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US aid worker beheading video a set-up?

"Another real beheading or another staged one, or who knows?”

Obama ambushes Muslim invitees at White House iftar

“Lying about the most basic fact about the occupation of Palestine – that the Zionists are the aggressors, and the Palestinians are defending themselves, their homes, their land, their children, and their honor – is a war crime.”

Iran’s Supreme Leader: “Know thy enemy!”

Iran's Supreme Leader calls it the way he sees it.

Alain Finkielkraut, Jews, and Immigration

Along the second half of the 20th century many Jewish intellectuals, activists and artists positioned themselves at the forefront of Western advocacy of immigration and multiculturalism.

"Al-Qaeda jihadist" attacks Million American March!

Q: Who feels threatened by a Million American March against the politics of fear? A: The fearmongers...like Hannity and "al-Qaeda."

“Al-Qaeda jihadist” attacks Million American March!

Q: Who feels threatened by a Million American March against the politics of fear? A: The fearmongers...like Hannity and "al-Qaeda."

Book Review: Muslims Most Civilised, Yet Not Enough

Contrary to Islamophobic media propaganda, Muslims are the most civilized group on earth today - as proven by their performance on a long list of social indicators.

The Grand Scam: Spinning Egypt’s Military Coup

The coup in Egypt was ginned up by liars and scam artists.

New World Order kills Democracy in Egypt

The NWO orders Pinochet-style atrocities in Egypt.

Egypt’s deniable coup: Another anti-Islam psy-op

Like 9/11, the overthrow of President Morsi was simultaneously a coup d’état and an anti-Islam psy-op.

Tsarnaev Brothers: 9/11 Truthers – and Obviously Innocent

The Tsarnaev brothers were patsies in a false-flag event, and their whole family knows it.

Daniel Pipes gets an earful of truth

Witch-hunter Daniel Pipes chased me out of the University of Wisconsin in 2006. Now it's payback time.

Who really killed Ambassador Stevens? It’s the Zionists, stupid!

It isn't ordinary Americans who spend millions of dollars to slander the Prophet Muhammad. It's the Zionists, stupid.

Disabled Army Vet Faces Deportation for Volunteering to Serve Community

Zahid Chaudhry, a disabled US Army vet, is facing deportation proceedings because he volunteered to assist his local police department as an emergency volunteer.

US Declares ‘Total War’ on Islam

In an organized act of brutality, a number of US soldiers went on a house-to-house shooting spree in Zangabad village, Kandahar in March and massacred 16 people including nine children while they were sleeping and all Washington had to say were a few words of condolence and apology nonchalantly strung together in order to appease the overwhelming public rage in Afghanistan.

9/11 and Islamophobia

My Recent Comment on Prof. Richard Falk's Blog Highlighting the Failures of the Mainstream Media to Cover the Hunger Strike Aimed a Calling Attention to Israel's Violations of the Universal Human Rights of Palestinians.

9/11 Coup d’etat Triggered Pre-Planned War on Islam

What would happen if US officers called for a total war against Jews, on the order of Dachau and Auschwitz?

Did JCS Chief Dempsey Just End the War on Islam?

General Martin Dempsey orders: No more brainwashing US military personnel to hate, fear, and mass-murder people because they happen to be Muslim!

The Islamophobia Excuse

Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum are all smart enough to know that Islamic law is hardly poised to dominate the U.S. legal system, but they are using it as the wedge issue to deny the patriotism of Muslims in general and fuel the demands to exercise a military option against Iran.

Zimmerman does NOT represent all Jews!

We cannot repeat too often that Judaism is a religion of peace.

Shameless chutzpah: Could it work for Muslims Too?

If shameless chutzpah pays off for Jews, why not for Muslims too?

Jewish Imperial News

"Devastatingly, Adler’s murderous attitude towards politics is wholly consistent with some Biblical and Talmudic anti-gentile teaching."

Newt for Caliph!

Newt, the time has come for you to do your last, best political flip-flop: Stop being a Constitution-shredding Islamophobe, and recognize that there's a freedom-loving Muslim inside you that's just waiting to come out.

Norway Massacre; Symbol of World Wide Hate Filled Politics

This is an obvious statement of the deadly potential consequences when hate filled right wing Zionism is mixed with Islamophobia ~ for it was in fact an anti-Muslim zealot, Anders Behring Breivik, who committed the cold blooded murders of 92 people in Norway.

Norway Bombing – Islamophobia Strikes Again

Media lynch mob unleashed on the usual suspects, first Muslims, then...

Failures of Intelligence

This citizen of conscience for U.S. House of Representatives 2012 asserts that America’s ugly side is rooted in failures of intelligence, heretical Christianity and a lack of true patriotism, for "Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the president or any other public official." -Theodore Roosevelt

Islamophobia on the rise in USA

Islamophobia is growing and spreading prejudice against Muslims in the US, a fact that is underlined by a recent report by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which has collected and relayed the facts and identified both vilifiers and supporters of Islam and Muslims.

Christians Flee Holy Land in Mass Modern Exodus

In 1947, 20% of the total population of the Holy Land was Christian. Today, less than 1.3% of the total population of that troubled piece of real estate is Christian.

Military Martial Law, Police State, Islamophobic Fears: Real or Hysteria?

Real hysteria is forced, documented and confirmed upon ‘We the People.’ The fears are intended to result in total polarization and collapse of American society.

Mideast Turmoil IS a Direct Threat to American Empire, and That’s...

An interview with Noam Chomsky about what the struggle means for the future of imperialist, U.S. foreign policy in the region.

President Obama’s Message to Muslims: You’re Human

Following a year of unprecedented hate directed towards Muslims by the Anti-Defamation League, Fox media and the American right-wing, President Obama went out of...

Ambassador Joseph Wilson Hits Air Force Academy

Is the message clear yet? Is there anybody that Lt. Gen. Michael Gould, the Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy (USAFA), has not incensed regarding...

“We Are at War”: Christian Identity Racists and Anti-Semites Find Home...

Don't look for the Tea Party to check Israeli militarism

Waging The Big Bucks Jihad

I've long suspected that the anti-Muslim crusade in this country is a racket - a device for raking in bagfuls of cash, usually by scaring vulnerable people into thinking that without the work of these self-professed anti-jihad activists, the overthrow of America is inevitable.

The Zionist Organization of America’s Effort to Criminalize Campus Activism through...

- Read and prepare yourself to be outraged - By Eyal Mazor Under the leadership of Mort Klein, the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) is...

Daily KosNAZIs Struck by Arab Writers

- Militaristic, Bigoted and Obnoxious, Daily Kos Bangs Drums for War; Arab Writers Strike the War-loving,  Liberal Site - From FireDogLake: By fairleft As a deleted former regular at...

Army Vet and Muslim Sgt. Key to Saddam Capture Speaks Out...

- U.S. Army Sergeant Ayman A. Ibrahim's intelligence directly led to the capture of Saddam Hussein. Ibrahim speaks out now as a Muslim for...

Why Muslims Dare Not Burn Bible in Return

Muslims cannot retaliate against burning al Quran by burning any copy of the Bible because Islam decrees Muslims should respect and honor the Bible and Torah as well.

Military Religous Freedom Group to Donate a New Qur’an to Afghan...

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) will not let the Qur'an-burning Islamophobia and plain bigotry go unchallenged. From the Military Religious Freedom Foundation: After being contacted by...

Racism Pure and Simple: TNR’s Marty Peretz Says Muslims Unworthy of...

- America Supports a Dangerous, Racist Foriegn Policy with Israel and TNR's Marty Peretz Says 'Great,' Let's Be Racist Here Too - By Jason Linkins in the Huffington...

Rabbi Bruce Warshal: Shame on America, Jews and the ADL

The last word was recently written by Daniel Luban, a doctoral student at the University of Chicago, in Tablet Magazine: “While activists like Pam Geller have led the anti-mosque campaign and the broader demonization of Muslims that has accompanied it, leaders like Abe Foxman have acquiesced in it. In doing so they risk providing an ugly and ironic illustration of the extent of Jewish assimilation in 21st-century America. We know that Jews can grow up to be senators and Supreme Court justices. Let’s not also discover that they can grow up to incite a pogrom.”

Fox News, evil and stupid? Jon Stewart looks at Ground Zero...

- With blazing brilliance, this half-comedian, half-social critic continues his run at being America's anecdote to the utter vacuity permeating our political culture - By Brendan Patrick Keane at The...