Yasser Arafat’s Killing Tool was Not Polonium


Arafat’s Revenge? Israeli Men are Sterile


            … by  Bob Nichols

Yasser Arafat, Leader of the Palestinians

VeteransToday News Flash – July 11, 2012 – Israeli hospital sperm banks are considering not accepting any sperm donations from Israeli men because the quality is so uniformly poor.

More in vitro pregnancies result from foreign sperm today than Israeli sperm.

This is a result of twenty years of nuclear war and uranium weapons use in western Asia (aka: the Middle East,) and Central Asia.


(San Francisco) Yasser Arafat died Nov 11, 2004. Mr. Arafat was recognized throughout the world as the leader of the Palestinians.

Remember the date he died. It is important – Nov 11, 2004. That was 2,798 days ago. If there ever was any, the alleged original Polonium would have been 99.90234375% gone by Aug 28, 2008 and virtually undetectable.

That is why nuclear governments use Polonium for assassinations, it is undetectable after a defined period of time.

All possible traces (individual molecules) of any alleged Polonium that may  allegedly been used to kill Mr. Arafat had turned to miniscule pieces of lead by June 2, 2012, which we all have in us, naturally.

The allegation that Mr. Arafat was assassinated by the killer Polonium does not hold water. It is known that Polonium is used by nuclear governments to kill selected people.  At this date there is no way to prove Polonium was used to assassinate Mr. Arafat.

I do not dispute the word of the good people who were informed Polonium was the killing tool. I do wonder who put Polonium on Mr. Arafat’s things and perhaps even in his corpse many years after his death.

There is no other way on this planet for Polonium to be on Mr. Arafat’s things and/or in his body now.

Russian former KGB agent Livinenko 21livinenko
Russian former KGB agent Livinenko

This episode did create a worldwide stir and the death, or suggested state murder, of Mr. Arafat served as a diversion for millions and even billions of people.

Diversion from what and at whose order? The only likely suspects are the several nuclear weapons labs of the nuclear nations.

Why did government “experts” and everyday nuclear physicists let this charade go on? This whole thing is just plain wrong.

Who killed Russian Double Agent Livinencho?

“LONDON, Nov. 24, 2006 — The British authorities said today that Alexander V. Litvinenko, a former Russian K.G.B. officer and foe of the Kremlin, died of radiation poisoning here in what a senior official called ‘an unprecedented event.’”

Mr. Livenchko was killed in London by Polonium administered by unknown assassins.

Sources and Notes.
1. 0.0009765625 per cent of original Polonium left after 10 Half lives, or 1380 days.
Calculation results
From date: Thursday, November 11, 2004
Added 1380 days
Resulting date: Friday, August 22, 2008

2. Twenty Polonium Half lives ended:
Calculation results
From date: Thursday, November 11, 2004
Added 2760 days
Resulting date: Saturday, June 2, 2012

3. Duration calculation results From and including: Thursday, November 11, 2004.

To and including: Monday, July 9, 2012
It is 2798 days from the start date to the end date, end date included
Or 7 years, 7 months, 29 days including the end date

4. “Was Yasser Arafat killed by radioactive poison?” The Independent, London, UK. “Body of former Palestinian leader may be exhumed after polonium is found on clothes…”



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  • Syrian opposition leader: Syrian people suffering because of Russia’s position on conflict (AP)

More Breaking News

Researchers warn of rapid decline in quality of Israeli sperm

According to research at the Hadassah University Hospital-Mt. Scopus, continued decline could lead to the cessation of sperm-donation programs.

” Haaretz, Israel. “… A recent study at Jerusalem’s Hadassah University Hospital, Mt. Scopus has confirmed the findings of previous research indicating a sharp decline in the quality of semen provided by Israeli sperm donors…. related articles Sperm from foreign donors generates more pregnancies than Israeli sperm, study finds By Dan Even | Jul.08,2012 | 2:51 PM ” http://www.haaretz.com/researchers-warn-of-rapid-decline-in-quality-of-israeli-sperm.premium-1.449 http://tinyurl.com/7b378sy



  1. Hi The Rahnameh,

    There is not a U212 or U214 that I can find.

    Are you talking about radioactive isotopes of Lead and Bismuth that last less than 20 minutes Half life and would be 99.90% gone in less than 200 minutes?



  2. Hi Excalibur,

    Far Out! That’s some good thinking! Let’s look at those and see if they hold up.

    First and foremost, though, if we encourage an internationally visible autopsy with fully visible autopsy reports including proper machinery and personnel to accomplish the job — we are talking about a major scientific center including nuclear chemistry right off the bat. It’s very expensive. Who’s going to pay for it?

    But, let’s assume all those details are worked out. We cannot leave the science aside because; it is foremost. Finding Polonium 210 in or on Mr Arafat or his things would electrify the scientific world since it would have had to be planted there long after Mr Arafat was dead and buried. This would filter out to Normal people.

    Since Polonium 210 (Po 210) is a makes a part of a trigger for Atomic Bombs, Po 210 is watched even closer than “regular” radioactive material. Whether they did it or not, all the nuclear countries would immediately demand an investigation and want to know “Who did it? Who has the Polonium 210 supply, especially, if it is not us?”

    This is, hypothetically, now up to the level of a major international incident. The US Marines, or a similar armed force, WOULD find the source of supply and who had the Po 210.

    Bummer, Excaliber, the truth is if it is on Mr Arafat now, it was planted years after his death. That is what the Science tells us without a shadow of a doubt.

    The other side of the coin says that if the Po 210 was used to kill Mr Arafat in 2004 the Polonium is long gone and not recoverable or identifiable because it is not there.

    Well, you say the Russians, I say if it was planted it was organized by someone with really heavy connections with a nuclear weapons lab somewhere. That includes a very limited number of people in a limited number of countries.

    Yea, this side of the river is fine.



  3. Bob, forgetting the science for a moment – my brain was computing to work out the purpose of your article – and last night it spat out three possible options:

    To discourage analysis of Arafat’s exhumed body in the first place.

    To rubbish in advance any results that were positive for Polonium.

    To somehow infer that the Russians must be responsible for ‘planting’ polonium on Arafat’s body.

    Are you sure you are on the right side of the river – old boy?

  4. If the decrease in Israeli men’s sperm quality began 15 years ago, the cause/s must be environmental. I recall reading a book by the maverick Canadian-Israeli reporter Barry Chamish in which he claimed that the guy in charge of water resources (or similar) in Israel was a pal of Ariel Sharon put in charge by him (Sharon). The fellow was incompetent and water issues such as pollution and over-use were ignored. There was also an incident in the late 1990s in which some Australian athletes attending the Maccabiah Games fell into a river during the opening ceremony and were poisoned by the toxins in the river; some of the athletes died and one girl who incidentally lived in my local area needed hospital treatment for brain infections.

    Also Israel has hi-tech industries and it’s possible men there are being exposed to levels of electromagnetic radiation as well as low levels of DU poisoning (because Israel does use DU weapons) that are unhealthy for them. But the Israeli govt may not be advising that such exposure is dangerous through regulations and standards. It would be interesting to know if Israeli hospitals are reporting increases in deformations in newborn babies.

    As for Palestinians, how accurate is the reporting? Many people might be having children at home rather than hospital because Israeli soldiers are making it too hard for them to travel. So the reporting might be catching a small sample of mothers and newborns (ie those who do manage to reach hospitals).

  5. Hmm, you are welcome The Rahnameh,

    First, a couple of “house keeping” items.

    There are at least 1,946 radioactive isotopes. Second, the half life is correct. In the scientifically based world, these are absolute and the rules. If you don’t want to play by the rules, your choice is clear cut – Leave.

    After 2008 and the soon to be extinction of the polonium, basically, all bets are off.

    Second guessing the CIA, MI6, the KGB and other contractor Intel Services is futile and pointless. CIA is not nicknamed The Chaos Agency for nothing. I appreciate that you are trying to apply logic to top dog Psychopaths; but, that is your second mistake.

    For the topper, there will not be a war with Iran. They have far better conventional weapons, and the Aircraft Carriers prancing around out there are for the exclusive benefit of couch potato Americans. The Carriers are better classified as Big Obsolete Targets (BOT.)

    The Israelis don’t have the reach, besides, there is nothing left of their Sperm, they don’t have a future, at all. The world just has to contain and ignore them a while longer.



  6. Interesting. Thanks, Bob, you are actually a very knowledgeable resource. The possibility exists that the Polonium was planted in a latent manner, but the possibility that someone would plant it to frame Israel (and Russia) is likely zero. All other suspects, Iran, the United States, France, China, etc. either would not have access to the body and effects of Arafat, be under such fervent inspection that escaping with any Polonium would be laughable, look too obvious, or have no motive, benefit, or intent to do so. In addition, they would all know better than to plant Polonium, if it really does have the type of half-life that would make it disappear well before 2012.

    Indeed, the modus operandi here indicates that if there was a planting, it was a self-inflicted injury to claim a framing had occurred. Michael Shrimpton indicates MOSSAD is angling that it was Iran. Thus, it would bear possibility that the lab comes back post-discovery of the initial Polonium and suddenly blames Iran. Boom, there’s WWIII.

    Continuing the conversation: what you have described above is the pooling or concentration of traceable radiation, specifically U238, throughout the body in men and women. Does it also occur with Polonium? Does this pooling or concentration occur in corpses?

  7. The Rahnameh, I’m starting a new string with your question.

    “The Rahnameh
    July 12, 2012 – 9:44 pm(Edit)

    Would any radioactive traces show up in the sperm samples?”

    The answer is Absolutely Yes, without a doubt. Of course, the sperm has to be tested for radiation. The sperm has phosphates in it chemically naturally. The uranium ions are drawn like a magnet to phosphates. That means uranium is found in the whole body, of course, but is really concentrated in the ball, brains and bones. It is also concentrated in women’s ovaries.


  8. Hi Jim, that’s a very on-target question. It also points out why scientific studies like these are so vitally important and rare.

    I always go to the science involved and review as much actual data as possible to attempt to draw an accurate picture. One that is separate from the outright purposeful lies of the governments involved. The projected hopes and fears of the populations involved are very real and almost always wrong.

    What the few studies show for Western Asia (aka: The Middle East) and Central Asia is that the all important Total Fertility Rate for the included populations has fallen off a cliff in the past 15 to 20 years.

    That is why this study is so important, it is of a specific population that is subject to similar environmental conditions as many others in Central and Western Asia. It is impossible to see that they would be much different.

    After all, Palestinians and Israelis breathe the same air.


  9. Look, Mr. Nichols, I’m not a layman. You cannot tell me that half-life measurements are accurate when that has been the most major part of the debate about them since they began, and clearly, techniques are being announced that “improve the accuracy” of half-life measurements with more sensitive devices to take the measurements. Thus, this indicates the measurement is not as fool-proof as you indicate. In theory, it is a constant. In practice, half-life measurements have changed SEVERAL times over the years.

    Do nuclear experts rely on it? Yes, but not in the fashion that you claim “over matters of life and death” (paraphrased). They would never stake their lives on a half-life measurement. They would check for the presence of radiation in the standard way if that were the risk.

    I am not about to argue specs of a radioactive isotope when it’s obvious who did it. This is like when they pretended U214s were U212s. Just change one number, trickery it through…

  10. The sperm counts are low, lots of dead sperm in the donated sample, and also weak ones that are not good swimmers (this is not a joke). If you will check Craigslist you will find solicitations for for donors constantly.

    It seems, as with organs (Israelis don’t donate as religious ones want to take it all with them…they get them overseas a lot. And the scandals with the Eastern European tricked and hijacked donors gives you some idea of the ‘non-Holyland’ gene/DNA pool they are drawing from.

    Bob, it does not seem to be effecting the Pals with their high birthrates, especially the one living in the camps all of these years. What do you think the discrepancy is?

  11. That’s rubbish, The Rahnmeh. The half life of radioactive isotopes is a universally accepted and proven constant; most importantly, it is different for all 1,946 known radioactive isotopes.

    No, it does not change.



  12. Interesting idea. Risky to who or what institution and why?

    It’s a good reliable killer and disappears when the killing job is done.

  13. Way to go EthanAllen, Good question,

    Israeli sperm banks use Hospital laboratories to report the quality of Israeli sperm. The quality is very poor and does not cause pregnancies.

    Since the sperm death and impairment problem is specifically about Israeli sperm it is not about sperm designated as “Other Sperm.” Most of the sperm bank created pregnancies are by non-Israeli sperm which means they are good, working sperm.

    In my view, the Israelis are an extinct people with no chance of recovery.

    This has all happened in the past 15 years. that is very, very fast in biology. But, once done, it is a done deal; there is no going back.


  14. Good thought process, Excalibur.

    The answer is pretty simple. We are not talking about that. The genetic labs have determined the very rapid decline in sperm quality and ability to cause pregnancy started about 15 years ago.

    So, your question is excluded as not relevant or what we are talking about. Try to stay focused.



  15. Good comments and questions, The Rahnameh and Excalibur,

    First, the Half life question. Yes, the number is iron-clad, run by scientifically controlled experiment and always, absolutely always gets the same answers. You can bet your life on it, as many people building nuclear weapons routinely do.

    Really good question about the years. The real key is that there is not just one radioactive element; there are, at last count in Nov, 2011 exactly 1,946 different radioactive isotopes.

    And every radioactive isotope has different fixed Properties, one of which is the Half life. Cobalt 60, for example kills 10 Million per Gram finely divided. A Gram is about a one twentieth of an ounce. Yea, that is right, so an ounce of Cobalt 60 kills a lot of people – about 300 Million.

    Look up the Table of the Elements on the Net and you will see a lot of entries.

    The 16th Century of chemistry holds that “dilution is the solution to pollution.” Not so with nuclear materials and large, highly lethal reactor cores. Dumping in the sea simply means the deadly radioactive material is “finely distributed” in the water. It’s really, really bad.

    The Polonium kills people in such tiny quantities and the damage is inside the cells, so it is not evident and cannot be seen; the target person dies and the Polonium disappears after a while. Nuclear countries love it as an easily administered tool for assassins.


  16. “Researchers warn of rapid decline in quality of Israeli sperm.”
    Did the research consider both Israeli sperm from Jewish sources and sperm from Palestinians? If so was there a measurable difference?

  17. Mr. Dean, please consider that there is no such thing as a group of professionals without the money to drive them and that this money is controlled completely and internationally by the enemy.

  18. Nonsense. Let me ask you a simple question: is half-life decay a universally accurate measurement or an estimation or guess dependent on a wide variety of circumstances?

  19. Could israeli sperm simply be damaged by inbreeding between the same families and tribes over millennia?

  20. Forgive me for my scientific ignorance – but I always thought that the one thing environmentalists have always claimed about radio-activity, nuclear material and the things contaminated by it – was that it remained dangerous for hundreds of years. Hence such contaminated waste was sealed in concrete and buried or dumped in the sea – and Chernobyl cannot be re-populated.

    In the case of Mr Arafat Would not cell tissue and organs be affected in a particular way by radiation anyway?

  21. Well the jury is still out…and may stay out. If the wife does not agree to more testing, and that is done by a professional group with no axe to grind…then what happened may never be known.

    I suspect there are a lot of people that would not be unhappy about that.

  22. Arafat died from a sudden corrosive agent, the effects were clear on his body as he shriveled up.

    But the author here accepts without dispute a few troubling facts:
    1- that the amount reported of Polonium was the same amount found;
    2- that the persons committing the assassination used an amount sufficient to even perform a half-life test with any accuracy;
    3- that laboratory half-life measurements are standard and proof-positive/accurate;
    4- that the half-life of Polonium is, indeed, accurate; and,
    5- that there exists a motive to overtly pin blame on two immediate suspects: A- Russia, see Litvenko and B- Israel – who else would have done it?

    Of course, eliminating those nations with nuclear labs that have no ability to actually reach the corpse for planting, it really leaves the US as the main culprit.

    But this isn’t the first time Israel has been caught red-handed and come out with immediate propaganda of questionable nature to try to sideline the truth. For instance, see Michael Shrimpton and his ridiculous DVD assertions. Or the Mavi Marmara incident.

    There is no way they would openly admit what they did, even though it’s glaringly obvious and all indications point to it. The same with 9/11.

  23. Well, this means it must have been planted. But is someone was ‘connected enough’ to get some on his clothes, especially if they were in the wife’s hands all of this time, then they ‘should’ have been slick enough to know about the half life degeneration.

    So, that leaves the possibility that someone might have wanted him exhumed to be checked for whatever because he was not, the body, after he died. But I am a bit confused as the French had specimens from his care, blood, etc.

    But they could only test for the things they were looking for, which is where the Intel whackers work the seams, knowing what is not looked for by coming up with new stuff.

    I will pass this on to Uri. The tie in with the Russian poisoned with the stuff and the reported new traces found would automatically herd folks toward a conclusion that the early one had been missed. But half lives are half lives.

    So we are back to my original questions in the piece…Why now?…and Who stands to benefit? The plot thickens.

  24. Yes, it certainly is; but, that cannot be proven now. That’s why nuclear governments use Polonium 210 for assassinations, the Polonium cannot be detected after a period of time because it is simply not there.

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