Israeli regime committing suicide over land grab



Richard "the Dick from Washington" Hellman: Pushiest Zionist loudmouth I've yet met
Richard “the Dick from Washington” Hellman: Pushiest Zionist loudmouth I’ve yet met
Just got an email alert that my Press TV debate with some wacky Zio-extremist named Richard Hellman is up.


Watch the video.


This guy is like Lee Kaplan on steroids & bad acid.  Allah save me & Palestine from the likes of him.




From:     [a professor who wishes to remain nameless]
Subject:     the dick from hell!
Date:     September 1, 2014 10:08:20 PM CDT
To:     Kevin Barrett <kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com>
Message: Great job against the satanic Dick . . . .Hellman. Boy does that describes him. Dickhellman.


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Press TV has conducted an interview with political analyst Kevin Barrett to discuss Israel’s ongoing violation of the rights of Palestinians.

Below is a rough transcription of the interview:

Press TV: Your take Mr. Barrett. Mr. Richard Hellman is saying basically, that what is Israel is doing is totally legal, even according to United Nations resolutions.

Barrett: You know I have been trying to keep from laughing listening to what this man has been saying. It is barely even worth responding to, it is so divorced from reality.

But Israeli people like Mr. Hellman and the many many Israeli jews in Israel, the great majority of people in Israel who think the way he does, are essentially the reason that Israel is committing suicide.

Israel has one overriding issue: If it wants to survive it has to establish legitimacy. And the Israeli leadership knows this that is why they are so terrified of what they call the “de-legitimization movement.” But everything Israel does is seemingly calculated to completely destroy the slightest shred of legitimacy that this Zionist occupation entity might otherwise possess.

Take the settlements, for example. It is absolutely clear under international law – and there is no dispute whatsoever, about this in any of the world’s capitals that I have heard of except maybe, Tel Aviv – that occupation is illegal. Everyone in the world agrees that every square centimeter of Palestinian land that the Israelis stole in their war of aggression in 1967 must be returned to the Palestinians. There is some disagreement about the land that the Israelis had stolen before 1967, but there is none whatsoever about the land they stole in 1967. Israel has said repeatedly that the reason that it continues to squat on this stolen land is that they are trying to negotiate some kind of land for peace deal.

In other words, the official Israeli position has always been that they are going to give back every square centimeter of the land that they illegally stole. That has been their position. What is the reality? Since 1967, the Israelis have established more than half a million people squatting on the illegal settlements in occupied al-Quds or Jerusalem and the West Bank. Some estimates put this close to two thirds of a million people. In Gaza, they only had 8,000 settlers to remove. They will never remove half a million.

Press TV: Your take on the comments of our guest in Washington.

Barrett: The Zionists seem like they are intoxicated on something and it seems to be their own egos and their sense of superiority, their sense of chosenness. They apparently believe that they have the right to settle in any land they want as long as their religious tradition tells them that their God gave it to them and they have the right to exterminate the people of that land and closely settle it. You believe in the Jewish law, I suppose, but you are actually a heretic. In Judaism, there is not supposed to be any return to Palestine until the “lion lies down with the lamb,” sir. Jews in Naturei Karta are the last real Jews on earth. You sir, are a satanic heretic. You worship Zionism and the state of Israel, not God. You believe that the devil in the form of God gave you land to settle and exterminate people. Genocide is not part of the bible. Genocide is a crime against humanity…

Press TV: Your take sir.

Barrett: I think we need to send this Dick or Richard or whatever his name is into the international court in The Hague and let him argue his case for Israel, because I have never heard a better case against Israel argued than the kind of crazy stuff that I have been hearing here. I have never heard this before. I thought I had heard all of the insane Zionist arguments, but never this. Go to the international court. Go to Francis Boyle or Richard Falk, who is Jewish himself. Talk to him about this. If you go up against Richard Falk in the international court, it would take him five minutes to slice you to pieces. I don’t know what you are smoking.

Press TV: Dr. Barrett your take.

Barrett: As I said, Israel is committing suicide by undermining its own legitimacy at every turn. It intentionally slaughters children. In Gaza, we had a number of cases… a sniper bragging about killing 13 children in one day in his text messages, slaughtering children playing soccer in beaches. Utterly showing themselves the most evil military force on earth.

And now we are hearing, they are stealing more Palestinian land. And the land they stole in 1967 is completely illegal and now they are trying to steal even more. Nobody in the world except a tiny minority like this Dick in Washington DC goes along with any of this. So basically the whole world is turning against this little illegitimate Zionist entity as people like Dick continue to undermine what little legitimacy it ever possessed, which was hardly any, by defending this genocide. It is actually disgusting.


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  1. Dr. Barrett,

    It is good read the positve replies, and so many of the. We, the world have been dodge their deceptive ways for 2 or more centries. It is about time this problem is put to bed. 1st step is the Borscht Belt known as Washington DC. Sign me up.