Press TV: Special Ops con, imaginary warfare and non-existent enemies


Special Ops con, imaginary warfare and non-existent enemies



By Gordon Duff and Press TV

With an election book by a SEAL, real or imaginary, out now, it is time for an honest discussion of “Special Operations” from someone who has actually sat through “mission planning” sessions involving three continents.

Thus far, the quotes I have read, of finding an unidentified old man shot but not dead and then shooting his wounded body repeatedly makes sense.

Any old man would do as lying about who it is can easily be done under cloak of secrecy, like lying about the helicopter crash though photos of the downed “carbon fibre stealth helicopter” were in every paper.

Witness also so crash dead, crew and SEALS. We lied about that too.

Someone may have murdered an old man; we have no idea who neither did they. The whole thing was staged, go somewhere, kill an old man, claim it is Osama bin Laden, move General Petraeus to CIA and he can’t claim he killed bin Laden and run for president.

The whole thing was a political con.

Then, noting from this recent book that SEALS are obsessed with leaking information, we had a record number of SEAL deaths in an air crash in Afghanistan reported soon after, totaling as many dead SEALS as the entire Vietnam War.

Let’s start with the con of Vietnam. The US was involved, I am guessing as I am no longer sure of anything, in a Cold War. Under the surface, however, the world’s banking system, the same one that controls the Federal Reserve, also built up Russia, made deals for their diamonds to join DeBeers “price fixing” and, of course, most of Russia’s spying on America went through Israel and agents like Jonathan Pollard, one of hundreds.

Two things come to mind in Vietnam. One was the major effort to blame others for the flow of heroin from the Golden Triangle on a single incident where someone put an ounce of heroin in a body being sent home.

The real heroin shipments went by container on US ships, flown into DaNang by planes and helicopters out of Laos. Money went in, heroin came out. I have some minor personal knowledge of this.

The other major issue was the “Phoenix Program.” This involved the killing of thousands of South Vietnamese thought to be “dangerous.”

The real politics of the time were simple. The US took over from the French, installed a Catholic government over a country that was 95% Buddhist and the country tried to throw the regime out. The Diem government, we eventually assassinated him ourselves, was totally corrupt. Vietnam never had an election, like we really don’t have them here anymore. I have seen them up close and personal, rigged 100%.

Our enemy in Vietnam? We fought against the NLF, a wide group of religious and educated people who made up most of the population. The National Liberation Front was not communist but rather a wide political group that fought the US backed totalitarian regime and its murderous secret police.

Thus, our effort through the “Phoenix Program” to “terminate with extreme prejudice” (our euphemism for murder at the time) every decent person in Vietnam was fairly successful. Unarmed innocent people make easy targets.

The US had promised, in 1954, to allow the people of Vietnam to have a referendum to form a single nation. We signed a treaty in Geneva guaranteeing it.

We violated that treaty and a generation of American died.

The government of North Vietnam turned to Russia for aid. They never liked China, weren’t particularly communist and, historically, had strong ties to the US, having worked closely with us against the Japanese and the French collaborators during World War II.

We lied about all of that and still do. North Vietnam would very easily have been a better ally for the US than South Vietnam and if the country were to have been joined together under the rule of the north, things would be like they are now. They would do business with us, Americans would go there on vacation as thousands do and Vietnam would belong to NO anti-American conspiracy.

A third thing I might mention is about special operations in Vietnam. Some involved trips in Laos and Cambodia, sightseeing missions, none of which accomplished anything whatsoever and others, these are highly classified, involved trying to capture American defectors who were said to be leading “Viet Cong” groups like the “Q84” company.

The American “renegades” were always described as “black militants” and “Marines.” I wore out a pair of boots following them or someone around.

Soon afterward, our engorged special operations capability, all with too much time on its hands and years of experience driving around Vietnam in jeeps (Ford build M151 “mighty-mites”), socializing with local young ladies and periodically drifting off into the war where locals would shoot at them from time to time set their eyes on Central America.

Other than Costa Rica, we had several nations with problems. El Salvador needed to suppress newspapers, a democratic movement that wanted to end slave labor, Guatemala wanted to implement genocide to kill several hundred thousand “Indians” and Nicaragua had just installed a democratic government replacing the vicious military dictatorship of Somoza, a moronic clown that makes Noriega and the Bush family look like Albert Einstein on steroids.

Our answer there, as in other countries was to organize “death squads” by training local elites in torture and mass murder techniques at the School of the Americas.

In Guatemala, we supplied the government with hundreds of “tacticals,” Subaru 4 wheel drive trucks with machineguns mounted on them. They were taken from village to village, shooting down everything that moved.

In El Salvador, tens of thousands were murdered, anyone demanding freedom of speech and a fair wage. “Enemy” meant “union member” or anyone with an education.

We hired mercenaries, trained them in Honduras and sent them across Nicaragua to murder teachers, nurses, nuns, doctors and local officials, all of whom we had labeled “Sandinista infrastructure.”

I sat through the meetings where those “death lists” were prepared.

Simultaneously, we hired pilots and small ships to supply them. Funny thing, they always ended up in Colombia picking up cocaine and never delivered ammunition and medical supplies.

Think “Mena.” I have some minor personal knowledge of this also. Many of those involved were close associates in New Orleans of characters in Oliver Stone’s film, JFK.

Throughout South America, tens of thousands “disappeared,” Chile, Argentina, Brazil, the nation that loved cleaning the streets of homeless children, sending them to underwater “orphanages” where sharks would help in their “schooling.”

All of this was done by US “special operations” personnel, some longtime friends, all planned in the US, some overseen by the CIA, some by rogue operatives in the White House under what we now know as “Iran/Contra.” Where Americans weren’t holding the guns, we stood by watching.

Sometimes we only trained and directed the killings.

We had been running wars in Africa for years as well, starting in the Congo where Patrice Lumumba of Katanga Province (read “uranium”) had to be killed. Then UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold got in the way and his plane was shot down.

We propped up military regimes across West Africa, we installed what we thought was a puppet in Libya and, with the British and French, continued to suppress any attempt at democratic reform.

Anyone remember the war in Angola? I still socialize with people who fought there and in Rhodesia, in fact, I am surrounded by them.

J B Campbell, the author, served in Rhodesia.

Can we talk about Europe? Our “special operations” units there involved cutting a deal with a Freemason group called “P2.” This was Operation Gladio (a “Gladio” is the short sword carried by a Roman gladiator)

We trained groups in Europe and other nations, 37 in total, to become an “underground terror network” in case the Soviet Union was to “take over.”

In the end, however, our own friends turned on us and for nearly 20 years blew up trains and buses, public buildings, kidnapped officials, murdered an Italian prime minister, Aldo Moro, attacked NATO intelligence officers, all with our own weapons, our own training and from bases set up by NATO.

The Norwegian incident with Andrew Breveik is a carryover of that time. He and his friends, Norwegian police, the groups that helped him in Poland, his fellow gang members in Norway, are all 2nd generation “P2/Gladio” groups.

They are particularly active in France now and, I have it on good authority, are planning a continent wide move against Muslims in Europe, beginning in France.

None of this will ever be reported in the US though it has already started in Marseilles.

Saddam, of course, was an American ally, and as Ron Paul told congress when he read the Wikileaks cable to an empty House of Representatives, the Bush 41 administration had instructed Saddam to move troops into Kuwait.

Then we started a war to kick him out. This, of course, was in all the papers, look it up. It won’t be on the internet, “scrubbing” took care of that but it was reported just the same.

Were I to explain Iran, Egypt or Israel, it would take days, suffice it to say, nothing any American has ever been told is remotely true.

Egypt just fired 70 generals, all of whom had been taking orders from Tel Aviv. They will be replaced with more of the same, I am afraid.

We could then discuss the WMD’s and the Second Gulf War. Some like to credit Israel with orchestrating the war. The Israel lobby in Washington did plan it and order the timetable, actually schedule the invasion and helped collect the stooges and liars that supplied the phony intelligence.

I guess they do deserve some blame.

I won’t discuss 9/11 except to say that an airliner hitting one of the twin towers would have the same effect as throwing a ping pong ball against the side of a garbage truck.

So much for my analogies of pretty accurate science and engineering.

Can we start with the “special ops” in Afghanistan? First of all, there was no viable intelligence that Al Qaeda ever existed much less had training facilities in Afghanistan. No Al Qaeda has ever been found anywhere though several busboys and taxi drivers after years of kidnapping and torture have admitted to being Al Qaeda. They will also tell you they are the Easter bunny if you ask.

Everything about special operations is a joke. Intelligence lasts 48 hours, and then targets move. Instead, we kidnap people, fly them around for days, torture them for years and pretend we get valuable intelligence out of them.

The whole thing is a joke.

Our friends? Who are they? As usual, we go back to our lessons of the Cold War. We side against the people and only go to war for oil or drugs with massive profits on wasted munitions and phony development projects to sweeten the deal for friends of the political hacks that support these wars.

Wars are 100% “pork.”

We have never killed an Al Qaeda leader. The militants we kill are people who we shot at first, people militant because we invaded their country.

When they use their considerable expertise and a curious amount of high tech equipment delivered by American allies to kill thousands of American troops, we just keep sending more in and never ask questions.

This is the nature of secrecy and special operations, we lie to our own, they lie to everyone else, and secrecy covers up the fact that we started the wars we are in for no reason at all; no targets, no “militants,” and the only “extremists” were and still are in the United States.

Our drone attacks, contrary to our reports, have systematically targeted rival drug lords to those who we installed as rulers of Afghanistan or those who refuse to submit to being ruled by the gangsters of the Northern Alliance and the oil puppet Karzai.

That means, of course, all of Afghanistan and about a third of Pakistan.

Every “secret mission” has one purpose, to silence someone. The “kill the old man and lie about him being bin Laden” raid in Pakistan is one of thousands.

About 80% of them end up killing innocent civilians. We get wrong houses. Who are the ones we wanted to kill? Oh, they are our enemies, people who fight against foreign invaders as though they were the kind of people we wish every American was.

This is what every war we have fought for all these years, wars you have never heard of, the dead Archbishops, the raped and murdered nuns, the doctors and nurses piled up beside roads, the journalists shot in the head along with an endless supply of dead children.

Secrecy allows us to make up stories, remember Kuwait and Saddam, the babies being taken out of the incubators or Colin Powell caught lying to the UN about Iraq?

When every statement released by the US is carefully investigated, it is all proven to be a total fiction.

Our dead and maimed kids are real.

Our 15 million Americans in prison are real.

Our children addicted to heroin 90% cheaper than it was 40 years ago is real.

Our collapsed banks and insurance companies are not real; a financial institution with “no finances” is not real.

The War on Terror was always made up and the reports of terrorists arrested always turn out to be FBI recruits, paid with taxpayer money or, like in Detroit, a young mental case hand carried through customs into First Class seating with no passport or visa and a defective bomb strapped to his crotch.

As with 9/11, where many were arrested, nearly 200, but none exist, the other arrest at that Christmas bombing, observed by a planeload of passengers, that person disappeared as well.

We have reliable information that what are called “terrorists” are 90% FBI informants and have actually been able to track down the accounts they are paid from and the FBI agents who handle them, pay their bills, rent their apartments and help them shop.

Someone, please, dispute any of this.


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Gordon Duff posted articles on VT from 2008 to 2022. He is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War. A disabled veteran, he worked on veterans and POW issues for decades. Gordon is an accredited diplomat and is generally accepted as one of the top global intelligence specialists. He manages the world's largest private intelligence organization and regularly consults with governments challenged by security issues. Duff has traveled extensively, is published around the world, and is a regular guest on TV and radio in more than "several" countries. He is also a trained chef, wine enthusiast, avid motorcyclist, and gunsmith specializing in historical weapons and restoration. Business experience and interests are in energy and defense technology.