When Did the Soviet Socialist Republic of America Begin?


End of Cold War and Fall of Soviet Union Staged to Collapse America


    … by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


When they called it “Neocon,” the new form of conservatism, it only reminded me of Stalin. It was gulags, controlled press, police state laws, one party rule, all power centralized, everything controlled, a stealth overthrow of America.

The recent $16 trillion robbery from the Federal Reserve System is only a minor part of the proof, history provides a much better canvas. 

Though the audit only proved it this week, it has been known for months. 

Banks around the world, Gaddafi’s personal bank in Libya one of them, got $16 trillion in unauthorized currency to float a world banking system now run by Russia and China.

Can this be proof that the $27 trillion “Wanta” fund existed.  Is there any other possible answer?

Call this a hypothesis, but you will see it as more than that.  It wasn’t Bush that took over during the 2000 coup d’etat by the Supreme Court, the one Newt Gingrich says he will ignore, the one I would disband.

Those who came into power, those behind the Bush regime, appeared from nowhere. They had no history of military service or public participation, just a stealth revolution of home-grown Marxists.

They had no other direction in their entire lives other than to infect the power structure and turn it to their devices, which turned into an inexorable national disaster on behalf of…who?  Not America certainly.

Was Their Goal Reached by Another Group Choosing a Different Path?

Closer to the fact, were one to begin what would be called a “witch hunt,” the theorists that claim parenthood for “Neoconservatism” were the same kids who stood in front of the student union with communist party petitions to get Gus Hall on the national ballot.  Not all of us are blind.

The real purpose, the real plan was to create a fund to overthrow control of congress and put in place a mechanism to buy our government.  Politics now costs billions, not millions and those “billions” now come from “thin air.”

The money came from drugs.   The mechanism for running the drugs was the privatization of the CIA under the control of “Neocon” elements pretending to be conservatives, communists all.

I know communism well.  I grew up in a communist household, the USSR magazine in the mailbox each week, Germany, Hungarian and especially Jewish communists .

All our Jewish friends, every single one were communists.

For those unaware, who don’t know a “kibbutz” is really the same thing as a Soviet “collective,” Israel is and always has been a communist country, hardly the “democracy” of the Middle East as our quite controlled press loves telling us. Throughout the Cold War, Israel and the Soviets kept their close friendship out of the news but it was hardly a secret.

[youtube AP2BjpIYJLw]

Just ask anyone who has lived there, socialized medicine, political assassinations, compulsory national service and continual terrorism scare tactics to control the population.  Netanyahu is Stalin.

Remember how Russia got “the bomb”?  All that spying, from Pollard onward, even the upcoming Rosen civil trial this week, all showing one thing, that the state of Israel exists as a mechanism of a Soviet Union that never fell at all, a mechanism to empty America’s vaults, America’s banks and send America to destructive wars.

With Friends Like This Who Needs Enemies?

Protecting this enclave is the ADL, the SPLC, AIPAC and other groups that hide behind the holocaust, bringing it up whenever a spy is arrested or as with 9/11, the Mossad’s fingerprints are found all over an act of terrorism, 9/11, the London bombings, in fact much of the world’s terrorism.

Al Qaeda in Yemen is Israel, the bombings in Iraq now, before, as those in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Egypt, in Nigeria, those in our intelligence systems know very well and also know if a word is spoken, their careers, their very lives end as so many have.

Why be suspicious?

Go visit concentration camps.  It isn’t whether the holocaust was real or not, a controversy many never heard of because scholars who write about it are violently attacked, jailed in many countries, accused of “anti-semitism.”

In the world of truth and freedom, being accused of “anti-semitism” is a badge of honor.  In a laughable attempt to discredit real scholars, organizations like the Anti-Defamation League actually run almost all “white supremacist” organizations along with the most vocal and irresponsible sounding Muslim extremist groups.

Israel, with CIA help, has always run Al Qaeda.  I have many Muslim friends (more Jews actually) but have to admit, Muslims can’t organize anything more complicated than an afternoon tea.

A careful study of world terrorism, and I have certainly done that, shows terrorism as we know it to be part of a destabilization plan aimed to destroy several Muslim nations, destabilize the world monetary system, take over American politics, empower Russia and China and, most of all, give wide control of events to Israel.

A First Edition of the Protocols

This has been the result, this was always the plan.

Back in 1905, a document, said to be a vicious “antisemitic” rag called the “Protocols” was created, found, counterfeited, discovered, you choose…in Russia.  A copy of this documented, revered by some, hated by most, and continually attacked, every attempt to erase it from history is here.

With it is solid proof, long suppressed, that Israel had some role, maybe a major role, in planning and executing 9/11.  I have privately verified this information with intelligence sources here and in Israel.  They say the destruction of America is necessary.

There is no talk of Zionism, no talk of religion.   All involved are atheists.  It is how all of us were raised, Jews, Communists, in fact any real intellectuals, even the Jesuits when in private admit to atheism.

This is a short video showing the police reports of the arrest of terrorists on 9/11, reports once on CBS and CNN national news.  They are all gone now except here.  Those arrested were flown to Israel the next day after exploding a truck on the George Washington Bridge.

A similar attempt was made on the Lincoln Tunnel, Building 7 at the World Trade Center and the other more controversial and larger incidents which you may or may not have an opinion on.

This short video does a verify simple job.  If it exists and it does, then everything you thought you knew has been categorically disproven and it has.  It ends all controversy in 4 minutes.  This has been reviewed with Russian and Israeli intelligence officers whose responses I will omit out of courtesy.

[youtube cNGPFVOYmhg]

Do we now know why Governor Keane of New Jersey was appointed to run the 9/11 Commission?  New Jersey Attorney General John Farmer was Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission.

Though these arrests crossed their desks and the investigations that “never happened” were under their authority, neither had any memory of any of it when it came to issuing the final 9/11 Report.

Governor Keane and Lee Hamilton

This one terror attack alone, one “disappeared” from history, on its own was of massive importance. Is this the “smoking gun” proving that the 9/11 Commission was rigged from day one?

One of the reasons I go back to the Protocols, either Abe Foxman’s “vicious counterfeits” or clues to a communist plot a over a century old is tied to my visits to concentration camps in Europe with my children, something many parents with social values and, frankly money, have done.

There are books written about the holocaust, some debunking it, some attacking those who question it.

What you find, let’s say, if you visit Auschwitz, is a smokestack that proves ovens were there.  It sits alone, connected to nothing.  Nothing was ever near it, things in the camp are as they were in the 1800s, not just during World War II.

The smokestack and many other “holocaust” proofs were either invented or “recreated,” depending on your point of view.  When was the smokestack built? Stalin built it in 1947.

This is not conjecture.  Were there other ovens, gas chambers that disappeared?  I don’t know, I only know it was vital to Stalin to build gas chambers and create other evidence of a “final solution” to kill 6 million Jews.

Thus, all remaining evidence is “simulated,” not real.  Was it real?  It isn’t for me to say but what I can say is that the holocaust as we know it is a creation of Josef Stalin, a man who may have ordered the killing of 65 million people, including between 3.8 million and 4.2 million Jews.

Soviet Urals factories had death rates of the German concentration camps

You see, when Germany attacked Russia, Poland, Slovakia, the Ukraine and other Soviet held territories, most of Europe’s Jews lived there.

Some civilians, especially those in the Baltics, Belarus and Ukraine welcomed Hitler.  Others were transported, millions, inland to work in factories, really labor camps not unlike Auschwitz or Dachau, factories in the Urals that built tanks and planes, where workers were starved and frozen by the millions.

Were 4 million Jews among them?  Is Josef Stalin dictating history from the grave today?  This is how it seems.

We know the Rosenbergs were executed for giving Russia the atomic bomb and that all the spies involved, inside Russia, in America, were Jewish.

An examination of Israeli history is a curious thing.

Initially, the rebel or “terrorist” groups in Israel, call them “Jewish freedom fighters” if you will, worked for Hitler. He trained and financed them and the Irgun and Hagan-ah were part of the National Socialist Party. 

This is simply history, Hitler wanted German Jews to defeat the British and hundreds of British died in terror attacks during the war.  There is still much bitterness about this, more than is allowed to be reported.

After the war, when the Cold War began, Israel sided two ways, it went to communists in the US State Department to push President Truman into supporting Israeli statehood, and they went to Russia for support, massive support, which allowed Israel to crush their Arab neighbors.

"Tail Gunner' McCarthy lied about his war service, upping his 12 missions 34 to qualify himself for the Distinguished Flying Cross

We no longer talk about communists in the State Department, about Alger Hiss or Senator Joseph McCarthy and his lawyer, Robert F. Kennedy.

That part of history was erased, debunked, changed, rewritten.

In truth, McCarthy was never close to understanding how thorough penetration of the US government was by communists.

He had everything wrong and history has never repaired this.

Any historian writing about this would be opposing dogma and immediately laughed, or perhaps fired, off campus.

There are dozens of subjects that can get someone in academia fired, too many of them correct historical misconceptions.  We fix only what is considered “politically correct” at the time, like all good little Marxists.

My contention is simple.  I believe that the Project for a New American Century along with the conservative “think tanks” are, in fact, run by Soviet Intelligence even when there is no longer a Soviet Union.

I believe they planned the overthrow of the US, coordinated 9/11 with Israel, created the controlled press, overthrew the constitution, built prison camps around America, pushed the US into Afghanistan as punishment and destroyed our financial system.

Historians will tell you they either know nothing of this or that it was all an accident.

We now live in a world where we have awakened, the west as “losers” in the Cold War, under the thumb of Russia and China who dictate to us because they control the world’s banking system, massive industrial capacity and huge strategic nuclear capabilities.

America’s government is under the control of the Israeli lobby, foreign drug money laundered through a new law passed by the Supreme Court called “Citizens United” and our political candidates are, as any American will tell you, “unsatisfactory.”

Fewer than 10% of Americans approve of our congress. Laws passed during the last 10 years have erased all constitutional rights. We have a press and media under total foreign control.

Our sources tell us that our political system is deeply involved in the drug business

Our entire government, the “two party system” is now admittedly entirely free of any real public participation.

Even if elected to office, an “individual” can be “frozen out” by the seniority system and then removed from office through a convenient plane crash, anthrax or a flood of drug money.

America has more people in prison than can be compared to anything.  We have no idea, 10 million or 15 million, we no longer know.

The standard of living in America is plunging, has been for 20 years with most Americans fearing their government, fearing their neighbors, distrusting everyone.

This is Stalin’s communism, carefully organized and sold to America as “neoconservatism,” as Christian Nationalism or Christian Evangelicalism or Zionism.

One side was turned against the other, over and over, until one day we woke up, ten years into war, totally broke, the laughing stock of the world, our government under foreign control, and nobody left to speak up.

Barak as a Pirate - Who would have guessed?

Everything is against the law, you can be arrested and have no lawyer, you can be detained forever without charge, even shipped outside the US and tortured for years until you die.

This is the law of the land, signed by a liberal president of African descent.

This is also outlined in the Protocols in 1905, that “counterfeit” document, it is part of a path that is many decades old.

We are left with a nation where 1% own it all, not the party bosses of Moscow but maybe the same thing.

Once, in the Soviet Union, there was a Central Committee of the communist party.  People knew their names, you could see them every May 1, standing there as rows of missiles and tanks rode by.

America doesn’t even have that. We will never know their names.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

They had their troubled times - And we surely have ours.


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