NEO – Obama’s Asia Pivot: The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism


Obama’s Asia Pivot:  The Sad Story of American Exceptionalism

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor,        … with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow

– First published  …  May 25, 2014


Two presidents
Two presidents

This week the earth moved under our feet… permanently. In past articles, I have used the term “America putting nails in its own coffin”, and a few more nails were added during the Russia-China summit this week.

The incompetence of the West in pursuing a military intimidation solution to their declining financial fortunes just backfired on them.

The West’s proxy-murder of 150,000 Syrians using divisions of terrorist brigades, and the current attempt to nail Ukraine to a fence post has pushed the Russia-China strategic defense evolution up ten years ahead of schedule. The West is now in a no-win situation, due to the stupidity of its collective leadership.

Asia’s emergence has not happened overnight, but through various stages, which included China’s funding much of America’s annual deficit, to now funding none. We went through the stage of competing with European and Japanese companies to cash in on the huge economic growth of China.

Drew Barrymore was the little girl in ET
Drew Barrymore was the little girl in ET

We had little concern for the long term consequences, such as, China becoming the largest economic power, or what changes would obviously be coming from that. As was immortalized in the movie, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, … “They’re here!”

Color me negative, but I look back and see nothing but a trail of horrors regarding Western leadership during this two-decade, East-West geopolitical dance. Short-term greed ruled in the West.

The trend toward off-shoring began, where those who jumped in early not only gained higher profit margins, but did not have to pay taxes on the overseas income if it was never repatriated.

But this gain for some was a loss for others as America’s rust belt grew when one-industry towns began their decay into ghost towns. Detroit is our shining example of government and business teaming up to destroy the heartland of America while chasing a neo-colonial mirage overseas.

Fast forward to today where most of our industrial base is gone… forever, with all those solid good-paying middle class jobs so many of our parents had. But that was covered over with the PR scam of early American exceptionalism, that we were trending over to a “service economy”. Remember that phrase?


No Realistic Long-Term Outlook

I worked on an IBM 1130 computer my freshman year at NC State...back in the punch card days
I worked on an IBM 1130 computer my freshman year at NC State…back in the punch card days

They actually conned everyone into thinking we would all become “white collar” workers, the pitch being that while the third-world people might we well-suited for robotic factory work, they would be dependent on superior Americans to always show them how to design and market their products.

While our own elites were planning to reduce us all to plantation peasants, in their minds our rightful places, they suckered us into thinking we would have “overseer” white collar jobs as our piece of the pie.

Remember when it was proclaimed in the IBM days of greatness that our inventing computers would provide us another tool to earn middle-class life-styles ahead of our global competitors? And we thought it would go on forever, since they could not possibly match our superior mental abilities, so America would be a land of managers for the backward primitives in Asia.

It seems ridiculous now but everybody just lapped up all that Madison Avenue poop that was prepared to push free trade bills through Congress, where with our exceptionalism we would always be able to outsmart and outfox Asia and bring home the bacon. But the rust belt grew.

The liberals opened up our universities to the emerging countries. Top Chinese students came here, went to our best schools, got their Phds in nuclear physics, and went home to build their nuclear programs. How stupid was that?

We may still be at 25% of our graduate degrees going to foreign students. As for all those white collar jobs managing overseas plantations… they did not need us. It seems they had no problem educating and training their own. We thought we would make them dependent upon us if we helped them speed up their development process. Wrong!


America Lost the Price Wars in Commodities

The US thought China could be compromised by holding huge amounts of our debt
The US thought China could be compromised by holding huge amounts of our debt

So now America became Asia’s plantation in a way, their commercial slaves, as they always beat our prices so we always bought their stuff.

The unions tried to push the “Buy American” program, but it was too late. Americans on welfare had closets full of household products made in China, everything from more shoes than Imelda Marcos, to wardrobes our own mothers never dreamed of.

Mine did not have a store-bought dress until her mid teens, and to this day she has every piece of clothing that she ever bought, like they were all gold coins, which to her, they still are.

Americans became junkies, buying more than we sold with perennial trade deficits. And when budget crunches came, after the oil sheiks had taken over buying most of our debt from the Japanese, China became the big US bond buyer with their huge trade surplus… but isn’t anymore.

The North American Free Trade Act was pitched as a life preserver. If we could not out-fox and make China a colony, we surely could do so with the Mexicans. We would use their cheap labor to compete with the Chinese prices. Ross Perot warned us, but we did not listen.


NAFTA was a Drug-Money Laundering Setup

Who has hung themselves out to dry?
Who has hung themselves out to dry?

Here’s what we did not learn until last year, when we were investigating the Romney family’s deep connections with the Mexican Oligarchs. Our own ruthless elites set NAFTA up simply as a way to launder drug money for the cartels.

We learned this from retired FBI and Intel people who were hunting down Romney’s Bain Capital drug money laundering for years, for the 30% finders-fee that the government pays on all seized assets.

Mit Romney had gone to Harvard with Mexico’s corrupt president, Carlos Salinas, and their families went way back to when the Mormons ran off to Mexico after their failed attempt to set up their own country in the West.

But as payback, they arranged to use NAFTA to set up a whole bunch of factories on the border, funded with drug money, where the products could be legally sold in the US and converted to endless amounts of clean dollars… forever.

For this wonderful convenience the drug lords would pay their “taxes” directly to people like the Salinas family, where that funding was anticipated to keep them in power forever.

And thus was the first modern example of politicians beginning to see the drug business as a huge permanent source of campaign funding that could be managed. Afghanistan is the pinnacle of that scam right now.



Wall Street Computer Trading Systems Unregulated

So that brings us to the 1990′s where the elites where doing one of their major pump-and-dumps on the stock market, and they saw that the world financial plantation business was not going to work out like they had thought.

It was being replaced with supercomputer trading systems, regulatory fraud that would lead to the mortgage scandal, and the unregulated derivative trading. This was the emergence of making the whole world a trading plantation, where that was rigged to enable them to make withdrawals with a few pipelines blown up here, a terrorist attack there, a threat to bomb Iran… you know the drill.

The elites began to see that the East-West trade debacle was carved in stone and China’s emergence was unstoppable. The West began its attempted labor fix of letting millions of illegal immigrants come in to hold production costs down, and they staved off facing the off-shoring mistake for another ten years.


George "AWOL" Bush head tripping as the "tip of the spear"... a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot
George “AWOL” Bush headtripping as the “tip of the spear”, a pitiful disply for which his staff should have been shot

Emerging Economic Markets to be Militarily Subdued

During the Clinton years, when Bill was not busy treating his cigars, a roomful of people, somewhere, decided that the emergence of Asia was going to have to be dealt with militarily. The defense policy on pre-emptive strikes was changed from its former requirement of only when an “impending strike was eminent” to the incredible, wide-open venue of “anyone that might become a threat at a future date”.

What the US had participated in hanging the Nazi generals for, waging an offensive war, we had codified as our official policy. And there was not a whimper of protest. No one even knew it had been done until years later, like me.

Affirmative Action infects the Nobel committee
Affirmative Action infects the Nobel committee

That long lead in brings us up to today. The Nobel Peace prize president has shifted away from the Iran nuclear bogey man threat over to the rationale of securing the Gulf as a safe source of energy for the West. The huge increased income for the Gulf states would pay for America arming the region to the teeth.

This would squeeze those revenues out of the Russian budget where energy sales pay a huge part, including their military budget.

In Syria, 150,000 people have been murdered in the geopolitical energy shift to get a pipeline through Northern Syria. The Western Elites will kill a lot more to get what they want.

We see one foreign policy disaster followed by another. Afghanistan and Iraq ran up a $2 trillion debt, and that being followed by the rape of Syria, and now the move on Ukraine, which is not working out too well.

These missteps have moved up the consolidation and emergence of an Asian superpower by ten years in just over a month. This is a geopolitical failure that runs off the scale. People should be being shot for this, but they don’t do that anymore, unfortunately.


Financial Colonialism Failing

Who has whom...surrounded?
Who has whom…surrounded?

The motivations for Obama’s Asian Pivot on China’s flank and the EU’s attack on Russia’s border are plain as day for all to see.

The declining West, who foolishly looted their own countrymen with hardly one elitist in prison to show for it, have failed in their financial neo-colonialism efforts.

They know revolt at home is just a matter of time, so they are going back to the well with the “outside enemy” hat-trick, thinking that they can fool we victims of their pillaging to refocusing our anger on the Russian Bear and the Asian Horde. It isn’t going to work.

The Western political class incredibly has emerged as the main security threat to us all, and the solution to that can only be revolution. The whole West needs a New Deal. The only bright spot in all this is that even a blind man can see who the real enemy is.

To survive, we have to save ourselves on the home front. We will win or lose there… not on the Asian steppes or the shores of the South China sea.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger




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