Embassy Killings in Libya, the Stench of CIA/Mossad “False Flag” (Updated)


Real Intelligence Reports at Total Odds with Reported News


by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


Recent reports tying Coptic Christians to the “film” which was never the issue in the Middle East upheaval is an attempt by the same forces responsible for the Alexandria church bombings to bring about civil war between Christians and Muslims in Egypt.

That bombing was traced to the Mossad.

Investigations by me, published yesterday on Press TV’s website, cited “Reverand” and “Doctor” Terry Jones as the source of the videos cited for instigating violence across the Middle East. 

Our investigation into Jones past showed him to be a trained CIA asset with direct ties to the Mossad. He served in Germany for years as an organizer for the CIA under the highly secret “Gladio” program until expelled by the German government.  You can be a CIA agent, even a terrorist bomber but in Germany, if you buy a mail order PhD, it is a crime.  “Dr.” Terry Jones would have been better off had he called himself “Agent” Terry Jones.

VT offers its heartfelt condolences to the family of Ambassador Stevens and the families of the other Americans lost in Libya.

Here is an MSNBC clip covering their “day late” discovery of Jones at the heart of what is a conspiracy, not only to cause unrest but as a cover for assassinations of US diplomats by highly trained special operations teams. 

YouTube - Veterans Today -

The network news has been told to find a way to blame “Al Qaeda” on the killings at the embassy in Libya.  It has now become an accepted fact that the demonstrations were orchestrated to cover the murders. 

The video below is part of the streaming broadcast which includes scenes that are illegal to show, thus is only a short representation.

YouTube - Veterans Today -

First of all as to the “film” or whatever.  As news managed to get past the “controllers,” it became obvious that the “Israeli” director never existed and the film had been financed by a group out of Las Vegas in the casino business tied directly to the Romney campaign.

This we know.  You will see no reporting of this although the security around those funding the film and the quick “pounce” Romney made on Obama are enough to spark curiosity, if such a thing existed.

I am not willing to name Sheldon Adelson as the person who financed the film.  Someone should ask him, however.

Normally, by now, we would have SITE Intelligence, the Mossad operation that takes credit in the name of invented terror organizations dig up a mysterious website taking credit.

(UPDATE) Below, dated 9/12/2012 at 11:35 PM we received the confirmation of the cover story.  This time it was CNN as the fall guy, someone had to be stupid enough to get suckered into pulling out the “Al Qaeda did it” ruse.  However, as their time stamp is on the article, what applies now is “caught in the act.”  Below is the VT date stamp predicting the Al Qaeda story, by 6 hours and 13 minutes exactly:

We expected SITE Intelligence to fall for it but, instead, CNN has chosen to take part in the providing “cover and deception” for the attacks:


CNN Falls Victim, Set up by VT as Fall Guy for Attack Complicity

The reason that hasn’t happened is that the mainstream news went from “the evil Muslim mobs did it” to “it was a conspiracy” quicker than expected.  Give them a day and they will come up with what has been asked of them.  That?

A phony website is, in all probability, being prepared to announce that the attack in Libya and the special operations aspect of the killings of the American diplomats was done by “highly trained jihadists.”

I hope this announcement in advance doesn’t interfere with their efforts.



Actual intelligence sources in Libya have told us the following:

Printed and distributed days in advance

The killings of the diplomats were done under the cover of the riots which had been orchestrated in advance over a series of days. 

Four color printed placards were ready to distribute prior to the Jones “stream-cast” and groups had been warned in advance to prepare for a “serious foreign threat.”

The actual killings are said to have been done by a team of newly trained Special Forces from the United Arab Emirates working directly in conjunction with the Mossad.

Crowds were being managed by French DGSE agents, seen by the dozen, and British security service personnel were present but their role was not clear. 

What is clear is that this was a carefully planned operation, orchestrating civil protests in order to facilitate the killing of American diplomats.”


The reasons for the entire operation are several.  Two in particular are mentioned by analysts who actually observed some of the advance planning in both Egypt and Libya.

There are more than two, however.

  • Netanyahu wished to embarrass President Obama after receiving a “slight” over his upcoming visit to the US.  Though Obama phoned Netanyahu, there will be no White House visit.
  • Netanyahu and his US affiliates carefully orchestrated these terror acts with supporters of the Romney camp including the “donors” responsible for the production of the original film.
  • CIA cooperation in an attack on American diplomats was arranged through Bush era intermediaries who manage contractor firms that are now tasked with all CIA “black ops”
  • Netanyahu is very upset at the US for scaling back joint military operations and actually citing Israel, during secret briefings, as a potential threat to US forces.
  • Netanyahu has been further emotionally destabilized by nearly violent confrontations with US Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey and US Ambassador to Israel Dan Shapiro, a close friend of President Obama’s.

As more information comes available and we are able to provide additional verifications, all printed above carries “double” verification already, we will keep our readers informed.


  1. Benghazi consulate attack was targeted assault says security guard

    The guard, who works for a British firm, said there was no demonstration over a controversial anti-Islamic film before extremists stormed the compound… The security guard, one of an unarmed five-man squad employed by Blue Mountain security, said … the attack was well co-ordinated and came in from three sides, …

    He said those he heard speak had local, Benghazi accents, though he added that two men “looked foreign”. … some of the attackers wore masks, and many had their trouser legs rolled up – a mark of Salafi, … likely to be a group of Islamists gathered for the purpose of the assault.

    Susan Rice, …insisted on Sunday that the attack on the consulate had started with a protest about the anti-Islam film

    Many different accounts have emerged from the chaos of the attack last Tuesday. Among those that now appear not to be true is the claim that Mr Stevens was dead when he was found in a secure room.

    A video posted online appeared to show a group of civilians finding him and declaring he was still alive. The video showed them shouting “Allahu akbar” after one man declares he is breathing.

    A member of the Libyan brigade sent to help clear the consulate described how he had helped carry Mr Stevens, still alive, to the car that took him to hospital.

    – By Richard Spencer, Benghazi, 7:44PM BST 17 Sep 2012


  2. Jim Stone has updated his report on that so-called Benghazi killing of the US ambassador.

    1. There is no great Islamic uprising occuring, especially over a movie which is now proven to not exist.

    2. It appears ….. it was staged. …..

    3. There is no Benghazi consulate. ……

    A. The “embassy vehicle” is not an embassy vehicle. …… U.S. embassies …… in hostile areas…… ALWAYS send diplomats around in armored cars with bullet proof glass. What is … in the photos is just an ordinary civilian car with normal glass…..

    B. ……One …. articles stated that the “consulate” opened in 2011, yet no where on the Department of State web site was this “consulate” listed. …..

    C. …..the photos …. show a fancy house …. According to the scale provided by the Guardian, the house is approximately 10,000 square feet and has an additional 3,000 square foot annex…… Such an enormous size would….. employ at least 125 people …… Where are the rest of them?……

    D. In one of the stories we have mortars. In another we have “it burned to the ground” (a flat impossibility, it was concrete). In another story we have it got flamed. That definitely did happen, but what about the other two stories? Where are the holes in the concrete from it getting shelled?

    E. And, why is there a washing machine thrown into the swimming pool? Why is there trash strewn everywhere? Where is the flag pole? …… Where is the consulate placard ….. ? …. there is not even a temporary flag holder on the front, a requirement for ANY embassy or consulate. There is no trashed office furniture, no smashed office equipment, and …. why is a fancy front load washer at the bottom of the pool? That alone proves the place did not get robbed…..

    F: And then we have the location. This “consulate”…… is located out in the middle of NOWHERE. ….. The appropriate arrangement for a consulate would be a 7/11 store sized rental unit on the third floor of an office building in the heart of the city.

    On top of this, the various news agencies can’t even get the location of the consulate straight, proof of a bullshit story.

  3. A very pertinent yet totally ignored factoid. Question, did they recover “Barbara’s” parachute. And what did a “bailout” at 550+ knots do to ‘her’ anatomy? Perhaps ‘her cellphone’ was actually an ET transporter device that “beamed her off the plane” prior to the imaginary impact. I love “loose ends”.

  4. Today is the last day of the yewish calendar. Could it be, that the new year will begin with a big ban?


    After reading this actual kind of war mongering in a mayor british newspaper, we should be prepared for everything. So the non existing, but carefully staged muslim “uprisings”, loaded with lies over lies and media deceptions, could be nothing more than a perfect distraction for the coming “real thing”.


    Yes, Mr. Netanjahu wants his war with Iran and the NATO forces will carry it out for him. Nice plan!

  5. This would be the moment to look back, a little over a year ago, just before Obama entered the trap laid out by the N.A.T.O. military move into Libya and have a listen to the words of advice Louis Farrakhan, gives to Obama and the American People, on the dangers posed by such a move. Take a few minutes with this one;


    And for your review, the buffoonery of the current Secretary of State of the United States of America, and wife of former President Bill Clinton, on the completed transfer of power in Libya by N.A.T.O. thugs stealing Oil and Water under the cover of “spreading democracy”, imposing the vile Rothschild template of the Petro/Dollar charade used by, Bush the Horrific, in Iraq, and now currently “in the works” for Iran.
    You want blowback? Here is a little causal event for the record.

    View this sickness here;


  6. Er, slightly o-t
    From the horse’s mouth –

    Insurgents have attacked Nato’s heavily fortified Camp Bastion
    base in southern Afghanistan.
    … The Taliban told the BBC that they carried out the
    attack in revenge for a film mocking Islam which has triggered
    protests around the Muslim world.
    … Camp Bastion is situated in the middle of the desert with
    excellent visibility all around, says the BBC’s Jonathan Beale in Kabul.
    It is extremely heavily fortified and coalition forces are investigating
    how militants were able to stage the brazen surprise assault.
    The UK’s Prince Harry began a second tour of duty at the base
    just over a week ago, but is said to be unharmed…


  7. The Hegalian Dialectic is at work and well, The Zionist Bankers IE (Rockefellers, Rothchilds ECT)are clearly using Christians against Muslims to Bring about their NEW WORLD ORDER, The main stream media is nothing more then Mind Control, Americans better wake up and fast before we are uder Martail Law. The upcoming election is all about making Americans think we still live in a Constitutional Republic and have a choice. I would suggest reading Officer Jack McLambs book titled POLICE AND MILITARY AGAINST THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Their is no Left or Right , their is either LIBERTY or TYRANNY. LIsten to Jack Mclamb at Republic Broadcasting Network Sundays 12:00 PM-1:00PM @www.republic broadcasting .org

  8. Gordon, caught your latest on presstv, just wanted to say I hope the readers here, and globally, appreciate and understand the seriously solid significance of your efforts.
    I certainly do. Thank you.

    As to Nakoula,they had him on a string.
    Whatever movie he ‘made’, went through post-production and then some (I’m assuming you already know most of this).

  9. More fake news. You’re right on the money. With green screen technology and complete media fakery, there is no way to prove any of this is real. Pictures, video — all not verifiable. Hollywood East in overdrive these days.

  10. Question: Exactly where did this take place again?

    I thought US embassy location was Tripoli. Are they morphing the name..embassy to consular to mission to safe house…WTF.

    Something smells.


  11. It’s so refreshing to have a truthful article coming from a military man that I can send my father. He will take what you say very seriously, due to your background.

    As far as the reason for this very elaborate “false flag” operation, I have to warn you. I’ve been told that this is being used as a prelude to World War III. They will ramp it up as quickly as possible, because those behind the “riot and murder” productions have a deadly agenda for, believe it or not, the United States. We are going to be seriously attacked, and this attack will be blamed on Muslims or other patsies.

    Many millions of lives are at stake, and that is why it’s so important that you’re bringing these machinations to light. Only through fearless people such as yourself will we save this country and this world from the very dark plans of those who have absolutely no compunction about killing and crushing anyone in their way to GET their way.

  12. Go Gordon you are almost there. I even wrote Obama from the beginning “Justice is right but must apply to all, freedom of speech dies not exclude responsibility for the consequences” Hillary did come in with a good speech, so wrote again, “need you force to support Hillary words, it has to stop th stupidity of these arsonist
    If we had acted from the beginning to apply both laws they might not have gone that far since we were applying JUSTICE to all” Our troops are not there to protect stupidity or worse. Arrest those people now….
    as you stop planned follow up violence abroad. Netanyahu is desperate Obama is winning..
    You article about 0/9/11 are finally being picked up. And the complicity and methods of Israel will finally come to and end. without another “Liberty cover up to protect anti Semitism”. I am spreading it right to the Birch
    Society Forum and etc,

  13. In addition, could it be, that the mob was directly given a hint by the “security” on the ground?


    Is it true that the US government was prewarned 48 hours ahaid of the riots in Libya and in Egypt?


    It seems that the “revolution eats is own children” now, the “Brotherhood” now begins to show it’s real agenda. We saw this already in Afghanistan, now in Syria, Dagesthan, Libya, Egyt and Yemen.


    Yes, all of these last events where perfectly staged, the blaming on the copts is also perfectly fabicated and placed into the western media for poplüular consumption, the riots on several places in northern Africa are well planned and timely coordinated and orchestrated.

    Did no one ever think about the “real” meaning of “the muslim brotherhood”? As Jorsan Maxwell uses to say: “Go and do your homework”. I suggest to read David Livingstone’s Ebooks:




    William Engdahl’s latest article here on VT gives an actual update to this. The US is going to do more of the same, in that it plans to send much more drones to Libya. What a total mess of US foreign politics.

    To be real, all this is only possible through the “war on terror”. And now we will even get more of this!

  14. Can it be that the place in Bengazi, where the riots and killings occured, isn’t an US embassy at all? It that the only US embassy in Libya is in Tripoly. Look here for proof:


    I’m wondering, what are we talking about here? More questions about this and massive (yet unconfirmened) israeli military mobilization on:


    I would like to know more about all this. Are they now faking embassies in the press? Shouldn’t the readers of VT be better informed about the real facts?

    I’m left with a profound doubt about what is right and what is wrong in this “false flag attack”.

  15. thank you, Thomson, for providing some balance. gordon is over tilted here. i for one know that mossad has done a lot of bad, bad things. but the freaking bush/clinton/obama crime syndicate is also evil & using these situations to their advantages.

    i am sick of the constant villifying of Israel, even though the mossad zionists have done a lot of very heinous things. obama is a freaking fraud loser who loves islam more than this country imho. i am sick of the love of this media giving idiot obama a full pass on the murders of our AMBASSADOR and 3 other Americans. they are attacking ROMNEY, not obama. sick & stupid and overkill against Israel here.

  16. It’s about repeating the negative mantra. When we repeat a positive mantra, we’ll see some change. This is the basis of mind control…but who controls is who or what you put your attention on…it could be used for good or for evil. God or Satan. Hope or Despair. This is why religion is so dangerous and powerful.

  17. Some conclusions here seem sound, but not g’s trademark Probama Speculation ™: Mitt Romney, James Bondeqsue super villain extraordinaire, lurks behind everything, when not marching in gay pride parades. Vote Obama. O’s CIA too (source: progressive Wayne Madsen), and yes, his un-diplomatic Secretary of State, the victim’s boss, publicly mocked the brutal public lynching of Libya’s leader, but never mind that, nothing to see here, move along. Some CIA is good for you. Next week on VT: DNC banner ads.

    Yes, CIA and Mossad (read: CFR world management) want to trigger religious/cultural fear/hate/violence. Now here’s some real intel on the subject. Terry Jones EXPOSED –

    We have only g’s word that anything is doubly or singly verified. “Our investigation into Jones past” is not backup, just a claim. Ed Chiarini shows photos. I’ll buy only half Ed’s photo sets, but think he caught Jones without anonymous mystery spooks relaying murky intrigues in Chinese restaurants. He used open source intel. Surely you’ve heard of it. We’re not talking just a few isolated photos, either, but a whole nexus of actors and officers linked in various media frauds. Ed’s stuff is more convincing than blind trust in VT’s mystery investigations with dubious spook sources and Probama Speculation ™. The CIA has a groomed lifer in the White House, right now today.

  18. Yeah really, just noticed that Ted’s new wife looks like a renovated version of Barb….Wonder which rich bastard paid for all that…

  19. Romney’s pounce was enough for me…that and the hundreds of millions the Adelsons and evelyn DeRothschilds are throwing at that member of the crazy break-away Masonic sect….


    “First of all as to the “film” or whatever. As news managed to get past the “controllers,” it became obvious that the “Israeli” director never existed and the film had been financed by a group out of Las Vegas in the casino business tied directly to the Romney campaign.”

    I can tie my dad, myself, and you to the Romney campaign. Gauntlet thrown!! PROVE IT!!

  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvY7thwBVu4
    Eye Witness to Murder at Bohemian Grove:
    There were 9 participants:
    Willie Brown
    Arlen Specter
    Barnie Frank
    Roger Mahoney, the LA cardinal
    Ratzinger, who is now the pope
    Robert Byrd
    George Bush Sr, otherwise known as George Scherff (You mean Magog, the one who wages war against God in the final days of Earth? Yes.)
    Warren Buffett
    Col Michael Aquino, the master of ceremonies

  22. No disrespect meant to the dead man but are you absolutely sure that’s the ambassador?
    Or is he is as dead as Barbara Olson?

  23. Since the beginning of Hollywood tinsel machine, not one negative depiction of any movie ever made by Holllywood’s “free thinking intellectuals of the West” that shows Moses in a negative or disrespectful manner but on Christianity and Islam there are hundreds of films and tv dramas and extremely offensive comedic and talk shows can be seen. When a thoroughly investigated and fully endorsed film script by all the scholars of Christianity, Judaism and Islam was made by the name of “Passion of Christ” what happens? Demonization, dehumanization and total destruction of a great Australian American thinker and a visionary actor/director Mel Gisbson is barred from any future support from Hollywood’s Zionist controllers. Passion of Christ is a true depiction of the events from the Holly Bible that is so despised by the Zionist cabals. Does any one among the “Free Thinking Democracy loving intellectuals” can have the courage to make a movie or a documentary depicting Moses in a disrespectful manner? I doubt it! “Satanic Verses” by Salman Rushdie was hailed as a great work of the century by the Zionist media. But wait till I come out with my book entitled “Lucifer’s tongue” depicting the true and factual facts from Talmud and Torah about what they say about Jesus and other non-Jewish folks! I’m setting up to face the wrath of the Zionmedia and their brown nosing Christian kabal!

  24. Agreed. As for G, see bio, banking/fed resrv, has said he’s jewish part of the ‘bloodlines’, part of corps who intend to ‘own africa’, interests in private mercenaries etc, repeatedly said people need to read everything as info, misinfo, disinfo. He probably has one of the better bunkers. People need to read everything, not just what they want to see.

  25. While temporarily throwing Israel under the bus so Obama the king can be re elected means nothing, this is what ACTUAL good news looks like – Obama and the two party NDAA just got another kick in the sack. paste to browser – blacklistednews.com/US_Totalitarianism_Loses_Major_Battle_As_Judge_Permanently_Blocks_NDAA%E2%80%99s_Military_Detention_Provision_/21470/0/0/0/Y/M.html

    Of course there’s still Obama’s martial law slavery executive order of March, which he intends to use to starve citizens and other horrors, but at least the NDAA is stopped, for now. O has already appealed once, he will do it again. For now this is a real, positive ‘change’. Romney is no savior, he agreed with the ndaa, but at least he would wake up the deadbeats. I believe O will try false flags soon, those ‘ieds’ his homeland/penta keep talking about, even haarp quakes, whatever. O and his thugs are desperate to stay in power whatever it takes. Tell your neighbors they should have extra food water on hand.

  26. Throwing the state of Israel under the bus is slight of hand, nothing else. AIPAC has not been booted. No chertoff leaving. No dhs taken down. No 911 disclosure. No chemtrail poisoning stopped. O and the ndaa, billion bullets, ‘civilian armies’. Nothing has changed except one less war, for a second, so it doesn’t ‘inferfere’ with O’s re election. This game to stall while the police state here gets finished per Obama’s second term, or the first few months of it. Obama martial law. O’s homeland threatening everyone. The problems are still entirely in place. We are being sprayed with chemtrail biowarfare transhumanism. -Rah, not long ago you corrected me on something regarding the ‘top’. Until that is addressed, nothing matters. Emotionality, however well directed at Netyo, should not make us lose sight. Emotionality and false paradigms are what ‘they’ are counting on. Ask yourself why many of the big time globalists / zionist are so hard for Obama. Some for Romney. It’s a fight between thugs. We are being taken down under O or R, I at least want the deadbeats awake for it, which only R would do.

  27. False Flag, yes. But was there a Romney deal with Israel to make film & set stage for tragedy? NO! Of course, the MOSSAD & Brits were involved. But so was Hillary Clinton, Bill, & the Bush Family – they are all in the same cabal. The late Ambassador Stevens “knew too much” after being around Libya before & after the farcical coup last October. He’s just another Vince Foster on the Clinton Body Count. Was Obama in on it? You bet; anything for POTUS to finesse his campaign, ready on the mark to slam Romney for his predictable & very genuine outrage. The media all had their instructions. Thanks, Gordon, for background on agent Terry Jones, but I think you are being fed some disinfo big-time, because you believe what you want to believe & make your conclusions according to your well-known prejudices. Wake up.

  28. That’s exactly what I thought. Too neat. Too ready for patriotic consumption. Like the way the JFK assassination happened after lunch and was wrapped up by dinner. 9/11 happened just after breakfast and was wrapped up (19 photos of obscure Arabs and all) shortly after lunch.And now, on cue. American ambassador slain by Arab mob.Let’s send our a boy (and some girls) to get ’em.
    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me thrice (actually the millionith time), we’re mice, not men.

  29. in the Oil politics prespective

    1.It’s seems that, there are 2 power in libya, the pro China-Russia group and Pro NATO group

    2. in Mar 2012, China secured Oil Deal and become Libya’s NOC biggest buyers

    3. April 29 ,Libya’s ex-oil minister Shokri Ghanem , who made deal to sell oil to Sinopec and Petrochina, was found dead in Vienna, and an autopsy showed he drowned.

    4. from the deal with China, it seems the Pro China Group is dominating Libya.

    5. Strangely, it’s so fast for Libyan to React over the video, even there were no reaction from Hardcore islamist nations like Saudi Arabia, Yemen etc , it’s not that easy to organize a protest, and how come someone in just a few days dub the video in arabic and distribute it in libya? so it’s all been preplanned

    6. and As for the Reaction, Currently U.S send troops to Libya to hunt the extremist or i would like to say Pro China -Russia group

    Remember what Donald Duck said

    “In an interview on Fox News, Trump discussed the Middle East, starting out with the war in Iraq, then moving on to U.S. air strikes in Libya.

    “You know in the old days, when you won a war, to the victor belongs the spoils. You kept it,” Trump said. “We win a war, and we hand it over to some people we don’t know and we leave.”

    “And we lose the contracts to China,” interjected one of the Fox anchors.

    “Yes, China will be another one,” Trump agreed. “By the way, Libya supplies the oil for China. We get no oil from Libya. What are we doing?””

    so IMO the attack of U.S embassy in Libya is nothing more then Casus belli

    RIP Chris Stevens

  30. As I told Kevin, everytime Netanyahu gets bad press, he goes back to his 3 play playbook. Zionists wax poetic about their intelligence because they hone none.

  31. Gordon,
    This morning when I first heard about the attack the first two words that came to mind were “FALSE FLAG” If the Mossad did not do this themselves, they orcharastrated “terrorists” to do it on their behaf.

  32. “Mr. Sam Becile” has been definitely eating too many “Green Eggs & Ham”.

    is Dr. Suess the 21st century Archduke Ferdinand?

  33. So…when do we start to see “official” leaks to mainstream sources tying Israel to 9/11? (And I’m not talking about alternative news, including VT, and other excellent 9/11 work which has been done.) Does Obama up the ante further here…?

  34. Of course it’s unfortunate that Romney is playing Israel, but my point is there is no difference to the ‘rest of us’. If O is going to try to pull martial law, it should happen sooner than later. Some troops I know won’t be impressed, funny thing, some of them are ‘army’ that gets maligned here. Then again see the rense piece above. G said the other day there’s only 20 russian troops in the country, I beg to differ. Another reason for change. Now.

  35. At this point I don’t know if it matters. It gets more apparent daily that it’s just Obama’s under-thugs fighting Romney’s under-thugs, who are all under the marxist zionist federal reserv / london family thugs. – 911nwo.com/NWReligion%20Part%202.htm . It would be good to have choice to vote ‘no’ thugs, that doesn’t seem to be an option, since the cabal above also picks the pres. I/we shouldn’t vote at all, since this US corporation government are rebel forces, if we vote, we vote for rebel forces – pacinlaw.org/error/ and and usavsus.info/ . I know what obama’s change consists of, more war, the ndaa, spraying us with chemtrail tanshumanism biowarfare, using haarp to cause drought and earthquake, buying a billion bullets and threatening false flag ‘ieds’. The background is interesting but doesn’t change the problem for those of us with no bunker passes. It’s coming either way. It may be time for change. Maybe R can do better, at least kick the welfare dolers off the couch. —– rense.com/general95/obama-the-red-menace.pdf

  36. Are there any estimates as to how many demented flying monkeys are active, via individual countries and together as a species? How did they enter the embassy? Were they seen by any of the Marines? Perhaps they did not appear as intruders or maybe even were familiar to the guards. There must be some way to catch them and identify their owners.

    That crazy Jones should be picked up and sent to a hospital for the criminally insane. He has caused more than enough trouble. He should spend the rest of his days in solitary contemplating his own idiocy.

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