America makes first payment for love-fest with Israel



Opportunity for Russia and China to “de-Americanize” UNESCO

 … by  M. I. Bhat


Why did the US look so petty?
Why did the US look so petty?

How soothing it must be for the hapless Palestinians to know the US has lost its voting rights in UNESCO, of which Palestinian Authority itself became a member in 2011 against vehement opposition by the White House and Israel.
Wow! There at least is now one world organization where Palestine Authority can rub shoulders with the US and Israel on equal footing.
[On the heels of this development came another good news from the Belgium Government, announcing upgrade of the Palestinian “general mission” to “political mission,” which entitles their head of the mission to use the title of “ambassador.”]
US had threatened to halt its contribution to the UNESCO if the PA was given membership of the organization. However, the “international community” in its overwhelming numbers (107 vs 14 against), ignoring the threat and the potential consequences, went ahead and decided to welcome the PA into its fold. As I wrote then, the US was left with Israel and its own arrogance.
Contributing 20% of the UNESCO’s annual budget, US obviously had the major say in the Organization’s policies and programs. It had until 8 November to either pay its outstanding dues or present reason(s) for not doing so. It didn’t care to do either.

The pain of losing lordship over the Organization immediately visited the US administration. The Washington-based US National Commissioner for UNESCO, Phyllis Magrab, was quoted saying, “We won’t be able to have the same clout. In effect, we (now won’t) have a full tool box. We’re missing our hammer.” “Hammer” that the US has been accustomed to use in every other UN organization to have its way.

By the way, what was the US hammering UNESCO with its “clout” except for forcing the organization to “aggressively” promote Zionist cause? Yeah! Telling the ignorant Africans about the horrible “mass killing of Jews during World War” by the German criminal government. What a loss for the poor, illiterate masses!

Who is really marching on Africa...and why?
Who is really marching on Africa…and why?

C’mon, African’s need not worry. How can they expect the “benign” United States leave them half-illuminated? No way. Closure of UNESCO program means it is only that the theory classes are over.
Haven’t they heard AFRICOM is busy setting the experiment table up for practical demonstration? Someone tell them that Libya was just a test trial to check if the AFRICOM lab instruments are functional.
Other than losing authority and face, what is other potential loss for the United States? There are indications that budgetary constraint might limit UNESCOS’s visits to the Statue of Liberty for its routine facials. Not a big deal, really. Who cares for beauty when the whole landscape has turned ugly!
Anyway, there is an easy way out: Put burqa over the Statue to save from the elements. Or, better still, let President Obama hand it over to President Putin or President Rouhani.
After all, hasn’t the United States lost any claim and utility for the liberty and its symbol? America’s New World of Espionage doesn’t work under glaring lights or restraining law; thrive it does lawlessly in dark places.
AFRICOM had extensively boosted training and coordination among the large number of military forces there
AFRICOM had extensively boosted training and coordination among the large number of military forces there

On to a more serious point.

Before the US reclaims its control over UNESCO, like it did in 2002 when it re-joined the Organization after a gap of 18 years, it is God-send opportunity for the political leadership in Russia and China to practically begin “de-Americanization” starting with UNESCO. All they have to do is to throw some extra pea-nuts into the hot fire in order to ensure major voting rights in the Organization.

However, to be honest, I don’t think China would take the lead in this, notwithstanding the idea of “de-Americanization” originated there. China may be an economic might but the Chinese leadership is not yet ready for global leadership.

China has its hand full building their defensive needs up
China has its hand full building their defensive needs up

Perhaps rightly so, because China lacks necessary military wherewithal to back it up. The American economy may be in the deep dark hole but it is its military might that gives its leaders confidence to force the world to accept the US leadership.
Russia is what really fits the bill here. Syrian and Iran cases are still unfolding before us.
President Putin has shown his will when it comes to confront the United States’ global leadership. It hasn’t lost military capability to meaningfully challenge the US. No doubt China stood by it all along.
Let the two join their capacities and capabilities and the take over the leadership of the UNESCO, “de-Americanize” it by ridding it off the strategically motivated American War of Terror programs, and restore it to its original people-useful mandate. Both the UNESCO and the world would be the gainers.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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