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Freezing Cold, Bad Television, Invented History, News and Politics


 by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


I watched an old X-Files episode, a younger Jesse Ventura, Charles Nelson Reilly, how appropriate it all was then and now.  The subject?  X-Files lived on government conspiracies about secret technology, UFO’s, deals with extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional beings.

Over the years, people who are “officially credible,” have, under equally official “deniability” informed me that much of this is true.

The rationale for such admissions was for me to admire how much the criminal ruling element trusted their discretion and how totally uncredible I must be or I wouldn’t be told such things.

I did two hours of radio, Republic Broadcasting, with VT’s Mike Harris yesterday.  There are “real” events unfolding in Afghanistan, Pakistan and areas of Russia that have involved me in attempts to get key parties talking to each other.

Due to nasty interference from VT making use of personal relationships to try to get the US out of Afghanistan, let the country come back together, end the drug business there and see Pakistan under the rule of Imran Khan, stuff like that, sleep is sometimes misplaced.

Pakistan Presidential Candidate Imran Kahn

So many involved in VT are players in the region, Gene Khrushchev, Kalil Nouri, Imran Khan, Raja Mujtaba and a half dozen or more staff writers, that like so many other Americans, Afghanistan and Pakistan are a big part of our lives.

I want America out but I want them out with heads held high and that isn’t going to happen unless we stop being led around by the Saudis.

You can add to that one small faction of Taliban and intelligence personnel and members of congress who seem to have an unhealthy interest in keeping things in bad shape so the drug business will continue unabated.

I am not guessing. Thus, my endless radio interviews all start the same way, slightly slurred and more and more alert as during breaks I begin drugging myself with cappuccino.

Taking this one “home,” here it is.

It is possible for the US to leave Afghanistan and have a new election with a candidate acceptable to the Taliban, a much smaller group that we are told (America tends to lie a lot), along with other groups including the northern tribes.

We can cut a deal with Pakistan that would democratize that country more under Imran Khan and establish broad trade rather than warfare with Afghanistan, end terrorism in both and, this is the bad part, stop the $80 billion in drugs being sent around the world.

This is where it is sticky.  I know Imran Khan well and that he and President Obama will do much better together than many believe.  Khan has at least 75 IQ points on the last Pakistani leader and takes nothing from anyone.  He is the only person in Pakistan that Afghanistan can or will work with.

[youtube GF00BtlBqMI]

Khan can be a game changer in the region but surviving Pakistani politics with its parties and coalitions and history of corruption and turning it “on a dime” to serve the people for once will be a frightening challenge.

The Carving up of Kashmir

As for India, that is another issue.  I could talk for days about this.  I am theoretically an expert on the region and can’t say this clearly enough…there has to be a settlement over Kashmir, a regional trade zone, and stability from China to Nigeria.

Picture the huge arc across the map.  The whole area could explode and the US is not going to be able to do much about it, not with 11 carrier battle groups and shiploads of counterfeit money.

The GOP has presented NO candidate with any capability and Obama, if he is re-elected, as it seems now (some skulduggery here, if you haven’t noticed), he has to “grow a pair.”

Turkey has a leader, he is “for real.”  Egypt has to be settled, with a real government and the nasty hands of that invisible international conspiracy we “tin foil hat” folks talk about has to withdraw.

If Putin is allowed to reassume his old position in Russia, one the people seem displeased with, with folks like Germany’s Merkel and Cameron in Britain, the world is unusually shy of leadership.

Compared to Merkel and Cameron, Sarkozy is a new Napoleon.

Let me talk about Iran a bit.  I do a fair amount of TV and radio there.  They tend to look for American dissidents and too often find total morons mixed in.  Iran doesn’t know the difference though they are learning.

Will It be a Mistake - Or on Purpose?

Take this into account:  There is a vast worldwide conspiracy to dominate and exploit all working people, steal what they have and enrich the few.

It has become so obvious, so vicious that many see a possible engineered pandemic, a created disease killing off much of the planet.

Were I to private sit with many world leaders, they would nod their heads over the last few sentences, especially our Russian and Chinese friends, but many more.

Anyway, with Iran:  The question is, does Iran have the capability of producing highly enriched, weapons grade uranium and, if not, why have they built underground facilities to hide medical research centers.

It could be, as all “solid proof” indicates, that Iran is hiding medical facilities because the US and Israel threaten to bomb them.  Then again, doing so is almost incredibly stupid.

If you are buying centrifuges to create 20% enriched uranium for medical purposes and are under sanctions and threats, sanctions backed by the Russian government, the folks you depend on to sell you weapons to defend yourself, you invite anyone and everyone who asks into Iran.

Of course, 99% of those who do come are spies, terrorists and criminals.  We have seen this already, the crimes the west has been involved in, those murdered in Iran, the things reported and the many things not reported.

Pakistan has a similar situation.  The US keeps many, perhaps over 2000, “agents” in Pakistan to supposedly watch over “militants.”

Imran Khan tells us that Pakistan has 1 million armed militants who, if left alone, fend for themselves, will kill of any potential terrorists just for the “fun of it” and would like to live in a less corrupt and more functional nation.

Meet the Neighbors - From Waziristan - Wanna Fight??

America calls these people “Taliban.”  In fact, only a very few are “taliban” and none are “Al Qaeda.”  This is simply a very disorganized society with strong tribal traditions of gun ownership, and extremely poor leadership.  It is a problem but American interference in Afghanistan has turned it into a regional war.

Interference from Israel and India has worsened it.  They both find profit in hurting Pakistan and the best way of doing this is backing groups that bomb everything in Pakistan all day long, supplying weapons and training. 

The US is very aware of this, is unable to control the agents doing it who sometimes kill Americans too and our military is told to “look the other way.”

I am not going into a talk about how terrorism is 99% government sponsored, here in America, in Israel, around the world.  Governments blow up their own people as a cheap way of controlling them.  I hope this had been obvious.

Iran Khan is Riding an Anti-Corruption Wave - Where is America on This Here?

Pakistan is enraged over this and wants to elect Imran Khan who will put an end to it.  The old government is now, how do we say it, hiding our from prosecution for money-laundering and other crimes.

We don’t have a clue who is really running Pakistan anymore.  Do you notice? Nobody has reported this and we don’t even ask.

As for Afghanistan, the US has established a massive drug business there, as we had done elsewhere, to fund “CIA black operations” and “protect democracy with dirty money.”

So, Marines guard poppy fields, CIA planes fly drugs, everyone who can be bribed is paid off.

Russia complains it is flooded with drugs but we know that key officials in Russia are being paid and are so powerful that the government has not been able to touch them, so Russia blames America alone. America is guilty but is not guilty alone, not by a long shot.

The issues are always corruption and the answer is always to attack those who ask the hard questions, murder them when necessary, get them out of office if they are elected, have them proven insane or simply call all “accountability” as nothing but conspiracy theory.

Thus, we have endless hard proof that the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan too now) was engineered with phony documents, that Bush tried to have evidence of WMDs smuggled into Iraq and that a crime of historical magnitude was committed, with full proof available, hundreds obviously guilty, totally provable and nothing is being done.

The majority of the world considers American actions after 9/11 as war crimes.  The United States was forced to withdraw from the International Criminal Court or be forced to arrest its own president.

Instead of having the courage to admit what Bush had done, to go after the CIA and Pentagon for very real war crimes, Obama has now become a possible figure in an international war crimes investigation, out of what he perceived as a need to continue to mislead the public and slowly correct wrongdoing, or we hope that is his intent.

What he didn’t do is tell the people the truth, a truth he knew once but forgot the day he took office.  I assume Bush (either/any/all) to be criminal psychopaths.  Obama knows better.

Thus, we return to Iran who now wants to negotiate.

Real evidence proves them guilty only of horrific miscalculations, of allowing themselves to be misunderstood or simply of inability to understand the old game of lies and deception.

Too often, I have caught officials in Iran telling the truth when others have lied.  That is a dangerous game.

I can’t go there are talk to them, they only take advice from incompetents, from Israeli shills and total idiots.  For my many friends in Iran, take this in the best way possible.  It isn’t about “truth” or religious purity.  Iran has its faults like every other country.

Then again, we can always return to the “third rail” of all time.  America’s biggest nuclear danger comes from India and Israel, not Iran or China.

It is time that, first Israel is “de-nuclearized.”  If Israel has security issues, simply put in three American bases and nobody can ever attack. Read that one again.

Nobody can attack any nation with an American base as that is considered a declaration of war against the United States.  That’s why Iraq is making serious errors if it every throws America out.  That’s why Turkey is so brilliant, with two large American air bases.

This is why Israel is so stupid, playing victim, begging money, and now broke and hated.

A short note:  The history of Palestine is 99% fiction.  This is why we can’t communicate with or understand what is going on.  This is a tiny and insignificant part of the world, exploited for profit because Israel’s political influence in the US is vast, more powerful than America itself.

Israel’s game was to cause problems, not fixed them.  Problems are profit, war is profit, fear is profit.  American Jews are brainwashed to think they are defending Israel when, in actuality, they are simply fools being duped into serving a criminal gang.

Palestine or Judea has to be fixed, lands returned, terrorism stopped, meaning all terrorism.  No more walls, no more barbed wire, no more bulldozers and burned children.

Fix it, fix it quick or maybe the world will wise-up and simply incinerate the entire region out of boredom.

Right now, simply know this:  Everything you think you know about Israel or Jewish history or Palestinian terrorists or Hamas and Hizbollah is probably 80% wrong, simple mythology, lies invented to steal, to impoverish to support apartheid.

USS Liberty - Blood Spray in a Gun Tub from High Velocity Impact

Why do you think this has gone on so long?  

One of our great secrets, we have so many, is that Israel started the 1967 war with a Pearl Harbour type invasion of Egypt and the West Bank and to help cover it up, attacked a US ship, the USS Liberty, an electronic monitoring ship in the Mediterranean killing our wounding most of its crew.

The crew went public including the Medal of Honor winning captain.  Look it up, if this is true, and you decide, I wouldn’t even listen to me, it means that, especially if you are Jewish, you have been lied to all your life.

History is what it is, a pack of myths and fables to tell the public because nobody wants to know the truth.

Here is a classic, consider this me getting us out of international affairs.  Last week I had a county auditor (unnamed and will stay that way) and Nick Hauptricht in my dining room reviewing the Lucas County Ohio’s records of expenditures by the Veteran’s Service Commission.  We went through years of records.

A couple of million dollars “came up missing” along with some things spent that even the National Enquirer wouldn’t list.

I suspect this goes on everywhere.  A couple of years ago, we had report that the Department of Veterans Affairs routinely burned all mail that came in from veterans, sort of “hoping they would go away or die first.” 

I then went to a good friend, VA official, war hero, and asked him. He told me it was common practice at his facility of which he was a department head.

Then I had another associate, former top assistant to Condi Rice tell me that gay orgies were normally billed to the Bush White House by some of our most famous national security experts, advisors to the president and members of the National Security Council.

Other top Pentagon officials, long time friends, described Washington parties, where folks would go upstairs and snort cocaine, or so they thought.  They explained that when things “got to that level,” they took their wives and went home.

Then I found out it was not cocaine, not entirely, but underage prostitutes, many of them male.  I got so many high level confirmations on this it was undeniable.

Frustrating Times at the FBI

Then I was told that White House officials had been investigated (arrested too) by the FBI for passing on nuclear secrets to American enemies through Israeli spies.

I have the names of the FBI agents, I have the names of witnesses, which include top White House advisors and one Secretary of State who witnessed such a thing at a Washington party.

All of this will be put in the public record during a civil suit involving one of those involved this week.

All of this information was put into the public record during the very messy divorce of a Bush official, nuclear spying on a massive scale, available to all the press, but not reported.

It sits there in the endless pages of deposition records with other nasty personal things that should be nobody’s business. The FBI filmed and taped all these acts, made a few arrests, you will hear about it this week.

The truth would destroy our relationship with Israel, send many to prison for life and show how vulnerable the US is to attack as weapons systems that the American public can only imagine exist, things you don’t even want to know about, were  sold to Russia and China long ago, have been built, probably, and we hope will never be used.

Some are huge, immensely catastrophic.  Some are small, nuclear weapons that can be disguised as car bombs, no radiation, impossible according to the 1945 version of physics we try to tell the public about.

Then, a few months ago, we found proof, we being Dr. Jim Fetzer and his associates, that nuclear weapons had been used in Iraq, weapons that seemed like something else.

The proof is undeniable, pure science, deformed babies, and the presence of radioactive debris that comes from nukes, not depleted uranium ammunition, which, by the way, also causes massive birth defects and is poisoning the planet.

Controlling Definitions of What is What - Is the Big Game

Something, “last minute” I feel like tossing in is a mention about “internet freedom.”  I am not talking about music swapping or websites advocating blowing up things.

What has happened and is growing hourly is the diminishment of the internet as a free source of information.  I expect Gingrich to have his Wikipedia edited.  Nobody wants to read bad things about themselves.

What is happening is that a “scouring” is going on, key documents, lots of videos, Youtube especially, things that are real, not conjecture, are being wiped from the net in what must be a systematic and massive operation.

We keep 20,000 archived articles offshore and untouchable.

Few others bother.  What we have lost is history, so much of what had been written, so much of the history of how the net grew from quality documents and investigative reports to what it had become, part sewer, part zoo but that isn’t the real story.

We are now getting massive censorship, not the crazy stuff but quality materials on history, good journalism, wiped, disappeared, systematically and with purpose.

So much is missing from some sites that they may have lost half their server capacity.  Simply put, if it was true, if it was valuable, it is gone or going.

Speaking of censorship, Rupert Murdoch, the Israeli ultra-nationalist who pretends to be an “Aussie good ole boy” is heading to London.  The top five staffers of his main paper, the Star, are under arrest for wiretapping.  One does not wiretap unless one also blackmails.

Here in the US he has no problems though in Britain he has been caught, or those who go to jail for him who pretend to be caught for him, have blackmailed and bribed police, counter-terrorism officials, royals and even several prime ministers.

He is doing worse here and we hear nothing.  He is Fox, he is the NY Post and the shameless Wall Street Journal, now a scandal rag.

Rupert Murdoch - Is he a Super Spy?

Newt helped him get citizenship while hundreds of Marine combat vets are being sent to Mexico because their “papers” were not in order.

Pull his papers, pull his network and pull his passport.  I would rather replace Murdoch’s citizenship with a rattlesnake.

About a week or so ago, I had Leo Wanta, the infamous “rouble trader” and “Reagan super-spy” who is often accused of being a total phony “vetted” by a top intelligence officer of serious skepticism and endless credentials.

This went on for hours.  Wanta’s claims of trillions of dollars stolen, of worldwide banking conspiracies, of White House murders, of top government officials stealing billions for personal use are all over the internet.

Wanta can prove he worked in the White House, can prove he was involved in highly covert operations that I am not allowed to know about, in fact, Wanta came out vindicated after many hours of grilling by someone qualified to do this at the highest level.

I have known Lee for years.  I know of Lee and several other people, one a well known conspiracy blogger, one a lawyer facing prosecution, one a high ranking diplomat facing jail though associations that I am not allowed to begin to discuss.

All were originally Reagan staffers in one sense or another, all had “other” identities and those facing or who have faced unpleasant consequences, much as though suffered more recently by Sibel Edmonds and Susan Lindauer, are, not only innocent but more likely deserving of very different treatment.

Those who can go into the past remember Ron Brown and Vince Foster or Senator Paul Wellstone.

What has been flooding in is “slam dunk” evidence that a mechanism for controlling Americans, phony press, rigged elections, secret prisons, murder squads, doctors who certify killings as “natural deaths” works full time in America making this country look democratic but functioning, in actuality, as a police state.

One great problem is that many of those who tell us so many of these stories are quickly bought off or silenced.  Others are misled and later discredited.

The Real Judge

Some walk the edge, having power but sense enough to stay alive.  Judge Napolitano of Fox News heads this category.   It is vital to hear what he says and then pay close attention to when it stops, where he no longer follows a story that he should.

I remember when he and Geraldo Rivera exposed 9/11 as an “inside job.”  Far more dangerous guests could have been chosen, much more could have been said but enough was said and then a day later forgotten.

9/11 had been exposed a dozen times in the mainstream media then erased or forgotten.  This is why real journalists feel so vulnerable, if such things exist, there is no “public” to outrage.

This takes us, though some choppy waters, to Ron Paul.  Supposedly, we have a Republican presidential candidate who is sabotaged by the press, his own party yet might actually be able to win an election.

Paul has stood up against Israel’s criminal acts (maybe Obama has too…on occasion), asked for 9/11 to be investigated, wants the Federal Reserve system obliterated and shows signs of “getting it.”  He is also a long time friend of a friend who introduced me to Leo Wanta so many years ago.

Paul’s backers, know it or not, are military and intelligence folks, people to fear in a very real sense.  He has significant backing from folks with real power who seem very angry at the way things are going.

This same group of people has never been able to exercise any political power in the US before.  It had always been the American Legion and NRA taking the “old fogey” veteran votes to whatever candidate Wall Street put in front of us.

Veterans have always been castrated and the Pentagon silenced or, as with the Bush backers…nutty.

One can open doors forever, looking for the hundreds, perhaps thousands of places that reality has been replaced by storytelling and mythology.   Yes, nobody has ever tried to protect the border, yes, the government is the primary drug runner, yes, Israel (the nation, not the Jewish people) has been a foe of America much of the time (not Rabin…he was murdered though.)

Let's all go to the land of Make Believe where we can all play pretend

If you were to send a detailed petition to your mortgage company, you would find that NOBODY has your mortgage, not legally.  Many with legal savvy have simply stopped paying and now own their homes “free and clear.”  Mortgage companies are now bribing state attorney generals to allow known forged documents to be presented in court in foreclosure cases.

If only I were kidding.  We aren’t done with this issue, not by a long shot.

A moment about veterans.  Thousands of soldiers suffering from wounds, traumatic brain injuries and PTSD were given bad discharges from the military though decorated combat vets.  We know the number to be minimally 26,000 that we can prove. 

Every one was discharged as part of a criminal act by our government, all have no benefits, no health care, no pensions and no rights. This is an unconscionable evil.

We now know that the Pentagon is making lists of NCOs and officers, many nearing retirement, who will be pushed out of the military with no benefits, some after 19 years and 6 months service.  This is an old game around the Pentagon, one of betrayal.

This will not go unseen this time, unreported.  There are now people who watch, who defend.

Can American Survive Bush Three - From a National Security View?

One of the big secrets floating around is that there is an attempt by “dark forces” to push Jeb Bush into the White House.  Kissinger is calling in cash and influence behind Bush who is tasked with bringing on a nuclear war.

Someone made the mistake of talking to the wrong foreign intelligence service.  Take this seriously.

Jeb Bush is not to be allowed to enter national politics, every organization in America, left or right, has to understand this.

Last week I wrote of an important aspect of the last 20 years.  How do we explain that Russia is still the Soviet Union and that Putin still heads the GRU like he always did?

We have a new relationship, reforms but there is something sinister behind much of it. Putin’s oligarchs are “place holders” for the old Soviet regime.

This isn’t just a ploy, it went further.  The Soviets, in many ways, worked closely with Israel.

The current extreme power Israel has in America is Soviet power.  The control of congress you see Israel exercise was largely bought through the creation of the neoconservative movement, a thinly disguised version of communism pushed on us by the Bush family, Wolfowitz, Rice and so many others who are closet Marxists.

Why do you think we have controlled news, airport searches, millions in prison?

Why do you think modern America is the Stalinist dream state we know it to be?

You think there wasn’t a plan?

What many don’t realize is that it was America that lost the Cold War.

Get your head around this, a “Necon” is a form of communist, a “Stalinist” who disguises behind phony “conservatism” a need to run a prison state with controlled press, phony elections, rigged economy, slave labor and continual wars, phony enemies invented one after the other.

Some of the Original Behind the Scenes NeoCons

Those who invented the theories have done nothing but dismantle America, destroy what was left of capitalism, promote war hysteria, pass police state laws and put all power in the hands of the Communist Central Committee in Moscow or Wall Street or wherever it is now.

What we awakened to after their “revolution” was something we call America with nothing America about it.

We get to keep our guns so long as gun owners are supporters of the communist party, which in fact they are.

As soon as someone seems to wise up, they will be “accidented” or arrested or there will be a new Oklahoma City or 9/11 or perhaps that missing nuclear weapon that we hear is hidden near Chicago will go off.

Then the rumors of the FEMA camps and the new NDAA laws will become a reality.

What we really fear is what is behind it all.  With currency after currency collapsing, with bond issues going unsold even at insane interest rates, the fact that there is actually no world economy whatsoever, even imaginary, has to be obvious to all.

Now today we are going to pretend that despite a world wide recession with demand for oil off 20% in some places, and huge new discoveries, that oil prices remain high due to 'market forces'. Are you all ready to play? Who Wants to be the Bankster?

The entire planet is running on a dream, continual war, expensive oil that we no longer need, natural gas that is in excess supply, manipulated to maintain Soviet control of France and Germany, two other communist countries.

Has the Arab Spring redrawn the map, rewritten years of fear mongering or will it succumb to the spies, killers and banksters seeking to silence it.

Will “occupy” be silenced?

Will the communists reactive the Tea Party, the attempt to channel awakening and dissent into totalitarianism, fear and hate?

You do remember them don’t you, though they are long dead and gone?

You remember them, they began asking for an investigation of 9/11 and ended up being run by Palin, Bachman and Glenn Beck, all commissars, hoping to become members of the “central committee.”

In five minutes, the story changed, truth and justice went to “kiss Wall Street’s behind.”

No lesson there for you? Too bad.                                          Editing:  Jim W. Dean

We owe it to those who have died, that they did not die in vain. And if they did, the only thing we can do to honor them is make the guilty pay...and dearly.






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