Egypt’s deniable coup: Another anti-Islam psy-op

Luttwak’s “Coup d’État” was the how-to guide used by the perpetrators of 9/11 – and the folks who just overthrew Morsi.
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American law bans “any assistance to the government of any country whose duly elected head of government is deposed by military coup d’etat or decree.”
So what just happened in Egypt?
Democratically-elected President Morsi was overthrown and arrested by the military. The Constitution was suspended. Ruling party leaders were rounded up and imprisoned. The military seized TV and radio studios.
But it wasn’t a coup, the coup plotters insist.
If they call it a coup, they will lose 1.5 billion dollars a year in US military aid – bribes to Egypt’s junta to keep it subservient to Israel.
Egypt’s generals want to keep lapping up American money. They want to keep their lavish lifestyles. They want to keep their power as Egypt’s behind-the-scenes rulers. They want to keep enslaving their country to IMF usury. They want to prevent their Muslim country from becoming a real Muslim country. And they want to keep kowtowing to Israel, and allowing the Palestinians to starve, while they arrest, torture, and kill Muslim activists.
Egypt’s coup-that-is-not-a-coup is just the latest in a long line of covert coups. Throughout history, there have been two kinds of coups: Those that openly announce themselves as coups, and those that don’t. The latter are the topic of Edward Luttwak’s 1969 book Coup d’Etat: A Practical Handbook.
Luttwak shares with Paul Wolfowitz the dubious honor of being the world’s leading neoconservative military strategist. His book Coup d’Etat is a how-to guide for anyone who wants secretly – or at least deniably – to overthrow a democratically-elected government.
The key to a covert coup is good propaganda. If you can make enough people hate the democratically-elected leader, it will be easy to overthrow him… and disguise the fact that a coup has occurred.
By coincidence, I happened to be in Australia in 1974, just as the CIA was about to overthrow democratically-elected Prime Minister Geoff Whitlam in a covert coup d’état. Here is how they did it.
First, they used international banking institutions to strangle Australia’s credit and damage its economy… just as the anti-Morsi coup plotters did in Egypt.
Then they used domestic assets to further sabotage the economy. (So did the anti-Morsi coup plotters.)
Next, they used their control of the media to generate an endless barrage of anti-Whitlam propaganda… just as the Egyptian plotters used the controlled Egyptian media to crank out anti-Morsi propaganda.
With the economy destroyed, and the targeted leader smeared by the media, it was easy to overthrow the elected leader and pretend that it was “the will of the people.”
The CIA’s overthrow of Geoff Whitlam in 1974 was designed to save the CIA’s huge base at Alice Springs, which Whitlam wanted to close. It was also designed to prevent Australia from “going socialist” and slipping out of the US orbit into the non-aligned camp.
The Egyptian generals’ coup against Morsi is designed to prevent Egypt from “going Muslim” and slipping out of the Israeli-US orbit into the non-aligned camp. More broadly, it is part of a massive anti-Islam psychological operation waged by Western leaders since the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran.
The Islamic awakening threatens to create a genuinely independent, empowered Muslim world. A federalist or united Islamic world would control 80% of the world’s best energy reserves; it would be in a position to re-emerge as the planet’s leading civilization.
This poses a threat to the current rulers of the world: The investment bankers, led by the Rothschild family and their allies. Islam’s prohibition of usury represents a mortal threat to the banksters’ fiat-currency-based system of planetary governance.
Since 1979, the Western powers-that-be have been working overtime to neuter and misdirect the Islamic awakening. They have inundated the world in islamophobic propaganda. They have used divide-and-conquer tactics, pitting Sunni against Shia, Sufi against Salafi, Muslim against Christian, Islamist against nationalist. They have used Islamic political movements to attack secular anti-imperialist and anti-Zionist movements – most recently in Syria.
In Egypt, the local custodians of the banksters’ world government – the military and their allies – have been charged with repressing political Islam. They spent most of the past three decades kidnapping, torturing, and murdering Islamic activists.
But Islam just kept right on rising in Egypt.
So in a classic misdirection ploy, the Arab Spring was hijacked and used to serve the New World Order agenda. The NWO’s Egyptian stooges, the generals, were persuaded to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to win the presidency – so that the MB could be shot down.
In other words, the coup d’état against Morsi was planned long before Morsi even took office… probably long before the Arab Spring even happened. The NWO-backed generals knew that if they kept resisting the rise of political Islam, it would eventually break them. So they planned long ago to one day allow a hobbled Islamist leader to take power, assume the blame for an orchestrated economic meltdown, then get overthrown and “discredited” in order to discredit political Islam.
The New World Order’s controlled demolition of Egypt’s economy, the Egyptian media’s smear campaign against Morsi… all of this was planned many years ago.
And millions of Egypt’s Facebook lemmings and Twittiots fell for it.
Unfortunately, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were unprepared for the battle. They walked right into the trap – just as they walked into the sectarian trap the NWO set for them in Syria.
Like 9/11, the overthrow of President Morsi was simultaneously a coup d’état and an anti-Islam psy-op.
The best weapon against such psy-ops is the truth.


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