Israel Tries to Assassinate Top US General, Then Invites Him for Tea

Has a massive, seismic fault line opened up between the US and Israel?
Has a massive, seismic fault line opened up between the US and Israel?

by Kevin Barrett


The Israeli government, like its New York special agent Larry Silverstein, has never been criticized for lacking chutzpah.

But Netanyahu and company may be setting a new record for diplomatic chutzpah by inviting America’s top military commander over for tea –  two months after they tried to assassinate him!

The Times of Israel, a pro-Netanyahu rag, just published an article practically begging Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chair of the American Joint Chiefs of Staff, to come visit Israel a week before the US presidential elections. I have reprinted the entire article below, interspersed with my translations from the Neocon-ese.  The original article is plain text; my translations are bracketed in boldface.

US chief of staff will likely visit Israel this month

Martin Dempsey expected to be on hand for conclusion of joint training exercise ‘Austere Challenge 12′

By Asher Zeiger October 14, 2012, 6:56 pm 1

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey [who survived an Israeli assassination attempt in reprisal for his nixing war with Iran]  is expected to visit Israel at the end of the upcoming joint missile defense exercise in late October, Israeli sources revealed on Sunday.
“Austere Challenge 12″ is set to be the largest-ever exercise of its kind, involving some 1,500 soldiers from the Israeli and American armies. The exercise is expected to go on for approximately two weeks, and while Dempsey’s visit has not yet been officially confirmed, Israeli sources were quoted by Maariv as saying that they expected him to be in Israel at the end of the exercise. [Is this wishful thinking, the same way Israel “expected” Obama to meet with Netanyahu, rather than David Letterman, in New York last month? Or will Dempsey really be there – to tell Israel “no October surprises, don’t even think about attacking Iran – and by the way, any more assassination attempts, and we might just ‘accidentally’ turn Tel Aviv into a molten glass parking lot.”]

If he does come to Israel, Dempsey will join Adm. James Stavridis, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). The visit will take place about one week before the US elections are held on November 6. [Translation: “Perfect timing for a Patrick Clawson-style October Surprise…too bad Dempsey and his friends are hip to us, otherwise we could blow him up and blame Iran.”]

Tensions between the US and Israel have been on the rise in recent months over the appropriate course of action to thwart the Iranian nuclear drive. Israel has pushed the US to declare a “red line” for Tehran — a point after which there would be military action rather than sanctions — while the US has reiterated the need to continue pressuring Iran through diplomatic means, reserving a  military strike as a last resort. [This is not entirely a “US vs. Israel” issue. It’s a “sane people vs. crazy people” issue. It’s the lunatics in the US and Israel, including Netanyahu a.k.a. Wile E. Coyote and his dumb friend Mitt, who want red lines and military action; while sane heads in both countries have no interest in war with Iran, period.]

One unnamed Israeli source said Dempsey’s visit would be politically significant in that it would underline the depth of security ties between Israel and the US. [In other words, Netanyahu could say “Gee, Gen. Dempsey, we’re really sorry about trying to assassinate you in Afghanistan, please don’t hold it against us.”] In August, the longstanding relationship between the two allies was called into question when Dempsey called on Israel not to attack Iran, saying that he would not want to be “complicit” in such a strike. [The subsequent assassination attempt on Dempsey “called the relationship into question” even more sharply.]

Tensions between the US and Israel also increased when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN General Assembly in late September and was unable to arrange a sit-down with President Barack Obama.  [Who was too busy yukking it up with a really important person, David Letterman.] US officials attempted to downplay the lack of a meeting, saying that Obama did not arrange individual meetings with any world leaders during the General Assembly. [Except for Letterman, the King of Late-Night Comedy.] Israeli officials, however, interpreted Obama’s refusal to meet as a response to continued Israeli pressure regarding Iran. [They figured if Obama only meets with really funny guys like Letterman, maybe Netanyahu could win back Obama’s friendship by doing a truly hilarious Wile E. Coyote imitation at the U.N.]

In late September, Obama reiterated in an interview on “60 Minutes” that his working relationship with the Israeli prime minister was very good. [The actual quote, I believe, was: “Boy, I’ve been giving it to him good, haven’t I? Like when Sarkozy and I left the microphone on – that was really good!”] “I understand and share Prime Minister Netanyahu’s insistence that Iran should not obtain a nuclear weapon,” Obama said. [“However,” he added, “I do not suffer from his paranoid delusion that Iran actually has a nuclear weapons program.”]


  1. Sounds reasonable, but keep in mind that the majority of the Jews is Zionist and Talmudic or at least strongly influenced by these ideologies. Remember how many Jews approved of Operation “Cast Lead” in Gaza? 96%! So much for the “not all Jews are bad” argument.

  2. “The Jews may be vicious, tyrannical murderers and liars”

    Why this bigoted comment? If you had instead written “The Zionists may be vicious, tyrannical murderers and liars” or “The Talmudists may be vicious, tyrannical murderers and liars” you would be grouping people by voluntary behavior instead of who their parents are. The moral difference is great (and I would agree on the last two).

  3. I am still fascinated by Bill Cooper’s take on all this in his book ‘Behold A Pale Horse.’ They did ‘off’ him, which makes me wonder if what he said was true. I’ll keep an open mind, but, err on Bill’s side of the story.

  4. Mark, I suggest that you have a look at some of LUna Cognita’s youtube vids about the moon. His opinion which seems credible to me although he is guilty of hyping evidence, is that, we meant to the moon, the footage was mostly fake at the time in order to preserve the secrecy of what was discovered and protect Nasa’s pr goals for the mission. The big point is there appear to be both ancient and possibly current civilisations up there. Sounds fanciful, but check out if interested.
    The big lie was that the moon is totally dull and they found nothing .

  5. I assume that is the April Fools Day ‘hoax’ that Cheney and Rumsfeld concocted (I didn’t see it at the time) ?

    I have had serious doubts about the moon landings for some time, after hearing an interview with that American guy who apparently worked on the program, who released a book in 1972. (Sorry, can’t recall his name).

    The argument of his which has stayed with me the longest went something like ‘the most compelling evidence is not what does exist, but what does not, photographs of the planets and stars taken for the first time beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It is like going to Niagara Falls and only taking pictures of the cafe where you had lunch’.

  6. Maybe after and if he beats the Zio-mad dog Mutt he can come out as America’s second ( after Bush the Lesser ) bi-president…Perhaps..

  7. If Glenn Greenwald and others are correct Obama is already doing evil to the Iranian people. The Israeli blackmailed Obama, due ot his secret personal life, is destroying the life of the average Iranian because he doesn’t want to be embarrassed throughout the world about his personal life. The Israeli Lobby seeks a person vulnerable to blackmail to run for the U.S. presidential office. Excerpt from a Glenn Greenwald article:

    The Economist this week describes the intensifying suffering of 75 million Iranian citizens as a result of the sanctions regime being imposed on them by the US and its allies [my emphasis]:

    “Six years ago, when America and Europe were putting in place the first raft of measures to press Iran to come clean over its nuclear ambitions, the talk was of “smart” sanctions. The West, it was stressed, had no quarrel with the Iranian people—only with a regime that seemed bent on getting a nuclear bomb, or at least the capacity for making one. Yet, as sanctions have become increasingly punitive in the face of Iran’s intransigence, it is ordinary Iranians who are paying the price.

    “On October 1st and 2nd Iran’s rial lost more than 25% of its value against the dollar. Since the end of last year it has depreciated by over 80%, most of that in just the past month. Despite subsidies intended to help the poor, prices for staples, such as milk, bread, rice, yogurt and vegetables, have at least doubled since the beginning of the year. Chicken has become so scarce that when scant supplies become available they prompt riots. On October 3rd police in Tehran fired tear-gas at people demonstrating over the rial’s collapse. The city’s main bazaar closed because of the impossibility of quoting accurate prices. . . .

    “Unemployment is thought to be around three times higher than the official rate of 12%, and millions of unskilled factory workers are on wages well below the official poverty line of 10m rials (about $300) a month.”

    Brian: If Obama would admit he doesn’t have a traditional personal life Israel wouldn’t be able to blackmail him into destroying the lives of Iranian women, men and children. Read the Wayne Madsen report about Obama and his life in Chicago. Interview Kevin Dujan.

    There isn no evidence the Iranians are trying to develop a nuclear weapon. The world would be a much safer place If Iran had a nuclear weapon instead of the evil United States government,actually an Israeli controlled government due to campaign contributions and blackmail.

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