What if Netanyahu Won the Elections in Iran?


What if Netanyahu Won the Elections in Iran?

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Iran’s elections results awarded an easy victory to Hassan Rouhani, who got over 50% of the vote in the first round. He defined the event as a “victory of moderation over extremism.” Even Israel acknowledged that he was the most moderate among the candidates. Moreover, he had been the Chief Negotiator in the unending nuclear talks between Iran and the international community. That’s not a post awarded to an extremist.

Israel’s top echelon delivered astonishing reactions, which cannot be understood without a few comments on Jewish and Israeli culture because neither Prime Minister Netanyahu nor Minister of Defense Ya’alon delivered rational comments.

Hassan Rouhani Winner of June 2013 Iranian Elections Iran
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Hassan Rouhani Winner of June 2013 Iranian Elections Farsi

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Israel is tiny. It is so small that when two Israelis meet, they try to find common acquaintances. Failing to do so is weird.
Israel is small also spiritually.* The next step in the Israeli communications protocol is assessing the worthiness of the other. More often than not it involves finding out in which IDF unit the other served.** At this moment, a brutal cultural characteristic is invariably disclosed: “I was at Sayeret Matkal,”+ the one would say. “They are not the best anymore,” the other would automatically answer, completely ignoring reality in the brutal race to be the first to strike a proper insult.
Never say a good word.## Never recognize the achievements of other people. Nothing is never good enough. These are the simple and brutal rules managing Israeli relationships.
One of the first places of my exile was Laos. I was approached there by a Mossad agent called Adi. I described most of the troubling event in The Cross of Bethlehem; at the time I thought everything had been a misunderstanding. In fact, they were preparing to shoot at me. “I am writing a book,” I said at a certain stage.
“You mean that you are copying it,” he said in a typically insulting Israeli fashion.
“No, I am writing it. I graduated WIS, in my first semester there I published in PNAS. I published an article in a special edition of MP,”++ I said, identifying myself as the scientific parallel of Sayeret Matkal. Material published in scientific papers must be innovative. It is carefully and independently assessed before being accepted.
“You could copy also there,” he said failing to add injury to insult; he just presented himself as an ignorant. Mossad agents are thieves and think that everybody else must be one. The assessment of something as a genuine result of honest work is unbelievable in Israel. As described in the book and in many articles in this website, most Israeli technology is either acquired or robbed abroad, including from places like Kazakhstan.
Israel reacted to the Iranian elections in a similar fashion. It may be a prelude to a shooting event.#

Hassan Rouhani Winner of June 2013 Iranian Elections

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Israel Insults Iran
Israel just survived general elections this January. As described in several articles, Israel would be in a though position if forced to justify its claim of being a democracy. At the best, it is a Discriminating Democracy. There are plenty of Israeli academic sources showing that (Open Letter to the ADL). Given the circumstances, the best would have been for Israeli leaders and media to keep silent and learn how the better Iranian democracy conducts itself.
Israel being Israel, that wasn’t possible. “Better to insult first,” the Editor’s Committee& decided, and went forward to implement its awesome precognition powers.
On June 13, one day before the feast of democracy, Yediot Ahronot published an article entitled: “50 Million Voters, One Decider, Khamenei Chooses Tomorrow.” If the article was a result of Israeli ignorance of the Iranian system, one could forgive the propagandistic title and attached article. However, that is not the case. The article itself gives plenty of details on Iranian pluralism. In one paragraph, it describes the absolute and brutal control of Ayatollah Khamenei on the people while the next describes the free 2009 protests against the regime. Hebrew media has the prerrogative of being illogical.
Moreover, the Israeli repression of its social protests, which forced Netanyahu to call early elections, wasn’t exactly a paragon of democracy (see Daphni Leef: The Israeli Spy with a Baby Face Reaches Court). Dear Israelis, you can’t judge Iran by your Saint Democratic Principles while denying their application in Israel.

Yediot Ahronot Logo for Iranian Elections

The day after the elections, the Israeli reactions were even weirder.
While speaking at the Washington Institute just hours before the final results were announced, Israeli Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon said: “Nothing has changed following the elections in Iran.” Netanyahu reacted similarly: “We should not be tempted to release our pressure on Iran.” On Wednesday, while inaugurating a new museum in Auschwitz, Poland, which had been requested by Ariel Sharon in 2005, Netanyahu said “these are ‘mock elections’ that wouldn’t bring changes.”
A few days ago, in What Did You do for the State, Mr. Danon?, I commented on the mock elections that Netanyahu’s Likud party conducted in 2007, when two mock candidates were added in order to show that Netanyahu wasn’s a tyrant. Bibi the Great was then elected with a larger than Hitlerian majority.
Both Netanyahu and Ya’alon lied. They know that Khamenei cannot be accused of being a dictator, at least not any more than Netanyahu or Obama. They know that Rouhani cannot be accused of being an extremist; both Netanyahu and Ya’alon are far more extremist and vastly more pro-war than him. Both Netanyahu and Ya’alon know that Iran is passing through a dramatic political change, Rouhani and current President Ahmadinejad belong to opposite sides of the Iranian political spectrum; yet, they are publicly denying it. Both Netanyahu and Ya’alon are preparing the justification for a war on Iran. In this context, Ya’alon’s remark makes sense: “Nothing has changed following the elections in Iran,” he said meaning “we didn’t change our war plans.”
Reality is simple. Even if by some magic of Zionism, Benjamin Netanyahu was elected President of Iran, the day after Hebrew media will publish: “Anti-Semite President of Iran is Preparing Attack on Israel.”
* Iran’s elections winner surname, “Rouhani,” means spiritual in Hebrew.
** 90% of IDF soldiers are not officers, and thus are quite static in their service.
+ IDF top commando unit, see 10 Israeli Counterterrorism Soldiers Hit. Other commando units often mentioned on this role are spinoffs of Matkal (like Kingfisher), or are part of it. “Sayeret Matkal” can be roughly translated as “Reconnaissance (Unit) of the IDF General Command,” though it deals with several other issues including assassinations and PSYWAR.
++ WIS—Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel’s top academic institution. PNAS—Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA, the worldwide leading scientific publication; it is almost impossible to get an article approved by them. MP—Molecular Physics.
# After concluding that Adi was nothing but an information gatherer, I left Vientiane and moved northwards. Shortly afterwards I was shot at, by a bad sniper.
## “Rak Mila Tova” (only one good word) is one of the most popular pop music songs ever written in Hebrew. Yeudith Ravitz asks there to say just one good word in order to make things better. Israelis prefer torture to that. For a no less troubling reality, see Waiting for Messiah: On Hebrew Rock Music.
& A committee formed by the editors of the largest newspapers which is in contact with the Shin Beth. It deals mainly on censorship issues of delicate affairs.


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