Stranglehold on America


3d230d44Exposing and Ending the Zionist Occupation and Stranglehold on America


by Preston James


America is now held captive in a Zionist stranglehold in what has appeared to be an ever tightening grip.

Banking, Congress, Politicians and most Elected Officials, and also most USG officials in general are under the near complete control of an alien invasion force called World Zionism.

And to make matters even worse as if they weren’t bad enough already, World Zionists now have their own secret Occupation Force inside America right now, which was created through the use of Nuclear blackmail.(1)

This Zionist Occupation force inside America is called Homeland Security (DHS) and was set up by the former East German Stasi head Marcus Wolfe to serve World Zionists as a Stasi-type Internal Police State Mechanism inside America.

World Zionism (WZ) is run out of the City of London Financial District by Rothschild Family dominated private Zionist Central Banksters with the American private Federal Reserve System one of its main franchisees.

The City of London has been the primary source of all the large wars, mass death and the Hell on earth that has existed since its inception. The City of London, a known center of Luciferianism  aka Satanic cult activity, became even more demonic and evil after the Rothschild Family took it over by covert means when Napoleon was defeated.

The first major beachhead these WZs obtained in America was their bought and paid for passage of the illegal, Unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The City of London Zionists invaded America in 1913 with the Unconstitutional fraudulent passage of the Federal Reserve Act, illegally passed on a Friday night right before Christmas with no quorum present and lots of bribed, bought-off congress-critters. This fraudulent illegal, Unconstitutional act has been the wellspring of all kinds of massive corruption and Hell inside America and the world ever since.

Mayer_Amschel_RothschildEver since the Crown lost the Revolutionary War to the Colonies the City of London Banksters have been hard at work trying to take it back. These World Zionists working out of the City of London have been completely obsessed with hijacking America, using it to fight its wars, asset stripping it bare, and occupying it with their own private Secret Police placed in control over all American law Enforcement, Intel and Alphabets.

The Rothschild Banking family acquired more wealth than three major Nation-States and desired to covertly set up its own Nation-State for political cover.

The Rothschild banking Family acquired so much wealth in Europe (Germany, France, and England) from Babylonian Money-Magick, Pernicious Usury, and War-Profiteering, that they decided to set up their own nation-state to provide protection and cover for their vast holdings.

This was the long planned nation of Israel which was deigned to fulfill this need for a Zionist action-agent Cutout but also a means to depopulate Palestine and get control of Jerusalem to seat their own NWO Luciferian Ruler, the Anti-Christ.

“Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws” –Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

“Give me control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.” –Nathaniel Meyer Rothschild 1912

“I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England to rule the Empire. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money Supply.” –Nathan Rothschild

“The few who could understand the system (cheque, money, credits) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.–Nathan Rothschild

“Terrorism, War and Bankruptcy are caused by the privatization of money, issued as debt and compounded by interest.”  –Napoleon (2)

Mayer Amschel Rothschild infiltrated and hijacked the City of London private Central Banking System and revitalized and re-energized Teutonic Zionism. World Zionism under the Rothschild family direction went on to create Bolshevism and Nazism leading to the so-called “Holocaust”. This was used by the WZs to create and engender a strong Racial Persecution Delusion among Judaics designed to mind-kontrol them to serve the needs of World Zionism.

The World Zionists are once again setting up their sheep-like followers, mainstream Judaics to become their scapegoats as the the world catches on the all the evil and Hell these WZs have created all over the World through their Cutouts which many view as Judaic leaders. It is time for all Judaics to wake up and understand the WZ’s game plan and stop being mind-kontrolled by them, because they are once again being set up to be their scapegoats, while the true perps, a small number of top WZs escape out the back door. If mainstream Judaics fail to “wake up” and begin to understand this mind-kontrol op, especially those in Israel, they are likely to once again find themselves in Internment Camps, only this time it will be less likely for any to survive.

The reason is that all over the World nation-states and their masses are beginning to understand all the worldwide despair, Hell and death has been created by World Zionism from the city of London using their main Cutouts Israel, and their various espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC (which control Congress). As the whole World catches on to the massive unfathomable evil produced by the WZs all over the world they will want big time revenge on all the WZ visible Cutouts including Israel, and the USG also.

The World is catching on the WZ’s game plan and has now created the BRICS Nations Development Bank and Trading Bloc as a reaction against the City of London Babylonian-Money Magick with its FIAT “pretend Money”, pernicious usury and attempts to capture the the whole world in debt-slavery.

It is probably true that the new BRICS Economic Union is a reaction from this new understanding around the World and a serious attempt to decapitate the the World Zionists from their phony FIAT based imaginary money system where users have to pay the interest and principal back on this phony so-called money that is supposed to be theirs in the first place. No wonder that AIPAC controlled stooges in the CIA and on Congressional Intel Committees are now secretly fighting a proxy war for Israel and the WZs in he Ukraine using thousands of “Blackwater style” private mercenary special operators. Don’t expect to read this in the Controlled Major mass media soon.

AIPAC is a WZ/Israeli espionage front inside America and is pushing its captive owned and blackmailed US Congress hard to fight additional wars for Israel in the Mideast and the Ukraine.

AIPAC wants to take these covert CIA and Mossad mercenary wars in Syria, the Ukraine and now Iraq (again!)  mainstream and manipulate the US Military High Command to deploy a full scale air and ground war. So far the High Command has resisted this claiming that they need more time to study satellite inputs and analyze options.Expect more dragging and excuses as the WZs and their main Cutouts AIPAC and Israeli leaders push hard to draw the American Military into full scale air and ground wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine and now Iraq again.

A major AIPAC and Israeli effort on behalf of the City of London WZ Banksters is to provoke a full scale nuclear WW# between Russia and America, while the top WZs plan to hide in DUMBs.

Yes, AIPAC and their WZs controllers in Israel and the City of London want a new full scale war between America and Russia starting in the Ukraine, and preferably a nuclear WW3. So far the US High Military command is reluctant to get involved since they believe this would result in mass death for most of the world’s populations, which is what the  WZs want because they are a Luciferian Death Cult hell bent on destroying 90% of the World’s population.

Yes, it was the City of London Rothschilds that devised the so-called Holocaust as their “fiery Sacrifice” to Lucifer to create a special imaginary racial construct and class for Judaics that would be protected from criticism of the world, due to their phony construct of Anti-Semitism.

This phony paranoid racial construct and superiority delusion would provide adequate cover to use Judaics world wide as cover for the WZ’s numerous criminal activities known today as the International Zionist Crime Syndicate (IZCS).

It has now been shown by peer reviewed genetic research from John Hopkins University that over 90% of all Israeli have no ancient Hebrew Blood at all, but are mostly Khazarians and some Askenazis from East Europe (thus they are not Semites at all).

City of London World Zionists (WZs) are the New Crusaders.

It is important to realize that World Zionists are the New Crusaders, obsessed with taking the whole Mideast and Jerusalem too, and plan to depopulate much of this area. They also plan to clear the land by provocation of a nuclear war in the Mideast and then rebuild Jerusalem to seat their NWO Luciferian Anti-Christ.

Many Zionists are not Judaics or believers in Judaism, and most Judaics are not Zionists, however many Judaics are easily conned by WZs and provide suppprot for their Luciferian anti-human activities all over the World as well as in Palestine.

Many believers in the Judaic Faith are quite easily conned and used by these City of London World Zionists, being manipulated by their belief in a sinister, crafty paranoid racial survival delusion which was set up by the City of London World Zionists before and during WW2 using Internment Camps.

Some Judaic Rabbis have exposed the lies, deceit, and manipulation of World Zionism against members of the Judaic Faith, suggesting that the WZs hijacked Judaism and used it for Political Cover:

Now who are the real Semites?

On the other hand over 80% of Palestinians have been shown to carry Ancient Hebrew Blood from Abraham, making them true Semites. Now who are the real anti-Semites here and who set up this Israeli/Judaic Racial Fraud in the first place? Yes, it was the WZs working out of the City of London Financial District. Very crafty, huh? Only now the truth is finally out and the WZ con game which motivates their fake Hebrew Cutouts is collapsing like a House of Cards in a strong wind of Truth, thanks to the Alternative Media of the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press.

Rothschild Illuminati private Zionist central banking is Luciferian and empowered by the evil of the dark side, including the use of ancient Babylonian Money-Magick and the Black Arts (Covert Satanism presented as Luciferianism to appear more acceptable to top Freemasons).

Babylonian Money-Magick and Pernicious Usury are Occult-driven Black Art from the Dark-side and just like tax collecting, few normal humans want anything to do with this. Those who participate have always been looked down on as somehow subhuman, which is an accurate appraisal because these activities are evil, anti-human and harm society in general. Islamics must be given credit for realizing this and outlawing it in their societies. These activities are essentially anti-human and evil.

Insiders have claimed for many years that the City of London World Zionists have been anointed and empowered because of their black arts/dark-side worship of Lucifer aka Satan. And that they have sold their very souls to Lucifer by making Blood Contracts and receiving untold wealth, status and power in return.

The simple fact is that it is known that the Rothschild private central Banksters and all their World Zionist associates all over the world are part of a very secret Luciferian Cult, aka a worldwide Satanic Cult which uses a the top levels of Freemasonry and other occult organizations as cover.

It is important to understand the relationship of the WZ leaders of Israel to the Rothschild City of London WZs.

Israel was founded by well developed, detailed and specifically deployed Covert Actions of the City of London Rothschild World Zionist private Central Bankers. The WZs in the City of London had decades long plans to institute a “Holocaust” (translated from the Old English as “Fiery Sacrifice”) to create a strong Racial Paranoid Delusion which would keep many Judaics captive to the WZ’s system of world conquest, working as virtual mind-kontrolled slaves.(3)

The problem now is that Hamas was set up, trained, financed and is now equipped to fire large rocket bottles harmlessly into Israel to provide a needed “justification” to mass-murder innocent Palestinian Civilians including many women and children in order to steal more Palestinian Land and have an operating excuse (albeit flimsy) to genocide the Palestinian People and seize more of their land.

AIPAC has financed US Administration and Congressional support for Israel’s slaughter of innocent Palestinians on behalf of the World Zionists. And it is believed by Intel insiders that AIPAC leadership was deeply involved in the planning and deployment of the 9/11/01 nuclear attack on America. This slaughter and mass-murder of Palestinians and Israeli Apartheid is what the Rothschild City of London World Zionists have been able to buy and bribe with their vast unregulated private money-power, all based on slight of hand, deception, bribery, blackmail and sophisticated human-compromise operations.

It is now realized by many that the WZ plan is to engulf the whole world in a war between Zionism and Islamics in order to mass-murder hundreds of millions and clear the Mideast for a whole new system of Luciferian World Government and a new World Ruler.

Part of this plan is to transform America into GAZA II using Homeland Security, the WZ’s occupying force, to oppress, tyrannize, disarm, detain and mass-murder “American Goyim.”

World Zionists (WZs) have been able to deeply infiltrate America through money-power and the creation of Zionist espionage fronts inside America like AIPAC, the ADL, the JDL, Bnai Brith and many more.

These criminally insane sociopaths, the World Zionists (WZs) have deeply infiltrated American institutions of government and Law Enforcement through use of their vast private central Banking money-power to create money from nothing and charge folks interest to use their own money. WZs operating under the authority of the City of London Rothschild private Zionist Central Banksters have been able to use espionage fronts like AIPAC to buy and own almost every member of Congress, most USG Officials, and Judges and Law Enforcement at every level.

When individuals cannot be brought, they are compromised with honey-traps, pedophile, homosexual or heterosexual, and then blackmailed into submission. If all else fails they are either pushed out of office through gerrymandering or support of another candidate or well constructed smear jobs. If that fails they are covertly murdered, often set up to look like an accident, plane crash, single car crash or impossible suicide.

But the tide is now turning thanks to the Alternative Media published on the Worldwide Internet, the New Gutenberg Press and two major additional changes inside the USG.

The first major change is the Repatriotization of the Intel Cowboys, many of whom have come from retirement and gone back to work to take America back from the Zionist invaders, whom they now see clearly are America’s true Enemies Within the Gates of America. (4)

The second major change is that a whole new group of High Military have been appointed to run the US Military. These new leaders of the US Military are America-Firsters and are some of the very finest individuals imaginable. These key individuals, top US Military leaders are firing and retiring hundreds of officers who were appointed by the Bush Crime cabal and served the World Zionists. Some were blatant Israeli-Firsters and Traitors to America.

The US Military High command has taken a new course and is decisively routing out all US Military Officers that are not America-Firsters.

The first ramifications of this have been that America has not entered any major new wars in Syria, Iran, the Ukraine or Iraq. This has been quite disheartening to the WZ’s puppets-in-place in America who are known to be Israeli-American Israeli-First “Dual Citizens, NeoCons and PNACers. These WZ Traitors-in-place in America have become desperate too and are pulling every string they can to try and coerce members of Congress to get America to fight more major wars for the World Zionists and their main action-agent Cutout Israel. Congress has been able to pass resolutions of support for Israel in their new invasion and mass-murdering of Palestinians, but has not been able to coerce the American Military to go to war on their behalf. this is a major set back and the WZs options are becoming more and more limited by the day.

The WZ’s fall back routine has always been the threat of their using the Samson Option, but this no longer seems to be working for them since the US High Military Command is well aware that this was used to institute a nuclear attack on America on 9/11/01 and has threatened to deal with any more such attacks with extreme and final measures which readers can imagine but will not be mentioned here.

Within the last two years it has been reported that the US Navy sunk two Israeli Dolphin Class subs bought from Germany which contained nuclear tipped tomahawk cruise missiles bought from the Bush Crime Cabal (BCC). The first one was sunk in retaliation for the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty, and the second one was for the Israeli Nuclear Attack on America on 9/11/01. Other steps are being taken now to extricate the WZs control over so many American Institutions. Most can not be discussed in this article but a couple important ones can be.

It is important to understand that the New American Military High Command (AMHC) now clearly understands that the WZ Cutouts consisting of the Israeli-American Dual Citizens, NeoCons, PNACers and traitors in the JCS, NORAD, the FAA and USAF were responsible for the nuclear False-Flag Attack on America on 9/11/01. And they are hoppin’ mad about it and some want major payback.

Many legitimate and much needed Covert Operations are now being done in the background to expose and dislodge all the Zios and BCCs that have infiltrated all major American Institutions of Government, Intel, the Judiciary and law Enforcement and the Alphabets. You are now seeing the fingerprints of many of these actions in the streets of Europe and even America. There is much more now in process in the background, so stay tuned.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is now sinking, and failure is imminent.

The Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) is essentially a WZ mouthpiece owned by six major news corporations (three are major defense contractors and the other three part of the WZ club). It is rapidly losing market share with the Alternative Media on the Worldwide Internet gaining by the day. To counter this the WZs have started many misinformation sites, but Truth published on the legitimate sites like and many others like, resonates and spreads like wildfire, thus the WZ’s attempts to mislead serious truth seekers have only been marginally successful.

Secret preparations are now underway to restore the American Dollar back to real Currency and not Debt-Notes with accrued interest like the current Federal Reserve Debt-Notes.

Secret preparations are now underway to restore the American Dollar, and to Federalize and eliminate the Federal Reserve System, bringing all American Banking functions back into the US Department of the treasury and taking them back from foreign banking families that hijacked the American Monetary Production and Distribution System in 1913. The secret to this transformation which is now occurring in steps is hinted at in the appearance of the new 100 dollar Bill just recently released.


Note that this new 100 Dollar Bill is divided down the middle with the right side Gold enhanced. Some insiders have claimed this means that there is a secret plan to back up the New American monetary system that is coming with at least 50% Gold backing and the rest to be backed by commodities.

The BRICS Nations Financial and trading Block is now gaining serious strength and this means the US Petro Dollar is doomed to continue serving as the World’s Reserve Currency. (5)

The BRICS Nations Financial and Trading Block is now gaining by the month and over 130 nations have now signed pledges or agreements to participate. This is generating tremendous pressure and is seriously undermining the Rothschild private Zionist Central Banking System and all their franchisee Central Banks all over the world, especially the clearly illegal, Unconstitutional American Federal Reserve System.

Major Bankster arrests will occur when the great Financial Reset occurs.

This growing BRICS phenomena will force a major monetary reset in America and every other major nation of the world and the World Zionists will be left out in the cold. America will be forced to cancel all the bad, fraudulent debts, including derivatives and bad paper too. All fraudulent debts will be forgiven and much of the loot stolen by the WZs will be clawed back. And the best part of all, when the reset occurs, many Banksters and their associates will be arrested by the US Military High Command or the Provost Martial.

What can we do to speed up the Exposure and Ending of the Zionist Occupation and Stranglehold on America?

Do our best to get the truth out to family and friends. Word of mouth is a powerful means of transmitting the truth to others. You can share article like this with friends and family. Truth and exposure of the World Zionist’s Evil is coffin nails to their plans. That is why they have spent many millions of dollars buying and consolidating the American major mass media and taking control of the educational Curriculums of all public schools and Universities.

But despite all this millions each month are figuring out that the CMMM is not only controlled USG Propaganda but filled with lies and misinformation designed to keep the average American oppressed.

Get politically active in your local community and at the City Council. Start a community watch and get to know your neighbors.

Learn as much as you can about Recall Petitions and how to use them and consider starting one against elected officials from your districts that you think are unAmerican.

Use your imagination. Most can come up with incredibly creative ideas to create public awareness of the WZ occupation and Stranglehold on America and its institutions. And most of all do not get discouraged. The worm has turned and the WZs are losing power by the day. Their complete defeat is forthcoming. It’s only a matter of time. Thanks to the Worldwide Internet, far too many people all over the world are finding out the truth about Israel doing 9/11 and Israeli Apartheid (the Kiss of death for Israel and the WZs) for these criminally insane WZs to get away with this much longer. (6)

It is always important to remember that all wars are Truly Bankster Wars for huge profits for these International Rothschild run Zionist Banksters and their fellow Illuminati, the major Defense Contractors, three of such who own and manage three of the six Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM).

For those who have the time and interest and who have not yet seen this fine video, here is the highly recognized classic Video, All Wars Are Bankers Wars”, by Web Host and Radio Host Michael Rivero.

[youtube 5hfEBupAeo4]

Remember, the ongoing daily Internet Exposure of the WZ’s massive Evil dished out through their control over our monetary Production and Distribution System, and their Covert Occupation and Stranglehold on America is coffin nails to their plans and is now weakening them by the day.

AIPAC and all other Israeli/WZ espionage fronts must be completely exposed, fully prosecuted and stopped cold.

AIPAC and all other WZ/Israeli espionage fronts inside America that have bought, bribed and human compromised and blackmailed our CongressMen and Women must be fully exposed and brought to justice, fully prosecuted as a large RICO crime syndicate and also under espionage laws including spying and Treason and Sedition for Israeli-American Israeli-first dual Citizens involved in these espionage fronts such as AIPAC, ther ADL, the JDL, Bnai Brith and the like as well as all the numerous Dual Citizen controlled Defense Policy Board type organizations which unduly blackmail and influence the USG in  numerous covert and subtle ways.

The Federal Reserve System must be immediately seized and brought into the US Department of the Treasury and new and real American Dollars must be issued.

The Federal Reserve System must be immediately seized by the US Department of the Treasury along will all its assets, both domestic and foreign. All its phony FIAT debt-bill must be transformed into real US Currency, backed by Gold, Silver and other commodities. All officers of the Federal Reserve System must be arrested for RICO crimes and felony financial fraud (there is no statues of limitations on serious fraud) as well as Sedition, and all profits must be clawed back as well as all individual holding of any officers immediately seized including all computers, hard-drives and messaging.

All so-called national debt held by the Federal Reserve System must be immediately cancelled and any fraud linked mortgages and repossession by major Wall Street banks involved with WZs and their Cutouts must be cancelled and given back to those they were defrauded from. Never again shall Americans ever be charged interest for using their own currency nor should they have to pay any principals back to the US Treasury which issues it on behalf of “We the People.”

All so-called free-Trade Agreements must be cancelled.

All so-called Free-Trade Agreements shall be immediately considered null and void because they are ipso-facto Treasonous and Seditious and were signed into law by men who never duly elected President. VT Financial Editor and Talk Show Host Mike Harris has suggested that a 45% Tariff be immediately imposed on all imports into America. This would be a good start.

I would recommend that eventually new Fair Trade Agreements be negotiated to set up adjustable tariff with other nations to establish serious Parity in pricing and remove any advantages for foreign production. Plus new laws could be passed to prevent America Corporations who moved offshore from having any tax advantages. They should be required to have their main offices here or be highly restricted on taking funds out of America.

The CIA as well as DHS have shown themselves to be WZ espionage fronts and RICO criminal Enterprises and must be immediately disbanded with all secret files opened to the public and all top officials indicted, arrested and tried under espionage laws and RICO, both criminal and Civil. All NSA files must be released to the public and all crimes exposed must be fully prosecuted. Those who hijacked the NSA must be fully prosecuted for Treason, Sedition and foreign espionage against America. This would be quite a lengthy list of perps here.

And most of all, all the secret CIA files, including those on the JFK, MLK and RFK Assassinations must be fully released and all perps still living and those still running the coverups must be brought to justice since there is no statute of limitations on murder. The CIA is a criminal enterprise which main function is to manage the worldwide trafficking of illegal narcotics and weapons for the WZs, to manage mind-kontrolled, chipped-up terrorist zombies needed to provoke wars, and to deploy highly paid mercenary special operators all over the world on behalf of the CIA controllers who are run by the top WZs.

It is important to note that VT’s own Columnist Stew Webb, a well known Federal Whistle-blower with many proved Intel sources was previously married to the daughter of a top WZ “Triple Citizen” (America, Israel & Soviet Russia) and learned how America is controlled by a “Circle of Twelve” hardcore Luciferians operating out of Denver who also control AIPAC.

Those who want more information on this most sinister, incredibly evil group can certainly research all of Stew Webb’s articles on as well as on his website. As unimaginable as this seems that such a small group of such incredibly evil men could be able to determine all US Policy and run so many huge national Banking Bustout scams such as the S&L fiasco, Enron, the MERS Mortgage Bubble and the like, and personally dictate much of the US foreign policy until just recently, such has been the the case. Once folks understand that the WZs are an incredibly evil, Luciferian death Cult dedicated to destroying most of the human race through war, pestilence and Eugenics (both soft-kill and hard-kill), they can fathom how important it is to expose and remove this monstrous evil from our midst asap.

It is also important to realize that these WZs and their Cutouts mind-kontrol the masses through deployment of ultra-high tech psychotronics (Cell-phone towers, Wi-Fi, and orbital space-based systems) and dispensing of USG/WZ based propaganda through the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM). Sharing these truths about these evil perps who have hijacked America under the WZ’s FIAT phony money-power to wake folks up is the first important step in stopping these incredibly evil sub-human soulless progenitors of Hell on Earth. And deployments of ultra-high tech psychotronics must be fully exposed and stopped with all perps fully prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Complete Judicial reform must be instituted immediately.

This means all Federal Judges and Supreme Court Justices appointed after President Reagan must be immediately dismissed and new ones appointed who have not be bought, compromised or blackmailed by the WZs or Israelis. Rule of law must must be instituted across America at all levels with simple interpretation of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights and all  provisions therein completely followed by all courts. All Juries must be completely informed of their right to nullify any and all charges.



DHS 4 final












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