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Syrian News Reports (Forbidden video)

Obama calls them "rebels," Syria calls them "terrorists" but everyone agrees they are Al Qaeda.

A Defense of Hitler the Veteran?

Nowhere in the post-war era do I find a respectable forum where the Western world’s favorite villain can argue his case without rivers of spitballs and volleys of vilification.

Snow-Job Over At The NSA

Yes, the NSA is trying to pull a Snow-Job on the American people over Edward Snowden.

In Bed With Bibi

This week we see the united progressive front made by Tariq Ali, Ilan Pappe, Fredric Jameson, Norman Finkelstein and other very good people. This time they want us to ‘liberate the Syrians’.

America's Unspoken Civil War

The treasonous group, calling themselves “right wing patriots,” a bizarre combination of adherents to the “Dominionist” apocalypse death cult, “middle management” of the drug cartels and Bolshevik “Neocons” totalitarians, have proven themselves willing and capable of any outrage.

Following the Money: Obama, 9/11, Chemtrails, Climate Change, $Trillions in...

Why does Franklin Raines of Freddie/Fannie own the patent for a carbon trading computer originally owned by Carlton Bartels, CEO “Cantor Fitzgerald/CO2e.com/eSpeedprogram ?

Warmongers colluding to launch illegal war on Iran: Gordon Duff

The “tail kicking” that America has suffered in Afghanistan would be a “walk in the park” compared to a war on Iran, says Gordon Duff. Above, Iranian soldiers march during an annual military parade in the capital Tehran, September 21, 2012.

Israel, US Stirring Up Iran Crisis

A report published on Sunday in Ha’aretz reveals that US National Security Adviser Tom Donilon has presented Washington's contingency plans for a possible attack on Iran to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once the nuclear negotiations reach an impasse.

Memorial Day – Time to Ask Why

Our general agreement, with dozens of wars, thousands of medals, top clearances or activists with decades of personal sacrifice, we are slowly coming together, but no so slowly anymore.

American Poverty, What the Brits Don’t Understand

Last week, the BBC news show, Panorama, supposedly told the story of America's poor.

What – Who is a Neocon? Ron Paul Speech Exposed...

Since the media whores are so eager to expose Ron Paul's past public writings, why don't they “out” his long speech on the House floor in 2003 as the nation was prepping for a “cake walk” of shock and awe against Saddam Hussein?

Jane Harman and the Woodrow Wilson Center – A Cruel Betrayal

The Wilson Center...is up to its neck in tainted corporate cash...violating its Congressional mandate

“Al-Qaeda,” “9/11 Truth”: Case Studies in Controlled Opposition

Anyone who accepts the official version of this event obviously has lost the ability to tell bad TV fiction from reality.

September 11th, What Went Wrong and Why?

America that is much beloved by people and the world is of the past. Since Ronald Reagan took over and his alliance with the Christian fundamentalist rights and the American Zionist Jews all that changed. America changed inside and outside.

Free Trade, Trojan Horse Stole America

When I joined the Liberty Lobby and Spotlight Newspaper in early 1980s, the major issues were confronting Zionism and Stopping NAFTAFA (the North American Free Trade and Finance agreements—note how the “finance” part is conveniently left off in most media cases).

Glenn Beck at Knesset "I Stand Up for Israel"

Beck, "the demands of the Palestinian Authority are another excuse for the world to continue a centuries-old campaign of anti-Semitism, which he said is “going through the roof. The United States has an economic problem and the Jews will be blamed.”

Gaddafi's Goons: The Phony Libya Peace Lobby

When the same crowd, the "neocon/chickenhawks" keeping America's younger generation on their opium babysitting mission in Afghanistan for a decade, maybe two, began shedding tears for Colonel Gaddafi, the cat was out of the bag.

Gilad Atzmon: Hasbara’s Smear Fell Apart Again

As funny as it may sound, Harry's Place -- the infamous Israeli propaganda website and Neocon outlet that rushed to advocate Blair’s criminal wars -- is now desperately insisting on mounting pressure on venues to stop me from spreading the necessary message about Israel and its lobbies. Harry’s Place -- The Zionist mouthpiece website that has managed to collate no less than 157 entries on anti racist watchdog Islamophobia Watch  -- blames me for being a racist. It is almost amusing.

George Krasnow: A Tribute to American Patriot:In Memory of Joe...

On February 23, 2011, Joe Sobran, a prominent American journalist, syndicated columnist, and writer, would have turned 65. He did not live to see this day. He died on September 30, 2010. Below is my eulogy that originally appeared on the site of FGF last November.



Fort Hood Terror v. Neocon Arizona Terror

When news of the 2009 Fort Hood Massacre broke, the most tenuous evidence was used to paint the killing as the work of Al...

USSR’s Cold War Pravda and Izvestia Were Hard-Science Journals Compared to...

Even mindless U.S. news organs of the past 40 years do not compare to Fox News as rightwing corporate propaganda emulates the 1970s Soviet press In...


COMBAT VETERANS FOR CONGRESS is a thinly veiled front organization for AIPAC, the Israel lobby, oil companies, the "bankster" and insurance lobbys and right wing extremists. This is another rehash of the mindless hag, Sarah Palin, "Hanoi John" McCain and his front man "Bud" Day, America's most questionable Medal of Honor holder and Wall Street money. This is a phony organization, to its roots, un-American, destructive to honorable American values and, from top to bottom, genuinely EVIL.


YOU NAME IT, WE HATE 'EM By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor Every time I hear someone on the radio, here in the US, talk about...

U.S. Troops Are Technically War Criminals, Fearing Hostile VA

Just off the phone with a veteran who told me U.S. soldiers and Marines often take pictures in war zones of enemy dead in...