NEO – Cold Case…MH17 faint echos of KAL007 Shootdown



KAL 007 Case Shows Parallels with Malaysian Airlines MH17

Cold Case- MH17 faint echos of KAL007 Shootdown…

… by  Seth Ferris,       …with  New Eastern Outlook,  Moscow


The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg
The seven golden domes of St. Petersburg

[ Editors note: The work continues with the VT team digging into the closet of past airline crashes to look for repeated tactics used in past “manufactured” tragedies. It is a simple and long used pattern analysis technique used for ages in such investigations.

The one being discussed here with Seth today is a “bad” plane merging with a “good” one to mask its radar approach to a target, and give more warning to MANPAD teams to go on alert.

Even a few extra minutes for a masked approach could make the difference in a mission being able to return safely.  Kiev has not been happy with its plane losses, nor have all the foreign helpers in their command center.

Only the Russians so far have released any of their satellite information, in bits, to put themselves on the record of having done so, while others like the US and NATO have not. The massive overkill on trying to blame the Russians for the shoot down I predict is going to have long term consequences.

We might see a new convention that countries that have such satellite capacities be required to release what they have in such disasters within 24 hours to be able to have the right to continue flying internationally. Wouldn’t that be special?

Another game here could be a scenario of a plane like the SU-25 that the Russians have reported was in an ascending pattern toward the airliner, was baiting the ground missile radar with a signal similar to MH17. Once the missile was fired and the SU-25 had the ability to veer off and mask its new signal with jammers, leaving the MH17 as the only thing in the sky for the missile to lock onto.

Such maneuvers are practiced in war games to probe weaknesses in ones own defenses which can then be deployed on an adversary, and other players like the little country of Israel have this capability, also.

But to date we have seen no solid evidence of a ground missile strike. The investigators there now will be making that call officially. What we do have is a large debris field typical of a bomb in the cargo hold that rips the bottom open blowing chunks of the plane off and spilling cargo over many miles.

The investigators will also give a yes or no on this when they get to where the first debris hit the ground and test it for explosive residue and the tell tale signs of an internal explosion… Jim W. Dean ]


–  First published  July 21, 2014  –


KAL 007 Time magazine cover in 1983
KAL 007 Time magazine cover in 1983

This is not the first time there has been a downing of a commercial flight, and, as in most such cases, there is more to the story of Malaysian Airlines MH17 than first impression suggests. One particular case from the past gives us clues as to what this “more” might be.

On September 1, 1983, a Korean Airlines flight, KAL007 was shot down over Sakhalin near Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia, while conducting a spy flight.

It was piloted by Captain Chun, who like many other key Korean Airlines pilots in the 1980s, had been trained by Captain David H. Adrian, a former U.S. Air Force flyer, commercial pilot for Overseas National Airline (ONA) and Evergreen International Aviation, and professor at The Citadel Military College. (See also the early career of Capt. David H. Adrian as reported in newspaper accounts of his crash landing June 26, 1960, less than 2-months after a spy plane piloted by Capt. Gary Powers was shot down over Russia, on May 1, 1960.)


And Now, MH17

After the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, one of Captain Adrian’s adult children recalled that Capt. Chun Byung-In did absolutely and unequivocally know that he was about 200 miles deep into restricted Soviet airspace, and that this could not have been accidental, that he just kept on flying like an automaton, with his passengers completely unaware, and perhaps a large part of his crew also in the dark.

Capt. Chun realized from the start that he was likely on a suicide mission, designed to create maximum international outrage and media manipulation during the Reagan years. How did he get into such a conundrum?

KAL007 shootdown part 1 [14-minutes]

[youtube Yo6ixsikDM4]


It is obvious to many analysts that the fatal flight over Donetsk, which pilots know very well is a war zone, and its shooting down were planned long ago. It doesn’t just happen that commercial flights pass over war zones, and Ukrainian International Airlines has suspended a number of routes in order to avoid doing so, as its in-flight magazine testifies.

Furthermore, if the plane was downed by a rebel rocket system “locking on” to it, as has been reported, a lot more planes would have been shot down in exactly the same way.

KAL007 shootdown part 2 [12-minutes]

[youtube 5rvrY-rPwbY]


Many of the world’s leading airlines, in essence, rely on an organisation called Inmarsat for their aviation safety. Inmarsat claims that through its 24/7/365 Network Operations Security Center (NOSC), highly skilled and cleared personnel maintain onsite Communications Security (COMSEC) capabilities.

It works closely with IA certifiers to ensure adherence to all government requirements. Significantly, it employs (U.S. and NATO cleared) personnel in support of its customers’ Authority to Operate (ATO), Information Security (INFOSEC) and IA process requirements.

Therefore airplanes fly where the US and NATO tell them to. Let’s be real. Did the US and NATO truly not know that Donetsk is in the middle of a war zone? If they didn’t know, which NATO general will lose his job?


The hidden hand

An unknown factor?
An unknown factor?

Inmarsat has a great many contracts with the UN, NATO, the US Department of Homeland Security and national air traffic control towers. It also has the bulk of the world’s Controller/Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) contracts, and through these, it ensures direct contact between flight deck and controller for in-flight re-routing, due to wind changes and other operational reasons.

Therefore, even if a commercial flight accidentally strays into a war zone, Inmarsat knows about it, supplies the equipment for ensuring something is done about it, and can alert others of possible dangers.

Yet for some reason there were three commercial jetliners in this dangerous air zone around the same time of the day. This might seem confusing. Maybe that was the point.

It is not unreasonable to speculate that another phantom plane, of much smaller dimensions – such as a fighter jet armed to the teeth with air-to-air missiles – was in the region awaiting a cash cow passenger airliner, which could be the needed red heifer sacrifice to falsely implicate the Russians, and thus provoke World War 3, an apparent aim of NeoCons in the US, UK, and the government of Israel.

After all, the offshoot of Flight KAL007’s crash was to indict the Russians unduly and unfairly and to streamline Reagan’s STAR WARS program, with a compliant public. The Pentagon’s Strategic Defense Initiative, known then as SDI, grew in size after the KAL007 incident.

On that 1-SEP-1983-KAL007 occasion, a shadow military reconnaissance plane of similar Boeing commercial jet proportions and size “merged” with it in the air at the same time, totally baffling Soviet radar. Now systems are far more sophisticated, because to achieve the same effect, three planes would need to suddenly appear together over a war zone.


Black box and black propaganda

Much has been made of the non-appearance of the black box for the MH17 black box. The implication is that is has been stolen by the rebels and sent to Russia to prevent anyone finding out what happened. However, the KAL007 case suggests not much is different with MH17.

Following that KAL007 crash, it took forever for the world to be informed that the black box had been found. It was certainly in the possession of technicians long before any media announcement, not the usual state of affairs that we are taught in civics and open-government, pro-democracy school classes. Don’t be fooled into thinking that aviation technology was in its infancy at that time.

Maybe rocket science has made little or no real advances since the MoonWalk of Apollo 11, and NASA has achieved almost nothing to compare with the Apollo manned flights to the moon, but aviation science has been on an upward technology curve, since the already-advanced systems of 1983.

Whether the Soviets held back the KAL007 black box for a while or not, the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) final report was heavily redacted. Present day technicians, if they wanted to, could pull out a much cleaner recording than those in 1983 were capable of, but the ICAO, a United Nations agency based in Canada, has continually refused to let them clean up the data of the “found” 1983 downed blackbox.

Furthermore, the CIA, FSB, Mossad, NATO and even affiliates of British Aerospace continually monitor the border of Russia-Ukraine with their best technology from deep space and the stratosphere, especially after the decision of Crimea’s electors to leave Ukraine and become a sovereign state friendly to Russia.

The public announcements and actions following this Crimean independence, of major media  players such as John McCain, NED-controlled media, IRI and NDI, and the western mainstream media, submissively aligned together with AIPAC, definitely have the potential to put the match to the power keg exploding into World War 3.

All these players are quite easily sitting on proof that the MH17 swerved deeper into the Donetsk airspace region more than any other commercial jet has in ages, probably sent there by a mysterious air traffic controller, whose name we will never learn, most probably using Inmarsat communications channels that don’t subscribe to George-Soros-style transparency principles.

However, the same players of the official narrative are trying to tell us that no one knows at this stage what actually happened. If the presence of those other planes is known, it seems very odd that nothing else can be ascertained when the plane was sent there by the same company they all employ, one way or another.


Who shot What? …  and Forensic Anomalies

Former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, Mr Petro Poroshenko and Mr Arseniy Yatseniuk at the 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch, 25 JAN 2013. In 2008, Kwaśniewski became Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, a not-for-profit organization co-chaired by European Jewish Fund President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, and established to monitor tolerance in Europe.
Former President of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski, Mr Petro Poroshenko and Mr Arseniy Yatseniuk at the 9th Davos Ukrainian Lunch, 25 JAN 2013. In 2008, Kwaśniewski became Chairman of the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, a not-for-profit organization co-chaired by European Jewish Fund President Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, and established to monitor tolerance in Europe.

The version of events gaining traction now is that a surface to air missile fired by “rebel” pro-Russian East Ukrainian forces downed the plane.

It was stated without confirmation that the separatist forces initially announced they had shot down a Ukrainian government cargo plane, and then rapidly this claim was removed from their website when the civilian nature of the aircraft became clear.

If this happened, the weapon responsible would be a BUK there is no evidence that the separatists have any other sort of surface to air missile. The Ukrainian Army has them too.

A team of 16-17 people is required to operate one BUK effectively, and it is already known that, since the sniper killings of Kiev, a sizeable number of US experts have been imported into what is left of Ukraine to support the new PM “Yats” and the new billionaire president Poroshenko, i.e. via XE, Blackwater, Academi and Halliburton-type contractors.

Maybe amongst these is a team of 17 of them, maybe not. Maybe there are 17 separatists operating a BUK who just happened to get lucky on this one occasion, so how expert are they — or not – we may shortly know.

What we do know is that a wing of the MH17 was blown in half. Though a ground missile could have done that, surface-to-air missiles do not explain the large pieces of MH17 that fell to the earth nearly intact, preserving nearly 50 passports in mint condition, and children’s lunch boxes in perfect “in-the-sales-box” shape, and dead passengers who look like they died by G-force during the rapid descent, not by a man-made explosion.

Nor do they explain only a section of the aircraft plunging to the ground in an open field, near a farmhouse, and making a explosion straight away, yet kilometers away there are nearly perfectly preserved chunks of MH17 and large sections of human, mostly intact body parts.


Exploiting the dead via Focus Group Issues

Ukraine crash site of MH17
Ukraine crash site of MH17

We know who was on MH17 because it has a passenger manifest. We know that amongst them were a number of Dutch doctors travelling to an AIDS conference.

Like all other passengers, these doctors would have been instructed to keep both their tickets and their passports with them throughout the flight.

They would have to present them with their boarding passes when they got on the plane and keep them on their person, for security reasons, ready to display if needed if there were any security concerns on the plane itself.

The passports of the doctors have been recovered. They were [according to mainstream media] not in the clothing of their bodies but in a separate box, all together.

If there is some sort of procedure for collecting the passports of a particular group of passengers during flight and putting them together in a separate box, it must be buried very deep in the Malaysian Airlines manual, along with the purpose of it. But it does conveniently show, in the event of a fatal crash, that not just one but a whole group of doctors died together in the line of duty, and advances the narrative well.

Similarly there are now reports that people are looting the crash site and moving bodies around. Looting might be understandable, despite the fact that investigators are allegedly not being allowed near the crash site. If they can’t get to it, it is being guarded, so random looters won’t be able to access it either, or is truth often so contradictory? Nor would the guards be looting, as this would destroy the point of guarding the site.

If bodies and objects are being moved around by anyone, including by Ukraine government representatives aligned with the OSCE team, it is right to suggest that somebody doesn’t want others to see certain things.

We can add here, that if the East Ukraine confederate homelanders are moving 30 out of 180 plus bodies to cold storage, it might be to prevent bloating and stinking bodies overtaken by giant cultures of bacteria so that they can be identified by family members coming to take them home for burial in their native countries [those who can afford it].

Furthermore, people who enter a crash site can put things there, as well as take them away. As Gordon Duff of VT told me before this piece was sent off for publication, “we are also getting wild reports of planted evidence, some total hoaxes but some very much ‘nanothermite’-type false leads designed to start a flood of bizarre internet stories.”

Yet none of those stories yet implicate the US and its allies, only the rebels in Eastern Ukraine so either this is a botched job, or a very thorough one.


So What Happened?

The videos of the KAL007 incident show how laughable is the scenario of a lone Malaysian airliner suddenly descending deeper into dangerous war zone skies without any record of what happened to it, no documentation, no Inmarsat or similar failsafe tracking system record, no air traffic control records for the 30 minutes before and after the MH17 dropped off the radar, no truly revealing radar records.

It is incredibly stupid trying non-stop to blame the Russians, without even for a minute looking closely at the Poroshenko cabal. They have very believable motives themselves. They certainly are not helping the average western Ukrainian with affordable winter gas prices, and not with living pensions for the disabled and aged, nor with bank loans that will NOT inevitably sell away the country’s resources, as anyone can see that Ukraine will never be able to repay their IMF nor World Bank debts.

All the mining profits of the eastern Ukraine region will be depleted of experienced east Ukraine miners, given the rate of deaths of civilians in major east Ukraine cities and towns, under the barrage of mortars being fired upon them by the U.S. supported Kiev troops.

Hopefully forensic evidence will demonstrate part of what happened — if it is still there — if it has not been already manipulated or disappeared by outsiders for political reasons.

Will all those mysteriously missing aviation records and recordings ever turn up the way they should?  Let’s see. Even if the mainstream media narrative and accusations continue to run unchallenged, the official version will demand that someone is held responsible to assuage public anger.

That is what this tragedy is about revenge reactions leading to war, and once again, the callous disregard for human life involved here, as in Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Syria and Gaza, is a far greater crime than anything that can be alleged about any possible culprit.

Seth Ferris, “New Eastern Outlook” together with Dutch National, On Special Assignment, Marcel Marie Brandsma, Holland.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean  and  Erica P. Wissinger



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