off, cost and overhead is reduced, good business, right?

Captured Intel Drone - An American Intelligence Disaster?

So how does this ancient political history relate to the Iranian capture of a 5th generation US Spy Drone? The simple answer is: the outsourcing and off shoring of critical US technology industries.

At the time of the passage of the disastrous trade bill I cite above, the USA was #1 in the world for semiconductor production and technology, since then the USA has willingly ceded that position to China and today is not even in the top 10 semiconductor producers.

China is now the country of origin for the majority of semiconductor devices used within US Military systems. There are very few companies left who even manufacture in the USA.


How does this affect our armed servicemen and women?


We have all watched action adventure movies on TV where some young, brilliant, wonder, hacker has a back door into the super secret computer system.

Most of the time this is a software item, but if the hacker(s) are clever enough, in this case perhaps the Chinese Government itself, the backdoor can be of the hardware variety.

Back Door Hardware Hacking

Very rare, impossible to detect and it must be conceived well in advance. I have direct knowledge of this type of hardware backdoor; you probably have it near you as you read this.

Anyone who has a cell phone has a system with a hardware backdoor installed. Even if the phone is powered off the FBI can turn on the device and listen to any conversation within range of the cell phone.

Your cell phone, even turned off, can also be used to locate the cell phone using embedded GPS technology. This is required for every cell phone sold within the USA.

Now that you understand the concept of the hardware backdoor, then apply this concept to the stolen stealth drone the Iranians now possess.

Given that China is now the world’s leader in producing semiconductors for US consumption, you will easily grasp the concept of how the Iranians could have seized control of the CIA’s 5th generation stealth drone and safely landed it to reverse engineer with the help of the Chinese and Russians.

In the case of the stolen CIA drone, the hardware with the backdoor was most likely embedded within he telemetry system, which is the multi-function brain of the drone, in fact every system within the drone is routed through the telemetry system, every sensor, every control, everything.

Was This the Drone Hacking Hijack Station?

In fact the telemetry system is how the Airman at Nellis AFB uses via the joystick to fly the drone like it was a video game.

I do not know about this particular telemetry system, but from my experience at White Sands Missile Range during the early 1980’s it was common to use FM/FM modulation techniques.

All the Iranians needed was to be able to emulate one of the multitudes of frequencies used for telemetry purposes to trigger the embedded hardware purchased from the Chinese and installed within a US secret drone.

Once that hardware is triggered it is programmed to change the all the other frequencies used to control the secret drone and allow the Iranians to take total and complete control.

Imagine the young Airman with joystick in hand, and his commander at Nellis trying to capture images of any collection of buildings, gas stations, or old tires in the desert.

They might want to use these images to convince the world that the site in the photo was an Iranian nuclear weapons facility. Suddenly the Stealth drone has a mind of its own and is off mission.

Did the U.S. Dept of Defense Fall for an Old Trick ?

“Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”,  to quote Gomer Pyle. This secret spy mission to create photographic proof of Iranian nuclear intentions has gone horribly wrong.

China is the country of origin for many, many of the semiconductors used by the US Military. It was most likely that China provided the hardware with the secret backdoor that allowed the Iranians to seize control of the Stealth drone while the drone was on a secret CIA mission over Iran.

Working together, they captured a state of the art US Military stealth aircraft.

What this means to all US Military personnel serving anywhere in the world? It means that control of any electronics system in any type of platform, can be seized and used against the military that launched it.

What will happen when a fight pilot fires a missile at an enemy and it turns and blows his aircraft out of the sky?

What happens when a submarine launches a torpedo and it turns and destroys the Submarine of origin??

What happens when the AWACS systems don’t report accurate info? What happens when the Carrier Group 3C system fails??

Please take the time and apply this concept to every weapons system with electronics, they all can be turned against the USA. This event proves the entire US Military is vulnerable to being hacked.

This is Cyber Warfare at an entirely new level. Shutting down the internet won’t stop this type of cyber attack.

Electronic Manchurian Candidates - How Many Are Already Out There?

No electronics system within any platform is safe as long as there is any non-domestic electronics content.

Components from China are OK for a flat-screen TV, but not for critical weapons systems. Chinese components simply cannot be trusted.

Every system down to the component level must be recalled.

Any and all suspect components must be replaced, immediately before we actually place our fighting men and women in harm’s way with compromised systems.

This is an extreme threat to our National security, caused by the idiots masquerading as politicians in Washington DC.Fools and traitors have compromised the fundamentals of sound National Defense policy for a few quick bucks in their campaign coffers.

Damn them and damn the crooks and investment bankers on Wall Street who funded the de-industrialization the USA.

Stand Down - And Verify All Electronics

As a country we need certain strategic industries. In this computer age, we need a strong and vibrate semiconductor industry we cannot safely or prudently outsource this to China.

In the interim, the Pentagon should stand down all weapons systems activated since 1998, and re-activate the older, but trustworthy systems.

Until a complete and thorough recall and inspection can be conducted, any components of Chinese or foreign origin must be replaced with US manufactured devices.

This is serious people!! The very lives of our serviceman and the security of our Nation depend upon this remedial action.


Addendum:      Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel still in top secrecy


Editors Note: This article is a bit dated…as we do have a lot more photos now.The version the Iranians not have from us is the fifth generation, with the curved contours on the front edges for more radar dispersion.

Defence Aviation: Since the confirmation of the existence of the “Beast of Kandahar” by U.S. Air Force the secret is out of the stealth UAV that was seen flying out of Afghanistan in late 2007.

It was the RQ-170 Sentinel developed by Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works as a stealth UAV and operated by the 30th Reconnaissance Squadron of United States Air Force (USAF) and has been deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

There is not much record of the operational history since the UAV is kept in top secrecy and no clear photos exist as of now. RQ-170 Sentinels is known to have been deployed to Afghanistan, where one was sighted at Kandahar International Airport in late 2007.

Editors Note: We have provided you some clear photos from our sources.

RQ-170 Sentinel UAV

In December 2009 there were also reports that the RQ-170 Sentinel had been test-flown in South Korea for the past few months and that it was expected that they would be permanently deployed in 2010 to replace Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft operating from Osan Air Base.

Again there were report in August 2010 that RQ-170s either had been or were about to be redeployed to Afghanistan and that the UAVs had been fitted with a full motion video capability.

Recently U.S. intelligence officials acknowledged that the stealthy RQ-170 Sentinel drone was indeed used to provide ISR support for the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad.

On the night of 1 or 2 May 2011 at least one RQ-170 monitored the area while elements of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group launched an assault on the compound which resulted in bin Laden’s death.

The aircraft provided footage of the attack which was watched live by President Barack Obama and his senior national security advisors.

The RQ-170 also monitored Pakistani military radio transmissions in the area to provide warning of the response to the attack.

Front - Overhead View of the RQ-170

However there was also speculation that the Sentinel’s deployments to Afghanistan and South Korea were probably undertaken to monitor Pakistan and North Korea’s ballistic missile programs.

From the low quality images of the Beast that exist aviation experts argue stealth to be moderate, the side views of the aircraft show the belly fairing which looks like it houses an electro-optical/infrared sensor at the front.

Some experts are also of the opinion that a side looking AESA (Airborne Electronically Scanned Array) radar could be housed behind it, in the belly supporting all-weather, high resolution radar-imaging by Synthetic Aperture Radar processing.

There’s still a mystery of the over-wing fairing about what is hidden beneath. Experts like Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week said:

“One possibility: they contain antennas that can be rotated, when not in use, to reduce their reflectivity, given that the best bandwidth-selective radome (radar dome) can only do so much.

So if your UAV is being illuminated by radar, you turn to place that radar on one side of the aircraft and use the antenna on the opposite, “shadow” side of the aircraft to communicate.”

The RQ-170 is estimated by Aviation Week as being approximately 66 feet in wingspan. Some expert suggests that it a wing span of about 46-90 feet with a service ceiling of about 50,000 feet and yet with an unknown engine possibly

Were Cutting Edge Technology UAVs Saved for Places With No Active Air Defense, Like Afghanistan?

The RQ-170 is a flying wing design and its take-off weight is estimated to be 8,500 pounds.

The design also lacks several elements common to stealth engineering, namely notched landing gear doors and sharp leading edges.

It has a curved wing platform, and the exhaust is not shielded by the wing.

Aviation Week postulates that these elements suggest the designers have avoided ‘highly sensitive technologies’ due to the near certainty of eventual operational loss inherent with a single engine design and a desire to avoid the risk of compromising leading edge technology.

It was also suggests that the medium-grey color implies a mid-altitude ceiling, unlikely to exceed 50,000 feet since a higher ceiling would normally be painted darker for best concealment.

But still many questions remain about the aircraft’s use. If it is a high-altitude aircraft it is painted an unusual color – medium grey overall, like Predator or Reaper, rather than the dark gray or overall black that provides the best concealment at very high altitudes

Since RQ-170 is a product of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and property of United States Air Force nothing much can be known of it.

Experts’ claims it could be configured to carry “a high-powered microwave source” to fry computers and electronic equipment on the ground, or an electronic jamming platform to support other aircraft.

But at the official level, silence surrounds the Beast of Kandahar and its potential combat or non-combat functions.


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Mike Harris is the Veteran’s Today Financial Editor and radio show host of Short End of the Stick (Tu & Thur, 7-9 CST).Mr Harris has enjoyed 30+ yrs in the manufacturing, financial, and technology sectors. He’s been core to numerous domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, skyrocketing profit margins through a highly co-operative/collaborative team approach.His sharp intellect and a fluid intuition was a significant boon during his 2005/6 run for the Governor of Arizona where he emphasized the need to initiate immediate, practical, working solutions to the issues at hand. From 1995 to 2000 Mr Harris served as a technical advisor to the Committee on Science and Technology of the US Congress, as well as sitting as Chairman of various boards over the years. With an MBA in finance, from a foundation of Applied Physics and Economics, he has proven an exceptional ability to function well-above and beyond “the box”.Dubbed “iron Mike” through his many years as a martial artist, Mr. Harris has clearly demonstrated the resiliency to take blows and to come back fighting. This extraordinary skill-set he now brings to his ultimate Vision for a free, abundant, and prosperous society.


  1. Duty to ? Service to ?
    Please define Honor. These are nothing more than words used for marketing. Soldiers follow orders. Warriors follow their conscience.
    Social Engineering has been shredding the seeds of conscience in a progressive fashion for a long time.
    These kids are not trained to think for themselves, yet for those that (due to a combination of factors) actually have the seeds of conscience and individuality the truth becomes evident. Those are the people that I feel for because people with conscience suffer much more deeply at the sight of atrocities.

    Looking honestly at the history of foreign policies, war strategies, propaganda and social engineering reveals the ugly truth. . . War = Profit. It is always strange to see how some can follow the money and come to these very conclusions and still buy the whole dutyservicehonorfreedomdemocracylibertybullshit.
    I really don’t think that the people who actually run the show see us as much more than resources for the company store, and why should they? The general populace has proven to be easily led by the nose to it’s own encasement /enslavement /self-slaughter.
    This country does not provide (without a sincere, resourceful and dilligent effort) an education that cultivates sovereign individuals capable of thinking for themselves.

    As to the story about the captured drone. There is no such animal as transparency in gub’mint. . . So if there is a big story about this in MassServitudeMedia, there is cause to be skeptical. Propaganda by its very nature has an odor.

  2. Not only did Osama bin Laden, who was a creature of the CIA, die on or about 15 December 2001, but David Ray Griffin, the leading expert on 9/11, even published a book about it, OSAMA BIN LADEN: DEAD OR ALIVE? (2009). He was buried in an unmarked grave in Afghanistan in accordance with Mulsim traditions.

    The entire recent Pakistan-compound-assault-scenario was ludicrous on its face. The photo of Hillary, Biden and Obama watching events unfold LIVE was exposed as staged by Leon Pinetta. No one who lived there had ever seen him and the image in the photo of a man watching TV with a clicker in his had was identified as the owner of the compound.

    Notice that nothing was reported of any dialysis machine, which he had to have to stay alive, at the site. He was allegedly “buried at sea in accordance with Muslim traditions”, but to desecrate a body burying it at sea is not a Muslim tradition: it would be consumed by sharks and fish and crustaceans. Most of those who officially conducted the operation died in a helicopter crash.

  3. Matt,

    You are passionate and that is good, this is exactly what the country needs. However I am sure anyone will tell you it’s best to gather as much information as possible before you kick open the saloon doors and start firing…

    It’s good to question everything you read, hear, and see simply because there is always a tiny truth in the biggest of lies…

    As for the folks here, they are pretty on top of their game, without a doubt this is one of the most accurate sites for information you will find.

    Matt S.


  4. Iceland… was thinking the same thing brother dirtus.

    Back to Gore, and those who made this happen…. is this the bottom line? Making bank? Or positioning America to lose/fail?

    It’s such an obvious story… bringing America to it’s knees to accept our indoctrination into the New World Order. Makes me nervous that it’s really not what’s going on. That it’s a different, and uglier, beast altogether.

  5. By the way, does anyone ever wonder why Iceland is never mentioned? Ever? Yeah, they won, that’s why. Drones, oil, gold, euro’s, blather…….. It’s all about the bank, and the owners thereof, period.

    Another european, homogenous society banded together and beat the beast vampire squid of the world, and not a whisper about it. What Iceland did is tantamount to the greatest victory in the history of mankind since Waterloo, not a shot fired, also, and not a word in the press. Educated veterans, and I’m sure Smedley Butler screamed in victory over that one, all else were silent in ignorance. They can’t extrapolate.

    No more war, ptsd, atomic weapons, dead palestinians, ad infanitum. You want an end to war? It’s possible. ICELAND, that’s “THE” story… Talk about silence is deafening?

  6. All pipelines have a hiccup phase, we’ll be back to “Kill mud people and replace central bank” vomitus soon. Oh look, it’s on TV right now…

  7. I bet you not one in a 100 cel phone users realize this. Who ever take the battery out of the phone.

    Plus, when I am bored I like to the aliens helping them plan their invasion and negotiation my fee for helping the out…hoping that ‘they’ are listening. Can’t wait for the knock at the door and learn what the charges are for. Last time I looked, conspiracy with aliens was not a criminal act. !! 🙂

  8. Mr. Mayor of NYC:
    Thanks for pointing that out, now that you mentioned it, the silence is deafening. Good Catch
    Mike Harris

  9. “Mr. Dean has shown incredible incapacity and lack of intellect to even understand the point that poor guy was trying to make. Through this arrogant rant he has shown himself to be unworthy of continued public trust. He is going to have to apologize to the person he insulted. We cannot let egos run amok when we are facing systemic onslaught of disinformation.”

    Oh Nasir. Get off you high horse. This is a website for adults…and we do not seek approval. And if we did ‘egg heads’ would be toward the end of the line…wayyyy down from the farmers and waitresses. We had to cherry pick the ones we have. And we passed on historian Newt Gingrich.

    What you see is what you get here. We are not baby sitters. It’s too late in the game. And the complaint department…the grant for that was not renewed years ago. But you are free to do your pompous number. I know where are you are coming from and that it is important for you.

    Plus it is the Christmas season…but no, you don’t have to send anything.

  10. Mike haven’t you noticed ever since the “Great Iranian-Chinese Drone Caper” that the drums for war with Iran have ceased their hellish beat. Perhaps as your article indicates our Military’s electronic resources may be more severely compromised by Chinese semiconductors “with back door” then we fully realize.

  11. Mike is right, of course.

    It is probably just one more bill you will have to pay for destroying your own research, development and manufacturing bases, and outsourcing essential processes to “cheap foreign labor.” The chickens who laid those rotten eggs of profit are coming home, not to roost but to poop in the hen house! Beware!

    It looks like the major weapons of choice may someday soon be the sword and the spear again.

  12. Mpenny tries to make a point that is largely dismissed. I will attempt to address it.
    First of all, people have many reasons for entering military service, but by far, in my experience, the most common are the intangibles. Duty. Service. Honor. Tradition. Being a part of something greater than oneself. It has a lot to do with giving life meaning. Speaking of a case close to my heart, it came from a lifelong attraction to the military. Are there exceptions? Sure, lost kids looking for direction, poor families with no perceived future, immigrants seeking to prove their loyalty.
    Conspicuously absent from this list are those who dream of destroying hapless nations. If you look around, as Mr. Duff suggests, you will discover that the real warmongers have never served. Mpenny, did Clinton serve? How about “W”? Any of the neocons wear a uniform? How about VP Cheneny? How many deferments did the bloviator Gingrich secure?
    Mpenny, go ahead and talk to someone who served, and ask them how eager they are to go back and wage more war.
    Your anger is misplaced. If every kid today refused to enlist, ask yourself how long it would be before the draft returned. One more thing, you can bet that the future warmongers wouldn’t serve today, anymore than they have in the past.
    Its easy to attack the little guy, always has been so, but its not the soldier, or airman, or seaman who is the problem here, its the empty suits who make them dance.
    My advice is to turn your rage toward those who deserve it, demand justice and accountability from those who sit in secret rooms and plan to throw away lives for their scams. If you don’t want young people in your area to enlist, then how about working to provide them with alternatives? Got a career choice that includes tradition, honor, and service? Show it to them.
    You can work for the solution, but only if you are willing to truly look at the entire issue.
    Hope I did the topic some justice.
    Best wishes.

  13. Rargos, yes you are technically correct, however from a practical application, when one turns the power button to off and the cell phone turns to stand by, the user perceives it as off, which is why I tell my friends to remove the battery if they wish to have a secure conversation.
    Thank you for pointing out this semantic difference.
    Best Regards,
    Mike Harris

  14. I’m an engineer in the RF/cellular industry and am absolutely amazed at the tremendous amount of ignorance/misinformation regarding cellular phones and alleged “back doors”. While it certainly is possible to have a software application running on a phone that provides access to some information about the phone (search for “CarrierIQ” in recent news), the following statements are completely and totally false :

    — Anyone who has a cell phone has a system with a hardware backdoor installed. Even if the phone is powered off the FBI can turn on the device and listen to any conversation within range of the cell phone.

    -> Completely untrue. If the phone is powered off, their is no way for the cellular network to even find the phone , so how can the FBI turn it on remotely? This is true for all cellular technologies (GSM, WCDMA, CDMA2K, LTE, etc.) : the phone has to initiate the network connection via the RACH/RAR procedure – there is NO WAY the network can remotely activate a phone.

    — Your cell phone, even turned off, can also be used to locate the cell phone using embedded GPS technology. This is required for every cell phone sold within the USA.

    –> I have three phones in my possession (TracPhones bought in the last year at WalMart) that have no embedded GPS : there is no such requirement (please indicate which law/regulation you are referring to). Furthermore, if the phone is turned off the GPS receiver is also turned off. Even if the phone was somehow still receiving GPS signals and processing them, there is NO WAY for this information to be communicated back to the network by a phone that is powered off.

    There are two GPS related technologies (AGPS and SUPL) that require that a powered-on, network-attached phone be able to be polled for GPS information, but this is VERY different from a phone that is powered off.

    — Most people don’t realize that modern electronic devices are never “off,” in the electrical sense. Instead, they are in a “standby” mode.

    –> If a phone is drawing 0 amps, then it is off. When cellular phones are powered off using the off switch, they draw 0 amps. Period. I have personally tested the power consumption of almost every model of cell phone made by every major manufacturer : if you turn them off, they draw 0 amps.

    — People are ignorant about how the cell phone system works.

    –> This is very, very true, as the author of this article points out. While backdoors can and do exist and may represent a real threat, passing on factually incorrect information in an attempt to scare readers simply undermines your (possibly valid) concerns. When I am SURE that some of your information is factually wrong, it makes me wonder how much of your other information is equally wrong.

    If you can find ONE phone that does any of the things you claim above, please list the make and model and I would be happy to investigate it — it’s what I do for a living.

  15. An excellent article by Mike Harris. My take on the whole situation is a bit different. Yes, I agree that the last presidents and administrations have allowed massive theft of certain defense technologies. Some prior administrations even arranged for secret sales of helicopters and weapons technology to North Korea, some direct, some through cutouts such as the elephant. And yes many “special” transactions and technology tranfers have been allowed through foreign spy groups which are used as cutouts, and this has also occurred through special backchannel negotiations at the highest levels with different governments. This is allowed for several reasons and one must understand the full implications of the Promis software caper, Hadron, and its “special backdoor trojan horse spying capabilities” in order to know what is actually occurring in the background.

    Some well informed sources know that Iraq’s computerized, radar operated air defenses were taken down through secret software activated by satellite through french manufactured bi-directional printers which were new on the market. Saddam was careful to make sure his CPU’s and computers were shielded and hack proof, but didn’t understand how these bi-directional printers could be used to access and disable his system. Now we have Stuxnet and many others even more stealthy and dangerous. Some are “burned in” during production and some added later via sophisticated backdoors with top secret and above top secret highly compartmented technologies.

    Knowing the background with Promis distribution world-wide and the crashed Chinese missile that contained American DOD navigation chips (thus recovered by the Chinese), it would be a reasonable assumption for folks who don’t know the full situation to come to the conclusion that this drone affair was staged by the DOD to provide a trojan horse mechanism to spy on and activate those involved in the recovery, disassembly and analysis and copying of the chip logic and software (and also a fair assumption that the high tech top secret helicopter that allegedly crashed at the site of the second or “staged mock killing” of Osama was also another sophisticated trojan horse operation).

    This kind of very sophisticated technological tradecraft assures a continual international weapons race and continued war, which is so necessary for the war profiteers and governments that need to further expand or consolidate their central power. It also assures full spectrum dominance for those creating and distributing these trojan horses.

    Now if you think these ideas are bunk, just ask yourself this question: If all these drones and high tech spy aircraft are required to have charges installed that destroy the top secret important component parts
    upon loss, why were they not present on this helicopter CPUs and the drone CPUs. Ponder that and you will know what this drone recovery has really been all about.

  16. You also have some amusing and sardonic jokes foo…and thats cool because sometimes, “people” can take themselves too seriously and loose the track…

  17. I tend to believe a missile expert that wrote about that occurance, he had many reasons to think it was Russian or Chinese mostly because of how dirty the fuel exhaust was in the plume. I liked how it happened when the president just left the country, nice timing.

  18. The author made a very important point in his dissertation and apart from the OBL flunk -the following;

    What will happen when a fight pilot fires a missile at an enemy and it turns and blows his aircraft out of the sky?

    What happens when a submarine launches a torpedo and it turns and destroys the Submarine of origin??

    What happens when the AWACS systems don’t report accurate info? What happens when the Carrier Group 3C system fails??

    Now there is a message for Israel about sending planes over Iran or sending anything else that maybe they (Iran)got a a back door too that evens the game or raises their stake – after the Chinese Gen Sun Zhu….

  19. Mpennery,
    Please realize that I did not author the addendum, that was from another source, to supplement the limited information about the RQ-170 drone. My article stops before the addendum. Please see my other comments below.
    Thank you in advance
    Mike Harris

  20. You didnt answer the question Mr Dean – mcpennery has a point – how can the author quote definitively that OBL was killed in Pakistan when it has been known for years and by authoritative institutions that OBL dipped out in 2001….

    You seem to conveniently forget that detail and the correctness of that detail is important to the veracity of any article coming off VT…unless of course that issue, in your busy day and thousands of spam mail and folks on the ground responses, fails to adhere to that principal of good journalism as opposed to sensational journalism – and despite the frequent poor grammar and phrasing which you conveniently sweep under the rug because you are too busy to do what YOU state on many articles…Edited by…

    One of the great pities is that VT has lost its counter comments and informative commentators to the blathering Latneys and others that now perch as juvenile vultures on the dying tree of VT objectivity.

    Get upset if you wish Mr Dean but your mission needs everybody with their objectivities to continue an important strategy and tactic. Have a nice day.

  21. Nasir, Please realize that I did not author the addendum, that was from another source which was used to supplement the limited available information about the RQ-170 Drone. I made no mention of the murder of OBL, he was already dead for the past 9+ years, before the staged SEAL team raid. (No disrespect to the SEALS, they are among the best of the best).

    You have just made an excellent case for the USA to look inward and abandon the failed policy of industrial and commercial Globalization. It is time for the USA to become a fully self sufficient Nation, not reliant upon other nations for our well being and National security. That model simply doesn’t not work, complete with all the incumbent weakness of any supply chain management model, it is a formula for blackmail and leverage to compromise our National interests.

    In fact almost every policy both foreign and domestic has been an unmitigated failure. Time to revisit and rethink the direction of the country, going back to the murder of JFK.

  22. Hello Bog,

    “The Incarnations of China” will supply a very basic understanding of the mindset.

    Iran supplies a high precentage of Chinese oil, and is not controlled by western countries. “Always guard your supply lines”, something the Japanese should have thought of before they purchased US technology in the 1880’s.


  23. Thanks for the replies, chaps.

    I suppose that I’m just another Westerner who doesn’t appreciate the mindset of the Chinese. I’ve never really known anyone from that part of the world.

    If this drone was “captured” with the assistance of Chinese experts, then there must be a close alliance between Iran and China … I mean, closer than I had supposed. Such technology transfer could quite easily be interpreted as hostile, by the US, if it had a mind to.

  24. Mark, What blue my mind is how quickly the Chinese sneaking their missile sub into our waters and launching a missile West…as a demo. There was some ‘what was it’ news for a day. And then the second…contrails?…a missile test?…the Chinese mabye?….and by day three it was all gone.

    Silly me I was chopping at the bit for the anticipated Congressional hearings…as I thought the MSM media would stay on it like a junk yard dog. I bad!!! 🙁

  25. A human is dumb because he was stupid and surprise, surprise, he is stupid because he was dumb. Got eet yet or because one is the great white chief, these ‘fings will not manifest within one’s universe. Then, because one is an “Amerikan”, should there be life after death, one will be waving the “Amerikan” flag in heaven with The Bearded One who, surprise, surpirse, is wearing an Amerikan outfit !! Perhaps it is the “White Elvis” variety – God Bless. Oh, if only one could be Amerikan too, one will be with The Bearded One at the Final Photoshoot. How privileged and special are some, sob, sob.

    Realise, because mere knowledge is supremely inadequate that Control Freakism is latently Abandonment. Why is this so and why is it not scribed in The Amerikan Constitution? Because Control is merely Abandonment suppressed whereas Abandonment is none other than Control expressed. Or should it be the other way around. Decisions, decisions… Realise too that when a human is active/aggressive/charging like a bull/”an accelerator”, he lacks conscience but lo and behold, when the same joker is nostalgic/past-istic/grossly emotional/”a brake”, he develops a malignant conscience. If true, what is then conscience? Perhaps this simplicity eludes most Amerilkans which is why they behave as they do. Well punk, what is eet?

    When a human is egotistical, it is because he is being stupid, oka being overly complex, but when he is superegotistical/conditional/grossly emotional, it is because he is dumb, oka being overly simple. And the writer of the above piece of ostrich-in-the-sand typifies the ego as it pines about past glories in order to project about future glories, fingers crossed. Realise too that when a human has yet to realise what or why he was born for, he is merely born to die and should there be life after death, an Amerikan is not going to remain “Amerikan” after snipping his Mortal Coil. Should anyone needs to trust anything, then this vital piece of advice will be it, but what will mere knowledge do for anyone other than to engender imagination to become either conspiratorial/overly informed or remain wilfully ignorant/underly informed? As such, reality is one’s experience whereas others’ experiece is merely one’s knowledge. Realise too that for us humans, empowerment precedes knowledge. Witness therefore what Natuire is alluding to 25/8. A baby suckles without having to read the technogreats’ “How to” manual and one sees without being told how to. Another Simplicity which Eludes but the best Simplicity which Eludes is that should you need to destroy, you need to read some Abandoned Nutter’s “How to Destroy” manual. Without one single exception.

    And for being a patient reader, the one who is holding back the Venom Spit or the Blood Cough, realise that within Humanity/Relativity, empowerment is realised through Division whereas within Divinity/Reality, empowerment arrives through Unity. Without one single exception but then, what is Divinity? Try conscience first and then, Divinity might be easier to fathom but whatever it maybe within one’s universe, it is not of Fame, Fortune & Immortality. Divinity is the Purity within Desire/Pureness of Desire whereas the constant Desire for Purity is that of the stupid-cum-dumb human. Purity like the magic bullet that will destroy evil. Should this becomes reality for the dumb-cum-stupid, it will be a grave mistake because the first person a magic bullet takes out is the one firing the magic gun. Got eet yet or are toys, pron, hollywood and God Bless Amerika still the better desire. Humans are really stupid if only because they were dumb. Dumb to think that by being able to think, nothing is impossible.

    Realise that for humans who have yet to realised their true duty, everything destructive is possible whereas everything constructive is not possible. This is because the true duty of a human is to realise his true humanity – his conscience. Something which is lacking in those Americans who’d imagine that after his death that he will be an Amerikan waving the Amerikan flag at the Final Photoshoot standing next to his God Bless Amerika Bearded Old Man dressed in the Amerikan Flag. But try not to laugh too loud because almost every Amerikan who is overfed, over-indulged, over-opportunised, overly-entitled and what have yous is imagining jest that, yee haw. Or is this just one nutter’s imagination. Makes you ‘fink, ain’t it?

  26. Well, like any story, there is a back story- the hidden story (truth) about the NSA key is how it was discovered and by who. The best hacks in the world discovered it, met at a convention and exploited it. I personally know one of the best hacks/security guys in the US, I worked with him. He personally knows one of the people who discovered it and I trust his info as it has been demonstrated to me..

    More food for thought. The idea of a “worm”, “virus” etc, was mentioned before they even existed in the world. One man mentioned it in a card game he made about the illuminati. George Bush shut down his company, had the FBI raid his business and held him in court for two years. He won, but it destroyed him. Dark forces reside in computer technology. His cards show quite a bit about 9/11 that are beyond lucky guesses, like nukes in the towers, the pentagon getting hit, etc. Just how did he know about viruses, someone told him of these plans, had to.

    Another thing people aren’t aware of is Promis software. A women who worked for some big fish on security issues was led to a meeting on the top floors of WTC #1 I believe. She didn’t make it and survived, her meeting was about Promis software and they needed her gone for many reasons. IF you want to see something very interesting, google promis and inslaw, quite a lot of people across the world have been killed over it.

  27. @ dirtus napus

    “There are programs out there that countries own, and back doors that countries are aware of. The biggest one is the NSA.KEY on all microsoft OS products…”

    As one would expect, Microsoft denies that Windows contains a backdoor to give the NSA access to computers running Windows. One can google the subject and get opinions either way.

    There is a surefire way to make the issue irrelevant — dump Windows.

    Make friends with a Linux geek, and switch to Linux. Most versions of it are free, and most programs to run under it are also free. The user interface of several versions is similar enough to that of Windows that there is virtually (pun fully intended) no learning curve.

    For just about any program that you currently run under Windows, there is a free equivalent of it for Linux. This is true, even for high-end work. OfficeLibre is a free office suite which is file-compatible with Microsoft Office. For professional photo editing/graphics work, GIMP will do anything that Photoshop will do, and, yes, it’s free.

    What do you give up, when running Linux, instead of Windows? You give up the long load and shutdown times. You give up spending hundreds of dollars for programs. You give up viruses and spyware.

    I realize that this post of somewhat off-topic. On the other hand, people have expressed interest here on computer security.

    Mostly, though, I just wanted to prove to Jim that, even though he has dubbed me VT’s official resident whiner, that I can, from time to time, break character!

  28. If the author is correct about the Chinese having the drone code, It could be they thought it necessary to show their hand. Iran sells the Chinese oil and other minerals. An American attack would affect their economy. I for one, would not want to deal with the crooks in D.C.

  29. It seems our exceptionalism, accompanied by a “normalcy bias” has bitten the war machine in the butt, again. BUT it’s all a revenue stream anyway, right?

    With regards to the discussion about OBL and that whole story, disinformation is everywhere. Everyone is both a liar and a friend. To wit:

    Imagine you’re locked in a room with two closed doors, one door leads to bliss, the other to agony. (Lady/tiger, whatever blows up your skirt.) Also in the room are two computers (or sphynx’s for the traditionalists). One of the computers ALWAYS lies, the other computer ALWAYS tells the truth–both computers know what is behind either door. With me?

    Okay, for our exercise, you’re allowed one and only one question of either computer. And let’s assume for the moment that one cannot be perpetually content in a locked room with two suspect computers (though I am sure we all know THAT guy). So what would the question be that passes you through to bliss?

    The point I am making is, even if everyone in thier heart was selling their best “truth” it would necessarily contain elements of distraction, miscommunication, interpretation–this before even one bitter tribe member decides “by deception we will make war.”

    It’s not enough to sit around pointing out inaccuracies or falsehoods–though an argument could be made for the job security in such an activity. You can be sure Binny the lizard Bankster has his eyes on the prize–his objective is forever in his mind. Full spectrum dominance, rule the world.

    BUT it’s no longer enough for those of us with the heart to point out the naked emperor. Better for us to remember our own objectives. For me, it is to fire the light of true authority in my own heart. What a challenge, everyday to have real conversations with flesh and blood people in my own neighborhood. To address these subjects not as doom fodder from a video game or a, but as real things that the grownups had better deal with.

    Three pronged attack: Don’t be stupid
    Don’t be afraid
    Don’t be mean.

    If you can’t suss out that riddle, unplug and sit still. Otherwise, use the fact that the spooks listen to try and talk some sense into them.

    Ain’t no thang but a chicken wang. Psalm 91

    Shine Bright.

  30. I don’t understand how you could have misread my comment.

    First, I was agreeing with the author, that “outsourcing” the manufacture of components of US weapons technology poses a security threat to the US.

    Second, regarding GPS on cell phones, to me, “backdoor” connotes something secret. The fact that cell phone users might not be aware of the GPS in their phones doesn’t make the inclusion of GPS secret.

    Third, I acknowledged the author’s caveats about using cell phones. Most people don’t realize that modern electronic devices are never “off,” in the electrical sense. Instead, they are in a “standby” mode. It doesn’t occur to them that the reason that they can push a button on their remote control and turn their TV set “on” is that the TV wasn’t “off” in the first place. The only way to turn it “off” is to pull the plug.

    Fourth, I provided valid information about how to use a cell phone securely. The only way to turn a cell phone “off” is to remove the battery. (That infernal iPhone’s battery is soldered in; the user cannot remove it.)

    One could, instead, use a “Faraday cage” to shield the phone, something which is far too “geeky” for the typical user.

    In short, I didn’t contradict the author’s security concerns about cell phones. Rather, I amplified (sorry about that!) them, by suggesting how to avoid the security threats that he mentioned.

    People are ignorant about how the cell phone system works. Even when a cell phone is in standby, the GPS unit inside tracks the phone’s location. And, as the author pointed out, a cell phone can be programmed to listen in — your location can be “tapped.” If you can’t or don’t want to bother with removing the battery, then place the phone next to a blaring radio.

    If the government were to announce that, in order to track and to eavesdrop on the citizenry, everyone would be required to buy a device and to pay a monthly charge for this “service,” then people would be outraged. However, give such an intrusive device the ability to simulate the function of a phone, and people go CocoaPuffs. It becomes a “must have” technology.

    Add the ability to mimic some of the functions of a computer, call it a “smart phone,” and people will spend hundreds of dollars to purchase the device and tens (at least) of dollars monthly to use it. (When the iPhone was first introduced, it was referred to as the “Jesus Phone.” Sheesh!)

    Aldous Huxley was right: People have come to love their enslavement. People are addicted to their toys.

  31. Foo says: “GPS in cell phones is not a backdoor. Although a cell phone owner might not know about the GPS in his phone, the fact that the inclusion of GPS was mandated in the 90s is knowledge in the public domain.”

    Well foo, why not look at it as a cell phone back door where the whole idea is to make it perfectly legal and acceptable…to get people used to it so they just take it for granted.

    Take the Israelis for instance, and their hoopla about being driven into the sea. Do you think anyone familiar with the military balance of power in Israel really thinks there is a one in a billion chance of them being driven into the sea?

    No, of course not. It is just hype to keep the US money flowing and their own people in a ‘siege mentality’ while the elites that run the country continue to loot our own do here.

    A lot of sensible Israelis react to this hype like Manchurian candidates. And we have armies of folks here that do.

    And even smart guys like you…skip over the whole main article to pick a bone on an addendum piece from another source…and make a big deal out of it…becoming a diversionist in your own right, while you are whining about other people whose attention is diverted???

    So we are supposed to do what? Call you and have you screen our addendum now??…so you will be happy. And then everybody else that want ‘to approve’ things…like Abe Foxman…or Dick Cheney. What do we tell them when they say:

    “Well, you did it for foo…and who is he??? We are at least somebodies…so why can’t we get equal treatment?!!” Next we will have the P2 Masons hiring a lawyer to go after us…’no sensitive to their needs’.

  32. Hello Bog,

    The message is very simple, “all your technology are ours”. The highest form of military generalship occurs when you win without fighting – this was expounded by Sun Tzu in 700 BC and has formed the basis of Chinese military strategy ever since.

    The US pushed into Aus and Burma and Obama and Clinton started making military gestures towards China; as Jim has suggested China has just supplied a gentle reminder, via Iran, that the technological advantage that the USA may “think” it has is very very tenuous.

    The sad fact is that too many westerners ‘think’ they understand Sun Tzu, and I’ve met many who have read the book. When pressed whether they’d understood the Tao Te Ching or Analects they get this confused look and ask what those are. You can’t separate those three books and believe you know anything about the Chinese mindset.

    War is primarily an economic venture.


  33. Very good question Bog. Let’s look at the framing. We recently made a big deal about hemming China in…with the Austrailian hoopla…then Burma.

    Here we are broke…huge budget deficets out for years…Europe in turmoil….trying to get a war going with Iran over a bogus threat issue…and we are supposed to ‘bite’ on China being a threat us….when they are buying our debt???

    Maybe…just maybe…China was helping Iran do this to send us rank and file folks a message. ‘When will you reign your folks in…Do you like being broke or something?”

    Do you remember the Clinton testimony transcripts of telling Monica Lewinski to be careful what she said on the White house phone line because the Isarelis had it bugged?

    That ‘hacking’ is a forgotten footnote, is it not? Was it media that buried it, political power, or counter intel too embarrassed to want to be asked questions like ‘why do you allow this phone hacking to go on?”

  34. Why can’t you believe it? You don’t think that learning that you have to pick bits and pieces of stuff that you can use, stuff that is true, out of material that contains stuff that is no true?

    Are you telling me that you have been a regular VT reader and don’t realize that that is the real world?

    So what are you asking us to do? Not use material like this for reference? So we aren’t suppose to give our readers any framing so the know we are stove piping them?

    And you are telling us you don’t like it? Do you think the bad guys care? Do you think we are doing this because we like it?

    We are doing this because if you want to challenge the system you have to have your deck of cards in order. And this goes back to the Founding Fathers who warned that the Republic could only be preserved by an ‘informed citizenry’.

    If it were easy we would whisper the magic words, sprinkle so Angel dust, and it would all be OK. But it is not that easy. So roll up your sleeves, and don’t pee on the shoes of the folks not wanting to do a Santa Claus number on you.

  35. I too spent several years in the high tech field, before that I designed fiber optics at a few bases, one being Holloman where I became good friends with a few of the 117 drivers. After that I spent a lot of time with ‘white collar’ hackers. I’ve been waiting maybe 7 years for something to be written that hasn’t as yet. So, I’ll do it.

    There are programs out there that countries own, and back doors that countries are aware of. The biggest one is the NSA.KEY on all microsoft OS products. It’s burried in the Kernal and part of the dll. files. That’s right, no need for anyone to hack into your computer if you run MSFT OS’s, the government just types in a code and takes over your computer, all of it and everything you’ve ever put on the drive. Hardly anyone knows this. I just got a lot of attraction writing that, “Whoa, who’s this guy, and wtf is his IP?”

    The other neutron bomb is “Promis type software” Inslaw anyone?. Promis is AI, it’s the largest weapon a country can own in the tech world, which is soon to become more valuable than nuclear weapons if it isn’t already. It bypasses SSL’s, Certs and can learn any OS by itself. It doesn’t need to be backdoored through electronics, although I know for a fact that many Chinese chips do have backdoors in them, and I’m pretty damn sure the US knows it and does nothing about it on purpose. Think about that one, and then thank W.J Clinton.

    If the craft doesn’t have spread spectrum features I’d be shocked, which means the craft was hijacked through the OS. Or it was electrified from ground based weapons and rendered blind, which would be ‘brute force’, I could believe that too. Because they won’t show the landing gear I believe it was a brute force action leaving the craft in failsafe mode and it landed itself, but with damage to the undercarriage. It didn’t find a level grade to land on, lending credence to the scuffs on the leading edge of the left wing. Also, there is a ding on the left wing, farther up on top of the wing, that makes me think it dumped forward on it’s face when it didn’t stop at a safe speed.

    The technology on the craft is low tech, except the cameras and radar. No way they’d leave the same leading edge tech in it like the B-2 has. There is (was) a very secret tech in the leading edge of the B-2, it’s electro magnetic and creates a wake in front of itself to smooth the air, makes the craft more silent as it passes through the air, and maximizes fuel efficiency. That’s why the edge is rounded, and not angled, it doesn’t have the same tech. Some believe that’s captured UFO tech, it’s not.

    By contrast to the B-2, the 117 was very low tech, the landing gear, cockpit, etc, was all f-15 and f-16. The tech was in the shape, the paint, and the woven steel brades covering up the laser and FLIR on the bottom of the plane. That black woven metal was done by women from Texas, those women are the grand daughters of the one’s that sewed space suits for Nasa during the Apollo program. We paid $700 per square inch for those mesh coverings. Besides the painted body, the mesh was the only thing I wasn’t allowed to touch bare handed. Grease or sweat from your hand could ruin the paint and help leave a radar signature after hot and cold flight. Also, trust me, you’ve never met a cockier man in your life than a 117 Air Force pilot. Great guys though, and a good article.

    I too use a pay as you go cellphone for 99% of my needs, bought with cash of course. If people knew what was really going on in the electronic world I’d have a very profitable security firm. Instead, only friends and family benefit. I read and tek-bull for the humor, they have no idea, or they’re payed not to tell you about what’s really going on., I wish he would share more secrets about security but he doesn’t, and I’m too lazy to start a site. Rock on cypher punks 🙂

  36. Like mpennery, I was amazed to see the reference to the fake killing of OBL. On the other hand, some kind of recon aircraft would have provided the live video feed of whatever did happen at that compound in Pakistan.

    Although I consider it possible that China could be messing with the design of chips, I wonder why they would bother. Wouldn’t it be enough for them to analyze their operation, and then pass along that info?

    It’s the transfer of technology that I’m opposed to. There’s nothing keeping the Chinese from manufacturing extra, i. e., quantities beyond what were ordered by the US, hi-tech chips for their own use in their own stolen design weapons systems.

    GPS in cell phones is not a backdoor. Although a cell phone owner might not know about the GPS in his phone, the fact that the inclusion of GPS was mandated in the 90s is knowledge in the public domain. Moreover, many owners of smart phones not only know about the GPS in their phones, they also make use of it. There are smart phone “apps” that turn the phones into GPS navigation units.

    The author is correct that cell phones can be used to spy on their users. They can log keystrokes, listen to conversations and track the movements of their users. If security is an issue for you, then pay cash for a pay-as-you-go cell phone, remove the battery when you’re not using the phone and activate minutes from various locations — never when at home or at work.

  37. Where to begin? I know, let’s put this incident into some kind of meaningful context:

    (1) Anyone that joins the “U.S. Armed Forces” today is a traitor to their country and their people.
    (2) The “U.S. government” has been overthrown by Jewish supremacists, and is now being used as a hammer to beat any and every independent state in the world into submission.
    (3) The wars that the “U.S. government” is presently engaged in, both overt and covert, are illegal, immoral, stupid, and self-destructive.
    (4) The “U.S. government” is an international bully that needs a bloody nose.
    (5) If the “U.S. government” is not stopped, and soon, we will likely be having a nuclear WW3 sometime in the not too distant future.

    And you’re worried that the bloodthirsty madmen and their robot soldiers might not have the best equipment with which to slaughter and subjugate people who never did anything to us? What’s wrong with you?

    Who gives a damn about the “lives” (if you could call them that) of “people” i.e., traitors, who are helping our Jewish supremacist Masters destroy us? Certainly not any thinking person.

  38. If these “back doors” really do exist in the military hardware, then haven’t the Chinese shown their hand a little early? Presumably, until this event, the existence of such “backdoors” could only have been speculated upon, rather than confirmed.

    What do they gain by the capture of a drone and the loss of all future opportunities to exploit their advantage? I can see that to protect itself, the US must spend much money and effort in retro-fitting its technology, but I fail to see any “game-changing” benefit to China.

  39. …and reading the addendum makes me want to puke. For one, OBL was not killed in 2011. Can’t believe I’d even read that on this site. And, reading through the specs on this I can’t help but think we are destined for destruction. We put all this technology, time, money and effort into a means to kill people. If only we used all those things towards the betterment of us all…..

  40. Not to be disrespectful but for whatever reasons there are out there to NOT wage war, I’ll take ’em. War is a racket and everything is fair with it, right?

    Considering the US is taking illegal, immoral war to so many countries around the world, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings year after year, and using a state-sponsored lie about a major terror attack to justify it, I say whatever comes back her way is well deserved.

    I have never served in the military though many in my family have. I have a question for all you honorable men and women out there. When are you gonna stop taking the illegal orders, lay down your arms and goddamn refuse to carry the water for the elite, bankster, NWO, bloodthirsty warmongers??!! Huh?

    All you have to do is STOP fighting their wars and they end!
    Call me naive. Call me idealistic but you know it’s the damn truth! War is only possible because good people don’t have the courage to say NO!


    Lexington, ky

  41. Well said Mike, but you’re talking about creating actual jobs and saving lives…politicians don’t operate like that.

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