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Israeli Espionage in US Senate

US Senate violates Nuremberg precedent for waging offensive war

Abandonment of Gulf War Veterans 90-91 Must Stop

One of the documents that was released at the VA RAC GWIR meeting in Boston this past Monday and Tuesday has more appendices and proof but the basic report provides all the details that are needed.

Ill Gulf War Veterans Demand Action from US Senate

The VA Research Advisory Committee meeting from June 18-19 in Boston was a firestorm that has been ignited.

Senate Declares US Bestial Military Dictatorship

I do not wish to be indefinitely detained by people who have sex with pigs, monkeys, monitor lizards, giant cockroaches, or other animals.

Gulf War Veterans Week For Action

One in four veterans from the gulf war are affected minimally. That number is old and current data shows that number has continued to climb to over 1 in 3 at least have submitted claims from the Gulf War 1990-91.

GULF WAR: The Terrible War After the War and the Enduring...

As we look at twenty years since the Gulf War 1990-91/Operation Desert Storm the writer has to wonder have we made headway? The writer wants the President, the VA, the DOD, the legislators both US Senators and Representatives to hear from the veterans that counted on our government to do the right thing morally and ethically. If we had really been tuned into the history of the veterans of World War 1, Atomic Veterans, and Agent Orange Veterans we would not have been so deceived. Maybe the All Volunteer Force would not have been reality. Maybe a draft would still be in affect. But the troops felt it a DUTY, A Sacred Duty to serve their country. They were well educated and trained. Many were college graduates, almost all had completed high school and had a beginning on college level education, in total a different profile than the Vietnam Veterans. Many had families with military traditions and service.

Caring for Camp Lejeune Veterans Act of 2011

This is the bill that has been introduced in the Senate it is a starting point for the Marines and their families that were stationed at Camp Lejune. VT encourages all to call their Senators in their DC offices and get them to know the veterans and the citizens that do care about their military and veterans demand action and at least the Senators more than 5 out of 100 should be on this bill now as cosponsors!

Veterans Today Hails Senator Murray Selection as New VA Comm Chair

Veterans Today celebrates that a veteran advocate and a female, Sen. Patty Murray, has taken over a key leadership position in the United States Senate Veterans...

Resolution Desert Storm Veterans 20 Year Anniversary(11-10)

Congressman Manzullo, stood up for Ill Desert Storm Veterans, this author worked with his staff along with a number of other gulf war veteran advocates. Many hours were spent on the hill in DC and it took several sessions of congress to get the measure passed into law. His staff truly worked hand in hand with the veteran's advocates and held monthly meetings and updates on the final push. This is the bill that became law that listed each of the symptoms of gulf war illness that should be compensated!

Government Funding on Gulf War Illness Research- DOD CDMRP

So here is the latest information IT IS STILL TO BE DETERMINED How Much For Sure For Gulf War Illness Research Program at DOD-CDMRP For FY2011. IT never hurts to keep your voice and written words in front of your US Representatives and US Senators and for you to share those to as many elected officials in all the parties from local to State to National! And to get the news of that out in all ways possible!!! In a year with continuing resolutions, partisan battles, and omnibus bill that runs in the thousands of pages that throw everything into the soup when they cannt get the 13 funding bills through in any form of clean method. Well, lets us say it is not a clean recipe at that point, behind the scenes cooks can be known to help or hinder. Even when a number of us advocates and those on the hill ie staffers are doing everything to track and monitor. AS the old song goes Behind closed doors......You never can tell where a secret supporter, Santa, Cook can either spice up the recipe or make it go sour.

Sarcoidosis in Gulf War Veterans 1990-91

Gulf War Veterans another Diagnosed illness that we at VT have seen previously is Sarcoidosis. WE need to again step forward and make contact and tract our diagnosed illnesses, just like we have done in the pass with ALS, MS, Brain Cancer, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Respiratory illnesses, Cardiac Illness, GI illnesses,Leischmanasis, Thyroid Dysfunctions, ME/CFS, Fibromylagia, Lyme Disease, and Diabetes to name a few. WE need to move forward and network again with national organizations to combine our strength and become more strong in numbers and find civilians that care!

The Crime Against Veterans of the Gulf War 1990-91 Plays Forward

Update on Depleted Uranium Internationally. There has been work being done internationally while the media ignores the issue. Here is the news contained below that doesn't appear in mainstream media coverage. There is concern but medical research and peer reviewed journal articles seem to take decades, while veterans die without help, denial of compensation, denial of a proactive medical system to perform diagnostic tests in a full screening in a timely manner to catch health problems and to diagnose cancers at the earliest date possible and to monitor health status for other diseases related to respiratory and cardiac and neuroimmune problems.

The Dream Nightmare Act: Put A Stop To This Now

The Dream Act should stay a Dream because as it stands it is a nightmare of too many calories in this bill that will be up for the vote shortly. I do not like to see this as a party issue but it seems like that is all that our elected officials see. I look at cost factors, impacts on our system that is at the breaking point ie Health, Education, impacts on our current native born citizens, impacts on our adult children that battle for admission to colleges and post graduate education that will have to compete against this group of illegals seeking amensty and more! I look at priorities and resources for the citizens we currently need to protect! Can we do more? Is this the right time? Do we have other priorities? What is really hiding here? Is this party tactics to control future elections?

Christmas Wish List For Gulf War Veterans

That is the Christmas Gift of Caring enought to give your time weekly in an effort to educate and make it better. Letters and emails with introductory comments with an article that is educational. We provide the article and you play it forward and help us be heard!

The Cover Up continues on DU- Canada and US Connections

So many questions and no answers! Why are the experts on DU not allowed to testify themselves? Why no hearings focusing on this continuing health problem? Where is COL, Dr Durakovic and why has he not been allowed to testify on the hill in DC? Why does every piece of legislation that has DU in it ignored on the hill in DC?

The Omnibus Bill and Gulf War Illness Research Fund Status

The Gulf War Illness Research Funds current information is that in the FY 2011 Omnibus DOD Appropriations currently under consideration there is funding for Gulf War Illness Research. This measures provides $8 million for the Peer Reviewed Gulf War Illness Research Program and $3.8 million for the ALS Therapy Development Institute Gulf War Research Project. This funding is directed to DOD CDMRP(Department of Defense Congressionally Direct Medical Research Program) .

URGENT HILL ACTION NEEDED! Gulf War Illness Research Funding On the...

Gulf War Illness Research Funding is on the line. Veterans, Advocates, Family members, health care providers, friends of veterans truly need to wake up and write emails to their senators and representatives on the hill in DC right now this moment and all weekend. The Battle is on the US HOUSE AND SENATE ALL NEXT WEEK! IT STARTS MONDAY AGAIN! IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO GET ACROSS: The level received last year for DOD CDMRP GULF WAR ILLNESS RESEARCH(Department of Defense Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program) was 8 million for FY10, the best we are able to discern at this time is that the continuing resolution and other hill sources seem to indicate that is again what might come out in the final wash.

Senator Bernie Sanders Filiburster on Senate Floor!

Senators Sanders Filiburst on the Floor of the Senate

Senate Veterans Committee September Schedule

The Senate Veterans Affairs committee list a couple of hearings for September so far Legislative Presentation: The American Legion Date: Wed Sep 22 2010, 9:30 AM,...

Veterans Heads Up Alert September Hearings

Schedule of Hearings for House Veterans Affairs for September Heads up ALL. It is critically important that veterans stay alert on hearing topics and get...

US House and Senate Members Question Spending on TBI Research Money...

VA study spending questioned by Janice Gibbs | Medical Writer Published: August 11, 2010 Two legislators are asking the Department of Veterans Affairs how the Central Texas...

The Other Side of the DU Issue

It is with the purpose of freedom- of being able to read all sides of the issue- that I share this resource I found...

Depleted Uranium continues in the News

The news out of the Hearing on Dissatisfied Gulf War Veterans occurred on July 27th in The House committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee Oversight...

*Action Alert: Help Gulf War Vets* Update on Support in US...

The List is in on who signed on to House side to support Gulf War illness Research for DOD CDMRP funding for Gulf War...

DOD CDMRP Announces Gulf War Illness Research 09 Awardees

This AM on the DOD-CDMRP website the list of those awarded funding from FY09 for Gulf War Illness Research are announced and they are: Investigator Inititated Research: Lovelace...

IL-10 Cytokine Testing Needed for Veterans of the Gulf War

The research article below from the Clinical Vaccine Immunological Journal discusses chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and sleep disturbances on the measurement of IL-10 Cytokine Testing...

Alert Sounds for the VA Gulf War Task Force to Get...

Gulf War Veterans that have had extensive respiratory changes in basic measurement on lung functions and vital capacity need to remember to assess data...


GULF WAR VETERANS HAVE VISUAL PROBLEMS IMPACTING SAFETY AND QUALITY OF LIFE For 19 years the Gulf War Veterans have suffered.  Back in the 1990s...

Protected: Gulf War illness Research Again Misdirected-Time for Open Conversations and...

The VA's Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Illness met in Washington, DC on March 1-2 and significant active, heated, lively discussion followed the Update on Research from VA Research. Many of the RAC committee members spoke up concerning Dr Haley's Research at UTSWMed in Dallas Texas. It seems to the majority of veterans that some negotiations and mediations are desperately needed.

Senate VA Committee Actions

VETERANS' AFFAIRS COMMITTEE APPROVES BILLS AIMED AT MILITARY EXPOSURES, HOMELESSNESS AND HEALTH CARE Camp Lejeune and Atsugi troops, veterans and families to receive care; Panel also approves VA Assistant Secretary nomine