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Baron Baretzky, South African Counter Intelligence Agency, Can South Africa be fixed?

Limited Rumors, As Much As We Are Allowed to Print


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Not sure where to start with this. “Blabbing” by government intel operatives has become such a huge habit, perhaps I am seen as amusing, that operational common sense goes out the window.

To that extent, we are able to give readers a look at things that may be of interest to them that might not otherwise be available.  This is a key issue, that real intel isn’t my beliefs or even what I agree with.

However, it does need to be a bit spicy or reading it would make your “naughty bits” hurt.

The parts governments love, lately hard stuff on Africa, we have been getting but nobody cares to read it anymore than they want to be told the world is “broke, busted and we are all going to die.”

We had spent a week with the Arizona issues, the J.T. Ready issues, Sheriff Joe and a visit from a senior BATF official.  It turns out that, you will love this, a shopping guide in Phoenix tied to what used to be the old New York Village Voice, which went out of business years ago, had contacted every federal agency complaining that we were terrorists.

So they sent the BATF to visit one of our people there and found, instead, a very senior Army intelligence officer.   Who the hell did they think we were?  Dumb sh$%$, we are the friggin’ FBI, CIA, Army intel, etc, albeit old and retired.  Want to visit, expect to end up invited to dinner.

What we did learn, however, is that this informant group, involved in a running feud with Sheriff Joe Arpaio, is directly or indirectly involved in 81% of the child sex trafficking in the United States.  In a May 10, 2012 article in a local Phoenix shopping guide, a writer for this group admitted, along with marketing children for sexual purposes, they work closely with the FBI and other groups actively as what they claim to be “confidential informants.”

An earlier version, equally under federal law enforcement protection, operated during the Reagan/Bush administrations.  A search of the “Franklin” affair will supply sickening background.


Based on one report we know of for sure, it doesn’t take a genius to prove the FBI and gang have been paying liars for years.  Isn’t that a felony?

This is the curious issue here.  4000 Murdoch “hacking” texts, audio files and documents are being withheld from the public.  High ranking and very knowledgeable sources have confirmed that what has been made public thus far in the British investigations of the Murdoch hacking/blackmail scandal has been the “mildest” material.

Evidence not release tells a story of child abductions for sexual purposes and members of nearly every major European organization having some involvement with child sex trafficking with simple “child pornography” the least of the crimes.  Involvement is at every  level of government in Britain, the European Union, NATO and members states.

Originally some assumed Murdoch to be an Australian “yellow journalist.”  Then his strong ties to Israel became known, his Zionist views and practice of the Jewish religion.  It was assumed that the blackmail ring misrepresented as a collection of “scandal rags” were operating only as a front for Israeli intelligence in order to “stir the pot” and continue the series of Middle Eastern wars that have been raging for over a decade, wars now generally considered both illegal and unpopular in every western nation.

One surprising find came with some things I learned about Vice President Cheney.  At one point, a highly disreputable member of congress was blackmailed by a small Middle Eastern nation, one highly dependent on US aid, to “deliver” a young lady to Vice President Cheney for sexual purposes, much as Monica Lewinsky was used by that same nation and religious extremists in the Pentagon to try to bring down President Clinton.

Confronted with this childish plot, Cheney went to his personal “crew” of black-ops people.  Her body was found, a story I will not go into.  Anyone else that tried to cross Cheney got similar treatment.  At one time, I might have thought this criminal, perhaps even evil.

I still find Cheney a political pariah but now respect his defense of American independence in a world where “bending over” has become the rule.  Use that new heart in good health. But now we must return to the great German betrayal,  the race Patton called “the best in Europe,” now ruled by gangsters, truthfully, all of Europe is under the control of gangsters.  The word “Europe” should mean “gangster.”

Then a few weeks ago something strange happened.  A shipload of the latest Patriot missiles with radar systems were seized in Finland, having been loaded at a Germany Naval base in Bremerhaven onto a Ukranian ship bound for China.  Germany claimed they were heading for South Korea but were only going to “visit” China.  Is it a common practice to ship the world’s most secret technologies on Ukranian ships bound for Shanghai?

Records show that Germany had no authorization to have these missiles or to sell them to China or anywhere else.

A couple of weeks later, same base, this time a new German Dolphin submarine supposedly being sold/given to Israel was observed by intelligence agencies of the US, Britian and NATO as loading a Russian thermonuclear warhead onboard.  3 more such Russian warheads were located by US VELA satellites inside Germany.  There is nothing more illegal imaginable than this.

Authoritative but unverified reports indicate that this warhead was located in the UK, 8 miles from the Olympic Stadium.  Those who located it said it was of modern design, capable of 500 kiloton output (35 times the “Hiroshima bomb”) but of adjustable or “dialable” output and set at 100 kilotons.

We have verified that Britain had, in the week and a half before this, grounded its entire fleet of aircraft that are specially modified to find radiation sources.  The question was, how did these things tie together, Russian warheads, Israeli crews, German submarines and a potential devastating nuclear terror attack on Britain.

For that I went to a friend, head of a national intelligence agency, not American.

This is the gist of the explanation I received:

When Germany was reunited, a big “to do” was made of breaking up the STASI, the famous East German secret police organization thought to be, next to the KGB and Mossad, the biggest threat to American security.  Why do I mention “Mossad.”  They are a bit of a two edged coin.  You now see Mossad characterized as untrustworthy and anti-American on mainstream network TV, something impossible two years ago.  In reality, they are a diverse group, many in private business and those who claim to be “Mossad” are phonies, members of the Anti-Defamation League and such.

Mossad are professionals, dangerous, sometimes tasked with terrorism when “business is bad,” but not total idiots.

STASI?  These were bad boys, capable of munching rebar like potato chips.

So, the story?  Reunified Germany, after a scheduled period, actually became a big version of East Germany, no huge Army, powered by the West German economy, bled dry by the “Osties,” but now, clear to many Germans, under Soviet control.

Russia is still the Soviet Union, operating Germany through Merkel, called “Honacker’s Revenge” by most Germans, more a Stalinist than anything else, a pawn for Moscow.  The other member of the triumvirate is Israel, a far more valuable ally than Syria by a thousandfold, with the ability to influence the US through AIPAC, influence the US to destroy itself through economic crime, unnecessary war, staged terrorism and rigged elections, all hidden by a controlled press.

Thus, through Israel, America is now a Soviet client state, the price America pays for believing it won the Cold War, a sign of what I have learned to be Reagan’s incompetence and Bush family skulduggery.

Managing all of this are the banks, running Europe’s debt through the roof.  This is why the European Union was created, to put Europe in one place and crush the life out of her.  That job is finished, leaving Germany, Russia and Israel in place while the world looks elsewhere for its imaginary enemies.

Welcome to the world of really, really dumb.

The glue to hold things together have been the international drug trade, Afghanistan and Iraq, CIA driven supposedly, run through Kosovo and NATO and buying every election possible, including, this weekend, it will put Boris Tadic of Serbia back in office with less than 25% popular support in one of the most crooked elections in world history.  He will win by 2% I am told.  Maybe they can skip the election, save the money and send it to me.

This reminds me, Thacia of Kosov, their popular Islamic president and one time “boy toy” of Secretary of State Madeline Albright, is a wanted war criminal by Interpol but flits from nation to nation as though he had borrowed Reagan’s teflon coating.  For those who don’t know, Kosovo is the drug distribution capitol of the world, with a huge NATO contingency, more troops than citizens and a huge American airbase.  Figure out the rest yourself.

Human trafficking, children, Europe and the UK, an addiction to sickness that has destroyed much of the world.  As we saw the Catholic Church destroyed by the buggery of priests, you think this was an accident?  That many man want to have sick sex with small boys?  There was no accident, it was carefully orchestrated over 3 generations.

The scale?  There are victims in the millions.

Politics, Europe, the US, United Kingdom?  Same thing, government through careful selection of the weak and sick, child sex addicts who can be controlled and blackmailed, purposefully selected and “fast tracked” to the top of politics.  The rationale?  If they can’t be blackmailed, they can’t be trusted to support the status quo, police state rule, impoverishing the masses, withheld technologies, continual lowering standards of living and more.


Why has the average IQ of people on earth gone down so much?  Is it all those “dumb” dark skinned people that the supremacists talk about?  Americans, always at or near “100” are now, we are talking “whites,” closer to the mid to high “80’s.”  Controlled news and rigged elections are never challenged, half of America’s children are diagnosed as “attention deficit,” while our entire military is said to have “personality disorders.”  Ah, but I do exaggerate a bit there for effect, if you will excuse me that one.

Whatever the method, and it is probably many, the human animal is under genetic attack.  We have 28,000 human genotypes, up from 500 in 1947.  This is technically impossible though chemicals in air and water could account for some, radiation for more.  The probable cause is genetic manipulation of a two-fold nature:

  • We are actively creating a master race, and, no, it isn’t Jews or Germans.  I have lived with, around (am) both, and there is no hope for either to make it to the stars.
  • We are also actively creating a sub-human race of non-discerning “oxygen wasters” who cannot and will not work, develop nor think, unless coerced.  Questions?
  • We are also misrepresenting the earth’s population of what we claim to be 7 billion by 40%.  The question is “why?”  I have seen the hard statistical analysis and all figures used now are imaginary but with some purpose, one I accept may be unpleasant.

Key to the collapse everyone tells us is coming is the pretense of Europe’s economic existence.  They are dead.  Blaming Greece or Spain is a joke nor is it Italy.  It is Britain, hated by the continent still, separate, never to be “Europe” and France, whose new president, Hollande,” plans to spend and counterfeit into prosperity.

Merkel will love him, she has helped push France to collapse for some time.  Europe will collapse, really already has, from the outside in, unnoticed at first.  Their response is already in motion.  Borders now open will close, immigration has been halted in most countries, expulsions will hit record levels, the 19th century will be back upon us in a Europe, with the exception of Germany I am told, depopulated, deindustrialized, a Europe ready for a rerun of the “dark ages.”

The relevance of the Middle East is over.  Until centuries old rivalries and religious hatred, even among Muslims, is settled, and it never will be, only Turkey will thrive.

The great questions, India and Egypt, these will be telling.  India epitomizes both promise and failure, great advances and greater injustice, ignorance and poverty.  Perhaps seen in the perspective of 5000 years of history things look different but seen under the Malthusian light, India may well end up the ‘test target” for “science gone bad,” and we seem to have no other kind.


This week, we are watching South Africa.  Few are aware that the nation hated for apartheid and pass laws decades ago has gone the other way, persecuting the white minority that power the economy, frankly “are” the economy.  In the past few years, nearly 4,000 farmers, and we are not talking small farmers, have been murdered because of their race. All are white, a genocide and the world is silent.

What isn’t realized is that South Africa and the nations nearby that are under its influence supply the world’s gold, diamonds, rare earths, that the world would grind to a halt except for South Africa.  South Africa has begun a policy of “Benefication.”

What the heck is that we might ask?  Imagine taking the stock away from those holding it and awarding it to others because of color.  In the US we call such efforts “socialism” or “class warfare.”

In South Africa, land, minerals, corporations, entire industries, are scheduled, according to new laws, to be “redistributed” to the black majority without taking into account that this will cause immediate economic collapse as it had in Zimbabwe.

The result will be, as the US Africom predicts, a new war, one that will dwarf Afghanistan or even Vietnam.  Southern Africa will be the engine of dismemberment for all of Africa, ending all hopes, failed though many are, of development, of hope, ending in old hatreds and conflicts covering a continent in degeneration and warfare at rates that will greatly exceed any existing estimates.

For a microcosm, we look to the ICC at the Hague and the trial of Liberia’s Charles Taylor, facing 80 years in a British prison for fostering endless civil war driven by cash derived from “blood diamonds.”

Africa has endless wealth that is politically inexpedient to exploit.  Primary among the nations waiting in the wings is China.

When and if South Africa “crashes,” and it is doing everything possible to do so, China will take over.  China has long coveted Africa and is prepared and capable of moving in, heartlessly, as is their history, unopposed by India or a Europe in collapse.

Thus, America is, by stealth, increasing its military presence across all of Africa.

There are those that would turn Africa around.  Last year, in meetings in Nigeria, the new President and ministers, I proposed programs that would bring about cohesion and social reform without violence, begin turning the corner on corruption.   With French ambitions, after the defeat and murder of Gaddafi running across Africa, influence, even involvement in acts of terror in Cameroon, Nigeria and elsewhere, sytematic destabilization of Africa, a repeat of the colonial era, is clearly at hand.

Once the dumping ground for Europe’s “excess population,” those not killed off by war and ignorance, colonial expansion is no longer needed, not with birth rates at an all time low.

The “spark plug” for African collapse will be South Africa.  Attempts at an African Union, driven by Gaddafi’s imaginary gold and narcisism, really bonds floated on counterfeit “whole life settlements,” for those who were working on the project at the time, an African Union and 5 high powered development banks are all but forgotten.

Nigeria is, shamefully, suffering a total lack of leadership even with a president who spent his popularity attending public functions, making promises and allowing those managing his time to bully him into isolation and ineffectiveness while feeding him fairytales.

Even when state governments try to exercise development mandates, the Abjua Mafia, the gangsters that retained power after the election, guarantee the status quo, endless borrowing, stolen oil revenue and now secret partnerships with certain foreign powers to bring about a bloody civil war that almost everyone secretly wants.

Sound like America?

With South Africa, Baron Baretzky, of the South African Counter Intelligence Agency, attempts are being made to stifle the looting.  From World News Tomorrow:

 Baron Baretzky, the Chairman of the International CAMS-Regulator Committee said  last Friday, that a new reform of the mineral policy of Africa is vital, in particular, that of South Africa. He criticized Baretzkythe Kimberly Process for lacking the understanding and the real needs of people.

The South African Government that is pursuing the road of a Beneficiation Bill leaves much to say and could further destabilize investments in South Africa, he said. The Current perception  of mineral reforms is edging onto robin-hood tactics and could lead to a total collapse of the mineral industry, he warned.Baron Baretzky have been pushing for a Quality Assurance Bill to be implemented in South Africa to avoid the exploitation of minerals both internally and externally. 

He was widely criticized for this proposal during last year by the Diamond Board of South Africa. “The road-map of beneficiation is not an answer to the problem and nor will it ease the poverty he said” 

The South African GDP accounts for about 7-8 percent to its mineral industry and more than 40% on the economy interests is within the mining sector.The risk of ending the same as other failed African countries are vary large, he indicated. With the growing instability of the South African security issues, it becomes clear that the warning signs is written on the walls of the country.The window for such new reform might already be closed, Baron Baretzky added.

He explained that the idea of mining and land distribution is not a healthy sign and playing Robbin-hood is not a long term solution  and warns that this would cripple the long terms interest in the Mining sector that would lead to starvation. South Africa is now 18 years into a new democracy and its time to wake up and realize that the world has dealt with the past and moved on.

At home in America, electioneering is getting beyond reality.  The current conservative candidate, Mitt Romney, belongs to a cult-like religious sect, he is actually one of their leaders, that is generally excluded from consideration as “main stream.”  It would be easier to elect a member of the Taliban, waving an RPG in one hand and a bloody knife in the other than Mitt Romney.Mainstream conservatives or as they are called “Republicans,” had established a religious coalition of Evangelical Christians and Catholics.

However, a “Mormon” candidate is seen, in general, as offensive to the beliefs of both, more than an atheist, much more than a Jewish candidate or woman.The suspicion is that Romney’s “closet” is waiting for him, the possible indictment for a significant financial crime, that combined with his shady financial dealings, offshore accounts and “world record” low intelligence quotient, may well throw the Republican convention to the brother of former president Bush “43,” better known as “Jeb,” former governor or Florida.Ok, here’s today’s “freebee.”

This is considered classified in the US but “open source” but “suppressed out of courtesy” outside the US.  It seems, about 10 days ago, former President George W. Bush was riding his bicycle in his reasonably nice Dallas neighborhood.  Bush has the largest secret service detail in presidential history, almost as though he felt unlucky.At least one high powered rifle shot was fired, medium distance, which caused Bush to crash his bike and sustain minor injuries.  The incident was reported to all NATO and US intelligence agencies as an attempted assassination by “Al Qaeda.

“The hope in defeating Obama, secretly well ahead in real polls, is through manipulating food and fuel prices, running them as high as possible, groups like the Koch Brothers and others, who have been running unethical trading schemes to artificially drive up prices of things everyday Americans need, manipulate shortages,many see this as an eventuality though most moderates, almost half of Republicans and a probable majority of Democrats would have preferred Texas congressman Ron Paul, a fiery independent who, were he given the chance, would easily outdistance any other candidate, were such polls held.Such polls are never held, the answers would reveal a rigged political system.

One recent BBC poll of 40 thousand Brits sent me by my good friend Gilad Atzmon, someone smart enough to get put into the IDF band as soon as possible during his national service (saxophone) these results were tabulated and reported in Haaretz, the Israeli paper that does everything possible to see that as many Jews as possible are on Prozac all the time:

Countries Brits Don’t Like Much

Haaretz reported yesterday that, “Israel, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea were ranked most negatively by 24,000 people surveyed in an annual BBC poll.” THE BBC’S 4 BIG LOSERS


I can understand the results, somewhat at least.

  • Iran has promised to let “the sands of time erase the history of Zionism,” which sounds very much like a nuclear threat to me, especially when retranslated into “We are planning to build gas chambers and throw all Jews into them kicking and screaming.”  I have the same problem at my local deli, sometimes I get lettuce on chopped liver, sometimes lettuce and Russian dressing.  Jews aren’t all that good at language anymore.  Disappointing.  If I want Russian dressing, I will eat a pickle.
  • Half the people in some parts of Britain are from Pakistan.  Maybe they don’t like each other?  Explain?
  • As for North Korea, has anyone ever met anyone from North Korea?  Let’s face it, people from Britain are a socially challenged lot.  If it weren’t for North Korea, we would have to simply spy on each other, think of how boring that would be.
  • Israel, in the same list.  Do we start calling all Brits “Nazi anti-semites?”  If this were ABC and not BBC, we would all be in trouble.  Aren’t all BBC employees Jewish?  I think we have that pickle and Russian dressing problem again.  It couldn’t be those nasty reports sneaking out about the walled prison camps and cluster bombings of schools, the truth about Gaza and the West Bank..  I assure you, the BBC has never carried an accurate story about Israel in its history, everyone knows that.  I think the Israeli’s need to boycott Britain, no more cricket bats and Jaguars.  Last time anyone mentioned “boycott” and “Israel” in the same sentence, a tiny nuclear “car bomb” went off in Oslo and a Zionist MK-Zombie murdered a bunch of kids.  Now you see why Americans don’t have real polls.

Yet, some take solace in the attacks on Obama.  Having enemies with money, in the US, is as close to honesty as one can get, though not a promise of honesty and competence.  The odd thing with Obama is his incredible support among the Jewish community, over 80%, and the massive influx of capital to his opponents from a small group of Jewish billionaires who hate his independent Middle East policy.

I never knew he had a Middle East policy.

But then, what do I know?


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