Will antiwar orgs get behind HCR 107 to prevent war on Syria?


 by Phil Restino


Well, it looks like Obama is going to attack Syria with at most token opposition by the national antiwar organizations, as was the case when he “phoned in” the order to bomb the crap out of Libya back on March 19, 2011.

After a year’s worth of bloodshed in Libya and simultaneous drum-beating for invading Syria in the same manner, H.Con.Res. 107 was introduced on March 7, 2012 by Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) threatening impeachment of the President if he were to take the U.S. to war without a proper authorization by Congress.

Even with the imminent threat of a U.S./NATO military invasion of Syria … which could come any day now before the new Congress is sworn in next month after the holidays … there is little, if no mention of the Republican Congressman’s HCR 107 from the “left-only-need-apply” national antiwar organizations, let alone any public endorsements or calls for Congress to support and enact the resolution.

The most we’ll probably get from the national “left-only-need-apply” antiwar organizations, to include our own Veterans For Peace, is some kind of meaningless C-Y-A statement of “opposition” while the Democrat War Criminal President Obama launches another unabated, blatant war of aggression killing and maiming thousands of innocent brown people, again with the “left cover” he’s been so freely provided over the past 4 years.

To see a 23-minute interview of Rep. Walter Jones done on May 16, 2012 discussing H.Con.Res. 107, please click on the following link:

Obama Impeachment Bill Goes Viral!

Anyway, for those who want to take it upon themselves to contact members of Congress so as to urge them to co-sponsor and push for passage and enactment of HCR 107, you can reach the Capital Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to ask to be connected to a particular member of Congress.

Below is the link to a recent article from Tony Cartalucci regarding our own U.S. Government supporting the very same Al Queda organization that’s been killing and maiming our own U.S. Troops for the past 11 years just so that it can get the “regime change” in Syria that was laid out in the blueprint for the so-called “War on Terror” published in September of 2000 by the dual-citizen, neocon members of the Project for a New American Century (aka PNAC).

US-Backed Syrian Opposition Demands Support for Al Qaeda

US-Backed Syrian Opposition Demands Support for Al Qaeda

Peace everybody,

Phil Restino
Chapter Co-Chair, VFP Chapter 136
Central Florida Veterans For Peace
ph/fax: (386) 788-2918

War Crimes are War Crimes: Prosecute Bush, Impeach Obama!



  1. I’m not as well versed as yourself, but subbing your wordpress all this time has opened my eyes to much of what others will never see as they are blinded by lies they think is truth.
    Thanks also for all you do to shake the bushes out here.

  2. MY FRIEND SAYS THERE IS BUT ON SOLUTION. Thank-you Danny from South Carolina for this gem this wisdom KTA is the name of the game KTA is the solution KTA is the only way!

  3. I as a loyal American 🙂 should I be shocked at the premeditation to murder anyone in the world that is meted out by those in the White House? Should I be surprised that the very Al Qaeda used as the “Poster Child” on the WAR ON TERROR should be the reasons why the Patriot Act and NDAA was created to go after THEM for the 9/11 Hoax on American’s?

    Should I be surprised that the very domestic laws used to counter a terrorism threat would be broken by our own government in their openly admitting they are now supporting the very Al Qaeda then who was blamed for 9/11 but USED by this government today in violation of them same laws?

    Should I as an American be surprised that we are told we are hated for our freedoms yet the very domestic laws created then have been turned inside to be used domestically upon our own citizen’s now?

    Should I as an American be surprised that the torture used in the black prisons of Poland, Afghanistan and Libya would also be used in America on American’s on American Soils?

    Should I as an American after watching countless gigabytes of stored German WWII movies and documentaries see the rise of the 3rd Reich and watched hours of the German war machine as it rolled across Europe gutting country after country of their young boys that would eventually fall face down in a cold muddy ditch with only a dog-tag to identify someones son, father, uncle, brother or friend and that one day, that I would read about “Project Paperclip” and how my own country imported these murderers to create the very weapons that we claim is the reasons to invade other countries today. Saying that it is OK for U.S. to be those that have and they are the ones to have not?

    Should I as an American stand with the majority to bring wars upon a people whom like Hitler did as the “Master Race” spearheaded by an Allie today who also claims to be of “God’s Chosen” who remind us daily of the very things that they escaped, but now they who are in control of our US foreign policy that they now wage wars with the backing of a country that has become everything Hitler’s Germany was but of which WE are today?

    Should as American’s we sit idle and watch these wars that are presented to us by old… really old dried out General’s on Fox and CNN who will give us the “Game Plan” as if we are watching a coach describe the plays on Superbowl. Cheering them on in another Blitz of “Shock and Awe” as our politician’s describe the horrible crimes that those “Regimes” are or have done and then see the numbers of those Murdered by Our Country that number into the tens of thousands or Millions and yet do nothing because I remember that WE as American’s are only hated for our Freedoms and not because Our Soldiers are forced to kill someones Brother, Child, Father, Uncle, Mother or Daughter all because our government calls them ALL insurgents or Militant’s because they fight to save their countries from our form of democracy?

    Should I as an American watch the countless videos streaming from the very Terrorist’s our government now supports that used to be the “enemy”, before we ourselves became that enemy to our own government. A government who uses laws to protect themselves from war crimes and see how these paid U.S. supported terrorist’s behead a countries policemen, throw postal employees off roofs or out windows of buildings, watch as thousands are shot for just supporting their country or government?

    Should I as an American watch as these terrorist have their children behead civilian’s or children who will actually dig their own graves because they are willing to be a martyrs for a cause which is because our CIA has infiltrated those countries with bribes and rewards those like Arab’s and Muslim’s with $150.00 a month that will then murder their own people. Only to find out they too were USED and wont be the ones who will be a part of the new Government but will still have murdered their own peoples in the end. Knowing their anger and that they will want revenge for being lied to by our government?

    Everything Hitler’s Government was I can clearly see here in the United States today. Laws passed, Prisons that are full, Police State, Papers, Check points, travel restrictions, labeling American’s as domestic terrorists, Soldiers who fought for the freedoms to be locked up and sent to a mental shrink for using that freedom he fought for only to be jailed for. Microphones on public transportation, Cameras… It says one thing though. Those at the TOP are scared and they are so scared that they will spend Billions to watch those at the bottom because like Hitler, Everyone knew his days were numbered.

    One bit of good news though, You can’t lock up 300,000,000 Americans that will soon have had enough and will do something so that others like themselves can live in peace.

  4. Ahh good article. Most lose sight of that pure evil declaration from the psychopaths of PNAC.
    Here’s the pdf of “Thier Stragedy” : newamericancentury.org/RebuildingAmericasDefenses.pdf

    Main Stain Americanized dolts will never know the truth, they’re suckin off of what they think is a communist teet, but most of us know it’s really the hardening male fascist genital.

    Orwells’ fiction is our reality.

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