The New Politics: Love Israel, Hate Jews

The Anti-Christ? Can't Satan Do Better?
The Anti-Christ? Can't Satan Do Better?

GOP To Jews:  Thanks For The Cash, Now Go Away


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Gingrich is going to win South Carolina,  Why? He is receiving endless cash and some mysterious “voting help” of the usual kind, ballot box stuffing, vote flipping, part of that marriage between the GOP, CIA and military, industrial complex. 

South Carolina is about a new war, maybe Iran, maybe a nameless and endless war to rid Africa of “dark people,” but certainly a continuing quest for eternal combat, financial crimes and narcotics profiteering.

This is really the Bush tradition taken forward by lesser men, men without the eloquence of George W. Bush or the solidity of his father.

The secret government thing began with Reagan, ashamed of having a vice president he hated and mistrusted.  His response, to surround himself with a private cabal, freeze out Bush and allow little or no real information to move either in or out of the White House made his administration a disaster.

Within days of being elected he was shot at the behest of the GOP.  He was too tough to die though, he certainly was supposed to which would have moved the invasion of Iraq and Iran forward even while they were embroiled in war with each other and the Cold War could have gone either way.

Bush was forward looking.

Ronald Reagan and the VP that He Despised

What Reagan found himself running was an administration, half of whom had gone cowboy, selling arms to Iran, running the world’s drug business setting the stage for crashing the world’s currencies.

Bush senior had beliefs.  His primary task, as he saw it, was reducing world population and instilling rigid class controls in the US where elitism was a birthright, even for the ignorant, those societies in the past had “culled.”

Look at those who rule us now?  Heartless as it sounds, had they been left to die in a field somewhere, the world would be better for it. His sons live as proof of that. Today’s world was largely planned by Bush, mis-engineered through his wheeling and dealing.

It was dad that set the stage for the partnership between Israel and the GOP, the party that no Jew would belong to or support suddenly became the savior of Israel.

Or, more appropriately,  it became the vehicle for drug dealing, financial crimes and endless wars partnered with financial institutions that had found ways to control fiat currencies and bury them in endless debt through their new powers.

Bush allowed Wall Street and Tel Aviv to become the world’s government, pushing oil into the triple digits when needed, declaring its own wars, counterfeiting its own money (derivatives) and taking over all world media, the Orwellian dream no dictator had imagined would bring on disaster so capably.

But why? Why do any of this, why crash world economies, start wars without purpose?  We know now.

'Are You With US - Or Against US?'

Those who refused the trillions in bribes saw elections grabbed, governments stage acts of terrorism, saw America’s industrial economy gutted for “burger flipping” jobs while mysterious mega-banks appeared, all powerful, all “international” and beyond the touch of any government.

What was created during the 80s, what the GOP stands for today, is a group of scavengers willing to live off drug profits, human slavery, looted retirement accounts, war profiteering and, behind it all, mysterious plots that seem to go much further.

It has become inexorable, there is a movement afoot to depopulate the planet, new diseases being created, famines being executed with military precision, every form of human sustenance is being stripped away leaving behind ruling “elites,” of thieves, cowards, hardly pirates?

Gingrich, Santorum?  These are repulsive human specimens. Even Romney was a good looking guy though a lifelong sociopath.  What did he lack that meets GOP standards?

He wasn’t ugly enough, there was always that threat that some spark of conscience might appear, some talent might emerge, some breath of humanity.

That will never be possible with Gingrich, someone whose life history is devoid of such things, a fact no one disputes.  Thus, he will win in South Carolina, the man who hates Jews but loves Israel.

Americans only need to look around, stores filled with aisle after aisle of food, soaring prices, things that no longer go into the cart. 

The jobs are gone, every family has seen its children discuss joining the military. We no longer imagine our kids as mass murderers and torturers though we have left them no other work to “volunteer” for.

Politics, long ago, gave up on America.  If a new factory comes to town, the wages will be nothing, workers will come from agencies with no benefits.  Soon as the tax breaks are gone, the jobs move to China, it has happened a thousand times.

But then we look around us, the new roads, the newer homes, though many stand empty, the shopping centers though the stores are often boarded up.  We have built so much though none of it has been paid for.

" Can I Help You, Sir? "

$2.5 qua-trillion in new debt in the US and almost as much in Europe means that even the money borrowed on mortgages and credit cards was, itself, counterfeit, a pyramid scheme.

To reality based economists, it is a world of wealth without collateral, of consumption without earning, of excess without achievement.

Imagine your town.  A factory is built, jobs for $18 per hour with health care and dental, a day of hard work building something real, an American technology to improve lives, add value, an expression of pride and productivity.

Instead, we sell blister-packed junk made in sweat-shops in Asia by kidnapped children and fill our homes with garbage, paid for with money that may not be there a week from now.

Then, worse still, we have children, children we doom to a life of “the family business,” or poverty and starvation. Will we leave enough behind when we die to support them?

But how can we, our retirement funds are looted, our homes worthless, the contents could be hauled to a charity shop or junk yard, the only real decision once our ashes are spread on the ground. Do we ask who chose this direction for us?

Where do we look?  We look to the Middle East for our doom, to Israel and to Washington, to the “right,” to the Christian fanatics and militarists, to those who would spend our future developing technologies so that our children could grow up torturers.

"How did you do today an sniper school, Jimmie?"

Is little Jimmie going to be a sniper?  Will Jane push a broom handle up the anus of an imprisoned child?

Perhaps Bobby can sit at a computer screen and rain death on a school or clinic based on “intelligence” bought from the endless thousands of paid deceivers who lick America’s boot.

Little Jane will go to jail, for a bit, then work in a drug store.  Eventually, depression and pharmacology will finish her off.

Those who taught her the craft, how to put out cigarettes on genitalia or how to drag prisoners behind vehicles will retire, usually as Colonels, sometimes Generals.

They are never caught, never questioned.  That would be wrong, unpatriotic, unsupportive of our military, unAmerican.

It will all be for a reason, we are told, biblical prophesy, returning armies of Jews who lived in America for generations to a homeland once filled with millions of Semitic tribesmen, Arabs and Christians.

Now we hear that those who “settled” in Israel at the cost of millions of lives want to move back home, America, Germany, that Israel is “stuffy,” no jobs, no homes, even those that are stolen are not enough, 60 years of lies and sacrifice has built a prison camp.

Prison camps are all the same, it matters less whether you are an inmate or guard, you are a prisoner just the same.  Yet the ills of the world, we are told, all come from the “Holy Land,” over control of Jerusalem, the center of all love, peace and forgiveness, no matter how many must die.

A sane person might laugh.  A sane person might cry.  A saner person might look for those to blame.  The sanest of us all might take up arms against the hypocrites and murderers and give their lives for their children and the welfare of mankind.

Another threat to America removed from our streets - Meanwhile, two van loads of Israelis caught on 9-11 in New York City, just disappear - No handcuffs for them.

But then, that might mean being a terrorist and so many billions have been spent to identify terrorists, we watch and listen for signs of life, of conscience, of love of freedom, of resistance and it is crushed.

I always return to Vietnam, my war.  I watched a generation of Americans, really America’s best, ground to dust in Vietnam. 

It was the generation that was going to free us of racism and hate, of religion and oppression, it was the generation that was going to change everything.

Marine Gordon Duff - Vietnam - Long Ago

The remnants of that generation are around us, a few broken bodies and minds of those who went to war and the ugliness of so many who didn’t.

Gingrich, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the Chickenhawk brigade, the worst gang of thieves and cutthroats in the history of the world.

For some reason, their world centers on the Middle East and they love Israel.  Why I have seen all my life is that they hate Jews, the “right,” the unwashed new “elite” that knows no history, despises learning and sees books as a threat.

I have spent my life around them.  I listen and I watch.

Decades ago they were called “thieving kikes,” words now out of our culture.  The real white supremacists are, of course, the “red state” GOP, those who cannot abide people of color, those who will take a Catholic vote but with “they” would stay on “their” side of town.

I can understand them, their lives, their games, the shame of their hidden beliefs, watching the world turn brown around them, a world they would depopulate and seem to be moving forward very well with that project.

It won’t be the first time that “inconvenient” teeming millions are turned to dust by starvation and disease, the collateral damage of belief systems that express love as war.

Hollywood, as usual, gave us our reality.  From Full Metal Jacket:

Pvt. Joker: How can you shoot innocent women and children like that?

Helicopter gunner: It’s easy.  You just don’t lead them as much.  You see, anyone that runs, is V.C.  Anyone that stands still is well disciplined V.C. Ain’t war hell?

 Editing:  Jim W. Dean

Hamburger Hill - We came, we saw, we conquered - So what?


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.