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While We Still Can…


 by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Watching Pat Buchanan and Judge Napolitano silenced so quickly, both conservatives, among the best minds of our time (people who I agree with), is scary as hell. 

If this isn’t recognized as a witch hunt, censorship, coming in behind President Obama’s signing of the NDAA, a defense bill with a small portion that simply cancels the entire constitution.

Obama apologized.  What’s with that?


[youtube a2tC-npvuGk]

Issue one is Iran, which seems to be wearing out.  The only way to bring it back to life is a major act of terror, something the internet buzzes with.

What Americans are not seeing is that, while this is going on, Israel itself is coming apart at the seams, the people there sick of rigged elections, no jobs, no housing, political assassinations and even more sick of the imaginary threats of the millions and millions of rockets they are told every day will flatten every building in Israel.

I could laugh myself sick on this one.

I can tell you what intelligence sources know.  Both Israel and Iran have considered either bombing themselves or starting an imaginary conflict that they believe they can control.  Israel believes, perhaps rightly so, that they control the United States.

President Obama secretly tries to convince real American leaders who see Israel as a threat that he is standing up to them.  The Pentagon would rather attack Israel or at least destroy their nuclear capacity, than attack Iran.

One article today, in the Guardian, has some useful information.  If you have to read something, read this:

The Brits Weigh In

Indeed, as strategist (and Nobel laureate) Thomas Schelling suggests, deterrence is about the only value the weapons might have for Iran.

Such devices, he points out, “would be too precious to give away or to sell” and “too precious to waste killing people” when they could make other countries “hesitant to consider military action”.

The popular notion that nuclear weapons furnish a country with the capacity to “dominate” its area has little or no historical support – in the main, nuclear threats since 1945 have either been ignored or met with countervailing opposition, not timorous acquiescence.

It thus seems overwhelmingly likely that, if a nuclear Iran brandishes its weapons to intimidate others or get its way, it will find that those threatened, rather than capitulating or rushing off to build a compensating arsenal of their own, will ally with others, including conceivably Israel, to stand up to the intimidation – rather in the way an alliance of convenience coalesced to oppose Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

Learning the fuel cycle and making bombs are different things

Iran’s leadership, though hostile and unpleasant in many ways, is not a gaggle of suicidal lunatics.

Thus, as Schelling suggests, it is exceedingly unlikely it would give nuclear weapons to a group like Hezbollah to detonate, not least because the rational ones in charge would fear that the source would be detected, inviting devastating retaliation.

Nor is an Iranian bomb likely to trigger a cascade of proliferation in the Middle East, as many people insist.

Decades of alarmist predictions about proliferation chains, cascades, dominoes, waves, avalanches, epidemics and points of no return have proven faulty.

The proliferation of nuclear weapons has been far slower than routinely expected because, insofar as most leaders of most countries, even rogue ones, have considered acquiring the weapons, they have come to appreciate several defects: the weapons are dangerous, distasteful, costly and likely to rile the neighbours.

And the nuclear diffusion that has transpired has had remarkably limited, perhaps even imperceptible, consequences. As Professor Jacques Hymans has shown, the weapons have also been exceedingly difficult to obtain for administratively dysfunctional countries like Iran.

There is also an uncomfortable truth. If Iran wants to develop a nuclear weapon, the only way it can be effectively stopped is invasion and occupation, an undertaking that would make America’s costly war in Iraq look like child’s play.

Indeed, because it can credibly threaten invaders with another and worse Iraq, Iran scarcely needs nuclear weapons to deter invasion. This fact might eventually dawn on its leaders.

This is from today’s UK Guardian.  We go further, stating

This is 100%.  The most classified documents involving US intelligence list Israel and India as the most likely threats to the United States, not Iran or China or anyone else.

You have heard about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons and the concern of them falling into terrorist hands.  The real concern is that Israel and India’s nuclear arsenals may fall into terrorist hands and currently, the Likudist government in Israel, an ultra-nationalist, extremist regime, is seen as having fostered leadership that is now a threat.

Key forces that control Israel and much of the world economy have staged the current climate in such a way that a limited nuclear war, which might include a threat against the US or Western Europe would help their financial interests.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Make no mistake about it, if Chicago is attacked or Israel burned to a cinder, those responsible will be elsewhere and will profit very nicely.

It is time that more spoke up honestly about what others have known for eons, that secret societies that manipulate wars, food prices, foster state terrorism, invent conflicts and try to play the world as though it is a “grand chessboard” as Zbigniew Brzezinski states, we are talking Kissinger and his friends, are exposed for what they are.

While we were hunting “Al Qaeda” and worried about Iran, in truth, we have never had a clue who has been pulling the strings, even our own strings.

This is the real nature of power.

The greatest single mechanism of social upheaval since 1848 has been communism, in one form or another.

It has been a “packaged,” if that description is apt and I suggest it is, power elite of international oligarchs capable of manipulating world events.

Those who created “communism,” created the two world wars for profit.  If you wonder who financed the Soviet Union from the time of Lenin, it was Wall Street.  They created the Soviet Union as they created Nazi Germany.

The exact same people financed both, selected the leaders and manipulated the conflicts, not just Lenin’s rise to power in Russia or Hitler in Germany but Pearl Harbour, the Vietnam War, 9/11, the Kennedy murders, the Bush coup in 2000 and the decade of world economic collapse planned behind it.

What has hidden behind “Wall Street” or “neoconservatism” has been a worldwide conspiracy, initially led by Lenin, then Stalin, meant to destroy the manufacturing economies, the middle classes, the currencies of the industrialized nations using the classic methodologies of the “police state.”

When America got “Bush,” our first fully communist president, his father was only a shadow of the “central committee” control we would see, America lost all constitutional rights, rigging elections in ways even a petty banana republic would be afraid of was done openly.

George “W” Bush lost the presidency twice, according to exit polls, not by a small margin but by many millions, even with almost total control of the press.

Judge Napolitano

Over the last week, the “ubergovernment” has exerted that total control, thus Napolitano and Buchanan have had to go.  This is an election year and the GOP has no candidate.

Obama is threatening to go “off the reservation” and there has been too much publicity due to some overly powerful internet sources that would blame an assassination or a nuclear attack on the US on the State of Israel.

Without those warnings, Obama would have died months ago and a portion of Chicago would be a smoking ruin.

Intelligence sources have solidly confirmed that both efforts were in motion on more than one occasion, stopped by publicity and the internet, even stopped by military and intelligence officials inside Israel.

Now the “backup” is in motion, with two games in play simultaneously, Syria and Iran.

Iran is the funniest, with the US exporting 480,000 bbls of gasoline a day, instead of importing 2 million, with oil use in Europe down by 20% and with huge new finds around the world, even across China, the oil markets sitting at $110 per bbl or more should be well below their 2009 level of $34.

The skyrocketing price is blamed on the crisis with Iran.  The funny part is that Iran is making so much money that they could buy anything they want now.

Pretending there was no crisis at all, which, of course, is the truth, would crash oil prices, gut the profits of oil companies that pay off America’s government, put billions a day into the American and European economies and end the current recession.

I would immediately buy one of those huge GM things, a Tahoe or such, the extended version, in diesel of course. I want a white one like the one the CIA gave Osama bin Laden.

Instead, we are running an imaginary war scare against a country that is doing a balancing act.  Iran is doing what it has to to keep oil prices up.  Who set up the deal with them?

Why would Likuds make a sky high bet on oil? To pay for a war maybe?

Back in October, intelligence sources in the former Soviet Union, highest level, told us that key Likudists had purchased $40 bn in oil futures at prices so high, oil was then in the $70’s and going down, that only war with Iran or a threat of closing the Straits of Hormuz would turn a childishly careless investment into a massive profit.

These same sources, the head of a national intelligence service, said that this was done with full cooperation of Iran.

Then other sources came to us with a more complex story.  They said that the new “settlement’ financial system set up between Russia and China would fail, as it was meant to.

Both China and India would be forced to return to normal banking procedures to buy crude oil to keep their economies going but that their “letters of credit,” the normal procedure for buying oil, would fail to be confirmed and their purchases, despite their real wealth, would fail for unknown technical reasons.

This would create additional pressures on world oil markets. Then Iran would cut off shipments to Western Europe in supposed retaliation for sanctions.

Russia, who supported sanctions, would make, not billions but trillions as one of the world’s largest oil suppliers.  European oil companies would run up prices based on the Iranian cutoff though there are more than ample supplies from Nigeria, Sudan and dozens of other sources.

The world is awash with oil which should be worthless.

The world is floating in oil

And, most fun of all, the whole thing is an act, with billions being emptied from the US economy, running up our deficit during an election year.  Oh, you didn’t know?

The current military scare and the rise of oil prices, which increase profits for the multi-national oil companies, all contribute to both the trade deficit of the United States and our budget deficit as well.  The numbers are staggering.

We are paying double for gasoline now.  That is the equivalent of paying interest on a national debt three times higher than the one we have or fighting three “World War II’s” simultaneously.

While this is going on, the multi-national corporations that control food prices through, not only manipulating the world commodity markets but through price fixing at wholesale level, have nearly doubled food prices in the US.

This is another “invisible tax” beyond anything Washington could ever openly discuss but a tax all the same.

To those with eyes to see, it and these other facts should aptly demonstrate that our collective governments are involved in, as they have been for decade after decade, manipulation of economies to exploit war and poverty for profit.

There never really was a “Cold War” or “War on Terror.”  You don’t want me to explain World War II, you will throw up.



We are told we are cutting our military but the Navy has to be kept at strength because China is the new threat and our 11 carrier battle groups will offset their threat.

Again I have to confine myself to the chair.

My mother could sink an aircraft carrier.  China has technology to sink all of our carriers across the world in 20 minutes, technology bought from Israel, stolen from the United States.  Check on it, don’t believe me.

Aircraft carriers are good for pushing around the helpless and backward, for bombing people in the bronze age back to the stone age but nothing else. They are dinosaurs and the Navy is insane.


Ah, perhaps I should use duct tape to stay on the chair, I am laughing so loudly.  Isn’t this the country that makes everything in our homes, that lends us the money to finance our currency? When you think about it, doesn’t that make them our closet allies, in fact, our best friends?

They have an army that can’t even cross their own country much less invade anyone else.  They have one aircraft carrier but with no planes on it.  It is a refurbished Russian carrier, small and backward, from 1985.  Thus far, after spending billions, it is still floating.

Then again, there is this other unpleasant fact.  Those of us who do business in China and have for a very long time loved the Chinese people who treat Americans very well, better than any other people in the world, who admire America and, if we ever needed help, only China would come to our aid.

War with China seems insane.  Over the years, Americans who do endless billions in business with China have developed close friendships there.  I know more Chinese than I know Americans.

They are our customers, our suppliers, our business partners, they lend us endless money, they bother no one, they are polite, patient and kind. Hell, we should kill all of them just for that alone.

Carrier Battle Group

Now we are told we have to pretend they are going to be our enemy so we have an excuse to satisfy key members of congress whose states depend on building and maintaining a Navy that is built around a concept of projecting power across South Central Asia, a political theory that was dead before it began.

It ended for us as it did for Russia, over a decade of war in Afghanistan for reasons nobody remotely remembers.

Any that want to dredge up the theatrical psychological operation known as “9/11” as a rational for national suicide are going to have to “unwrite” ten years of hard proof of the planning and execution of this act by the Bush administration and Israel based on plans formulated by Project for a New American Century back in 1999.

People talk, borrow documents, retire and regain courage and integrity.  We have the names of everyone involved and enough witnesses for a war crimes trial that would go on longer than Nuremberg.

But then, the invasion of Iraq was proven to be a “false flag” intelligence operation against the US long ago, which legally should have led to the arrest and incarceration of the entire Bush administration. 

The proof of this was on the books long ago, so much more than “Iran Contra” or the “Gulf of Tonkin” or the “USS Liberty,” things you know or can learn about and a hundred more, things you may have one belief about that are simply acts staged to manipulate you, feed you false information and create within you a feeling of sympathy for those who should be our enemy or helplessness in the face of injustice.

As a parting wish, please, no more TV news.  No more “informative emails” without knowing exactly where they came from and who wrote every word and, especially, why.

Ignorance is slavery.                                                                                                                Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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