Friday September 28, 2012, What We are Not Told


No Shovel Could Ever Uncover the Truth or Bury the Lies

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

As a change from what has been done of late by the press, we will attempt some “forthrightfulness and honesty.”  This UN thing, the one that has just ended, sold the point Ahmadinejad made about how the UN has outlived its purpose.

This was pure theatre.  The Netanyahu comic rant was bad enough.  Worse, however, is the failure of the press to cover reactions to Netanyahu, to the lonely “walkout” by Israel and to follow up with the 193 nations, 120 of which chose Iran to represent them as head of the non-aligned nations.

No decent evaluation was done of Obama’s speech.  One was needed.  Obama very rightly chastised those responsible for the violence against American diplomatic missions, walked a careful line, demonstrated some real anger and disappointment and said what was needed but, as this is an election year, stuck to his usual mentions of the holocaust, something the mention of is utterly unproductive.

[youtube w3ZQPF4g9Rk]

If the holocaust, whether people choose to believe a version of it or not, as should be allowed by any free people, after all, America didn’t execute those who voted for Bush 43 though from a Darwinian standpoint, such an action might have been justified, happened a long time ago.

The holocaust has been misused as an excuse to bilk money, murder civilians and, we can’t say this enough, do to innocent others what is claimed was done to them many decades ago by people long dead and gone.

Similarly, the Palestinian people see themselves as victims of a continuing holocaust and imprisoned in an apartheid state.  However, examining this issue has been declare a violation of law, though it is a simple issue of free speech, because powerful financial interests have undermined human rights in every western nation.

Here is my approach:

  1. Israel should sign the NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) and dispose of her 200 to 400 useless nuclear weapons.  Until that time, any word Israel says about “others” is not credible.
  2. Israel should adopt a constitution and Bill of Rights as the US has, guaranteeing equal rights to all and become a secular state that recognizes religious freedom.  Attacks on churches and mosques over the past few weeks have been unacceptable and demonstrate that Israel needs to clean house as much as anyone else.
  3. Israel must establish legal borders as without that, it is impossible for the US to have any binding agreements.  No borders and no constitution and the US is legally prohibited from anything other than “verbal assurances” by law.
  4. Once borders and a legal system are in place, after over six decades, then the US can formally sign a treaty with Israel or Israel can join NATO if they wish.  There is no nation in the Middle East capable of military action against Israel and no nation has threatened Israel other than Iran who trades threats with Israel four or five times a day.
  5. An agreement based on the Camp David Accord model should be sought between the US, Israel, Iran and the Gulf States.  We can stop pretending that a hundred billion dollars in illegal trade goes on between these nations and allow regional demilitarization.
  6. Netanyahu was not wrong when he pointed out yesterday that a number of Islamic nations defy normal human rights.  He failed to place Israel among them.  What we ask of him and of Israel is reasonable to be asked of others despite “religious traditions” and tribal or ethnic differences.  Ninety per ceont of it involves theft of oil money and abuse of slave labor.

However, with all that “finger pointing,” it is impossible for any reasonable person to not demand the United States “re-democratize,” and overturn “Citizens United” and be willing to submit all military actions outside its borders to oversight by a more reputable authority than the United Nations Security Council.

[youtube -BiXgQf_O_I&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=1&feature=plcp]

Kudo’s to Sheldon Adelson for having the chutzpah to admit he is buying a president who will keep him out of jail and cut his taxes by 2 billion.  As for Romney:

[youtube _XSsw6XDBJA&list=UUaMH8-gD-ZYyC93vY6GlnCQ&index=4&feature=plcp]

“W” (Bush 43) was right when he said we would eventually miss him.  However, it was Romney, not Obama that brought it about.  Similarly, I score Adelson low as to vision and “humanity,” but well above Romney as far as honesty goes.  At one point, I was advocating that Romney dump Adelson.

Now I think Adelson should dump Romney.  Nobody is forced to walk into a casino at gunpoint. Nobody has ever done business in China without paying bribes.  It’s time some realities were accepted and we moved on with less “self righteousness.”

President Erdogan of Turkey pointed out that both China and Russia are largely complicit in the continuing slaughter in Syria.  However, there has long been a “double game” involving Israel, Turkey and Syria that Russia and China have sought to exploit as part of their desire to seem as “saviors of mankind” while being the new “roach infestation” of the world, the real “neo-colonialists.”

Attempts to make heroes out of nations whose history of gamesmanship and exploitation is as bad as any in history will not fly were the entire world to receive balanced and reasonable information on issues of geopolitics.

In the process, we see the fingers of North Korea behind many things but in doing so, we find those fingers attached to a “Chinese hand.”  Were more well informed, such as the CFR and other groups, the huge threat of Japan, China and the Koreas would be more “center stage” than the minor problems of the Middle East. World War is much more likely there and the stakes are far higher.

A couple of fringe issues here toward the end.  There are several things that also need looking at:

  1. Major powers with capabilities in space have been sending up armed platforms, nuclear weapons, advanced “after next generation” energy weapons and “unusual” satellites.  We either admit that we are out hunting flying saucers or admit that we plan to fight a world war by shooting down each others satellites and dumping bombs on each other. 
  2. There is a flood of information out there recently, the sources are “official but deniable.”  None deny contact with “little green men” but rather steer the dialog as to whether they are all friendly and well mannered or that some might be more than warlike but right out of the film “Independence Day.”  My question is not whether or not any of this is true but why so many who are obviously on government payrolls are saying these things.

Eleven years after 9/11, the majority of educated and competent military and diplomatic professionals who we are in contact with, more than a minor representation, have all been quizzed about their take on “9/11.”

I have asked that this be done with no pressure and with assurance that no names would be used.

Currently, none ascribe to the “hijacker” theories.  About 80% indicate nuclear weapons with the rest actually mentioning Dr. Judy Wood and her theories of a “free energy weapon.”

Of the military, about 15% mention Israel.  None of the diplomats do.

All the rest say “the ‘neocons’ did it.”

However, over 50% of high ranking members of the military say they are wary that Israel is planning an attack either on US forces in the Persian Gulf or major terror attacks in the US scheduled for mid-October.

None openly express hostility toward Israel but most rate Netanyahu somewhere between “liability” to “friggin’ nuts.”

A major issue with all nations is that whoever controls the media and the internet “kill switch” or directs traffic, like “Google” tends to misuse this capability on behalf of that invisible criminal enterprise that is believed by most bipedal

Hannity 2.0

hominids to exercise “super-national” powers to an extent that an alien invasion by brain sucking zombies might be a welcomed change.

(I was talking with Jim Fetzer on Skype while Sean Hannity was in the background.  I am beginning to think Hannity is CGI like the old Max Headroom show from MTV)

Toward that end I will credit Michael Shrimpton, who I politically NEVER agree with for his extremely good work in exposing ties between the current German regime, Russian organized crime and terror groups around the world.

It is time we had Merkel’s DNA checked.  Those “in the know” will understand why.

Without sounding like Cato the Elder and his career-long closing remark in the Roman Senate:  “Carthage must be destroyed,” I will add the following:

Simply overturning Citizens United, the greatest attack on American democracy in history isn’t enough.  With drug cartels partnering with certain Mormon elements to detach the Southwestern US and form a Narco-Republic, one already in place in Arizona and $20 billion of the Afghan heroin trade coming to the US, buying officials at every level, bribing police, financing assassinations like the killings of Sheriff Deaver in Cochise County, AZ and the murder of J.T. Ready and his family, two of many, it is time we paid more attention to the Taliban.

They  have been actively looking for an authority in the US that will negotiate with them to end heroin production in Afghanistan.  Nobody will talk with them.

There seems to be more fear of the war ending and the drug shipments being at risk than anything else.

Frankly, more than a few members of America’s congress are terrified their “cut” from the Afghan heroin trade would end if the killing stopped.  To that extent, Afghanistan is perfect, a country willing to remain at war forever, never tiring of blowing up American planes, blowing the legs and arms off our sons and daughters and oblivious to their own casualties.

Gene Khrushchev tells me of his years there. I listen, few others bother.



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