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9/11 truth, Palestine TKO Zionist gatekeepers

9/11 truth and anti-Zionism are winning the slugfest.

NEO – Energy Wars in Europe

- Petr Lvov brings us a timely analysis on the gas pipeline wars, a subject that is going to have a major effect on all of our lives for the next generation.

Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Know thy enemy!”

Iran's Supreme Leader calls it the way he sees it.

NEO – Erdogan’s Pivotal Role in the Syrian Crisis

- Gwenyth Todd..."What does Mr. Erdogan hope to gain from the fall of the Assad regime that justifies the risk he is taking?"

Iran Cancels Anti-Zionist Conference,

The Zionists think they can silence their critics everywhere - even in Iran!

Dynamic Duo #2: Barrett & Fetzer slam Netanyahu

Not your usual TV news show.

Dynamic Duo #2: Barrett & Fetzer slam Netanyahu

Not your usual TV news show.

9/11 Perp Giuliani Joins Terrorists to Attack Rouhani

Giuliani's fingerprints are all over 9/11 and the follow-up anthrax attacks

Israeli Response to Rouhani Betrays Its Own Intransigence

Israel’s mean-spirited response to Iran’s olive branch actually illuminates its own aggressive posture. Along comes Hassan Rouhani, the new Iranian president, and instead of applauding his initiatives to meet with President Obama and resolve outstanding issues by diplomacy, Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz says “there is no more time for negotiations.”

What if Netanyahu Won the Elections in Iran?

Iran's elections results awarded an easy victory to Hassan Rouhani, who got over 50% of the vote in the first round. He defined the event as a "victory of moderation over extremism." Even Israel acknowledged that he was the most moderate among the candidates. Moreover, he had been the Chief Negotiator in the unending nuclear talks between Iran and the international community. That's not a post awarded to an extremist.