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Obama’s secret letter to Iran revealed!

Edward Snowden has hacked into White House computers and acquired a copy of Obama's most recent letter to Tehran.

Drone Nation

The final episode of Counter-intelligence is dedicated to drone technology and Barack Obama’s virtual repeal of the Fifth Amendment.

NEO – US Defense Cuts – Myth and Reality

- While we can't expect to become experts, we do have to arm ourselves enough to know when they are blowing smoke up our shorts.

Rude Awakenings

Certain governments fly unmanned aircraft over residential areas and bomb houses where people they suspect of opposing them might be.

Mr. President, PLEASE “unleash the drones” !

Hey Obama - drone strike THIS!

Dynamics of drones

In the wake of increased criticism over employment of drones from several quarters, Obama in his speech at National Defence University while discussing various issues at stake, spoke of drone program.

Banning Drones: Misdirected Activism

Drones, if employed responsibly and carefully by the military on the battlefield, can like manned aircraft, submarines, and surface vessels, satisfy the moral and International Law.

Government shuts down! Drones grounded, NSA shuttered

When the government announced it was shutting down, dogs, drone victims, Syrians, and pot-smokers all breathed a sigh of relief.

Drone Crashes Halt Flights from Djibouti

The US military has stopped flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from its main African base in Djibouti after a string of crashes, moving operations to a remote desert airstrip.

Spying on Americans: the Ugly History

While the majority of Americans were stunned and outraged at Edward Snowden’s revelations that the government was secretly monitoring their phone calls and emails, the US government has been systematically spying on law abiding citizens for nearly 100 years.

MHN: Embassies Stay Closed Over Terrorism Concerns, States Mulling Drone Use

State Department embassies and consulates remain closed across the Muslim world this week. Now we are learning the reasons why.

Israeli Big Brother is Watching You!

The West’s primary enemy is not Iran, or Russia, or even North Korea. The West’s primary is enemy is the country that can send missiles to any city in the West at any time—and that country is Israel.

DRONE WARS: Americans Support Murder by XBox

Age Of Drones Spells Deep Long Term Trouble for USA as Billions of Global Citizens Reject Murder by XBox. While the USA sells its global drone murder program as more humane than traditional boots on the ground killings, the reality on the ground is that the USA is murdering innocent peoples in sovereign countries violating international law subverting and demolishing the once great U.S. global standing in the court of billions around the world; not the best way to win friends and influence people, ya think?

Drone Strikes Fueling Anti-U.S. Hatred As Fear Spreads In Middle East

U.S. drone strikes are creating cadres of anti-American fighters, furious over the killing and wounding of thousands of civilians.

OBLIVION: Tom Cruise, Heroic Drone Mechanic

Oblivion delivers a veiled political statement on Obama administration policy on drone strikes to kill human beings! The movie is great but our future is up in the air! Read my review...

Kingpins and Cutouts, Aliens and Hybrids

Who is the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, pulling the strings?

The Hives Are All Abuzz

The drones have roused the hive; and Junior Republican Senator Rand Paul has the bees swarming. Excuse the analogy.

Breaking The Spell

A spell of terror was cast on America by the 911 attack. After this attack, a pall of fear descended on America that has remained in place until just recently, now starting to diminish thanks to the blatant efforts of gun-grabbers in Congress.

Drone Nightmare, the Unseen Threat

- Drones of unimagined capability are being readied for deployment with even more frightening technical advances on the drawing boards.

The White House Black Ops: CIA for CYA

The shoo-in confirmation of Deputy National Security Adviser for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism John Brennan as director of the CIA was supposed to be low-key nonevent, fading out into oblivion the very first nanosecond it was announced.

Associated Press Self-Defense Guide against American Killer Drones

- Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.—Matthew 7:12

The Abuse, Abandonement and Planned Replacement of the American Soldier


Is Obama killing “kill list” critics?

Aaron Swartz's death raises an obvious question: Can you criticize Obama's barbarian, unconstitutional "kill list" without ending up on it yourself?

Deadly Drones

Relatively little has appeared in the mainstream media about recent drone warfare. Following 9/11, the development and use of drones has been a major military goal for both the U.S. and the U.K.

Israeli Drone Crashes in West Bank

- Israelis can't pass a budget but they have plenty of money for military hardware

Veterans For Peace Supports Conscientious Objection to Drones

Two conscientious nonviolent activists, Brian Terrell and Ron Faust, were convicted on Monday of trespassing, for having attempted to deliver a document listing concerns about drones to the commander of Whiteman Air Force Base near Jefferson City, Mo., last April. A third protester, Mark Kenney of Omaha, Neb., is serving a four-month sentence after having pled guilty in June to trespassing.

Israel and Kurdistan – Turkey Enters a Dangerous Game

The following short article was printed on the Press TV (Iran) website today. The meaning of it is clear to those familiar with the region, and, as hundreds, perhaps thousands of journalists have worked in Iraq and the Kurdish regions, where I have also worked, the story is obvious, it just can't be printed. Many of "players," the Mossad, big oil, the Bush family, are beyond the reach of the press, protected from the laws of man, empowered to play the world as a grand chessboard, to quote Zbigniew Brzezinski. Today's pawn is Kurdistan, unaware they are being played.

The Drone and the Bomb

The lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki belong always before us. The agony of those two cities must remain our dark beacon.

Veterans For Peace Members Arrested Protesting Drones

Elliott Adams and Nate Lewis, two members of Veterans For Peace, were part of a larger group of 15 activists arrested Thursday at the gate to Hancock Airbase in Syracuse, N.Y., where they held large banners and signs protesting drones for three hours before they were arrested.

Bad NDAA Law Lost a Tooth

US District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan said in a written ruling that a single page of the notorious law has a “chilling impact on First Amendment rights.”

Phony Terrorism Through The Eyes of One of Us

I am NOT suggesting ANY of this. All I’m doing is thinking out aloud, asking myself some questions.

Why An Ex-Marine Turns Pacifist

It’s been a long journey for Russell Brown, 65, from the days when he fought with the Fourth Marines in Viet Nam, to becoming one of the “Hancock 33” protesters against drone warfare.

Israeli Company Has FAA Permission to Fly Drones in U.S. Airspace!

The Israeli company Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is not so much from Mississippi as it is from Israel. Stark Aerospace of Mississippi is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries! And the Federal Aviation Administration has given them permission to fly their drones in American airspace!

Drone Attacks: The Latest Aspect of Growing US “Shadow Warfare”

Although President Obama’s top counter-terrorism adviser says caution is exercised when making drone attacks, official U.S. announcements often state that suspects are killed.

Duff, Fetzer on Press TV – US fighting imaginary enemies in...

"We’re pretending that al-Qaeda is there (Yemen). In reality, we’re interfering in internal politics and we are assassinating political enemies of our friends in Yemen to maintain power.

Slaughter in Afghanistan, Duff on Press TV

The U.S. army is telling "lies" about a recent shooting in Afghanistan which left 17 civilians -- mostly children and women -- dead, says Gordon Duff, senior editor of VT.

U.S. Expanding Drone Bases To Assassinate Suspects

Forecasting a future of robotic warfare in which perverted science is put at the service of its Empire, the U.S. has built 60 bases around the world for its unmanned, remotely controlled killer drone warplanes. And more bases are under construction.

Reaper Drones Hacked

US armed forces rely on drones to attack and spy on enemies without risking American lives. Since President Barack Obama assumed office, approximately 30 drones controlled by the Central Intelligence Agency have hit targets in Pakistan more than 230 times.

Gaddafi’s Israeli Intel Mercenaries Uncovered

incontrovertible proof that Israelis, working in Tripoli, actively managed Gaddafi's intelligence services.

The US policy of targeted killings by drones

Unmanned drones were first used by the US military in Kosovo and Bosnia Herzegovina for surveillance purpose. Currently drones are being employed against combatant civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Unmanned drones are supplementing aerial attacks by jets and gunship helicopters and cruise missiles. Prof Marc W. Harold writes in his article that future US wars in third world will involve massive drones to police territory. It will employ local satrap forces, like Karzai forces, and once the territory is pacified sufficiently, it will deploy government-ready-to-rule kits.

US: Drones Kill But Terrorism Spreads

The western analysts and think tanks strongly support the drone strikes in tribal areas bordering Af-Pak for obvious success in terms of friend and foe casualties’. They project the drone as the most important weapon to eradicate terrorists and terrorism.

USA: Acronym for United States of Assassinations?

What the United Nations independent investigator on extrajudicial killings would like is for countries that employ surprise drone attacks to first...