Lies, provocation now America’s global reputation: VT Editor



Lies, provocation now America’s global reputation: VT Editor

… by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV,  Tehran


Press TV has conducted an interview with Jim W. Dean, managing editor of Veteran’s Today from Atlanta, about Israel’s direct engagement in Syria and America’s double standard support for their allies using proxy terrorist brigades as a foreign policy tool.


You can watch the 3:30 mim interview here on Press TV.

This is not an active window. Please clink the link about to watch the short interview
This is not an active window. Please clink the link about to watch the short interview

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.


Press TV: With regards to Israel helping insurgents in Syria, what is the likelihood of Israel directly engaging in a war with Syria?

America is running with the bad boys now...big time.
America is running with the bad boys now…big time.

Dean: They already have engaged with several of their bombings. We found out through our sources that the Syrians took out one of Israel’s stealth submarines that they caught close to shore where a helicopter-launched a homing torpedo.

And then Israel responded a couple of days later when they used a mini-nuclear weapon on the big arms depot outside of Damascus that had that huge explosion. And then they’ve had several other aerial attacks so Israel has directly engaged.

Everyone else is engaged in doing this – you have all of the Western countries, the ones in NATO, they are all involved in training and supporting these terrorists. They are not arresting any of them that are coming home; they are acting like there is nothing they can do about it.

The international community, even the UN – You have a lot of members of the UN that are actively engaged in state-sponsored terrorism toward a UN member and I think the UN has basically disgraced itself because they’re just kind of acting like they just want to stay out of it.

Press TV: Let’s point to other comments made by the Syrian ambassador… Why is it that the United States takes a double standard policy and differentiates between – what the Syrian ambassador said – the Boko Haram group in Nigeria and the terrorists in Syria?

Dean: It’s just very ‘classic’. I’ve been writing over the last couple of weeks now.

America’s international reputation – what is left of it – is just being totally destroyed with this incident after incident of the double standard that when we do it it’s OK, when Israel does it it’s OK; it’s only a bad thing when other people do it.

So, the young people of the world are growing up seeing an America that all they do is lie and provocate and spin.

And we’re really not going to have a lot of friends in the world when this is over and we can blame this current generation going back 15 years now of just terrible leadership.

Press TV: Do you think the US would regret what it did with regards to Syria?

Dean: I really don’t because the other malady that we suffer from is no one in a political position accepts any responsibility ever for anything that goes wrong. They don’t see anybody else doing it, so they say why should I.

And the people have some blame for this also because they’re too lazy or they’re too distracted to hold them responsible. There haven’t been enough protests; everybody just says it is somebody else’s job to fix it.

We’re going to pay a big price for that apathy because the state-sponsored terrorism is going to spread and it’s going to be coming to a lot of people’s streets that never thought that they would ever see it in their town.



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Jim W. Dean was an active editor on VT from 2010-2022.  He was involved in operations, development, and writing, plus an active schedule of TV and radio interviews.