American Poverty: What the Brits Don’t Understand


Panorama Special on American Poverty A Delusional Tale

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Last week, the BBC news show, Panorama, supposedly told the story of America’s poor.

Moments of the story were right, they certainly picked one or two of those responsible for America’s economic collapse, although not a single cogent idea was expressed on the show.

Panorama simply doesn’t get it.

They aren’t slow-witted, they are simply more of the same, controlled news, taking the focus from the magician and putting it on the pigeon.

Eight years of deregulation led to the removal of nearly $3 qua-trillion in assets from the United States, Great Britain, and Europe, money looted from the world economies by the actions of financial institutions under the control of a highly recognized group that Panorama is terrified to use.

Too many of the names have the ethnicity that the BBC is prohibited to mention, that, in fact, produced the show itself, we hear a little bit of continual blaming of President Obama.

If you have read this far and not watched the video, please note the embarrassing statement made by Ron Paul where even he betrays America.  We only hope he is lying.

“Ron, we are trying to support you, you don’t have to look like a criminal to win America, just the “conservatives.”  There aren’t that many of them, they don’t have sex, not the normal kind anyway.”

Not one word of twelve years of war is made and the trillions of dollars that has “gone missing” from the Pentagon budget, years of creative accounting has never found it.

It was stolen by the 1% who gave congress a generous “taste” and then hired the Heritage Foundation to make sure that excuses were made.  We thank the BBC for using clips showing the Heritage Foundation to be a pack of blood-sucking whores.

We must print the address of their headquarters and, perhaps some of their slimmest and most servile reptilians, just in case mass hysteria sets in and there has to be a focus.
We don’t advocate violence even though the Heritage Foundation and other groups in Washington have no idea to what degree they are playing with fire.

He Speaketh the Word – Bushisms

The basis for suffering in America is simple.  America was taken over by organized crime, the Bush administration, who looted the country, devalued real estate, collapsed banking, looted pension funds, and destroyed one industry after another for eight years while running up massive debt.

This was the task they were given, the downfall of America, the destruction of her future, and the collapse of western economies.

I think they did a pretty good job.

Paying the interest on the Bush debt is why we have deficits now.  Without Bush debt, America would be in the black.

Our economic collapse than has and will continue is a cascading failure based on debt run up during the Reagan and two Bush presidencies and three years of America under President Obama being unable to pay the massive interest.

Now over $1 trillion dollars a year, interest on Republican debt,  America spends, in addition to “servicing Bush debt,” $.5 trillion on Bush wars each year.

There are things we don’t see.  We could talk about how the government got into the drug business in America.

For the beginning of the story, you could look into the life of my friend Mike Ruppert, former Los Angeles Police Detective who found the CIA selling cocaine on the streets of his city.
Were I allowed to without being prosecuted, something that happens more and more each day, I might have a story.  Instead, I will simply make something up.  If you choose to believe it, go ahead.  Whatever it is, it has to be more truthful than television news.
Look up the word “clandestine.”  Imagine, if you will, working for such an organization, a “golden boy,” combat veteran, the right schools, on a “fast track” to a desk and “fat behind” in Washington DC.

Once upon a time, there was a squad…

With a penchant for engineering and telecommunications and broad knowledge of much of the world, and a charismatic personality that leads others to follow you, no matter how wrong or utterly stupid the thing you do might be, rank and promotion might just fly at you like two by fours in a hurricane.

Were you a secretly cynical Vietnam combat veteran, one who had nearly starved while others basked in war as though it were Club Med, something that has gotten worse, rather than better, one might take the paycheck, travel, perform unspoken tasks as so many have before in the “great game” and watch?

You see two things, some move up and some be “set up.”  Alphabet soup organizations, as they are called, love feeding on their own.

We are talking the past here, the delusions of someone feeling age today.  I still remember the first time I met a celebrity in my office, a famous head of a Colombian cartel.  Nobody warned me but he informed me that he was now helping America defeat communism.
From there on, I began seeing money in trash bags, the big ones you use to put leaves in or cover furniture.

Then managing civilian pilots, often with criminal records, became the norm, and testing tracking transmitters for “dropped parcels.”  Helping develop such technologies for conventional military and intelligence applications became a bit of a career. These weren’t “conventional” applications and everything was always “unspoken.”

Nobody explains this, not the way they should.  It is critical that people have a rough idea of what the huge worldwide intelligence infrastructure actually is, to what degree it is driven to produce needed wrong answers, and how it makes use of some of the finest people in the world and changes them in very unpleasant ways.

I could show you things, but you still couldn’t see them

Typical operations involved the transportation and distribution of things I was told to never ask about.  Every briefing was lies, 100%.

We were fighting communism and it was our job to eliminate “infrastructure.” When “infrastructure” is eliminated, it usually means “depersonalization.”

When you get “depersonalized,” you are no longer a problem unless your body is left out in public.  That is seldom but occasionally done when a message is needed.

Who does one “depersonalize?”

That requires us to name individuals as “material support of terrorism” as we do now or as “communist sympathizers,” the term we used for decades.  We are expanding it more to “enemy combatants,” “suspected combatants,” and “potential sources of information on possible combatant suspects…..”

You see where this is going.

I could issue a kill order on your granny, oops, have her brought in for enhanced interrogation and, when she died of drowning or being dragged down a gravel road behind a Humvee, we would throw her into a burn pit.

If you don’t think this is exactly what we do every day while the newspapers and television whine about Marines urinating on the dead, go ask your kids who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially if they were there as “contractors.”

A bit ago, I made mention of drugs.  The British, nearly 200 years ago, used opium as a way of destroying Chinese society.  Mike Ruppert and his informants which include senior CIA, DEA, and FBI agents by the dozen can give you slam-dunk proof that the CIA has been peddling drugs to your kids for decades.

The Opium Wars

You can’t turn on your TV without seeing how our courts and police have been “influenced” by the billions in drug money. Afghanistan was chosen by the CIA in order to be able to fund operations without congressional oversight through use of narcotics profits.

Production overseen by the CIA will total, at “wholesale,” up to $100 billion this year.

Why did they let foreign corporate money into our elections?

In order to protect themselves, key members of congress were cut in, then three presidents that I can name, national leaders of a dozen other countries, a portion of the Pentagon.

And eventually, through the intercession of the Supreme Court, drug money is openly used to finance all American elections though I think there was a school board primary in Iowa a couple of years ago where one candidate gave back his drug donation.

Minimally 1/3rd of our oil industry, the arms industry, and “investments” are owned by money originating from narcotics profits.

One of our largest defense firms, whose management includes a former US president, British prime minister, a former Secretary of Defense, and others of similar stature was begun by the Colombian drug cartels.

The biggest launderer of drug money is the defense industry.

Speaking of drug money launderers, with $75 billion in untaxed offshore accounts, Mitt Romney seems to need a larger car:

The “hedge funds” that own them and have very strong positions in the energy sector are drug cartels, some CIA-run, some CIA-partnered, and others independent, operating on an informal and unwritten “memorandum of understanding” that they will be free to import narcotics into the United States and around the world virtually untouched.

In fact, the narcotics industry has far more real competition than the energy sector.  In 1975, the wholesale cost of a kilogram of 80% cocaine “brick” was $25,000.  Gasoline was less than a dollar a gallon.

Today, the same “brick” is $4000 while gasoline is, in the United States, $4.00.
The drop in the retail price of heroin has even been more drastic due to improvements in the agricultural sector made by USAID and efficiency modeling in distribution through the privatization of this sector of the CIA’s operations.

I wonder what will happen to this seized opium

Ask your kids if my pricing is accurate.  Any kid over 7 will know what narcotics cost.  Ask them the cost of each, which drugs are available at their school and to keep an eye on market trends.

This should be factored into decisions regarding your investment portfolio.  Just hope the SEC doesn’t get your kids for “insider trading.”

You can see what I am avoiding.  I am trying not to talk about the film.

I add to the trillions stolen in banking, oh wait, let’s take a second to discuss something else.

Remember “Acorn” and the mortgage scandals, not really scandals since they were wild conspiracy theories out of Fox News, but you remember it at least.

Mortgages, how evil Negroes and Mexicans, all unemployed, bought huge homes across the country, Palm Beach, Gross Pointe, Bel Aire, Beverly Hills, Telluride, and Aspen frames, those good views of Central Park and then never made the payments.

This is what collapsed the American economy… so Hannity and Beck would tell you.
Of course, back in the real world, the last property I remember picking up, there was a concern about getting a mortgage.  I ended up writing a check for it.

Kids just went through the same thing.  They just bought their first home, $50,000 down, both with jobs paying $100k or more, MBA, CPA, and a war…buying a home in the $200k range outside Detroit.

This is more real life.

When banks wanted people into homes they couldn’t pay for, they had something in mind.  What we have learned is that the money banks lent out for mortgages was never theirs in the first place.

Banks caught with their pants down

We have worked with legal groups that have tracked foreclosed mortgages down.

You see, the mortgage industry has gone to the attorney generals of all 50 states asking that “they” be able to submit forged documents during foreclosure hearings.  The reason?

Your bank or whoever is foreclosing on a property, we have learned, doesn’t own the property nor does it have “legal standing” regarding the mortgage loan.

In most foreclosures, a forensic audit of mortgage documents has been shown that it is impossible to prove that 80% of mortgages issued in the last 20 years in the United States even exist.

Technically, with the right filings, no foreclosure can take place because in 80% of foreclosures, there is no legal documentation that gives any entity “standing” to say “they owe us money” or “we own the house, read it here and check the signature.”

Back during the Reagan era, Savings and Loans were driven out of business because government deregulation allowed them to loan money on worthless property and then write off the losses, which invariably involved money stolen from the institutions by those who made the loan decisions themselves.

One case in point involves “Neil Bush” with Columbia Savings and Loan in Colorado.

Working with the conservators at the time, I remember when attorney Carrie Kramlich wrote the US attorney and said that “Neil Bush,” after “careful review of transactions” was “involved in numerous cases of mail and wire fraud and other crimes.”

What the BBC misses is the anger.  Britain is a racist and unjust society.  Two of my good friends are foreign-born British citizens who love Britain but quietly suffer, despite advanced positions of culture and authority, as somewhat less than human to many.

Here, the scam, some of which the BBC catches, is the dream of the would-be “conservative.”

Their history of accomplishment has been lowered standard of living, drowning debt, deindustrialization, massive bureaucracy, diminished individual rights, undo foreign influence in domestic affairs, and, in fact, utter failure at every turn.

What they have created, though no accident, is Stalin’s gulag hell, an America of prison camps, of “party oligarchs” and purges, of the, kicked door and Pravda’s daily part line.  America has become the communist hell two generations thought they had sacrificed their souls to prevent, sold, and packaged like soap.

As America looks back on the “war on terror,” it becomes increasingly hard to take seriously.  The Muslims involved in the democratic revolts, despite attempts by American Neocons to portray them all as Al Qaeda terrorists, is identical to the kids in the streets of every American city or even Tel Aviv.

The war on terror was a total scam, from 9/11 onward.

For those who work in intelligence or similar areas, after 10 years, when someone talks about 9/11, bin Laden and the box cutters, we simply turn away shaking our heads.

For a decade, testimony,  science, and intelligence few have seen has put 9/11 where we knew it to be, a staged event.

Some of those responsible, intelligence officers of allies, have apologized for working with the Bush administration to kill so many, not knowing the offshoot would be global financial collapse as well.

I only ask, “What were they thinking when they blew the buildings up in the first place?”

How can the “best and brightest” also be the stupidest but folks with common sense have known this all along?  9/11 was just a “chessboard” event of the elites, thinking they could create and control history with a bit of “collateral damage.”

When you see the hungry children and empty homes, we Americans see them every day of our lives, those of us who leave our homes anyway, do you also see the faces of those who have always turned away?  This is the frightening duality of America, the idea of building an economy on thievery and deceit and selling it as “hard work” and “family values.”

Judge a man by his friends – Sheldon Adelson for Newt

The BBC misses the anger.  When Gingrich talks about having children clean toilets he doesn’t know that millions would drag him from the stage and rip him limb from limb.  He lives in a world that is divorced from reality.

The people living under the bridges, in the tents, the ghetto motel rooms with the starving children do have jobs, the only jobs left in America.

Not sure how many people are aware but large companies, many run by conservatives, one of the largest run by a former neighbor, hire all its employees from “services.”

Many companies technically have no employees.  Their workers have no benefits, no insurance for sure.  In fact, their total wages are often less than health insurance alone.

If they become unemployed, even after years of work, or are injured on the job, they have no benefits as they don’t officially exist.  This is one of America’s scam industries, “employment services,” to whom every worker is not an employee but rather a “day laborer.”

Reminds me of Africa, kids wait to work a 16-hour day for the money to buy a pound of dried beans.

Usually, by the end of the day, they find they aren’t paid at all or less than they imagined.  America is catching on quickly.

What has become important for the media is to quell the anger and indignation at the fact that many are homeless and starving while those who have the most have what they have because of crime.

Roman Ruins – Once upon a time, some had already gone through all of this.

Moreover, it is specifically because of the criminal activities of those who still have so much that those who have nothing are where they are.

Control is a funny thing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, ask the French.  Though the US rebelled against Britain, it was the people of France who asked for just payment for centuries of abuse.

Even today, only 11% of French attend church.

The French remember betrayal, the policy of Rome that starvation and slavery were the fate Christ intended for all his faithful.

Now the same story is being sold in America.

In Paris, an Egyptian obelisk at the Place de la Concorde sits at the site of the guillotine that separated so many heads from so many bodies, how France chose to deal with their “1%.”

None equate this period with tragedy, only with the “omelet.”

A lesson worth bringing across the Atlantic.


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