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Press TV – ISIL militants equipped with US anti-tank missiles

Jim W. Dean..."The photo above came as no surprise as these TOW missiles could have been sourced from a variety of players."

NEO – Engdahl – Foreign Bankers Rape Ukraine

- Jim W. Dean..."Ukraine democracy goes under the tank treads of Western aggression."

US should work with Syrian Army against ISIL

- “We could have one of these wars that could drag on forever because of another failed war policy by the US.”

US media is a smokescreen for Kiev: Political analyst

- "Virtually everything we are getting in the Western media for Ukraine is all smoke screen.”

NEO – Putin Exposes Criminal Global Order

- "NEO’s Ulson Gunnar brings us a timely piece on the Valdai Club meeting this year where international experts were brought into Russia for extensive discussions."

NEO – The US and ISIL Nexus

- "Henry Kamens pulls together many of the loose ends on the West's involvement with ISIL,...spread out at different times and different media."

NEO – Will the US use ISIL to attack Assad?

- The present Jihadi ISIL brigades were created by The West, Israel & the Gulf states as proxy terrorists.

Video: Role of other countries in airstrikes against ISIL

- "David Schenker is with one of the Israeli connected front groups in DC, paid for by borrowed American taxpayer funding to keep the gravy train going."

Obama fails to portray Putin as ‘aggressor’ in Ukraine crisis

- "Poroshenko is the dirt bag who agreed at the four party talks in Geneva to begin a political dialog, and then went home and kicked off his attack on East Ukraine."

Ukraine preparing for new offensive on the East

- Kiev is resupplying & repositioning troops, just like during the last ceasefire to launch a new offensive as part of their threatening position in the political negotiations.

Ukraine invasion threat by Russia a hoax says Jim Dean

- "The Debate show with Frederick Peterson, the NATO sock puppet, was more fun than a barrel of...oops, I can't say that."

Americans must rise in ‘revolt’ over US government’s ‘craziness’: Journalist

- “People have to get off their behinds and start protesting this and burying the White House under in phone calls.”

IAEA investigators: Audit reveals US, not Iran the problem

"Hiding what really happened on 9-11 has put the US and the rest of the world in more danger than the threat all the real terrorist groups put together, one hundred-fold."

Obama using Putin to mask US interventions in Ukraine

- Nobody [politically] accepts any responsibility for terrible mistakes that they make. It’s always someone else’s fault,”

Ukraine is pretext for anti-Russia bans: Analyst

- NATO is running a psychological operation on the military threat from Russia... [while] the Russian military threat to Ukraine is non-existent."

West seeks sanctions war with Russia: Analyst

- "Ukraine is being used by the West to create this sanctions war against Russia...all of these other countries are going to be collateral damage."

NEO- Ebola and the Absent “Humanitarians”

- Ulson Gunnar reviews the age old debate of why nations intercede in foreign events, especially Africa. It is a complicated area because so many factors are involved.

NATO on offensive for Ukraine-Russia war: Analyst

- The world Jewish community has been very big on reparations, even transgenerational. When they find the shoe on the other foot.

Mystery Bombing Runs Over Ukraine

- "Fighter bombers attacking EastUkraine, flying with Ukrainian Air Force markings, have been traced to air bases in Romania, Moldova and Azerbaijan"...

US is politically exploiting recent plane crash over Ukraine

- 'The United States has turned the recent plane crash over Ukraine’s east into “an orgy of exploitation” to put pressure on Russia.'